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 Adams Julia Attorney (254)714-1988 
 Allen Paula L Attorney (254)722-1289 
 Angel James Robert Attorney (254)753-6437 
 Armstrong Jeffrey A. Attorney (254)776-3336 
 Attorney At Law Gerald R Villarrial (254)752-3090 
 Bain Virgil E Attorney (254)756-5363 
 Baird Robin E. Attorney (254)759-8600 
 Baker Donald J (254)776-4353 
 Barrow Charles K Attorney (254)755-4232 
 Bates And Cates Attorneys At Law (254)753-1559 
 Beard Kultgen Brophy Bostwick And Dickson L.l.p. (254)776-5500 
 Beard Pat Attorney Residence (254)772-7778 
 Beaty Glynn Attorney (251)399-9977 
 Black Ray J Attorney At Law (254)754-0394 
 Blackledge J Marlin (254)752-3599 
 Bolfing Gerald L. Attorney (254)776-0032 
 Bratcher Kent Attorney (254)751-0044 
 Brown Laura Elizabeth Attorney (254)741-6200 
 Brown William F Attorney (254)752-2223 
 Buenger And Associates (254)662-5888 
 Burleson John Attorney (254)297-7300 
 Cabaniss John Attorney (254)753-7481 
 Cabaniss John Attorney Residence (254)772-1294 
 Campbell Jerry P Attorney (254)755-4236 
 Campbell Jerry P Attorney Childrens Telephone (254)776-3080 
 Campbell Jerry P Attorney Residence (254)776-2570 
 Campbell Robert M. Attorney (254)761-3300 
 Canonico Robert Attorney (254)776-7701 
 Cawthron Meredith L. Attorney (254)776-3935 
 Centex Escrow Services (254)772-6400 
 Clark Clark And Howell Llp (254)754-0331 
 Clark Clark And Howell Llp (254)776-0554 
 Clark Dick Attorney (254)754-0334 
 Clark Dick Attorney Residence (254)772-9464 
 Coker Gary J Jr Attorney (254)752-4373 
 Cooper Ralph E Attorney (254)752-0555 
 Corwin And Corwin Llp (254)757-3430 
 Cotner Robert Attorney At Law (254)752-9688 
 Crow Jim Attorney At Law (254)754-0101 
 Crow Kenneth H Attorney (254)753-6455 
 Crowden Beverly Ashley Attorney (254)752-0395 
 Crowden Beverly Ashley Attorney (254)757-2299 
 Cunha Gary William Attorney At Law (254)752-4279 
 Damon Fehler J (254)755-7667 
 David C Alford Pc (254)757-2777 
 Denton B. Lessman (254)776-4544 
 Donahue John (254)752-9090 
 Dorsett D. Keith Attorney (254)776-6000 
 Duvall Marcee Attorney (254)752-9901 
 Ecapital Advisors Inc (254)722-3877 
 Fanning Whitney E (254)752-8393 
 Farr Keith Eugene Attorney (254)751-0030 
 Farrar William D Attorney At Law (903)597-6400 
 Feazell Vic Attorney (254)772-7500 
 Fee Smith Sharp And Vitullo Llp (254)753-4970 
 Ferguson Richard Attorney (254)296-0622 
 Filer Wesley J Attorney Residence (254)776-4815 
 First American Title Company Of Waco (254)751-9911 
 First American Title Company Of Waco (254)776-7776 
 First American Title Company Of Waco (254)776-9760 
 First American Title Company Of Waco (254)836-8003 
 Fisher John B Iii Attorney (254)772-5350 
 Flowers Davis Pllc Attorneys (254)751-9133 
 Fontaine Stephen R (254)741-1840 
 Frahm Robert A Attorney (254)741-1469 
 Francis Dan Attorney (254)753-2419 
 Frederick And Coley (254)757-2082 
 Fugate John E Attorney At Law (254)756-2424 
 Fulbright John W Attorney Residence (254)772-0294 
 Gavito Law Office Pc (254)755-0380 
 Giles Claude Attorney (254)754-0344 
 Greg White (254)756-4427 
 Gripp Lyle V Attorney At Law (254)756-1112 
 Hanley Robert J Attorney (254)776-5444 
 Harmon Merrilee L. Attorney (254)776-6595 
 Haw Alexander M Attorney Residence (254)772-4982 
 Helton And Associates P C Attorneys At Law (254)755-8880 
 Herring And Associates (254)399-9977 
 Herring Tommy Attorney At Law (254)799-2456 
 Hersh Judith I Attorney (254)772-8442 
 Hill Roy Mack Attorney (254)756-5292 
 Home Abstract And Title Company (254)399-8111 
 Home Abstract And Title Company (254)751-9220 
 Hunt Russell David Sr. Attorney (254)753-3738 
 Hurley John M Attorney At Law (254)753-6161 
 J Alan Nelson Attorney (254)754-9992 
 James Lee Ann Attorney (254)399-8788 
 John Malone P.c. (254)772-3722 
 Johnston Bill And Susan (254)751-1818 
 Jordan Gary K. Attorney (254)772-8022 
 Keathley C Kevin (254)754-0400 
 Khoury Rollin Attorney (254)776-9150 
 Knapp Mark Attorney (254)753-0135 
 Kuchera John A Attorney (254)754-3075 
 Laningham Gonzales Elizabeth Attorney (254)753-4544 
 Laughlin Ed L Attorney At Law (254)714-2500 
 Law Office Of Bruce Perryman (254)754-3113 
 Law Office Of Charles L. Levy (254)776-1770 
 Law Offices Of Brent Devere (254)756-0099 
 Law Offices Of Robert T. Swanton Jr. (254)776-3980 
 Law Offices Of Rod Goble (254)757-0070 
 Lawrence Johnson (254)756-7041 
 Layman Andrew A Attorney (254)752-0087 
 Mcleod John H. Attorney (254)753-1991 
 Mcnamara Lanelle L. Attorney (254)754-5456 
 Morris Mark K Attorney At Law (254)752-1254 
 Palmer John P. Attorney (254)755-4100 
 Raybold Don Attorney (254)753-6208 
 Reed Damon L. Attorney (254)757-1331 
 Rushing Raymond Attorney (254)753-0913 
 Salinas Insurance Services (254)741-0770 
 Smith Barney (254)751-1320 
 Texas Central Title Llc (254)751-1116 
 Texas Central Title Llc (254)751-1422 
 Texas Pension Consultants (254)296-4015 
 Thomas Frank D. Jr. Attorney (254)776-3611 
 Trinity Wealth Management (254)751-0565 
 Unger And Associates (254)772-5544 
 Vogel Financial Group (254)751-0036