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 Aaron Alan A (432)682-3550 
 Aaron Alan A Attorney Residence (432)697-6317 
 Adams Connally Financial Group (432)570-1305 
 Alan H Meyers Attorney At Law (432)682-5800 
 Albidrez Daniel Attorney (432)570-4343 
 Allen And Allen Attorneys At Law (432)686-8416 
 Allen Neal R Attorney (432)685-3078 
 Alsup J. Devin Attorney (432)683-3351 
 Alsup James M Attorney Residence (432)682-9908 
 Alvarado Richard R Attorney (432)687-1134 
 Atnipp Michael H Attorney Residence (432)683-2828 
 Atnipp Michael H. Attorney (432)683-8510 
 Aycock Chris Attorney (432)684-5782 
 Beck Barry N Attorney Residence (432)697-3373 
 Blair Matthew Attorney (432)686-0292 
 Bledsoe Robert C Attorney Residence (432)684-9904 
 Boldrick James P Attorney (432)683-5657 
 Borland And Borland Attorneys At Law (432)684-5681 
 Borland And Borland Attorneys At Law P.c. (432)684-5290 
 Boyd J Kip (432)687-0379 
 Brad E Heidelberg Attorney (432)687-2922 
 Brockett Rogers (432)570-9605 
 Brockett Rogers And Fivecoat Attorneys At Law (432)686-7743 
 Brown James C Attorney (432)687-4698 
 Bruce Evan Foster (432)686-2039 
 Bruner Thomas M. Attorney (432)682-1616 
 Buckingham B. Kent Attorney (915)570-1919 
 Buckingham Law Firm (432)570-1919 
 Bullock Scott And Neisig A Professional Corporation (432)683-5501 
 Burford William B. Attorney (432)683-4691 
 Canon Gaston And Strain Llp (432)683-8822 
 Cantacuzene Ian Attorney (432)640-0464 
 Carney Brian (432)686-8300 
 Chandler James H Attorney (432)684-4737 
 Considine Corby Attorney Childrens Telephone (432)694-1804 
 Considine Corby Attorney Residence (432)694-4446 
 Cook And Cantacuzene (915)640-0464 
 Cordero Patrick Attorney (432)687-2500 
 Cox Chad A Pc (432)570-4007 
 Cremer Frank N. Jr. Attorney (432)687-0011 
 Cropper Michael D Pc (432)687-0377 
 Cunningham J Michael Attorney At Law (432)620-0845 
 Cunningham J Michael Attorney At Law (432)620-0849 
 Davis Jay S Attorney (432)683-8095 
 Davis Richard D Attorney (432)684-3713 
 Davis Rick D Jr Attorney Residence (432)686-7328 
 Dawson Robert H Attorney Residence (432)694-0417 
 Denny Marcia J. Attorney (432)686-0080 
 Donaldson Claudia Attorney At Law (432)522-1123 
 Duffy Patrick S Attorney (432)684-7494 
 Elliott Robert G Attorney (432)687-6750 
 Evans Robert L Jr Attorney (432)683-5161 
 Floyd Jay H Jr Attorney At Law (432)683-5213 
 Freeman Robert F Attorney (432)683-6141 
 Freeman Robert F Attorney Residence (432)682-6107 
 Frost Wayne (432)570-8124 
 Garza Edward T Attorney (432)570-1011 
 Gibson John Attorney (432)520-1530 
 Gibson Richard C Attorney (432)683-7614 
 Gibson Richard C Attorney Residence (432)682-7737 
 Giunta Frank G Attorney (432)684-4083 
 Grant L. Scherzer (432)687-2212 
 Grimes Link Attorney (432)685-1005 
 Grimes Link Attorney Residence (432)684-4218 
 Guardiola Law Firm The (432)570-4444 
 Gunter John E. Attorney (432)687-3137 
 Hansen Hans R Attorney (432)683-1930 
 Harvey Allen G Attorney Residence (432)683-8587 
 Hershberger Steve (432)570-4014 
 Hinkley Jeffrey Attorney At Law (432)570-4083 
 Hirsch H Thomas Attorney (432)687-4301 
 Hofer Steven C Attorney (432)686-8213 
 Holland Dick R. Attorney (432)683-5656 
 Inwest Pension Management Inc (432)687-1866 
 Isbell James H Attorney James H Office (432)687-2034 
 Jeanne Morales Attorney (432)520-1536 
 Johnston Jeffrey M. Attorney (432)683-8844 
 Keel Terry Campaign (512)480-8683 
 Keel Terry Law Office (512)480-8693 
 Kerr And Kerr Pc (432)684-9222 
 Kirk And Williams (432)687-5035 
 Kirwan John R Attorney (432)682-8619 
 Kirwan John R Attorney Residence (432)684-4191 
 Klein Michael L Attorney (432)684-8442 
 Law Office Of J K Wall (432)682-1522 
 Law Office Of J K Wall (915)682-1522 
 Law Offices Of Alan G. Moravcik (432)570-0091 
 Leeton James R. Jr. Attorney (432)683-0803 
 Leslie G. Mclaughlin (432)687-1331 
 Leverett H W Jr Attorney (432)683-3323 
 Lindemood David W Attorney At Law (432)620-9944 
 Lone Star Abstract And Title Co Inc (432)683-1818 
 Martin J Brian Attorney (432)686-7133 
 Mills Carvel Inc Clu (432)683-4669 
 Permian Abstract Company (432)684-6389 
 Roy L. Scott (432)570-9979 
 Ruppanner Donald Cpa (432)570-4344 
 Stewart Title Of Midland Llc (432)687-3355 
 Strategic Abstract And Title Corporation (432)683-3665 
 Ward William E. Attorney (432)684-9990