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 1 Houston Divorce Lawyer (713)968-9276 
 6363 Woodway Inc (713)654-4456 
 75 Lyerly Resident Counsel (713)691-1212 
 A All Ways Discount Travel (713)272-8686 
 A T Property And Investment (713)623-6565 
 A To Z Specialites (281)590-5620 
 A1 Taxbooks And Pham Associates (281)933-3907 
 Aaron Simon Nguyen Attorney (713)532-8930 
 Aaronson Maxine Attorney (713)968-9205 
 Aba Abe Attorney (713)758-1000 
 Abair Jason C. Attorney (713)787-1400 
 Abaunza Donald R. Attorney (713)651-2900 
 Abbott Fred E. Iii Attorney (713)460-9800 
 Abbott Lawrence E. Attorney (713)627-9393 
 Abbott Michael A. Attorney (713)276-5500 
 Abbott William (bill) C. Attorney (713)910-1234 
 Abercrombie John B. Attorney (713)229-1234 
 Abernathy Louis C Attorney (713)439-7466 
 Abner Roy Attorney At Law (713)266-4669 
 Abney Angela L. Attorney (713)632-1700 
 Abogado (713)226-4236 
 Abraham Frank T. (p.c.) Attorney (713)222-7211 
 Abramowitz Steven Attorney (713)623-4100 
 Abramowitz Steven Attorneys (713)623-6919 
 Abrams Jeffry S Attorney (713)522-4733 
 Abrams Richard L Pc Attorney (713)861-9131 
 Abrams Scott And Bickley Llp (713)228-6601 
 Abugattas Virginia S. Attorney (713)513-1132 
 Acayan Joseph Attorney (713)932-1540 
 Access National Title Co (713)965-0957 
 Acebohansen Denise A. Attorney (713)623-0887 
 Aclin Kristina E. Attorney (713)840-1666 
 Acosta Alex O Attorney And Conslr At Law (713)533-9300 
 Acosta Efren A. Attorney (713)226-1200 
 Acosta Geraldo G Attorney (713)926-4604 
 Acosta Mary C Attorney (713)222-6677 
 Acosta Shrode And Soule (281)496-3140 
 Adair And Myers P.l.l.c. (713)522-2270 
 Adam Altaf Attorney At Law (713)266-3323 
 Adam And Bing Pc (281)765-9310 
 Adam Jerry C (281)859-9600 
 Adam Jerry C Attorney (281)859-9603 
 Adam W Kendall Attorney (713)651-3726 
 Adam W Kendall Attorney Residence (713)626-0347 
 Adame Miguel Attorney (713)222-2225 
 Adame Nikki Attorney (713)651-8406 
 Adamo Sam Attorney (713)237-8380 
 Adams And Coffey P.c. (713)659-6767 
 Adams And Reese Llp (713)652-5151 
 Adams Charles L. Attorney (713)227-5001 
 Adams Chris Attorney (713)754-6221 
 Adams Christopher Attorney (713)223-2300 
 Adams Clyde (chip) Attorney (713)767-1555 
 Adams Conrad E. Attorney (713)228-5100 
 Adams Eric M. Attorney (713)655-1200 
 Adams Georgia L. Attorney (713)220-4200 
 Adams Glendon B Attorney (281)933-7188 
 Adams Jack A. Attorney (713)952-1700 
 Adams Julia Marie Attorney (713)871-9000 
 Adams Leslie Wm. Attorney (713)940-0680 
 Adams Marlene D Attorney (713)529-2501 
 Adams Michael J Attorney (713)527-9956 
 Adams Michael W. Attorney (713)520-9100 
 Adams Michelle Attorney At Law (713)224-1001 
 Adams Regina D. Attorney (713)237-1221 
 Adams Richard N. Attorney (713)651-0111 
 Adams Robert L. Attorney (713)529-3992 
 Adams Teddy Attorney (713)651-3660 
 Adan Bertha Attorney (713)270-6987 
 Adcock John S. Attorney (713)951-3700 
 Addicks Jeffery Allen Attorney (713)654-1111 
 Addison L L Attorney (713)651-5628 
 Addison Max M. Attorney (713)223-4351 
 Aden Fran R. Attorney (713)220-5800 
 Adesanya Law Firm (713)783-3529 
 Adjei Justice B Attorney (713)237-0338 
 Adkins Barry W. Attorney (713)658-1818 
 Adkins John A. Attorney (713)951-5600 
 Adkins Pierce M. Attorney (713)629-1580 
 Adkins Ward N Jr Attorney (713)216-2444 
 Adler Jim S Attorney (713)451-0001 
 Adler Jim S Attorney (713)777-4000 
 Adler Jim S Pc Attorney (713)341-0001 
 Adler Kristin E. Attorney (713)221-2300 
 Adley And Associates Pc (713)977-9000 
 Adolfo Vasquez Attorney At Law (713)973-9777 
 Adolph Thomas H. Attorney (713)752-4200 
 Adolph Tom Attorney (713)229-1372 
 Adrienne Randle Bond (713)524-4200 
 Adrogué Sofia Attorney (713)750-3100 
 Advocates In Action (713)864-4155 
 Adzgery Ronald Attorney (713)651-7704 
 Afanassiev Alexandre I. Attorney (713)625-9200 
 Affordable Translators (713)468-1550 
 Agan Stephen P. Attorney (713)223-1000 
 Agee Susan R. Attorney (713)651-0590 
 Agnew Christine L. Attorney (713)546-5000 
 Agrawal Suyash Attorney (713)651-9366 
 Agrifin Advisors Inc (713)552-1525 
 Agrons Joshua Paul Attorney (713)651-5529 
 Aguilar Frank Criminal Defense Attorney (713)222-2733 
 Aguinaga Jessie And Associates (713)772-7986 
 Aguirre Sarah K. Attorney (713)751-1600 
 Ahart Christopher W Attorney (713)758-4726 
 Ahern Hunter K. Attorney (713)227-8008 
 Ahlen Jennifer L. Attorney (713)655-9000 
 Ahmad Joseph Y. Attorney (713)655-1101 
 Ahmed Ali S Attorney (713)223-1300 
 Ahmed Shar Attorney (713)229-1520 
 Ahn Kristopher Attorney (713)781-2322 
 Aig American General Companies Aig Global Investment Group Corporate Off (713)522-1111 
 Aim Legal Search (832)615-3216 
 Airola Glenn E Attorney (713)892-4814 
 Airola Glenn E. Attorney (713)960-0303 
 Aizpuru Rebecca Attorney (713)229-1104 
 Ajamie Llp (713)860-1600 
 Akers Amber Attorney (832)214-3921 
 Akers Brock C. Attorney (713)552-9595 
 Akiens Karen K. Attorney (281)537-7110 
 Akin T. Bryan Attorney (713)225-0500 
 Akin Truett (713)654-1818 
 Akin Truett Bryan Iv Attorney (713)757-1400 
 Akins Windi Attorney (713)236-7300 
 Aksamit Roger D. Attorney (713)223-2900 
 Alacantara Ruben (713)609-7700 
 Alaka Ethel O. Attorney (713)271-7900 
 Alamo Title (713)622-3630 
 Alamo Title Co (713)263-7300 
 Alamo Title Company (713)840-0817 
 Alamo Title Company (713)966-4050 
 Alaniz And Schraeder L.l.p. (281)531-0927 
 Alavi Amir H Attorney (713)758-2897 
 Alba Bryan E. Attorney (713)861-3595 
 Albahish Ann Attorney (713)547-2016 
 Albrecht Ray Attorney (713)651-5455 
 Albright Dennis J Attorney (713)453-2157 
 Aldape Juan M Attorney (713)695-9950 
 Alderden Emily R Attorney (713)758-4420 
 Alderson Lori Attorney (281)531-7157 
 Aldrich S. Griffith Attorney (713)758-2222 
 Aldrich Scott G Attorney (713)758-4628 
 Ale John C. Attorney (713)655-5100 
 Alenik And Associates (713)461-2455 
 Alexan Lofts (713)225-2115 
 Alexander Dubose Jones And Townsend Llp (713)523-2358 
 Alexander Jeffrey C. Attorney (713)838-7353 
 Alexander Joseph R. Jr. Attorney (713)654-1122 
 Alexander Neil Kenton (ken) Attorney (713)226-6600 
 Alexander Neil Kenton Attorney (713)226-6614 
 Alexander Roy Jr Attorney (713)862-1414 
 Alexander Todd E. Attorney (713)571-5900 
 Alexander Tom (281)580-6071 
 Alford A. Scott Attorney (713)222-6025 
 Alford Matthew Attorney (713)222-9141 
 Alfred Flores Jr And Associates (713)980-4399 
 Alfred J. Elliot Attorney (713)759-0818 
 Alkas Peri H. Attorney (713)266-3121 
 Allegiance Title Company (281)488-0033 
 Allegiance Title Company (281)497-7373 
 Allen Alena M. Attorney (713)229-1117 
 Allen Billy C. Iii Attorney (832)446-2400 
 Allen Boone Humphries Robinson Llp (713)860-6400 
 Allen Brandon T. Attorney (713)650-8805 
 Allen Christopher B. Attorney (713)224-6767 
 Allen Frank C. Jr. Attorney (713)626-5100 
 Allen Gregory W. Attorney (713)554-5858 
 Allen Joe Attorney (713)973-6766 
 Allen Joe B Attorney (713)758-2674 
 Allen Joe B Attorney Residence (713)783-2128 
 Allen John C. Attorney (713)654-0066 
 Allen Mark K. Attorney (713)222-9542 
 Allen Robert B. (skip) Attorney (713)220-5816 
 Allen Samuel N Attorney (713)226-6629 
 Allen Shelby Attorney (713)651-1558 
 Allen T. Scott Jr. Attorney (713)650-6600 
 Allen William A Attorney (713)783-5101 
 Allender John R Attorney (713)651-5664 
 Allie David C Attorney (281)556-3100 
 Allison And Shoemaker Llp (713)334-9350 
 Allred Edward W Attorney (713)652-4705 
 Allshouse J.d. Bucky Attorney (713)951-0002 
 Allums David G. Attorney (713)961-1200 
 Almaguer Adrian Attorney (713)861-1392 
 Almond Charles L Attorney (713)758-1909 
 Alonso Cersonsky And Garcia P.c. (713)840-1492 
 Alphamize (713)664-9433 
 Alsandor Law Firm Pllc (713)661-9783 
 Alsina Kathleen Hopkins Attorney (713)626-1386 
 Alspach Christopher M. Attorney (713)759-9281 
 Alsup And Palmer (773)221-2337 
 Altamira Marilyn S. Attorney (713)220-8800 
 Altenbern David T Attorney At Law (713)974-1898 
 Alter W Kevin Attorney (713)526-2333 
 Altman Mickey Attorney (832)366-1922 
 Altsuler Kent Attorney (713)980-1700 
 Alvarado Elizabeth D. Attorney (713)646-5500 
 Alvarado Gilbert J Attorney At Law (713)236-8700 
 Alvarez And Ridgway (713)869-7999 
 Alvarez Graig Attorney (713)651-3723 
 Alvarez J. Anthony Attorney (713)621-1600 
 Alvarez Linda G Attorney (713)758-2430 
 Aman Paul G Attorney (713)802-1540 
 Amaon Gary P Attorney (713)758-2282 
 Ambriz Law Office (713)378-6800 
 Amdur Arthur R Attorney (713)268-1000 
 Amelia Rodriguez (713)270-8807 
 Amen Law Firm (713)541-3500 
 America Title Company (281)492-3434 
 American Business Services Llc (713)630-0127 
 American General Securities Incorporated (713)831-3806 
 American Immigration Services (281)931-9272 
 American Society Of Civil (713)624-7153 
 American Title (713)218-9866 
 American Title Co (713)541-4900 
 American Title Co Of Houston (281)893-1101 
 American Title Co Of Houston (713)953-9157 
 American Title Co Of Houston (713)953-9183 
 American Title Co Of Houston (713)953-9511 
 American Title Company (281)333-1200 
 American Title Company (281)333-2682 
 American Title Company (281)646-0300 
 American Title Company (713)651-1996 
 American Title Company Of Houston (281)398-8190 
 American Title Company Of Houston (713)570-5080 
 American Title Company Of Houston (713)772-7173 
 American Title Company Of Houston (713)784-0006 
 American Title Company Of Houston Clear Lake (281)286-2019 
 American Title Company Of Houston Copperfield (281)550-2193 
 Ameritrust Title Company (713)785-0089 
 Amerson J. Mike Attorney (713)934-7000 
 Amerson Mikey Attorney (713)934-4055 
 Amh Motors (281)556-5000 
 Ami Michelle Feltovich (713)550-9511 
 Ammco Title Service (281)498-5555 
 Ammerman Matthew H. Attorney (713)465-7395 
 Ammons Robert E Attorney (713)523-3030 
 Ammons Robert E. Attorney (713)523-1606 
 Amoako And Associates Attorney At Law (713)995-5652 
 Amundsen Jeri A Attorney (713)626-8878 
 Anaipakos John Attorney (713)229-1154 
 Anakani And Associates (713)541-4666 
 Anapolsky Jeffrey M. Attorney (713)220-5872 
 Andarsio Pedro F Attorney (281)558-7349 
 Andarsio Pedro F Attorney (713)650-0655 
 Andell Eric Attorney (713)892-4870 
 Anders M H Attorney (713)758-2406 
 Andersen James M Attorney At Law (281)488-2800 
 Anderson And Anderson (281)286-0300 
 Anderson And Cunningham Pc (713)655-8400 
 Anderson And Smith (713)621-5522 
 Anderson Darryl Attorney (713)651-5562 
 Anderson David W. Attorney (281)488-4438 
 Anderson Eric S Attorney (713)651-5265 
 Anderson Holly Attorney (713)653-8629 
 Anderson Holly M. Attorney (713)654-8111 
 Anderson Jeremiah Attorney (713)751-3200 
 Anderson Joshua C. Attorney (713)333-4500 
 Anderson Joy C. Attorney (713)225-6000 
 Anderson Julie C Attorney (713)654-4400 
 Anderson Kathryn P. Attorney (713)961-5800 
 Anderson Kenneth M Attorney (713)758-2444 
 Anderson Lisa Attorney (713)951-5841 
 Anderson M. Lucille Attorney (713)520-1900 
 Anderson Richard E Attorney (713)460-5085 
 Anderson Robert L Attorney (713)665-1882 
 Anderson Sara J. Attorney (713)652-6500 
 Anderson Sherman Attorney (713)721-5290 
 Anderson Terence J (713)522-6886 
 Anderson Thomas D Attorney (713)523-8333 
 Anderson Thos D Attorney Residence (713)622-0315 
 Anderson Timothy Collins Attorney (713)626-1450 
 Anderson Wilford A Attorney At Law (713)229-0511 
 Andrasek Danielle N. Attorney (713)659-2900 
 André L. Ligon P.c. (713)662-2500 
 Andrews Alan D Attorney (713)951-0800 
 Andrews And Kurth Mayor Day Caldwell And Keeton Llp (713)225-7000 
 Andrews Bolivar C Attorney (713)355-9650 
 Andrews James Foster Pc Attorney (713)529-9033 
 Andrews Myers Coulter And Cohen P.c. (713)850-4200 
 Andrews Nicole G Attorney (713)951-1044 
 Andrews Nicole G. Attorney (713)951-1000 
 Andrews Sally S. Attorney (713)787-6648 
 Andrews Stephen Attorney (713)525-6227 
 Andrews Stephen S. Attorney (713)529-3110 
 Andrews Theadore R And Associates (713)960-0550 
 Androphy Joel M. Attorney (713)529-5622 
 Andy Taylor And Associates Pc (713)222-1817 
 Anhalt Carole Stewart Attorney (713)942-7900 
 Anna E. Stool (713)522-9975 
 Annalora Tamara L. Attorney (713)527-8800 
 Anodyne Business Industries (281)333-0288 
 Anozie Clement C Attorney (713)776-2156 
 Antalffy Julie Lynn Attorney (713)659-7617 
 Anthony F. Montgomery P.c. A Professional Corporation (713)651-1719 
 Antley Roy Attorney (713)225-8400 
 Antweil Brian F Attorney (713)547-2527 
 Antweil Brian F. Attorney (713)547-2000 
 Anugwom Charles Attorney (713)772-5052 
 Anyanwu Columbus E Attorney (713)978-5999 
 Arango Ana Attorney (713)528-1000 
 Arantz Joe M (713)400-6000 
 Arbuckle Kurt Attorney (713)961-5353 
 Arceneaux Andrea D Attorney (713)526-2166 
 Archer Mau Attorney (713)229-1576 
 Archeryanochik Nancy Attorney (713)229-1738 
 Ardoin James M. Iii Attorney (713)426-2244 
 Ardoin Richard Attorney (713)225-2911 
 Areola Rotimi O. Attorney (713)271-5200 
 Argento Charles J (713)225-5050 
 Argo Business Services (713)779-1040 
 Arguindegui Teresa (713)222-6333 
 Armstrong And Bedell L.l.p. (281)894-1590 
 Armstrong Jacqueline Attorney (713)973-5710 
 Armstrong Mark S. Attorney (713)546-5850 
 Armstrong R David Attorney (281)955-5505 
 Armstrong Sean P. Attorney (832)239-3939 
 Armstrong Stephen L (281)487-8929 
 Armstrong Thad H Attorney (713)951-5834 
 Arnic And Arnic Attorneys At Law (713)224-1774 
 Arnold And Ellwood Llp (713)973-5787 
 Arnold And Ferrera Llp (713)972-1150 
 Arnold David E (713)403-7403 
 Arnold George H. Attorney (713)403-8210 
 Arnold Holly D. Attorney (713)651-0422 
 Arnold Holly Dobbs Attorney (713)651-3039 
 Arnold Isaac Iii Attorney At Law (713)651-8680 
 Arnold Scott Attorney (713)227-6653 
 Arnold Tom Attorney (713)787-1414 
 Arnot William G. (bud) Iii Attorney (713)650-8400 
 Arnotbud Attorney (713)650-2715 
 Arnsworth Law Firm (713)664-7473 
 Arntzen Christopher J. Attorney (713)229-1344 
 Arrell Greg Attorney (713)942-7766 
 Arreola Antroy Attorney (713)226-1277 
 Arrington David Attorney (713)966-4444 
 Arrington Scott J Attorney (713)427-5000 
 Arthur Harry C Attorney (713)224-7996 
 Arthur S. Feldman And Associates P.c. (713)586-1616 
 Artzer Christopher Attorney (713)220-5891 
 Aruffo Paul R Attorney (713)278-7560 
 Aruffo R Cristofor Attny (713)784-7377 
 Aschermann Mark L Attorney (713)942-0808 
 Ash Mark Attorney (713)571-1603 
 Ashby And Whitmire Pc (281)990-8300 
 Ashby Crinion Llp (713)658-8222 
 Ashcraft Brigid D Attorney (713)224-5771 
 Ashcraft Brigid Dolan Attorney (713)652-2525 
 Asher Elizabeth Attorney (713)974-0650 
 Ashley Jimmy D Attorney At Law (713)521-0218 
 Ashley Susan Attorney (713)868-5400 
 Ashlock Stefnee D. Attorney (713)840-7710 
 Asmus David F. Attorney (713)229-1539 
 Associates Llp Gregory P Lee (281)820-5050 
 Astala Melissa Attorney (713)961-1122 
 Astin Ronald T Attorney (713)758-3615 
 Astin Ronald T Attorney Residence (713)668-5428 
 Astro Photos And Fingerprints (713)334-6660 
 Atasi Yasmin Attorney (713)650-2735 
 Atkins Betty T Attorney (713)871-1166 
 Atkins Bruce A. Attorney (832)249-7900 
 Atkins Jerry K Attorney (713)629-4777 
 Atkinson Rogena Jan Attorney (713)862-1700 
 Atlas Scott J Attorney (713)758-2024 
 Atnipp Douglas C Attorney (713)226-6664 
 Atnipp Douglas C. Attorney (713)522-1887 
 Attorney At Law (713)789-5200 
 Attorney Johnna Teal (713)592-9607 
 Attorney Lloyd W Oliver (713)237-9389 
 Attorney Richard Chiu (713)785-3300 
 Attorney Stephen Lekas (713)671-9494 
 Attorneys Closing And Title Services (281)580-5297 
 Attwell J Evans Attorney (713)758-2122 
 Attwell J Evans Attorney Residence (713)780-3594 
 Auchterlonie Richard C Attorney (713)787-1698 
 August E. Shouse (713)523-9351 
 Augustus David Attorney (713)961-7770 
 Aurich Rick Attorney (713)860-8242 
 Austin And Associates L L C (281)820-2241 
 Austin Charles W (713)622-3036 
 Austin Charles W Attorney (713)622-3037 
 Austin Timothy Attorney (713)860-6412 
 Auto Title Plus Post (281)469-4554 
 Avalos Asociados (832)242-7070 
 Avant Jim F. Attorney (713)840-9414 
 Avant Larry Attorney (713)225-7005 
 Averitt Jessica Attorney (713)951-3300 
 Avery Richard Attorney (713)237-3157 
 Avery Richard W. (p.c.) Attorney (713)237-3111 
 Awayout Bail Bonds Ii (713)227-7000 
 Axelrod Robert D. Attorney (713)861-1996 
 Aycock Charles L Black Attorney (713)526-1760 
 Aycock Charles L. Black Attorney (713)526-1660 
 Aycock Jim D Attorney (713)226-6611 
 Ayers David P. Attorney (713)626-2233 
 Ayers Howard T Attorney (713)220-4044 
 Ayers Randall J Attorney At Law (281)493-6333 
 Ayesha G. Mutopejohnson (713)529-9092 
 Ayoub And Associates Pc (713)532-0110 
 Azar Philip H Ii Attorney (713)752-2000 
 Azzo Judy Morris Attorney (713)461-3772 
 B M Woltman Foundation (713)862-1118 
 Baasiri Rudeina A Attorney (713)650-2633 
 Baay David Attorney (713)651-3759 
 Baba Deedee J Attorney (713)850-8700 
 Babchick And Cohen Pc (713)850-7148 
 Babcock Eagleton Inc (713)871-8787 
 Babers Clay E. Attorney (713)228-1160 
 Baca Billy G. Attorney (713)864-8000 
 Bachman Laura F. Attorney (713)888-0811 
 Bachtelle And Associates (713)706-6171 
 Bachynsky Ashton C. Attorney (713)658-1122 
 Backers Beverly J Attorney (713)520-5448 
 Backus M E Attorney (713)758-1101 
 Bacon And Wallace L L P (713)739-1060 
 Bacon Christopher Velle Attorney (713)758-1148 
 Badeaux Joanne M. Attorney (281)486-4737 
 Bae Steve C. Attorney (713)650-1313 
 Baetz Barbara Shelby Attorney (713)659-4100 
 Baham Ronnie W. Jr. Attorney (713)599-0211 
 Bailey And Bailey (713)461-7193 
 Bailey And Crowder Attorneys At Law (713)522-9522 
 Bailey And Galyen (979)798-5529 
 Bailey C L Attorney (713)520-9006 
 Bailey Charles W. Jr. Attorney (713)869-1155 
 Bailey Galyen (713)218-0590 
 Bailey Galyen And Gold (281)335-7744 
 Bailey Joe W. Ii Attorney (713)864-4477 
 Bailey Perrin Bailey Llp (713)425-7240 
 Bailey Robert G. Attorney (713)630-0600 
 Bailey Ted E Jr Attorney (713)666-4323 
 Bailey Ted E Jr Attorney Residence (713)665-1326 
 Bair Ronald L. Attorney (713)862-5599 
 Bair Thomas Edwin Attorney (713)973-9600 
 Baird Brian D Attorney (713)850-7766 
 Baird James V Attorney (713)220-4444 
 Baird Matthew K Attorney At Law Pc (713)626-7767 
 Baker Adam B Attorney (713)667-7566 
 Baker And Associates (713)394-9664 
 Baker And Associates (713)869-9200 
 Baker Bryan W. Attorney (713)888-3535 
 Baker C Mark Attorney (713)651-7708 
 Baker Carmody C Attorney (713)651-5382 
 Baker Charles S Attorney (713)226-6676 
 Baker Charles S Attorney (713)787-1679 
 Baker David R. Attorney (713)629-7966 
 Baker Debra (713)980-1717 
 Baker Elizabeth Attorney (713)229-2046 
 Baker Ellen Attorney (713)238-8000 
 Baker Ellen Attorney (713)632-1606 
 Baker Erin K Attorney (713)758-4668 
 Baker J Brent Attorney (713)951-5877 
 Baker James M Attorney (281)759-9744 
 Baker Jan Attorney (713)520-5340 
 Baker January Attorney (713)547-9122 
 Baker Reese W Attorney (713)860-8236 
 Baker Stephen L. Attorney (713)659-9200 
 Bala Vidya Attorney (713)268-1372 
 Balcom Law Firm (713)973-9900 
 Balderas Antonio Jr (713)975-6771 
 Baldwin J Michael Attorney (713)229-1646 
 Baldwin J Michael Attorney Residence (713)522-6326 
 Baldwin Melissa M Attorney (713)758-3702 
 Baldwin Shannon B Attorney (713)664-6800 
 Balette Jacques G. Attorney (713)681-3070 
 Balkum David D Attorney (281)486-9000 
 Ballard James L Pc Attorney (713)776-0666 
 Ballard Law Firm (713)403-6400 
 Ballard Robert E Attorney (713)850-9969 
 Ballentine Robert Attorney (713)651-5160 
 Ballew Kimberly A. Attorney (713)621-5100 
 Ballis Reed A. Attorney (713)952-5662 
 Balson Joe Attorney (713)524-4300 
 Bambace Peter J. Attorney (713)652-9700 
 Bambace Robert S Attorney (713)651-5436 
 Bamberg George W. Jr. Attorney (713)966-7200 
 Bamsa Inc. (281)447-7517 
 Ban Frank N. Attorney (713)655-7511 
 Ban Peggy R. Attorney (713)963-0533 
 Banerjee Annie Attorney (713)961-9139 
 Banker Charles A Iii (713)227-4100 
 Bankhead Sherry Attorney (713)222-2323 
 Banks Richard Edward Attorney (713)226-7009 
 Bankston Riley Llp (713)759-1230 
 Bannwart A (713)807-0020 
 Banos Tomas (713)426-1686 
 Barbara J Maseberg Attorney At Law (713)520-6563 
 Barber Christopher Law Office Of (281)464-5297 
 Barber Mark H Attorney (713)225-0905 
 Barbour Larry G Attorney (713)758-2126 
 Barbour Larry G Attorney Residence (713)781-2680 
 Barclay Byron Attorney At Law (713)224-2334 
 Barfield W Lowry Attorney (713)751-0320 
 Barg Irwin M Attorney (713)735-8533 
 Barg Irwin M. (p.c.) Attorney (713)785-1700 
 Barger Jason W. Attorney (713)868-5560 
 Barker D Gregory Attorney (713)651-3708 
 Barker D Gregory Attorney Residence (713)827-1948 
 Barker James H. Attorney (713)759-1990 
 Barker January J. Attorney (713)547-9100 
 Barkley James N Attorney At Law (281)589-2131 
 Barkley Jim Attorney (713)229-1373 
 Barnes And Cascio Llp (281)875-0250 
 Barnes And Turner (713)650-3688 
 Barnes Constance O Attorney (713)682-2540 
 Barnes Constance Odoherty Attorney (713)871-2025 
 Barnes Law Firm (713)652-4002 
 Barnes Roy L. Attorney (713)228-7425 
 Barnes Stacey L. Attorney (713)522-9444 
 Barnett And Craddock (713)425-5300 
 Barnett E. William Attorney (713)229-1337 
 Barnett Edgar F Attorney (713)977-6114 
 Barnett James P Jr Attorney (281)597-8700 
 Barnett Ned Attorney (713)222-6767 
 Barnett Stephanie (281)333-5005 
 Barney Karen A Attorney At Law (713)523-0579 
 Barr Jim Attorney (713)247-0555 
 Barrera Fred Attorney (713)229-1489 
 Barrera Manuel Attorney (713)222-1127 
 Barrett Burke Wilson Castle Daffin And Frappier L.l.p. (713)621-8673 
 Barrett John A Attorney (713)651-5202 
 Barrett Linda F Attorney (713)881-3444 
 Barrett Robert F Attorney (713)468-2389 
 Barrett Robert F Attorney (713)758-2364 
 Barrientos Ernest Attorney (281)880-7711 
 Barrister Records And Reporting Inc (713)861-1921 
 Barron Adler And Anderson L.l.p. (713)526-1500 
 Barron Rupert F. Attorney (713)223-5181 
 Barrow C. Dennis Jr. Attorney (713)659-6400 
 Barrow George T Attorney (713)659-4200 
 Barrow Hunter M Attorney (713)951-5838 
 Barrow Michael Attorney (713)224-8383 
 Barry David W. Attorney (713)960-9696 
 Barry James Kirby Attorney (713)654-1560 
 Barry Jeff Attorney At Law (713)785-4888 
 Barsalou And Associates P C (713)652-5044 
 Barsi Morgan Attorney (713)525-6272 
 Barth Dean P. Attorney (713)224-5066 
 Bartlett Bennett S. Attorney (281)931-8902 
 Bartlett Carol J Attorney (713)621-7161 
 Bartlett Thomas Lee Attorney (713)225-6902 
 Bartley And Spears Pc Attorneys At Law (281)531-0501 
 Barton Daniel Attorney (713)227-4747 
 Bartos John R Attorney Residence (713)694-6697 
 Bartos John R. Attorney (713)861-1255 
 Bartt G Thompson Attorney At Law (713)951-0160 
 Barzoukas Nicolas G Attorney (713)787-1489 
 Bass Bill Attorney (713)963-0400 
 Bass Richard Attorney (713)951-5854 
 Batchan John W Attorney (713)960-9563 
 Bateman Thomas G Jr Attorney (713)220-4270 
 Bates And Coleman Pc (713)759-1500 
 Bates Blaine F Attorney (713)547-2100 
 Bates Shawn M. Attorney (713)632-8000 
 Bath Jason D. Attorney (713)877-1112 
 Batson Marti L Attorney (713)961-9929 
 Battaglia Richard A Attorney (713)521-3570 
 Battle Kelly M Attorney (713)758-1144 
 Bauer H Gibb Attorney (713)622-5411 
 Baugh Ellen Hamilton Attorney (713)425-7407 
 Baugh Kenneth D Attorney (713)529-2901 
 Baughman Jonathan D Attorney (713)615-8540 
 Baughman Jonathan D. Attorney (713)615-8500 
 Baumann Charles E Attorney (713)238-3701 
 Baumann Riecke Attorney (713)529-1600 
 Baumann Riecke Attorney Residence (713)527-8994 
 Baumgarten Barry S Attorney (713)247-9500 
 Baumgartner Gregory S Attorney (281)587-1111 
 Baumgartner Gregory S. Attorney (281)890-4488 
 Bavouset James S Iv Attorney (713)951-5871 
 Bavousett Steve A Attorney (713)871-9587 
 Bax Richard C Attorney (713)521-0056 
 Baxley Law Office (713)465-8800 
 Baxley Steve Attorney At Law (713)228-3288 
 Baxter And Schwartz P C (713)462-2565 
 Bay Erma J Carey Attorney (281)440-1747 
 Bayko Keith C. Attorney (713)650-9700 
 Bayless And Stokes (713)522-2224 
 Bayless Bobbie Attorney Residence (713)664-1899 
 Bayouth Frank E Attorney (713)655-5200 
 Bays Richard V Attorney (713)226-1458 
 Bazan Nicolas M Attorney (281)444-3600 
 Bazelides Paul P. Attorney (713)722-0008 
 Beach Paige K Attorney (713)229-1474 
 Beale David Attorney (713)863-0404 
 Bean Frank M Attorney (713)463-7500 
 Beard Don L Attorney (832)237-7878 
 Beard R William Jr Attorney (713)229-1176 
 Beason Willingham Llp (713)333-7600 
 Beaudry Harry R Attorney (713)653-8826 
 Beausoleilmayer Sharon Attorney (713)651-5381 
 Beauvais Jason Attorney (713)229-1361 
 Beavers Walker Webster Attorney (713)758-1092 
 Bebel Christopher J Attorney (713)227-2400 
 Bebel Christopher J. Attorney (713)236-7750 
 Bechter Phillip W. Attorney (713)752-0017 
 Beck Alan Attorney (713)758-3638 
 Beck And Crowder L.l.p. (713)523-1200 
 Beck David J Attorney Residence (713)621-7017 
 Beck Deborah A Attorney (713)921-4171 
 Beck James R Attorney (281)440-4777 
 Beck James R Attorney (281)440-4785 
 Beck Redden And Secrest (713)951-3719 
 Beckcom Brian Attorney (713)224-7800 
 Beckelman Michael S. Attorney (713)353-2000 
 Becker Don D Attorney (713)228-4607 
 Beckner Joan E. Attorney (713)787-1684 
 Beckworth John B. Attorney (713)650-8100 
 Bedwell Brad Attorney (713)981-9595 
 Beebe Roger L Attorney (713)758-2578 
 Beebe Roger L Attorney Residence (713)526-5424 
 Beedle Nathan N. Attorney (713)860-3300 
 Beek Belinda Attorney (713)225-0547 
 Beer Barrie J. Attorney (713)781-2889 
 Beers And Associates (713)651-1090 
 Beers And Associates (713)654-0700 
 Befort Jeffrey L Attorney (713)871-2000 
 Begle Brian J. Attorney (713)533-3800 
 Behrmann Law Firm Pc (713)956-0529 
 Behrmann Lawrence J And Associates (713)789-4357 
 Beich Fritz P Attorney (713)526-1785 
 Beik Paul S. Attorney (713)224-8080 
 Beilue And Stewart P.c. (713)465-7177 
 Belco Michelle Helene Attorney (713)980-6663 
 Belilove Morris E Attorney (713)961-1737 
 Belk John W. Attorney (713)374-7000 
 Bell And Letourneau Pc Attorneys (713)402-7630 
 Bell Casey A. Attorney (713)650-0022 
 Bell Chris Attorney (713)980-4381 
 Bell Jerry A Attorney (713)651-8482 
 Bell Kevin H Attorney (281)583-8499 
 Bell Michael K. Attorney (713)871-8822 
 Bell Robert F Attorney (713)226-6613 
 Bellatti Lawrence L Attorney (713)220-4196 
 Bellatti Maryann A Attorney (713)754-6204 
 Beller Tom E Attorney (713)847-8311 
 Bello Sergio Attorney (713)773-1007 
 Bellotti Christopher Attorney (713)445-1535 
 Bellus Jewelry (281)556-0111 
 Belzer Nathan C Attorney (713)226-1306 
 Benavides And Kelly (713)226-7889 
 Benavides Antonio Attorney At Law (713)974-4529 
 Benavides Rebecca Attorney (713)651-5541 
 Bench Robert J. Attorney (713)621-7944 
 Benckenstein Norvell And Nathan L.l.p. (713)871-8081 
 Benjamin Jack C. Jr. Attorney (713)355-6062 
 Bennett Alfred H Attorney (713)228-9770 
 Bennett And Bennett (713)224-1747 
 Bennett And Secrest L.l.p. (713)757-0679 
 Bennett Carla Attorney (713)425-7408 
 Bennett Ealy A Attorney (713)529-0660 
 Bennett John H. Jr. Attorney (713)650-8222 
 Bennett John H. Jr. Attorney (713)757-0000 
 Bennett Mark Attorney (713)935-2870 
 Bennett Michael B Attorney (713)229-1209 
 Bennett R. Todd Attorney (713)752-2728 
 Bensi Lauren J Attorney (281)591-7164 
 Benson And Anderson Llp (281)488-6535 
 Benson Christopher R Attorney (713)787-1407 
 Benson Matthew L. Attorney (713)782-4646 
 Benthul Harless R. Attorney (713)223-0030 
 Benton Dishongh Attorneys (713)840-6300 
 Bera Wendy Watkins Attorney (713)221-1651 
 Berg Geoffrey A. Attorney (713)526-3700 
 Bergaila And Associates Inc (713)780-4227 
 Berger Barry S. Attorney (713)630-0708 
 Berger Walter Moreau Attorney (713)758-2973 
 Bergeron Christy R. Attorney (713)222-6950 
 Bergez Craig M Attorney (713)226-6699 
 Bergman Edward Trey Iii Attorney (713)977-1717 
 Bergman Helene Pc Attorney (832)379-4400 
 Bergman Jeffrey S. Attorney (713)228-8600 
 Bergner Richard F Attorney (713)783-4832 
 Bergner Richard F Attorney Residence (713)621-0604 
 Bergquist David W Attorney (713)222-2000 
 Bergquist David W Attorney At Law (713)655-8000 
 Berie Bruce F. Attorney (713)840-1155 
 Berkowitz Mimi M. Attorney (713)252-0228 
 Bernard Bolanos (713)225-1004 
 Bernard E. (barney) Jones (713)229-0900 
 Berner Arthur S Attorney (713)547-2526 
 Bernhardt Jason R. Attorney (713)621-3306 
 Bernstein J Scott Attorney (713)787-9500 
 Bernstein Radoff Trachtenberg And Serafin (713)629-0670 
 Bernstein Sameul D Attorney At Law (713)526-4968 
 Berry Charles L Attorney (713)758-2776 
 Berry Charles L Attorney Residence (713)780-0828 
 Berry Dunbar Bowen (713)521-3525 
 Berry Paul A. Attorney (713)333-5100 
 Berry Robert A. Attorney (713)223-4200 
 Berry Thomas E And Associates (713)223-8061 
 Berry Thomas E Attorney Residence (713)789-1554 
 Berryman Noelle Attorney (713)229-1703 
 Bersch Tim Attorney (713)623-8800 
 Bersch Timothy Attorney (713)754-6248 
 Bertram C Oparaku Attorney (713)626-2228 
 Bertrand C. Moser (713)807-7455 
 Bess Gregory Attorney (281)488-8809 
 Bess Raymond E Attorney (713)785-8383 
 Bess Raymond E Attorney At Law (713)917-6730 
 Best Koeppel A Professional Law Corporation (713)964-2676 
 Beth Szescila Isa Capp (713)869-4088 
 Bettis And Associates (713)644-1000 
 Beustring Russell Van Attorney (713)973-6650 
 Bevans Thomas J Attorney At Law (713)864-5000 
 Beverly King Gibson P.c. (281)583-8729 
 Beyer Stanley C Attorney (713)229-1351 
 Beyer Stanley C Attorney Residence (713)869-7558 
 Beyer Stanley C Attorney Residence (713)963-9671 
 Bgrtk Inc (713)621-6611 
 Bhakta Leena B Attorney (713)758-4748 
 Bhatia Vineet Attorney (713)653-7855 
 Bianchi Richard P Attorneymediator (713)521-3334 
 Bickham David A. Attorney (713)789-4361 
 Bickham Jeffrey E Attorney (713)974-4411 
 Bickham Jonathan T Attorney (713)229-1824 
 Bickham Jonathan T Attorney Residence (281)376-0131 
 Bickham Jonathan T. Attorney (713)658-2323 
 Biddle Jessica Attorney (713)651-5181 
 Bierbaum Gerald Law Office (713)522-7224 
 Bierwirth Rosenbaum (713)223-4648 
 Biery Evelyn H Attorney (713)651-5544 
 Big Brother Monitoring (713)225-4600 
 Biggar Staci Attorney (713)862-7997 
 Bilger Bruce R Attorney (713)758-2614 
 Bill B. Caraway P.c. (713)785-8005 
 Bill De La Garza And Associates P.c. (281)486-7007 
 Bill Wells (281)488-6146 
 Billings And Solomon P.l.l.c. (713)528-2111 
 Billings Scott C. Attorney (713)266-0074 
 Bingham Bradley Attorney (713)877-2533 
 Bingham Tiffany S Attorney (713)226-6658 
 Binion And Sims Pc (713)526-9555 
 Binion Parker Attorney (713)651-8481 
 Binion Parker B Attorney (713)520-2500 
 Binstock Robert Attorney (713)622-7271 
 Binz Norman A Attorney (713)546-2140 
 Birenbaum Kate L. Attorney (713)225-2300 
 Bires And Schaffer (713)228-8500 
 Bishop Patrick Attorney (713)651-5226 
 Bishop Paul W Attorney (713)238-3703 
 Bishop Sonya Hill Attorney (713)758-3880 
 Bissell John G. Attorney (713)651-1900 
 Bissinger David K. Attorney (713)654-5800 
 Bistline F Walter Jr Attorney (713)226-6681 
 Bixon Billy D Attorney (713)226-1359 
 Black Andy Attorney (713)651-5364 
 Black C Michael Attorney (713)522-5999 
 Black Edward P. Attorney (281)655-5665 
 Black J Thomas Attorney At Law (713)772-5730 
 Black J. Thomas Attorney (713)772-8037 
 Black James Robert Attorney (713)650-1200 
 Black Ray J. Jr. Attorney (713)655-1550 
 Black Ray J. Jr. Attorney (713)840-1955 
 Blackburn And Carter (713)524-1012 
 Blackmore Dana T Law Offices Of (713)864-1705 
 Blackshear Gus Attorney (713)464-6578 
 Blackshear Gus Attorney (713)651-5340 
 Blain James G Attorney (713)224-8380 
 Blaine Victor R Attorney (713)222-6681 
 Blaine Victor R Attorney (713)468-7285 
 Blaine Victor R Attorney (713)659-6681 
 Blair Danya W. Attorney (713)960-7329 
 Blakeney E Troy Attorney (713)222-9115 
 Blakesley Scott E Attorney (713)654-4574 
 Blanchard A. Louise Attorney (713)334-5644 
 Blanchard Eric Attorney (713)426-1141 
 Blanchard Judith E. Attorney (281)286-7744 
 Bland Douglas S Attorney (713)758-2498 
 Bland Douglas S Attorney Residence (713)666-8966 
 Bland John L Attorney Residence (713)522-0787 
 Blanding Melanie Attorney (713)270-2025 
 Blaney Michael C Attorney (713)758-3487 
 Blasingame Chad Attorney (713)641-5151 
 Blefeld Bruce Allen Attorney (713)758-3610 
 Bliss Ronald G Attorney (713)651-3746 
 Bliss Ronald G Attorney Residence (713)527-8930 
 Blissard Judith M Attorney (713)758-2374 
 Blitzer Caroline B Attorney (713)758-4680 
 Blizzard Edward F. Attorney (713)844-3750 
 Block Elaine Attorney (713)942-8851 
 Block Gus M Attorney (713)951-5866 
 Block Nelson R Attorney (713)650-2746 
 Block Nelson R Attorney (713)754-6205 
 Block Stephen M Attorney (713)951-5810 
 Blomquist Peter Attorney (713)255-4700 
 Bloodworth William Douglas Ii Attorney (936)291-3100 
 Bloom Brian Robert Attorney (713)758-2623 
 Bloom Brian Robert Attorney Residence (713)827-7007 
 Bloome Sara E. Attorney (713)655-0300 
 Bludworth Bill R (713)225-8505 
 Bluegreen Atlantic Day Spa (713)526-8800 
 Bluestein Ed Jr Attorney (713)651-5368 
 Blum J Henry (713)522-2275 
 Blum J Henry (713)522-3395 
 Blumental David M Attorney (713)758-4408 
 Blumrosen Amy Attorney (713)402-1717 
 Blumrosen Dean Attorney At Law (713)524-5570 
 Blumrosen Dean M Attorney At Law (713)524-2225 
 Blute Peter Attorney (281)496-0555 
 Blute Peter Attorney (713)460-5500 
 Blute Peter Attorney Fax Line (281)496-0505 
 Boates Scott K Attorney (713)963-8004 
 Bobb Sylvette C. Attorney (713)222-2700 
 Bobbie Monroe R.n. J.d. Attorney And Counselor At Law (713)785-8484 
 Bock John Gordon Attorney (713)739-0902 
 Bodron Mark A. Attorney (713)229-1742 
 Boemer Robert B Attorney (713)226-1132 
 Boenig Byron W. Attorney (281)914-4202 
 Bohannon Paul M Attorney (713)220-4193 
 Bohme Robert J Attorney (713)229-1102 
 Bohn And Ducloux (713)522-2392 
 Bohn Susan K Attorney (210)223-2300 
 Boiarsky Kenneth R. Attorney (713)957-8007 
 Boland Jason Attorney (713)651-3769 
 Bolduc David Attorney (713)871-0919 
 Bolen John P. Attorney (713)965-9800 
 Boler Nancy H. Attorney (713)622-2223 
 Bolivar H Attorney (713)695-2269 
 Bollinger Milton Troy Attorney (713)726-8054 
 Bolz Farrell Attorney (713)963-0670 
 Bond David M Attorney (713)758-2586 
 Bond David M Attorney Residence (713)660-8357 
 Bond Hunt French And Co Pllc (713)355-4800 
 Bond Law Firm (281)445-0010 
 Bond Law Firm (281)445-0024 
 Bond Robert D Attorney (281)448-4100 
 Bonica John R Attorney (713)877-8889 
 Bonica John R. Attorney (713)659-6500 
 Bonine Jarod Attorney (713)229-1144 
 Bonner Alice A Attorney (713)523-6991 
 Bonner Monica Attorney (713)838-8872 
 Bonner Vic And Associates (713)842-7700 
 Boone James A Attorney (713)758-2096 
 Boone James A Attorney Residence (713)523-1100 
 Boone Paige Attorney (713)425-7431 
 Boorstein Barry Attorney (713)522-1171 
 Bordelon Barbara Attorney (713)334-6600 
 Boren Dennis R. Attorney (713)622-8858 
 Borgman Steve R Attorney (713)758-2002 
 Bormet Richard A Attorney (713)777-8808 
 Bormet Richard A Attorney (713)981-3885 
 Borrego Theodore R Attorney (713)840-8250 
 Borrett Carmen Christine Attorney (713)739-7007 
 Bosien Brian K. Attorney (713)535-5500 
 Boss Tormey Pc (713)827-7036 
 Bosse Fred M Attorney (713)453-7283 
 Boston Law Firm (713)227-4070 
 Boswell Hallmark And Huebner A Professional Corporation (713)650-1600 
 Boswellloechel Duana J. Attorney (832)932-1515 
 Botschen Charles Attorney (713)895-7007 
 Botts Gerald M Attorney (713)652-2058 
 Boudalis Diane Attorney (713)547-2048 
 Boudreaux And Boudreaux (713)222-8861 
 Boudreaux Michelle T Attorney (713)758-4774 
 Boudreaux Olan J. Attorney (713)400-4000 
 Boudreaux Rogers Jr Attorney (713)522-5736 
 Boudreaux Shannon L Attorney At Law (713)933-0413 
 Boulware Margaret A Attorney (713)951-3375 
 Bourne Martha Attorney (713)961-9663 
 Bousquet And Jackson (832)251-3501 
 Bouthillette Staci Reeves Attorney (713)650-0024 
 Boutros Stephen Attorney At Law (713)425-4300 
 Bowen Ann E Attorney (713)521-0202 
 Bowen Nancy T Attorney (713)651-7705 
 Bowers And Sadler L.l.p. (281)218-9313 
 Bowers Tim Attorney (713)644-4036 
 Bowers William L. Jr. Attorney (713)869-0557 
 Bowersox Herron And Williamson (281)445-0322 
 Bowes Tom Attorney (713)754-6283 
 Bowie James Ii Attorney (713)752-0759 
 Bowling Bradley Attorney (713)229-1802 
 Bowman John P Attorney (713)651-3732 
 Boyce Aaron Attorney (281)589-7400 
 Boyce Maria Wyckoff Attorney (713)229-1922 
 Boyce William J Attorney (713)651-5313 
 Boyd Amy Attorney (713)445-1512 
 Boyd And Greene (713)651-0277 
 Boyd Dennis Attorney (713)626-4990 
 Boyd Howard T Attorney (713)652-4770 
 Boyd James E (713)863-0500 
 Boyd Michael A Attorney (713)220-3921 
 Boyd Mike Attorney (713)868-2222 
 Boyd S. Scott Attorney (713)222-0351 
 Boyd Steven S Attorney (713)226-1218 
 Boyd Walter A Iii Attorney (713)526-0587 
 Boyer Douglas C Attorney (713)524-8871 
 Boyer John R Jr Attorney (713)871-2022 
 Boyer Toby Attorney At Law (713)692-6114 
 Boyko Philip W Attorney (713)626-2221 
 Boyle Brian Attorney (713)651-5694 
 Bozé U. Lawrence Attorney (713)520-0260 
 Brackett Charlie Attorney (713)237-3106 
 Brackman Robert S Pc Attorney (713)877-1110 
 Braden Brett E Attorney (713)758-4478 
 Bradie Peter R Attorney Residence (281)443-2580 
 Bradley James E Attorney At Law (713)974-4800 
 Bradley Marcus C (713)646-1364 
 Bradshaw Miles Attorney (713)960-6029 
 Bradshaw Richard Allen Attorney (713)622-8944 
 Bradshawhull Christopher Attorney (713)523-0818 
 Bradt L T Attorney (713)681-2696 
 Brady Amber S. Attorney (713)217-2814 
 Brady B Allen Attorney (713)869-3900 
 Brady James Patrick Attorney (281)484-9300 
 Bragg Melanie D Attorney (713)680-9507 
 Bragg Melanie D Attorney Fax (713)680-9508 
 Bragg Melanie D Attorney Mediator (713)993-0300 
 Braham Denis C Attorney (713)650-2743 
 Bramlett John B Jr Attorney (713)643-7817 
 Branch Law Firm (713)224-1500 
 Branch Law Firm (800)243-3545 
 Branch Victor F Attorney (713)227-3121 
 Branda Jacqueline I Attorney (713)626-3270 
 Brandt Thomas J Attorney (713)754-6207 
 Braniff Attorneys And Counselors (713)664-0603 
 Brann Richard R Attorney (713)229-1563 
 Brann Richard R Attorney (713)464-9301 
 Brantley Phillip And Associates (713)270-4053 
 Braquet Sidney J Attorney (713)659-9090 
 Brashier Jeff Attorney (713)650-2755 
 Brashier Thomas O Attorney (713)227-7273 
 Brass Rick Attorney (713)236-1000 
 Bratton Lynette D Attorney (713)529-7058 
 Brauer Kenneth W Attorney (713)840-8070 
 Braun Calvin Attorney (713)880-3366 
 Bray James C (713)960-9952 
 Bray L. Steve (p.c.) Attorney (281)531-9977 
 Brazil K Scott (281)580-6310 
 Brazil K Scott Attorney Office (281)580-5636 
 Brazzil J Mark Attorney (713)758-2046 
 Breitbeil Kenneth R. Attorney (713)590-9300 
 Breland Patton H Jr Attorney (713)526-0541 
 Brem Michael Attorney (713)229-1841 
 Brem Michael Attorney (713)520-5496 
 Brem Michael Attorney (713)592-5803 
 Brem Michael L. Attorney (713)221-2500 
 Bremer Lance Attorney (713)651-3661 
 Bremond Carolanda Attorney (713)651-5667 
 Brenan Wilma Law Office Of (713)773-1614 
 Brenda D. Keen P.c. (713)972-1320 
 Brennan Johnson Law Firm (713)522-1211 
 Brent Ryan K. Attorney (713)425-7200 
 Brentin John O And Associates (713)627-3320 
 Brentin John O Attorney (713)226-6663 
 Brenton Ruth A. Attorney (713)222-4036 
 Bresenhan Maurice L. Jr. Attorney (713)965-9969 
 Bresson Michael P Attorney Office (713)229-1199 
 Breston David A. Attorney (713)224-4040 
 Brewer And Pritchard A Professional Corporation (713)209-2950 
 Brewer Michelle Attorney (281)464-7999 
 Brian Alan Attorney (713)425-4949 
 Brian H. Tew P.c. (713)532-0043 
 Brian J Fischer Attorney (713)641-1351 
 Brian S. Carr P.c. (713)521-4422 
 Brian W. Wice (713)524-9922 
 Brick John L Attorney (713)654-7878 
 Bricks Maury A Attorney (713)547-2083 
 Bridges David M. Attorney (713)655-0022 
 Bridgwater Roger Attorney (713)224-4233 
 Briggs Julie Ermis Attorney (713)758-3378 
 Briggs Russell S. Attorney (713)751-0025 
 Brigham Private Investigators And Security Officers (713)271-3646 
 Bright James M (281)586-8277 
 Brill And Associate Pc (713)863-0579 
 Brill And Johnson (713)629-1234 
 Brill David Attorney (713)626-7272 
 Brill James E Attorney (713)523-1500 
 Brill James E Attorney Residence (713)523-1210 
 Brim Randall L. Attorney (713)532-6200 
 Brininger Limited (713)659-3737 
 Brink And Associates Attorney At Law (713)721-8501 
 Brinkley P. Dean Attorney (281)820-3111 
 Brinson Bridget Rienstra Attorney (713)772-6400 
 Brisch Allen Attorney (713)229-2128 
 Briscoe Annie Attorney (713)270-8732 
 Briscoe W. Montgomery Attorney (713)659-5100 
 Brisenio Gloria Attorney (713)880-0220 
 Bristow Daryl Attorney (713)229-1400 
 British American Business Counsel (281)752-7260 
 Britt Marjorie Payne Attorney (713)666-0807 
 Brittain David Jr Attorney (713)652-4771 
 Britton Raymond L Attorney (713)780-4355 
 Brochstein Fran Attorney (713)668-9606 
 Brochstein Fran Attorney (713)668-9611 
 Brodsky Donald W Attorney (713)951-3341 
 Brodsky Donald W Attorney Residence (713)668-7113 
 Brody Dan Attorney (713)229-5090 
 Broemer And Associates Llc (713)439-0033 
 Brokaw Judith And Associates Pc (713)780-1355 
 Bromberg James S. Attorney (713)961-7952 
 Bromley William R Attorney (713)952-0491 
 Bromley William R Attorney (713)977-8899 
 Bronx Bar On Main (713)227-5500 
 Broocks Ben (713)752-4274 
 Broocks Linda Attorney (713)844-3000 
 Broocks Linda Attorney (713)844-3002 
 Brooks Hunn Pc (713)963-9779 
 Brooks James M Attorney (713)526-9575 
 Brooks Lott J Iii Attorney (713)223-0301 
 Brooks Mark W Attorney Childrens Line (713)592-6977 
 Brooks Mark W Attorney Residence (713)660-8344 
 Brooks Richard A Attorney (713)229-1902 
 Brooks Richard A Attorney Residence (713)661-0603 
 Brother Brian E Attorney (713)961-3111 
 Brought Andrew Attorney (713)229-1254 
 Broughton Kenneth E Attorney (713)547-2021 
 Broussard C J Attorney (713)432-0921 
 Broussard Collis A Jr Attorney (713)688-2300 
 Broussard Jennifer A Pc (713)840-9017 
 Broussard Stanley B. Attorney (713)229-0800 
 Brown Alex Attorney (713)951-5853 
 Brown Alexis C Attorney (713)758-4750 
 Brown And Hixon (713)661-2541 
 Brown Barry A Attorney At Law (713)981-3880 
 Brown Bryan K Attorney (713)226-6691 
 Brown Charles Attorney (713)222-0733 
 Brown Charles Attorney (713)651-8380 
 Brown Clint (713)237-0370 
 Brown David Attorney (713)961-2808 
 Brown David H Attorney (713)758-2098 
 Brown Dennis L Attorney (713)623-8999 
 Brown Doak D. Attorney (713)621-6721 
 Brown Erin Attorney (713)653-8672 
 Brown Fowler And Alsup (713)468-0400 
 Brown Grady Attorney (713)861-1288 
 Brown Harvey G Attorney (713)572-4322 
 Brown Harvey G. Attorney (713)572-4321 
 Brown Ian Attorney (713)229-1958 
 Brown Jared Attorney (713)229-1960 
 Brown Jeffrey V Attorney (713)229-1145 
 Brown Jeffrey V Attorney Residence (713)661-8966 
 Brown Jim Attorney (281)469-5852 
 Brown Kimberly W. Attorney (713)333-3070 
 Brown Margaret Attorney (713)229-1987 
 Brown Raymond R Attorney (713)522-5533 
 Brown Raymond R Attorney Residence (713)526-7703 
 Brown Reagan Mark Attorney (713)651-5469 
 Brown Ricard E Attorney (713)977-8178 
 Brown Robert D Attorney (713)871-1165 
 Brown Scott Attorney (713)758-1105 
 Brown Timothy R Attorney (713)951-5822 
 Brown Warren C Attorney (713)228-8989 
 Browne Richard S Attorney (281)488-8199 
 Browning Duke Nguyen Attorney (713)334-4993 
 Browning Kent Attorneys At Law (713)974-8874 
 Brownschdel Elton L Attorney (713)622-6223 
 Bruce A. Rokohl (281)999-7077 
 Bruce S. Kessler (713)236-7742 
 Bruckner Burch Pllc (713)877-8788 
 Brudner R M And Associates (713)526-2260 
 Brudner Russ M. Attorney (713)255-7400 
 Bruman And Associates P C (281)583-0051 
 Bruman And Associates P C (281)583-0055 
 Brunger Melinda H Attorney (713)220-4305 
 Brupacher Allyson Attorney (713)228-1515 
 Brusniak Mccool And Blackwell Pc (713)861-9460 
 Brust H. P. Phil Jr. Attorney (281)488-8440 
 Bruzzese And Associates (713)341-7565 
 Bryan Christina A Attorney (713)221-2322 
 Bryan Philip E Attorney (713)888-1812 
 Bryant And Associates Llc (713)667-0099 
 Bryant Philip Attorney At Law (713)888-1818 
 Bryant Randolph Attorney (713)220-4463 
 Bryant Steve A And Assc (713)526-7474 
 Bryant W Joel Attorney (713)227-7377 
 Buchanan Kathleen Attorney (713)613-5400 
 Buchman Mitchell J. Attorney (713)655-0200 
 Buck E. Rhett Attorney (713)868-9447 
 Buck John H. Attorney (713)225-4500 
 Buckley Jennifer Attorney (713)951-9400 
 Buckley Mathews White And Howell Llp (713)789-7700 
 Buckley Vincent H Attorney (713)223-1265 
 Buckner Alan Attorney (713)229-1155 
 Buckner Alan Attorney (713)276-5004 
 Buechler Kelly Attorney (713)229-1383 
 Buenker Josef F The Law Office Of (713)868-3388 
 Buick David C Attorney (713)220-4301 
 Bukowski Sean C Attorney (713)758-4860 
 Bullock R. Craig Attorney (713)659-5200 
 Bundren R. Brandon Attorney (713)217-2842 
 Bunk Sean O Attorney (713)220-4427 
 Burbach Edward D Attorney (713)951-5616 
 Burch Gregory F Attorney (713)226-1183 
 Burch Kenneth W Attorney (713)453-6339 
 Burch Thomas W. Iii Attorney (713)626-0126 
 Burchett Lynda Attorney (713)227-4501 
 Burck Lapidus And Lanza Pc (713)400-6005 
 Burd And Associates (713)961-7777 
 Burdette Rebecca P Attorney (713)625-9232 
 Burdette William J Attorney (713)547-2082 
 Burdzinski Edward M (713)529-2020 
 Burg Michael S. Attorney (713)627-8885 
 Burger Clifford W Attorney At Law (713)868-4349 
 Burger Donald Attorney (713)880-2000 
 Burger G Crist Attorney (713)783-4120 
 Burger John Attorney (713)831-6878 
 Burgert David L Attorney (713)226-6668 
 Burgess Richard F Jr Attorney At Law (281)550-1061 
 Burgess Tim L. Attorney (713)467-8869 
 Burgower And Rainwater Llp (713)529-3982 
 Burk Jeffrey S Attorney (713)226-6632 
 Burke Anne Plati Attorney (713)754-6253 
 Burke Ed T And Associates (281)870-0090 
 Burke Edward T And Associates (281)493-0044 
 Burke Frank B Attorney (713)339-3000 
 Burke Lynda F Attorney (281)955-2408 
 Burke Michael K Attorney (713)780-4135 
 Burke Stacey Erin Attorney (713)524-3500 
 Burket Christina Attorney (713)735-8545 
 Burkholder Henry L Iii Attorney (713)224-6719 
 Burks Gray Attorney (713)932-6531 
 Burleigh Elizabeth F Attorney (713)334-0499 
 Burleigh Jack F Attorney At Law (713)651-3010 
 Burleigh Jack F. Attorney (713)571-1146 
 Burnett Donna S Attorney (713)226-1206 
 Burnett Riley L Jr Attorney (713)626-9336 
 Burney And Associates Pllc (713)523-6888 
 Burney And Foreman (713)526-6404 
 Burns David A. Attorney (713)445-1500 
 Burns David Attorney (713)445-1540 
 Burns Hayden Attorney (713)651-1559 
 Burns Hayden Attorney Residence (713)529-9358 
 Burns Kenneth H Attorney (713)659-2300 
 Burrows Lee F Attorney (713)695-9995 
 Burshtyn Laurence I Attorney (713)783-3272 
 Burt Al Attorney (713)271-2777 
 Burton Randy Attorney (713)222-6262 
 Burton Yvonne And Associates (713)224-1480 
 Busby Deborah T. Attorney (832)214-3900 
 Bush And Ramirez Pc (713)626-1555 
 Bush Earl L Attorney (713)520-8554 
 Bushman Browning (713)266-5593 
 Bushman Patricia F Pc (713)807-9405 
 Business International Corporation (713)780-2288 
 Business Oriented Solutions International Inc (281)873-2873 
 Buskirk And Associates P.c. (218)583-7553 
 Buskop Law Group (713)403-7412 
 Buss Brian Attorney (713)787-1565 
 Bussey O W Jr Attorney (713)334-8222 
 Bussian Robert A Arbotrator (713)278-7456 
 Bussian Robert A Attorney (713)963-9988 
 Buthod C Tynan Attorney (713)229-1912 
 Buthod C Tynan Attorney Residence (713)723-6013 
 Butler And Harris (713)526-5677 
 Butler Howard B Jr Attorney (713)785-8609 
 Butler James R Attorney (713)236-8744 
 Butler John (713)980-0500 
 Butler Mediation Services (713)572-2600 
 Butner Carol S Attorney (713)651-5530 
 Bux William John Attorney (713)226-1275 
 Buxbaum Steven A. Attorney (713)547-2041 
 Buzdar Sarah A. Attorney (713)599-1700 
 Bxi Houston (713)877-0800 
 Byerly James A. Attorney (713)877-8200 
 Byman Allison B Attorney (713)951-5899 
 Bynum Gordon Attorney (713)529-3476 
 Byrd Christopher W Attorney (713)758-2492 
 Byrd Christopher W Attorney Residence (713)661-1720 
 Byrd James H Attorney (713)626-0200 
 Byrd Kathryn M Attorney (713)650-2659 
 Byrd Veta J Attorney (713)758-4577 
 C And D Sims Notary And Title Service (713)682-7467 
 C Scott Stevens Attorney At Law (281)448-2410 
 Caballero Law Office Houston (713)468-1111 
 Cabaniss John T Attorney (713)220-4454 
 Cabrera Juan E Attorney (713)226-1328 
 Caddell And Chapman P.c. (713)751-0400 
 Caflisch George Attorney (713)751-0055 
 Cage Hill And Niehaus L.l.p. (713)789-0500 
 Cagle Stephen H Attorney (713)787-1448 
 Cahill Steven J Attorney At Law (713)840-7299 
 Cahilly Donald Attorney At Law (713)529-9374 
 Caiati Emanuel Attorney (713)984-7566 
 Caiati Emanuel J Attorney (281)890-7770 
 Caillet Darren Attorney (713)653-8607 
 Cain Buche And Lacroix Pc (713)623-8200 
 Cain Charles J Attorney (713)951-5844 
 Cain Dennis Attorney (713)222-9955 
 Cain Ian M Attorney (713)223-8600 
 Cain John C Attorney (713)787-1492 
 Cain Law Firm (281)623-8400 
 Calderon Barbara Attorney (713)520-7077 
 Caldwell And Clinton P.l.l.c. (713)654-3000 
 Caldwell Charles Frederick Attorney (713)758-4518 
 Caldwell Charles Frederick Attorney Residence (713)789-3756 
 Caldwell Law Firm (281)461-9595 
 Caldwell Rodney K Attorney (713)787-1441 
 Calehr And Associates (713)266-9299 
 Calhoun And Associates Pc (281)821-4075 
 Calhoun Pamela A Attorney (713)222-9606 
 Calhoun Pamela A Attorney (713)236-7793 
 Callahan Donald W Attorney (713)621-8840 
 Callahan Scott Law Offices Of (713)888-9000 
 Callahan Scott P Attorney Law Office (713)224-9000 
 Callaway And Associates (713)655-8700 
 Callender Heather G Attorney (713)758-4618 
 Callender Mark E Attorney (713)758-2544 
 Callier And Garza Attorneys (713)439-0248 
 Callier And Garza Attorneys (713)650-6334 
 Callison Richard H Attorney (713)226-1372 
 Calnan Cornelius J Attorney (713)932-9113 
 Calnan Cornelius J Attorney Residence (713)668-9550 
 Calvert Stephen Attorney (713)229-1324 
 Calvin D Parks (281)335-4990 
 Camberg Roy (281)486-6900 
 Cameron Cynthia Attorney (713)868-6051 
 Cameron Jeffrey Michael Attorney (713)758-3681 
 Cameron W Fred Attorney (713)651-5215 
 Cammack Christopher M Pc (713)960-1921 
 Campbell Carolyn M Attorney (713)651-0600 
 Campbell Clay Attorney (713)650-2668 
 Campbell George And Strong Llp (713)662-9083 
 Campbell Harrison And Dagley Llp (713)752-2332 
 Campbell K. Ray Attorney (713)652-4068 
 Campbell Marshall Attorney (713)752-0423 
 Campbell T Chuck Attorney (713)229-1224 
 Campbell Thomas A. Attorney (713)425-7300 
 Campbell Winfield M Attorney Residence (713)668-3689 
 Campero Adolfo Attorney (713)226-1428 
 Canales And Cantu Pc (713)223-4422 
 Canales Claudia Attorney (281)488-1918 
 Canales Sachie Attorney (713)862-1365 
 Canlas Richard Martin P Attorney At Law (281)444-7580 
 Cannon John G Attorney (713)650-2733 
 Cannon Joseph Attorney (713)960-0777 
 Cannon Paul H. Attorney (713)932-0777 
 Cano Rudy Attorney (713)650-3200 
 Canonero A. Brown Attorney (713)523-0001 
 Cantrell Don Attorney At Law (713)780-2871 
 Cantu And Mccormack Attorney (713)271-5955 
 Cantu Jose Jr Attorney (713)645-0303 
 Cantu Mary Jo Attorney (713)226-1339 
 Cantu Ramon M Attorney (713)758-2448 
 Cantu Ramon M Attorney Residence (713)668-1194 
 Cantu Rodolfo Attorney (713)928-9087 
 Capitol Services Inc (713)223-8414 
 Caplan Mark Attorney (713)862-3131 
 Cappel Rodney J. Attorney (713)752-0300 
 Capps David L (281)469-2204 
 Capstone Associated Services Limited (713)850-0550 
 Capstone Counsel (713)439-0700 
 Carabin And Shaw (800)213-4423 
 Carbajal Nicholas Attorney (281)272-1700 
 Card John P. Attorney (713)626-3700 
 Cardenas John C Atty (281)333-2884 
 Cargoport Transportation Ca (713)668-5100 
 Caridi Anthony D Attorney (281)440-1311 
 Carl Lee And Coselli P.c. (713)659-6494 
 Carl V Crow Pllc (713)650-3433 
 Carlos J Becerra Insurance Services (713)532-5677 
 Carlos R. Garcia (713)223-5870 
 Carlyle Ethan Attorney (713)425-7409 
 Carmichael Hhensarling (713)622-0956 
 Carmody James A. Attorney (713)333-2002 
 Carnahan Mike Attorney (713)228-9116 
 Carnes Ely Llp (713)921-7790 
 Carnes Thomas P Attorney (713)226-1349 
 Carodine Montre Denise Attorney (713)651-3611 
 Carothers J Scott Attorney (713)220-4162 
 Carp David A Attorney (713)781-7500 
 Carpenter David Attorney At Law (281)592-7711 
 Carpenter David G Do (713)739-0595 
 Carpenter David G Do Jd Law Office (281)540-6000 
 Carpenter Jacquelyn R. Attorney (713)227-2727 
 Carpenter Otha (713)227-2833 
 Carpenter Scott Attorney (713)528-3118 
 Carr Charles M. Iii Attorney (713)933-6700 
 Carr Edward A Attorney (713)758-2844 
 Carr Sybil Attorney (713)680-8435 
 Carrabba Law Office Of Frank (713)621-8363 
 Carrasco Leo A Attorney (713)649-5858 
 Carrell Richard N Attorney (713)651-5447 
 Carrigan Mccloskey And Roberson Llp (713)868-5581 
 Carrington Dale F Attorney (713)223-2440 
 Carrington M. C. Attorney (713)655-0222 
 Carroll Curtis And Associates (713)661-5878 
 Carroll J C Attorney (713)465-1026 
 Carroll James Attorney (713)652-4700 
 Carroll Lee Attorney (281)440-1162 
 Carroll Stephen K Attorney (713)651-5699 
 Carsey David Attorney (713)229-1170 
 Carson Phillip B Attorney (713)237-3185 
 Carstarphen Edward M. Attorney (713)647-6800 
 Carstens Susan A Attorney (713)529-2141 
 Carter Chelo Attorney (713)651-5619 
 Carter John L Attorney (713)758-2124 
 Carter John L Attorney Residence (713)627-1410 
 Carter Johnny W Attorney (713)653-7818 
 Carter Law Firm (713)227-0042 
 Carter Lynn P Attorney (713)651-3700 
 Carter Mark C Attorney At Law (713)425-4304 
 Carter Patricia Nellenbach Attorney (713)626-0208 
 Carter Rayford L Attorney (713)520-1887 
 Carter Winstol D Jr Attorney (713)651-5259 
 Cartwright Daniel S Attorney (713)840-0950 
 Caruthers Beverly R Attorney (713)526-9557 
 Carwile John (281)260-7000 
 Caryn L Cailleteau (281)335-7222 
 Casangrande Tom Attorney (713)787-1493 
 Casas And Diaz Attys At Law (713)224-9944 
 Casas Gregory J Attorney (713)226-1305 
 Caseilla Marco Attorney (713)650-2787 
 Casey Patricia L Attorney (713)547-2020 
 Cash Michael Attorney (713)650-2711 
 Cashion Chris L Attorney (713)758-3336 
 Caspasso William (713)928-6700 
 Casper Timothy J. Attorney (713)831-4800 
 Cass Earl B Attorney (713)944-4445 
 Cassidy Eric Attorney (713)844-3080 
 Cassidy Joanne Attorney (713)520-8787 
 Cassidy Joanne Attorney (713)974-1766 
 Cassidy Katrina Attorney (713)877-1881 
 Castero Alejandro Attorney (713)758-2330 
 Castillo J. C. Attorney (713)655-1515 
 Castillo Mark A Attorney (713)223-9111 
 Castillo Sylvia Attorney (713)465-7797 
 Catena Gino Attorney (713)651-5144 
 Cates Susan E. Attorney (713)226-6000 
 Catherine H. Del Valle (713)533-0010 
 Catlett And Associates (713)526-4420 
 Caton Sarah A Attorney (713)758-3658 
 Catron And Sewart P.c. (713)722-0281 
 Cattanach Robert A Attorney (713)529-1171 
 Caudill William H Attorney (713)651-5292 
 Caudill William H Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)523-7272 
 Caudill William H Attorney Residence (713)523-0539 
 Cavalier And Associates Pc (713)621-4720 
 Cavanaugh Stephen Dba Attorney (713)623-4900 
 Cavazos And Higgins Pllc (713)227-2393 
 Cavazos And Higgins Pllc (713)266-9949 
 Cavender Bob J Attorney (281)484-9999 
 Cay M. Hughes P.c. (713)759-6800 
 Cerf Lawrence Attorney At Law (713)520-5949 
 Cerks James A. Attorney (713)655-9111 
 Cersonsky James Attorney (713)336-2800 
 Cessac Christopher M. Attorney (713)651-1771 
 Chadha Jay M Attorney (713)651-3770 
 Chaffee Jay Allen Attorney (713)223-5730 
 Chamberlain Carole Ann Attorney (713)880-1797 
 Chamberlain Hrdlicka White Williams And Martin (713)425-8054 
 Chamberlin And Associates (281)580-2222 
 Chambliss Sue Attorney (713)529-8016 
 Champagne Amy Attorney (713)229-1464 
 Champion Larry Attorney (281)583-0280 
 Chan David Law Office (713)541-4920 
 Chandler George F. Iii Attorney (713)222-1515 
 Chandler Petrina Hill Attorney (713)758-3218 
 Chandler Petrina Hill Attorney Residence (713)961-9878 
 Chandler Rhonda R. Attorney (713)222-1476 
 Chandler Sherry Scott (713)942-9600 
 Chandler Sonya Attorney (713)877-2501 
 Chang David T Attorney (713)547-2292 
 Chang Peter Attorney (713)651-5369 
 Chanon Bernard L Attorney Residence (713)439-0888 
 Chapin David Attorney (713)526-2086 
 Chapman Lawrence B Attorney At Law Pc (713)522-2226 
 Chapman Victoria Attorney (713)651-5151 
 Chapoton John E. Jr. Attorney (713)255-5500 
 Charania Celina Attorney (713)229-1957 
 Charles A. Crocker (713)524-2181 
 Charles Brown Law Firm (281)452-9937 
 Charles Brown Law Firm (713)626-0165 
 Charles C. Guidry P.c. (281)890-4608 
 Charles C. Orsburn (713)522-9595 
 Charles E. Martin P.c. (713)834-1133 
 Charles Kingsbury Attorney At Law (713)571-1360 
 Charles R Anderson Attorney At Law (281)293-9311 
 Charles R. Sandel (281)759-0100 
 Charlton Janna Attorney (713)229-1368 
 Charnquist Steven Attorney (713)255-2880 
 Chase John S Jr Attorney (713)524-7203 
 Chassman Peter J Attorney (713)787-1623 
 Chaudoir E Patrick Attorney (713)621-0670 
 Chaumont Andres P Attorney (281)493-3999 
 Chaumont Andres P Attorney At Law (713)522-0303 
 Chavana Hector Antonio Attorney (713)236-9900 
 Chavarria And Partners Inc (713)781-6498 
 Chaves Kelly A Attorney (713)751-0222 
 Cheavens Joseph D Attorney (713)229-1250 
 Chen Meihua Attorney (713)229-4039 
 Chen Todd E. Attorney (713)951-5883 
 Cheng Eileen Attorney (713)229-4066 
 Chenkin Ira H Attorney (713)521-7757 
 Chenkin Ira H Attorney (713)626-7400 
 Chernosky Marvin E Attorney (713)622-7935 
 Cherry Doug Pc Attorney (281)326-4871 
 Chesney William S. Iii Attorney (713)224-9400 
 Chevalier Leroy And Associates (713)633-2077 
 Chi Title (281)999-0760 
 Chicago Title (713)699-4510 
 Chicago Title (713)863-1068 
 Chicago Title Company (281)530-4222 
 Chicago Title Insurance Company 1960 (281)444-9000 
 Chicago Title Insurance Company Builder Services (713)871-8074 
 Chicago Title Insurance Company Copperfield (281)550-4070 
 Chicago Title Insurance Company Tanglewood (713)266-2595 
 Chicago Title Westchase (832)251-6600 
 Chicago Titlefountainview (713)953-1997 
 Chichester Ronald L Attorney (713)229-1341 
 Childers Kristin P Law Office Of (713)645-7565 
 Childress S C Attorney (713)526-2133 
 Childs Michael C. Attorney (713)624-4100 
 Childs Samuel L. Sr. Attorney (713)661-9711 
 China Connection Co (713)541-6945 
 Chiu Richard Attorney (713)977-7988 
 Chiu Richard Attorney (713)977-9888 
 Choate William R Attorney (210)229-1322 
 Choate William R Attorney Residence (713)621-3915 
 Chorush Russell A Attorney (713)238-8056 
 Choudhary Ajay Attorney (713)850-0066 
 Choyce Philip Attorney (713)651-5503 
 Choyke Amy Brown Attorney (713)226-1274 
 Chris Branson Attorney At Law (713)957-8863 
 Chris Di Ferrante (713)868-1919 
 Chrisley Lauralyn R Attorney (713)758-4670 
 Christian Legal Counsel (281)873-7305 
 Christiansen T. Wade Attorney (281)994-4030 
 Christopher D. Wilsher (713)978-7500 
 Christopher Ronald J (281)829-6100 
 Christy Chris Attorney (713)668-0230 
 Chu Micheal Attorney (713)547-2246 
 Chukelu And Chidolue Pllc Attorneys (713)270-5533 
 Chunn Keith Jr Attorney (713)621-6616 
 Cialone Joseph A Ii Attorney (713)229-1261 
 Cialone Joseph A Ii Attorney Residence (713)524-5655 
 Ciano Pasta Attorney At Law (713)278-2212 
 Cindric David Thomas Attorney (713)758-3549 
 Cindric David Thomas Attorney Residence (713)649-6839 
 Cindy U Nguyen Attorney (281)983-9492 
 Ciotti Karan C Attorney (713)615-8534 
 Cire George E. (buck) Attorney (713)532-6206 
 Citek Scott T Attorney (713)228-2481 
 Citizen Law Firm (713)665-4977 
 Citizens Title Company (281)461-7660 
 Citti And Associates (281)461-6400 
 Clancy Nathalie M Attorney (713)547-2225 
 Clarissa Guajardo Shaw (713)426-5100 
 Clark Al R. Jr. Attorney (713)623-4844 
 Clark Benjamin G. Attorney (713)287-2000 
 Clark Bernard F Attorney (713)547-2077 
 Clark Betty Stoval Kit Attorney (713)627-7747 
 Clark Donna Schmerin Attorney (713)758-3477 
 Clark Elliot Attorney (713)650-2741 
 Clark Gregory E Attorney (713)723-2007 
 Clark John And Associates (713)225-1055 
 Clark Nicole E Attorney (713)758-3344 
 Clark Randall B. Attorney (713)627-7800 
 Clark Richard E Iii Attorney (713)652-5750 
 Clark Scott W Attorney (713)787-1602 
 Clark Shauna Attorney (713)651-5601 
 Clarke Douglas E Attorney (713)220-4474 
 Clarke H Lynne Attorney (281)480-5421 
 Clarke Kurt G Attorney (713)779-5500 
 Clarke Thomas And Associates Pc (713)263-9500 
 Clarkson And Rochna Attorneys At Law (713)520-5211 
 Clary Brian S Attorney (713)869-1171 
 Clawater Wayne Attorney (713)785-7778 
 Clay Atreus M Attorney (713)640-2936 
 Clay Yolanda Attorney (713)622-2529 
 Clayton Kenneth L Attorney (713)266-1866 
 Clearman Scott M. Attorney (713)223-2005 
 Clement Zack A Attorney (713)651-5434 
 Clements Jane Attorney (713)224-9811 
 Cletus P Ernster Iii Pc (713)821-9433 
 Clevenger George Pc (281)580-4501 
 Clifford A. Lawrence Jr. P.c. (713)682-9800 
 Climmons And Associates Pc (713)683-0500 
 Cline Cynthia J Attorney At Law (713)227-4400 
 Clinebell James E Attorney (713)960-1777 
 Clinton John William Jr Attorney (713)222-6683 
 Clore Lawrence H Attorney (713)651-5403 
 Clote Paul D Attorney At Law (713)659-2800 
 Clutterbuck John Attorney (713)220-4730 
 Coats Rose Yale Ryman And Lee (713)654-2116 
 Coats William M Attorney Residence (713)524-1556 
 Cobb Christi Attorney (713)652-4780 
 Cobb Jennifer (713)783-0303 
 Cobb Kelly D Attorney (713)625-9262 
 Cobb Richard Attorney At Law (713)682-8181 
 Cobb Susan F Attorney (713)546-2443 
 Cobb Tracey B. Attorney (713)229-1505 
 Cochran Barbara G. Attorney (713)225-2500 
 Cochran Fielding B Iii Attorney (713)758-2817 
 Cochran Fielding B Iii Attorney Residence (713)523-2891 
 Cochran Greg Attorney At Law (713)623-2480 
 Cocke Leslie P. Attorney (713)333-5500 
 Coddou And Coddou A Professional Corporation (713)993-0208 
 Codilis And Stawiarski (281)925-5200 
 Cody Sean Attorney (832)451-4175 
 Coe Laura Attorney (713)754-6208 
 Cogburn Edmund L Attorney (713)650-2710 
 Cogburn Jana Banahan Attorney (713)651-3751 
 Cohen Alan Attorney (713)623-4828 
 Cohen And Raymond Attorneys At Law L C (713)981-4100 
 Cohen And Small (713)961-5274 
 Cohen Brian D Attorney (713)863-8700 
 Cohen Dorene Batagower Attorney (713)758-1174 
 Cohen Eboni S Attorney (713)547-2018 
 Cohen Gorman And Putnam Llp (713)224-0628 
 Cohen Jim Attorney (713)229-1549 
 Cohen Joseph D Attorney (713)758-2108 
 Cohen Phyllis J Attorney (713)226-6644 
 Cohen Ronald Attorney Residence (713)784-7690 
 Cohn Arnold S Attorney (713)995-8888 
 Cohoon J Patrick Attorney (713)650-2607 
 Cohorn Cheryl Attorney (713)522-2891 
 Colbert Judith A. Attorney (713)652-0800 
 Cole Brad Attorney (713)754-6209 
 Cole Michael A Attorney (713)880-3800 
 Cole Michael A Attorney (713)880-3804 
 Cole Rebecca J Attorney (713)651-8286 
 Cole Richard Iii Attorney (713)224-0992 
 Coleman Bryan D Attorney (713)863-9966 
 Coleman F J (hank) Jr Attorney (713)758-2754 
 Coleman Harlan Attorney (713)227-8001 
 Coleman Herbert J Attorney (713)526-6151 
 Coleman Herbert J Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)946-8435 
 Coleman Herbert J Attorney Residence (713)946-1474 
 Coleman Susan Attorney (713)778-9696 
 Coleman Tom Attorney (713)225-6900 
 Collie Key Attorney (713)222-0902 
 Collins Christopher S Attorney (713)758-4436 
 Collins Marie E. Attorney (713)230-0496 
 Collins Mark B Attorney (713)626-0215 
 Collins Michael J Attorney (713)758-4488 
 Collins Michael J Attorney (713)787-1466 
 Collins Robert J Attorney (713)220-3870 
 Collins Samuel B Attorney (713)526-5265 
 Collins Terry G Attorney (713)869-1105 
 Collins Todd C Attorney (713)237-3108 
 Collins William J. Iii Attorney (713)425-7423 
 Colon Edgar Law Firm (713)520-1064 
 Colquitt Richard P Attorney (713)651-5611 
 Colton Richard I Attorney (713)682-2500 
 Colton Richard I Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)688-3396 
 Colton Richard I Attorney Residence (713)688-3395 
 Colvert Christopher Attorney (281)558-8725 
 Comeaux David J. Attorney (713)655-0855 
 Comment Allison R Attorney (713)220-4277 
 Commerce Land Title (713)925-3100 
 Commerce Land Title Inc (281)445-0888 
 Commerce Land Title Inc (713)532-6292 
 Commerce Land Title Inc (713)864-2492 
 Commonwealth Land Title Company Of Houston Fm 1960 (281)444-9660 
 Compere J. Bradley Attorney (713)626-1550 
 Conder Mortgage (713)973-8600 
 Condrey William V Attorney (713)266-4626 
 Cone Joe J Attorney (713)493-0310 
 Cone Joe J Attorney Office (713)222-6255 
 Conklin Adria W Attorney (713)758-4710 
 Conklin Kelly Attorney (713)615-8532 
 Conley Law Firm (713)868-4600 
 Conlon Michael W Attorney (713)651-5427 
 Connally John B Iv Attorney (713)758-3316 
 Connelly Kathryn Miller Attorney (713)520-5205 
 Conner And Lindamood P.c. (713)654-2112 
 Conner And Winters Llp (713)355-5711 
 Connolly John Charles Attorney (713)807-1800 
 Connolly William B Attorney (713)520-5757 
 Conrad F Walter Jr Attorney (713)229-1230 
 Conrad Willard P Attorney (713)777-4077 
 Conrnelius R P (713)237-8547 
 Construction Resolution Llc (713)961-3344 
 Consulates Of Houston Portugal Consulate (713)759-1188 
 Continental Cleaning (713)952-0965 
 Contreras Juan M Attorney (713)926-2366 
 Cook And Roach Llp (713)652-2800 
 Cook David Attorney (713)651-5482 
 Cook David Attorney (713)888-0200 
 Cook Grant Attorney (713)951-5804 
 Cook H. Fred Attorney (713)222-9000 
 Cook Julia A Attorney (713)735-8561 
 Cook Lola Attorney At Law (281)988-9415 
 Cook Lola J Attorney At Law (713)954-4802 
 Cook Loren R Pc (713)341-2740 
 Cook Nadim I Attorney (713)524-6606 
 Cook Ronald E Attorney (713)652-2031 
 Cook Steven Matthew Attorney (713)758-4530 
 Cooke Claude E Jr Attorney (713)229-1848 
 Coolidge John W Attorney (713)869-7755 
 Coon Brent And Associates (713)224-5949 
 Cooper Carol Ina Attorney (713)759-0900 
 Cooper Christine Attorney (713)984-7607 
 Cooper Gary Mcarthur Attorney (281)442-5958 
 Cooper Jeffery M Attorney (713)758-3603 
 Cooper Judith G. Attorney (713)622-7778 
 Cooper Robert O Attorney (713)222-2449 
 Cooper Sam Attorney (713)229-1834 
 Cooper Tamela K. Attorney (713)917-0200 
 Cooper William J Attorney (713)220-3992 
 Copeland Elizabeth Attorney (281)444-9464 
 Copeland J Gregory Attorney (713)229-1301 
 Copeland J Gregory Attorney Childrens Telephoe (713)961-4987 
 Copeland J Gregory Attorney Residence (713)993-9021 
 Copeland Michelle R Attorney (713)650-2714 
 Copeland Morgan Lee Jr Attorney (713)758-2661 
 Copeland Morgan Lee Jr Attorney Residence (713)520-6931 
 Coplen Bruce A. Attorney (713)785-5595 
 Corban David Wilks Attorney (713)651-5251 
 Cordell And Haley Llp (713)522-2488 
 Cordell Thomas D Attorney (713)547-2027 
 Cordon Maria Attry (713)528-2643 
 Coretguera Joseph Attorney (281)931-3100 
 Coretguera Joseph Attorney (713)663-6600 
 Coriell Wade Matthew Attorney (713)758-4778 
 Corken Heather M Attorney (713)651-8386 
 Corley Kenny Attorney (713)651-5856 
 Cormier Rufus Jr Attorney (713)229-1544 
 Corn Robert M. Attorney (713)229-0055 
 Cornelius William T Attorney (713)528-1005 
 Cornell James Attorney (713)547-2231 
 Cornett Paul Attorney (713)651-5373 
 Cororve Brian Attorney Residence (713)349-8311 
 Coroy Yolanda Attorney (713)807-9600 
 Corpening Lloyd M Attorney (713)425-7153 
 Corpening Lloyd M Attorney (713)973-1616 
 Corprew Kaye Cochran Attorney (713)840-7321 
 Corrigan Daniel Attorney (713)224-3222 
 Corrigan Daniel J Attorney (713)224-0022 
 Corrigan Robert F Jr Attorney (713)651-5183 
 Cortez Ray (713)228-4130 
 Coselli And Durham (713)520-0660 
 Coselli Paul J Attorney (281)531-7993 
 Coselli Peter C Attorney (713)963-9440 
 Coselli Richard Attorney (713)965-9007 
 Cosey Henri (713)651-1177 
 Cossum John S. Attorney (713)222-6134 
 Costea Peter Attorney At Law (713)840-6410 
 Coston R Richard Attorney (713)651-5553 
 Coston R Richard Attorney Residence (713)522-4571 
 Cotellesse David P. Attorney (713)650-6000 
 Cotham Harwell And Evans Pc (713)647-7511 
 Cotton Greg L Attorney At Law (713)921-3886 
 Couch Steve E. Attorney (713)595-6000 
 Coulson J Patrick Attorney At Law (713)944-3811 
 Coulson Mike Attorney (713)840-0914 
 Coulter Johanna S Attorney (713)220-3907 
 Countiss Kim Attorney (713)650-2759 
 Countiss Richard N Attorney (713)230-2202 
 Country Title (713)439-0603 
 Country Title (713)871-9318 
 Courthouse Specialists (713)683-0491 
 Courtney And Associates (713)706-4100 
 Courtney John P Attorney (713)220-4078 
 Courtney Scott Attorney At Law (713)229-9299 
 Courtois Mark J. Attorney (713)526-1801 
 Courville Carolyn P Attorney (713)653-7859 
 Courville Kenneth C Attorney (713)868-4357 
 Coveler And Katz Pc (713)984-8222 
 Covington Earl G Attorney (713)868-9099 
 Covington Earl G. Attorney (281)876-6000 
 Covington Vonda Attorney (713)225-0094 
 Cowan Candace L Attorney (713)520-0602 
 Cowan Robert W Attorney (713)226-6620 
 Cowen E James Attorney (713)226-6649 
 Cowgill And Holmes Pllc (713)956-0254 
 Cox David (713)624-7147 
 Cox James T Pc (713)722-7500 
 Cox James W Attorney (713)623-8722 
 Cox Jason A. Attorney (713)522-9220 
 Cox Jonathan H. Attorney (713)752-2300 
 Cox Leonard Attorney At Law (281)335-8999 
 Cox Mike Bail Bonds (713)222-7934 
 Cox Ray L. Jr. Attorney (713)862-7772 
 Cox Sean R (713)652-5717 
 Cox Ted A Pc (713)956-9400 
 Crabtree Michael Attorney (713)229-1462 
 Craft E Ross Attorney (713)526-0141 
 Craft George S Attorney (713)226-6667 
 Craft Mandie Leigh Attorney (713)659-1010 
 Craft Vicki Okelly Attorney At Law (713)789-8850 
 Craggs Dennis W Attorney (713)863-1199 
 Craig Michael A Attorney (713)627-8991 
 Crain Carter F Attorney (713)627-2202 
 Crain Robert M Attorney (713)629-9820 
 Cramer Michael W Attorney At Law (713)523-7117 
 Crane Franci Neeley Attorney (713)653-7805 
 Crapitto Louis Attorney (713)627-9696 
 Craven Christopher P. Attorney (713)222-1281 
 Cravey Chris Needham Attorney (713)758-2572 
 Crawford Beth Attorney (713)651-5571 
 Crawford Clay Attorney (713)223-3333 
 Crawford Clay E. Attorney (713)621-3707 
 Crawford Cynthia Attorney (713)229-1458 
 Crawford Cynthia Attorney Residence (713)468-3408 
 Crawford Elizabeth Attorney (713)615-8524 
 Crawford Jeff Attorney (713)861-6616 
 Crawford Stanley E Jr Attorney (713)339-4800 
 Crawford Stanley W. Attorney (713)869-1500 
 Crews Jeffrey (713)228-9188 
 Crider Matthew S Attorney (713)266-4433 
 Crivellari S Joyce Attorney (713)871-2076 
 Crivello Carlson Mentkowski S C (713)649-0219 
 Crofford Gary Attorney (713)914-8045 
 Croft And Associates Pc (281)461-3500 
 Croley Mark T Attorney At Law (713)225-1118 
 Crooker John H Jr Attorney (713)651-3614 
 Cross++jr Leslie Warren Attorney (713)681-6200 
 Crouch James A Attorney (713)864-7916 
 Crouch James A Attorney Residence (713)467-3066 
 Crow M Carter Attorney (713)651-5218 
 Crow Valorie Attorney (713)651-5400 
 Crowley David Attorney (713)721-2300 
 Crowley J Sidney Attorney At Law (713)225-5454 
 Crown Daryl B (713)975-6655 
 Crowson Jason P. Attorney (713)355-4200 
 Crozier Christina F. Attorney (713)547-2268 
 Cruden Irene K Attorney (713)650-2719 
 Cruthirds David Attorney At Law (713)726-0442 
 Cruver And Associates (713)621-6800 
 Cruz Robert (713)847-7760 
 Cryer Linda G (713)621-5957 
 Cuclis James L Attorney (713)758-3415 
 Cuclis James L Attorney Residence (713)528-1316 
 Cude Donna S. Attorney (713)961-3366 
 Culp And Little Attorneys At Law (713)599-1000 
 Culwell J Todd Attorney (713)220-4047 
 Cumming Audrey Attorney (713)651-8233 
 Cummings Allen D Attorney (713)547-2022 
 Cunningham David Attorney (713)225-0325 
 Cunningham Lloyd R Attorney (713)686-6315 
 Cunningham Richard D. Attorney (713)960-9411 
 Cunningham Scott D. Attorney (713)273-8950 
 Cupples And Chapman Llp (281)218-8888 
 Currier And Martin (281)890-7090 
 Curry Alton F Attorney (713)651-5275 
 Curry Alton F Attorney Residence (713)627-2388 
 Curry Carlton E Attorney Residence (713)723-9040 
 Curry Joyce K Msw (713)662-9903 
 Curry M L Attorney (713)222-2400 
 Curtis Malletprevost Colt And Mosie (713)759-9555 
 Curtis Rosalind Attorney At Law (713)944-6337 
 Cusic Dessiray Attorney (713)650-1866 
 Cutrer And Jefferson Attorneys At Law (713)626-7800 
 Cutrona Anthony K Pc (713)781-7007 
 Cweren Brian P Attorney At Law (713)622-2111 
 Cynthia Henley (713)222-1220 
 Cyr John Attorney (713)651-3794 
 D L Mcclure Attorney (713)626-0303 
 Dabney And Pappas (713)621-2678 
 Daboval And Obrien Attorneys And Counselors At Law (713)973-3900 
 Dack Christopher E Attorney (713)651-5197 
 Dack Christopher E H Attorney Residence (713)664-7445 
 Dacso Sheryl T Attorney (713)524-8834 
 Dadinis Peter Attorney (713)675-5555 
 Daehn Jennifer C Attorney (713)758-4752 
 Daffin Maynard S (713)738-3841 
 Dailey Frederick J (281)493-3333 
 Dale Alan S Attorney Residence (713)621-2716 
 Dale Jay W Attorney Cpa (713)523-7787 
 Dallison Julie Mcdaniel Attorney (281)280-8452 
 Daly Dan Attorney (713)525-6215 
 Dampier Law Firm (281)876-3111 
 Dan B. Gerson (713)227-5125 
 Dan Martinez And Associates L.c. (713)623-6350 
 Dana G. Kirk (713)651-0050 
 Dana George W Attorney (281)484-7500 
 Dang And Nguyen Attorney At Law (713)529-1777 
 Dang And Nguyen Attorney At Law (832)286-0481 
 Daniel Bill Attorney At Law (713)223-2543 
 Daniel Christina Lidot Attorney (713)680-1624 
 Daniel W. Woods P.c. (713)942-7141 
 Daniels And Associates (713)995-4681 
 Daniels And Associates (713)995-4685 
 Daniels Edmund Attorney (713)229-1219 
 Daniels Edmund Attorney Residence (713)592-8483 
 Daniels Terry E Attorney (713)526-1275 
 Danny M Sheena (713)225-1560 
 Dansby Ernestine Walker Attorney (713)874-1600 
 Danziger And De Llano Attorneys At Law (713)222-9998 
 Danziger Paul Attorney (713)222-6777 
 Danziger Paul Attorney (713)222-9997 
 Dao Ha Kim Attorney (713)226-6630 
 Darby Roland B Attorney (281)558-1300 
 Darden Mike Attorney (713)229-1559 
 Darryl W. Malone (713)224-6500 
 Das Micky N Attorney (713)739-1900 
 Dasher Gregg Attorney (713)961-3701 
 Data Display Audio Visual (713)688-7900 
 Daughtry Alan Attorney (713)758-2407 
 Daughtry And Jordan Pc (281)480-6888 
 Davenport Kirsten A. Attorney (713)236-6800 
 Davenport Raven Attorney (281)586-2208 
 Davey J E Attorney (713)228-0906 
 David Danny Attorney (713)229-4055 
 David Gerger And Associates (713)224-4400 
 David Katharine D. Attorney (713)547-2069 
 David M Verbit Atorney At Law (713)270-8080 
 David M. Marks P.c. (713)942-9922 
 David Mcewing (713)514-0137 
 David Michael Ryan And Associates (713)223-9898 
 David P Petersen Law Offices (713)779-8500 
 David S Sprecher And Associates P C (713)639-2600 
 David T. Lopez And Associates (713)523-3900 
 David W Gaughn (713)783-6334 
 David Wyborny And Associates (713)236-0991 
 Davidow Jennifer H Attorney (713)758-4604 
 Davidson Joe R Attorney (713)623-2700 
 Davidson Joshua Attorney (713)229-1527 
 Davidson Joshua Attorney Residence (713)660-7218 
 Davidson Sarahjane Sj Attorney (713)751-0800 
 Davila And Davila (713)868-8044 
 Davila Ernest Attorney (281)218-0777 
 Davila Law Firm (713)774-8811 
 Davis And Davis (713)781-5200 
 Davis And Opper Pc (713)468-6111 
 Davis And Selwyn (713)650-3850 
 Davis And Thomas (713)834-1102 
 Davis Barrett Attorney (713)951-5875 
 Davis Barry Attorney (713)951-5863 
 Davis Brandon Attorney (713)623-8100 
 Davis Brian E. Attorney (713)739-1100 
 Davis Chaun L Attorney (713)223-4565 
 Davis Clayton A. L. Attorney (281)272-0797 
 Davis Dedra Attorney (713)981-3861 
 Davis Edward A Iii Attorney (713)461-3662 
 Davis Edward A Iii Dgn Attorney (713)463-7800 
 Davis Howell Attorney (713)524-9292 
 Davis James P. Attorney (713)270-4811 
 Davis James R Attorney (713)721-0500 
 Davis James R. Attorney (800)485-4646 
 Davis Jeffery J. Attorney (713)650-3600 
 Davis Jeffrey A Attorney (713)615-8501 
 Davis Jeffrey A Attorney Residence (713)984-8489 
 Davis Louis J Attorney (713)951-5817 
 Davis Mark J Attorney At Law (713)461-7800 
 Davis Mickey R. Attorney (713)341-6000 
 Davis Neal Attorney (713)223-5959 
 Davis Pamela Attorney At Law (713)522-8028 
 Davis Patricia M Attorney (713)621-2552 
 Davis Platt W Iii Attorney (713)758-2294 
 Davis Platt W Iii Attorney (713)932-8227 
 Davis Platt W Iii Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)932-0345 
 Davis Raymond D Attorney (713)831-6847 
 Davis Samantha Y Attorney (713)668-7885 
 Davis Stephen D Attorney (713)758-3862 
 Davis Tony Ma Attorney (713)229-1547 
 Dawson Carl R Attorney (713)960-1555 
 Dawson John C Jr Attorney (713)758-2382 
 Day Jonathan C C Attorney (713)758-4426 
 De Anda James Attorney (713)850-1212 
 De Foyd Jim (713)528-5581 
 De Genarro Michael Attorney (713)226-6625 
 De La Rosa Oscar Luis Attorney (713)758-3294 
 De Leef Peter Attorney (713)224-3400 
 De Nisco Gerald P And Associates (713)974-6181 
 Deal And Carroll Llp (281)970-2872 
 Dean And Ongert Pc (281)486-8125 
 Dean And Ongert Pc (409)765-8040 
 Dean G Pappas And Associates (832)200-4690 
 Dean Jennifer M Mba Jd (713)227-2017 
 Dean Pappas Attorney At Law (713)914-6200 
 Deane Sam Attorney (713)957-1800 
 Deans Gregory L Attorney (713)961-7999 
 Dearing Richard P Attorney (713)758-4658 
 Deason Sheila K Attorney At Law (713)586-8820 
 Deaver Albert B Attorney (713)787-1620 
 Deayala E F Mano Attorney (713)951-5827 
 Deborde Nicole Attorney (713)526-6300 
 Deborde Nicole Attorney (713)880-0444 
 Debra Bourn Norris (713)858-0359 
 Decker Constance G Attorney (713)961-7800 
 Dedrick Jay Attorney (281)537-9199 
 Deery Edward G Attorney (713)651-3752 
 Deeryamerican Title Company Inc (713)222-0504 
 Dees J. Gordon Attorney (713)621-2070 
 Dees Robert Attorney (713)632-1720 
 Deffebach Matthew Thomas Attorney (713)547-2064 
 Degeeter John Patrick Attorney (713)758-2908 
 Degraffenried Fleming T Iii Attorney (713)785-7571 
 Degrasse And Rolnick (713)840-9111 
 Deguerin And Dickson Attorneys (713)522-5959 
 Deguerin Dickson (713)523-5959 
 Deis John Attorney (713)547-9152 
 Del Pozo Ephraim Attorney (713)226-6660 
 Del Valle Law Firm (713)402-6195 
 Del Vecchio Peter Attorney (713)276-5968 
 Delaney Michael P. Attorney (713)222-2767 
 Delaughter Cynthia Attorney (713)651-3744 
 Delay Randolph L Attorney At Law (713)780-4090 
 Deleon Arturo D Jr (713)529-2717 
 Deleon Fernando Attorney (713)651-5504 
 Deleon Lara Cardin Attorney (713)655-5771 
 Deleon Luis Attorney (713)921-4677 
 Deleon Maria G Attorney At Law (713)222-0356 
 Delflache Marc Attorney (713)651-5278 
 Delgado Acosta Braden Jones And Hayes (713)984-9997 
 Delgado Law Firm (713)921-2333 
 Demary Thomas Attorney (713)759-1600 
 Dement James A Jr Attorney (713)229-1816 
 Demeo Cristopher D Attorney (713)951-1089 
 Demoss Donald Attorney (281)920-0008 
 Demoss Donald Attorney (713)977-0008 
 Denham Kate Quigley Attorney (713)653-8627 
 Denison Bryan M Attorney (713)758-4612 
 Dennard Ryan L Attorney (713)226-1283 
 Denney Paula Attorney (713)951-5626 
 Dennis Ng And Associates (713)666-6744 
 Denny Otway B Jr Attorney (713)651-5588 
 Denson And Swain (713)957-8932 
 Dent Arthur L Iii Attorney (713)651-5486 
 Denum Craig R Attorney (281)556-6684 
 Denver Railway Car Company (281)874-2101 
 Depaul Attorney At Law (713)526-5000 
 Derose Dominic Attorney (281)861-9666 
 Derrington Evelyn Attorney (713)877-2540 
 Derrington Keith R Pc (713)977-0723 
 Desandro Jeffrey Attorney At Law (832)375-1888 
 Design Sam Adamo (713)520-8416 
 Desimone Donald Attorney (713)526-0900 
 Desloover Tonja Attorney (713)651-5339 
 Desrochers Gerard A Attorney (713)660-8077 
 Detamore Donna J. Attorney (713)572-3390 
 Detloff Janis Attorney (713)754-6228 
 Deverter Paul L Ii Attorney (713)651-3603 
 Deverter Paul L Ii Attorney Residence (713)464-9069 
 Devetski Timothy James Attorney (713)758-2975 
 Devetski Timothy James Attorney Residence (713)527-4456 
 Devine Patrick Attorney (832)251-2722 
 Devine Thomas J Attorney (713)467-7788 
 Devlin Gerard M Attorney (713)787-1569 
 Devlin Robert G. P.c. Attorney (713)622-8338 
 Dewberry Donald C Attorney (713)225-2033 
 Dewitt Robert A Attorney (713)754-6216 
 Dexel David Attorney At Law (713)527-9377 
 Dgn Attorney Yemane (713)592-8982 
 Di Fiore Andrew D Attorney (713)664-5108 
 Di Fiore Andrew D Attorney Residence (713)780-4986 
 Dial Lawyers Inc (630)529-9377 
 Diaz And Ramos Law Office (713)528-9949 
 Diaz Karrie Attorney (713)229-1498 
 Diaz Michael Attorney (713)651-5134 
 Diaz Porfirio F Attorney (713)681-5595 
 Diazarrastia George R. Attorney (713)228-3545 
 Dickens Raymond Jr Attorney (713)528-1030 
 Dickerson Catherine A. Attorney (713)961-3730 
 Dickerson Paul Attorney (713)547-2235 
 Dickinson David B Attorney (713)652-2555 
 Dickinson Wheelock Pc (713)722-8118 
 Diddel A Glenn Iii Attorney (713)237-1000 
 Dieringer Law Firm (713)688-0801 
 Dietz Logan Attorney At Law (713)626-8171 
 Diferrante Chris Attorney (713)863-8400 
 Diggs Cheryl Harris Attorney (713)861-6333 
 Diggs Cynthia Thomson (713)802-1777 
 Diiorio Elena Faye Attorney (713)758-2936 
 Dijkman Christina Attorney (713)877-2556 
 Dike Okey Attorney (713)668-1248 
 Dilg Joseph C Attorney (713)758-2062 
 Dilg Joseph C Attorney Residence (713)622-6405 
 Dillard Stephen C Attorney (713)651-5507 
 Dillon C Brien Attorney (713)229-1334 
 Dillon C Brien Attorney Residence (713)977-8488 
 Dillon Douglas J Attorney (713)220-4274 
 Dimiceli Louis J Attorney (713)877-1024 
 Dimlich Stephen H Jr Attorney (713)655-5754 
 Dinah Mueller Attorney At Law (281)333-3344 
 Dinesh H Singhal Attorney At Law (713)222-8500 
 Dinesh H Singhal Attorney At Law (713)222-8508 
 Dinkins Carol E Attorney (713)758-2528 
 Director Independent Associate Prepaid Legal Services Inc. (713)645-3191 
 Disher David Alan Attorney (713)355-1191 
 Dishman Neighbors Whitney Attorney (713)355-8900 
 Dishongh Randy Pc (713)932-9988 
 Dixon Chappell E Attorney (281)550-4728 
 Dixon E Scott Attorney (713)547-2260 
 Dixon John Arthur Attorney (713)349-8387 
 Djambov Ivo Attorney (713)547-2079 
 Dmc (713)552-9520 
 Dobbins Terri J Attorney (713)226-1409 
 Dobbs Michael (713)980-1727 
 Dockery Harva Ruth Attorney (713)651-5196 
 Dodson Anthony J Attorney (713)871-3118 
 Doebbler Ted Attorney (713)222-7400 
 Doherty Casey W. Attorney (713)572-1000 
 Doherty Long Wagner Llp (281)583-7755 
 Dolan Harry A Attorney At Law (713)465-3637 
 Dole Linda I Attorney (713)220-4122 
 Dollinger Scott G (281)488-4600 
 Dominguez Ben Ii Attorney (713)224-7333 
 Dominion E And P (281)874-0068 
 Domning Bryan A. Attorney (713)623-2550 
 Domnitz Ira Phillip Attorney (713)402-3900 
 Donaho Stephanie Elbers Attorney (713)226-1381 
 Donaldson Dwight Attorney (713)465-8790 
 Donato Randy Attorney (713)871-1127 
 Donnell James F Attorney (713)220-4004 
 Donnenberg Gislar Attorney (713)220-4322 
 Donovan Daniel E Attorney (713)621-8665 
 Donovan John W Attorney (713)932-7175 
 Dopkin David Attorney (713)225-1817 
 Dore And Associates (281)829-1555 
 Dorman John Wesley Attorney (713)220-4325 
 Dorman Michael J Attorney (713)226-1312 
 Dorr Limited Limited (713)957-4413 
 Dorrell Jeffrey Attorney (713)807-1188 
 Dorsa John Attorney (713)840-1429 
 Dorsett Jeremy Attorney (713)229-1630 
 Dorsey Clarence Attorney At Law (713)297-8843 
 Dorshaw Stephen A Attorney (713)627-0700 
 Dossett Kevin Troy Attorney (713)425-7424 
 Dotson Darrell Attorney (713)787-1524 
 Dotson Wayne G Attorney Residence (713)780-7229 
 Dotsonolajuwon Nichole Attorney (713)653-8632 
 Doublesin Martin F Attorney (713)651-5128 
 Doucette Brenda Attorney (713)774-0303 
 Dougherty And Dougherty (713)521-9551 
 Dougherty James L Attorney (713)880-8808 
 Douglas Jack W Attorney (713)868-9153 
 Douglas Larry Attorney (713)981-3820 
 Douglas R. Little (713)229-9922 
 Douglass Susan G Attorney (713)751-0077 
 Dow David R Attorney (713)221-2318 
 Dow Melvin A Attorney (713)650-2724 
 Dow Sanford Attorney Residence (713)522-9599 
 Dowell Jane Attorney (713)651-5414 
 Dowler Michael S Attorney (713)787-1619 
 Downes Ruth B. Attorney (832)214-9900 
 Downey Christopher J (713)651-0400 
 Downs Hollie Attorney (713)651-5188 
 Downtown Spine And Rehabilitation Center (713)652-0101 
 Doyle James W Attorney (713)650-2718 
 Dozark Patrick (713)626-5265 
 Dr Crismon And Associates (713)472-2601 
 Dr Felix Obiefule And Associates (713)784-1030 
 Drake Rusty Attorney At Law (281)218-0008 
 Draper Tony L. Attorney (713)654-8001 
 Drapkin Andrew L Attorney (713)222-1501 
 Drechsel Katy Anne Attorney (713)758-3382 
 Dressler Brett E. Attorney (713)864-1888 
 Drexler Dana V Perry (713)658-8900 
 Dreyer Kirk D Attorney (713)651-5577 
 Driscoll Arlen M Attorney (713)951-9798 
 Driscoll Arlen M Attorney Residence (713)664-5646 
 Driscoll Arlen M. Attorney (713)951-9000 
 Driscoll Victor A Attorney At Law (713)869-4111 
 Driscoll Victor A Jr Attorney At Law (713)862-3213 
 Driskell Cynthia F Attorney (281)397-8222 
 Droog Daniel Attorney (713)229-1971 
 Drumheller Andy Attorney (713)652-9031 
 Drumheller Anthony D. Attorney (713)652-9000 
 Drushel William H Jr Attorney (713)758-2802 
 Dry Tracey L. Attorney (713)658-6200 
 Duane Morris Llp (713)552-9900 
 Duarte Rudy Attorney (713)650-1240 
 Dube Patricia Kay Attorney (713)225-2297 
 Duble Steven M. Attorney (713)752-8340 
 Dubose Robert B Attorney (713)652-2939 
 Duckers Sarah A. Attorney (713)961-5095 
 Duckworth And Ray Llp (281)355-8833 
 Dudensing Carl Attorney (713)228-0753 
 Duffey Gregg Attorney (713)787-1478 
 Dugan Pat Attorney (713)658-1142 
 Dugger And Associates (281)497-1770 
 Dugger Gary W Attys Childrens Telephone (281)496-3668 
 Dugger Gary W Attys Residence (281)496-5077 
 Duke Charles D Attorney (713)932-7776 
 Dunagan Kevin Scott Attorney (713)655-9090 
 Duncan Benjamin R Attorney (713)522-5171 
 Dunham Bruce E Attorney (713)864-8181 
 Dunlop Fred Attorney (713)229-1273 
 Dunn Abe Attorney At Law (713)622-3866 
 Dunn Charles R. (bob) Attorney (713)425-7403 
 Dunn Dennis C Attorney (713)758-3478 
 Dunn James A. Attorney (713)403-7400 
 Dunn Kacal Adam Pappas Law (713)877-0707 
 Dunn Samuel E Law Offices Of (713)787-4380 
 Dunn Troy Attorney (281)448-3377 
 Dunwoody Grant Attorney (713)784-2111 
 Duong The Law Office Of John (713)525-5100 
 Duong Wendy N Attorney (713)226-1140 
 Duplechain Paul R Attorney (713)228-4600 
 Dupont Thomas B (713)682-1800 
 Duran Robert Attorney (713)651-3757 
 Durant Benjamin Attorney (713)529-3803 
 Durbin Robert R Attorney (713)599-0271 
 Durbin Robert R Attorney (713)956-2888 
 Duremdes Fulgencio Attorney (713)789-9501 
 Durham Douglas M. Attorney (713)223-0320 
 Durham Elizabeth Attorney (713)229-2104 
 Durham Shelly Whatley Attorney (713)552-1234 
 Durkee Bill Attorney (713)787-1444 
 Durrett J Brantley Iii Attorney (713)623-6881 
 Dushkin Jay H. Attorney (713)961-3600 
 Dutton Harold V Jr Attorney (713)659-5998 
 Dutton Uriel E Attorney (713)651-3712 
 Dvorak Yuliya A Attorney (713)758-4428 
 E And M Auto Title Services (281)933-3336 
 Eagle Benefit Consultants Inc (281)955-6611 
 Earl S Spielman And Associates Attorneys At Law L C (713)981-4200 
 Earle Chipman Attorney (713)229-2090 
 Earle William Attorney (713)951-5675 
 Early W. Alvin Attorney (713)266-2373 
 Earnest Jack E (713)781-9700 
 Easterling Danny K. Attorney (713)228-4441 
 Easterwood Paul Attorney (713)650-2774 
 Eastham Meyer And Vorpahl (713)627-9311 
 Eastland S Stacy Attorney (713)960-8530 
 Eastland S Stacy Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)960-8467 
 Easton John F Attorney (713)758-2158 
 Eberhart Allison V Attorney (713)758-4722 
 Ebert Alfred H Jr Attorney (713)220-4150 
 Echols Clinton J Attorney (713)227-9700 
 Eckamn David Attorney (713)831-6886 
 Eckert Charles M Attorney (281)440-0903 
 Eckhardt William R Attorney (713)781-2573 
 Eckhardt William R Attorney (713)977-8772 
 Eckman David W Attorney (713)661-2065 
 Ed Mattingly Your Personal Lawyer (713)621-1711 
 Eddings Michael C Attorney (281)260-0777 
 Edelman Richard H Attorney (713)216-3993 
 Edler Beth Attorney (713)425-7151 
 Edler Van Kerrebrook And Corpening Llp (713)425-7150 
 Edmonds John Joseph Attorney (713)758-4812 
 Edmondson Thomas E Attorney (713)772-4800 
 Edrington Laura G Attorney (713)226-1490 
 Edward D. Urquhart (713)426-3300 
 Edward J. Westmoreland P.c. (713)334-7011 
 Edwards Anne G. Attorney (713)339-3233 
 Edwards Cristy C Attorney (713)758-4632 
 Edwards David Attorney (713)877-2504 
 Edwards Doug H Attorney (713)547-2503 
 Edwards E. Ray Attorney (713)787-0003 
 Edwards Kenneth Attorney (713)651-5525 
 Edwards Kimberly G Attorney At Law (713)522-8064 
 Edwards O Brandt Attorney (713)650-1550 
 Edwards Sherilyn D Attorney (713)432-0019 
 Edwards Stephen E Attorney (713)787-1416 
 Edwards Susan Mccready Attorney (713)758-2186 
 Edwards Susan Mccready Attorney (713)860-6410 
 Edwards Susan Mccready Attorney Residence (713)528-6691 
 Edwards Teresa Attorney (713)278-6966 
 Egan Russell Attorney (713)984-7569 
 Ege Christopher Attorney (713)525-6244 
 Eggleston Erin Attorney (713)653-8657 
 Egwuatu Pat And Associates Law Offices (713)225-2220 
 Eheman Michael W Attorney (713)960-8088 
 Ehrlich Bud Attorney (713)650-2778 
 Eidman Jack E Jr Attorney (713)961-9070 
 Eidman K Greg Attorney (713)223-8800 
 Eikel Amy Attorney (713)229-6046 
 Eikenburg And Stiles Pc (713)652-2144 
 Eikenburg John J Jr Attorney (713)650-2631 
 Eiland Gary W Attorney (713)758-3474 
 Einharn Theresa A Attorney (713)547-2078 
 Eisele Matt Dunn Attorney (713)758-2183 
 Eisele Matt Dunn Attorney Residence (713)666-8130 
 Eisen David M Attorney (713)520-6478 
 Eisenbraun Mark W Attorney (713)650-2727 
 Eisenman Harold Attorney (713)840-7180 
 Ejiofor Samuel E Attorney At Law (713)782-5212 
 Ekoh And Associates (713)981-9400 
 Ekwem And Associates Law Firm P L L C (713)771-5550 
 El Pantano Title Service (281)931-5640 
 El Principe Title Service (713)699-2210 
 El Region Auto Title (713)861-3445 
 Elam Kindel Attorney (713)651-5311 
 Elam Law Firm (713)529-9379 
 Elder David P Attorney (713)229-1399 
 Eldorado Multi Service (713)278-0818 
 Eldorado Multi Services (713)662-2669 
 Eldridge John R Attorney (713)547-2229 
 Elesiotis Terry Attorney (713)651-5492 
 Elhakam Leila M Attorney (713)758-2943 
 Elias R Todd Attorney (713)668-9999 
 Elizabeth Janie Vann P.c. (713)520-5858 
 Elizabeth Phillips (713)789-4560 
 Elizalde Laura Attorney (713)864-9414 
 Elizalde Thelma Attorney (713)802-0060 
 Elizondo Candelario (713)655-8085 
 Elkin Jeffrey R Attorney (713)226-6617 
 Elliot Lucas T Attorney (713)651-5417 
 Elliott Helen G Attorney (713)869-3688 
 Elliott Paul R Attorney (713)664-5647 
 Elliott Paul R. Attorney (713)229-1226 
 Ellis Angela E Attorney At Law (713)868-4430 
 Ellis John D And Associates (713)654-7900 
 Ellison G Edward Attorney Residence (713)932-6064 
 Ellison G Edwards Attorney (713)932-6063 
 Ellison Kathleen R Attorney (713)651-3612 
 Ellison Marc Attorney (713)735-8503 
 Elliston Jay C. Attorney (713)218-0005 
 Ellwood Daniel L (713)403-7402 
 Elmore Benjamin F S Attorney (713)758-4634 
 Elmore Erin Friel Attorney (713)758-4636 
 Elmore Jerry L Attorney Residence (713)932-0124 
 Eloise A. Guzman And Associates (713)378-9900 
 Elsenbrock William J Attorney (713)831-6867 
 Elskes James Pc (713)247-9700 
 Elwood John F Attorney (713)247-9800 
 Ely John Attorney (713)226-1192 
 Elzerman Sandra Attorney (713)229-1805 
 Elzerman Sandra Attorney Residence (713)863-9234 
 Ember Richard H Attorney (713)546-2222 
 Emerson Firm Lawyer (281)488-8854 
 Emerson Poynter Llp (501)907-2555 
 Emmott Jack H. Iii Attorney (713)840-1300 
 End Disputes Inc. (713)355-6565 
 Endsley Russell W. Attorney (713)659-2727 
 Energy Security Counsel (713)871-1382 
 Eng Kenneth G Attorney (713)623-0611 
 Engel Barry Eric Attorney (713)758-2342 
 Engel Barry Eric Attorney Residence (713)660-8501 
 Engelhardt Steven Attorney (713)626-1616 
 Englehart And Greenwood Llp Attorney (713)333-3200 
 English Deborah D Attorney (713)226-1251 
 Engvall And Hlavinka Llp (713)787-6700 
 Entrust Retirement Planners (713)278-6977 
 Enwere And Associates (832)251-0303 
 Ep Design Group (281)591-1757 
 Epperson Woodrow Attorney (713)973-6303 
 Epps Ray Attorney (281)970-5421 
 Epstein Joe Attorney (713)650-2740 
 Epstein Jon David Attorney (713)758-3468 
 Eric S. Hagstette (713)652-9044 
 Erik R Sunde Attorney At Law (713)942-2039 
 Eriksen Clarence E And Associates Pc (713)572-3700 
 Erma J. Careybay (713)521-2137 
 Errington Colin E Attorney (713)877-1515 
 Ervin Amber Attorney (713)651-5175 
 Ervin Don (713)664-5686 
 Ervin Don Attorney (713)223-1622 
 Erwin K Gregory Attorney (713)650-2781 
 Escalante Caesar Attorney (713)236-8616 
 Escamilla And Poneck (713)426-1516 
 Esinc Attorney (713)759-6455 
 Esko Inc (713)464-5777 
 Eskridge Charles R Iii Attorney (713)653-7860 
 Esparza Leo R Attorney At Law (713)223-5511 
 Essig James E Attorney (713)238-3723 
 Esterak Debra M Attorney (713)960-6000 
 Estes Carl Ii Attorney (713)622-6012 
 Estes Stephen C. Attorney (713)463-5999 
 Ettinger Brian S Attorney (713)266-1112 
 Etzel Gregory Nolan Attorney (713)758-3485 
 Eubank J. Thomas Attorney (713)229-1688 
 Eubank Steve Attorney (713)652-4713 
 Eureste Arturo R Attorney (713)624-1010 
 Eutsler Robert W Attorney (713)464-6461 
 Evangelista Sadiyah A. Attorney (713)661-6000 
 Evans A H Attorney (713)686-3273 
 Evans And Co. (713)522-1400 
 Evans And Fair (713)523-7191 
 Evans Barry Attorney At Law (281)486-9733 
 Evans Christopher L. Attorney (713)308-0110 
 Evans Jim Attorney Residence (713)529-6439 
 Evans Larry L. Attorney (713)236-7781 
 Evans Linda Hursey Attorney (713)629-1800 
 Evansjones Cassandra Attorney (713)524-4040 
 Everson Donna Attorney (281)580-4664 
 Ewart Roy K Attorney (713)655-7055 
 Ewing Thomas L Attorney (281)872-0773 
 Executive Benefits Design (713)523-8061 
 Eyberg Douglas Attorney (713)276-5704 
 Ez Auto Title And Postal (281)556-0044 
 Ezell John W Attorney (713)759-1832 
 Ezell Law Office (713)759-1408 
 Fabio And Merrill (713)961-0408 
 Fabio Annie O. Attorney (281)461-0300 
 Fabrega Hood Raynes And Fass Llp (713)228-2322 
 Fain Beth M Attorney (713)650-2653 
 Fairey Robert A Attorney Residence (713)666-0442 
 Falgout Nancy (713)526-5444 
 Falgout Nancy Attorney (713)520-1618 
 Falk Sheryl A. Attorney (713)654-7615 
 Fallek Shari B Attorney (713)226-1170 
 Family Business Services (281)440-6998 
 Family Mediation Services (713)461-5288 
 Fannin Karen Attorney (713)226-1161 
 Fant Arthur Attorney (713)975-1990 
 Fant Arthur Attorney Childrens Line (713)975-1992 
 Faria Ian P. Attorney (713)653-7388 
 Farley Mark L. Attorney (713)229-1164 
 Farmer James D Attorney (713)777-1986 
 Farmer Michael D. Attorney (713)524-2400 
 Farmer Sidney Attorney Residence (281)492-2649 
 Farner And Perrin (713)622-0900 
 Farneti John Jr Attorney (713)225-6613 
 Farooq Esani (713)981-3250 
 Farr Sidney Attorney (713)221-5450 
 Farrar Anissa Attorney (713)651-5684 
 Farrar Kyle Wayne Attorney (713)758-3295 
 Farrell John P. Attorney (713)869-3330 
 Farrell Nolan James Jim Attorney (713)686-9036 
 Farrell Thomas M. Attorney (713)571-9191 
 Fason John Attorney (713)880-4600 
 Fason Rita Miller Attorney (713)522-0550 
 Fass Richard T Pc (713)627-3500 
 Fast Track Litigation (281)990-9854 
 Fathers For Equal Rights Inc (713)226-8485 
 Faubus Dax Attorney (713)951-5892 
 Faust Mary Ann Attorney (713)465-5226 
 Favela Oscar Attorney (713)228-2300 
 Favela Oscar Attorney (713)228-6020 
 Fay Daniel Attorney (713)626-2300 
 Fazel Ali R. Attorney (713)229-9292 
 Feather John Attorney At Law (713)807-9292 
 Feder Milton E Pc (713)960-1111 
 Feder Todd C Attorney (713)839-8131 
 Feder Todd C. Attorney (713)225-3400 
 Federal Public Defender (713)718-4600 
 Feldman David Attorney (713)960-6014 
 Feldman Stewart A. Attorney (713)850-0700 
 Feldt Darlea Attorney (713)877-2539 
 Feldt Darlean Attorney (713)653-8615 
 Feldt Harrell Attorney (713)758-3868 
 Feldt Harrell Attorney Residence (713)961-1136 
 Felix Tanya Attorney At Law (713)278-0309 
 Felix Tanya Attorney At Law (713)278-1172 
 Felix Tanya Attorney At Law (713)278-1201 
 Fenelon Christopher R Attorney (713)226-1338 
 Fenelon Kenneth B Attorney (713)758-2514 
 Fenelon Kenneth B Attorney Residence (713)984-0024 
 Fenn Charles Timothy Attorney (713)758-2747 
 Fenton Dal Attorney (713)524-1975 
 Fenton Dal Attorney (832)328-3838 
 Ferazzi Chris A Attorney (713)226-6626 
 Fernelius Christopher J. Attorney (713)227-8835 
 Fernelius Stephen M Attorney (713)651-5205 
 Ferrante Pablo Attorney (713)653-8600 
 Ferrell James C. Attorney (713)654-7799 
 Fertitta Andrew C Attorney (713)226-6640 
 Fertitta Andrew Christopher Attorney (713)758-4766 
 Fettner David A Attorney (713)626-7277 
 Fiddler G Scott (713)661-1146 
 Fidelity National Title (281)374-8319 
 Fidelity National Title (281)445-3771 
 Fidelity National Title (281)480-5413 
 Fidelity National Title (713)272-0439 
 Fidelity National Title (713)330-4470 
 Fidelity National Title (713)457-0444 
 Fidelity National Title (713)779-7779 
 Fidelity National Title (713)840-1518 
 Fidelity National Title (817)589-8200 
 Fidelity National Title (832)358-2200 
 Fidelity National Title (832)717-3427 
 Fidelity National Title Fax (713)779-1779 
 Fidelity National Title Company (713)777-4333 
 Fidelity National Title Company (713)986-0640 
 Fidelity National Title Company 1960 Office (281)893-9588 
 Fidelity National Title Company Commercial Office (713)622-5732 
 Fidelity National Title Company Copperfield Office (281)861-6948 
 Fidelity National Title Company Corporate Office (713)966-4000 
 Fidelity National Title Company Hispanic Division (713)552-1136 
 Fidelity National Title Company I10 Memorial Office (713)467-1291 
 Fidelity National Title Company Lenders Express (713)840-1992 
 Fidelity National Title Company Nasa Office (281)286-1120 
 Fidelity National Title Company Park Place Office (713)847-0515 
 Fidelity National Title Insurance Co (713)227-7500 
 Fidelity Title (713)688-7370 
 Fielder Ernest Attorney (713)237-3132 
 Fields Jack E Attorney (713)220-4348 
 Filteau And Sullivan P.c. (713)236-1400 
 Finch And Finch Attorneys (713)784-1680 
 Finch Michael P Attorney (713)758-2128 
 Finch Michael P Attorney Residence (713)464-3853 
 Finder Lawrence D. Attorney (713)547-2006 
 Fingeret Jeremy Attorney (713)861-9900 
 Finkel Joseph J Attorney (713)752-2266 
 Finkel Kevin B Attorney Residence (713)523-3413 
 Finkel Kevin B. Attorney (713)654-4004 
 Finkelstein Ira D Attorney (713)787-1631 
 Finnegan Willian N Iv Attorney (713)758-3704 
 First American (281)477-9395 
 First American Title (281)448-4999 
 First American Title (713)355-6904 
 First American Title (713)461-8051 
 First American Title (713)623-8384 
 First American Title (713)785-7700 
 First American Title Southwest (713)995-8200 
 First American Title 290 (713)690-1900 
 First American Title Co (713)355-6900 
 First American Title Company (281)578-2701 
 First American Title Company (281)752-0400 
 First American Title Company (713)278-0890 
 First American Title Company (713)465-5558 
 First American Title Company (713)465-5958 
 First American Title Insurance Co (713)270-6486 
 First American Title Insurance Company (281)497-8385 
 First American Title Insurance Company (713)212-0101 
 First American Title Insurance Company (713)451-1211 
 First American Title Insurance Company (832)375-0453 
 First American Title Insurance Company Of Texas (281)444-2891 
 First American Title Insurance Company Of Texas Clear Lake (281)280-8581 
 First American Title Insurance Company Of Texas Commercial Accounts National Acco (713)552-0052 
 First American Title Insurance Company Of Texas Corporate Office (281)588-2200 
 First American Title Insurance Company Of Texas Greenway Plaza (713)552-1086 
 First American Title Insurance Company Of Texas Memorial (281)531-4433 
 First American Title Insurance Company Of Texas Southwest (713)777-9183 
 First American Title Insurance Mpny Of Txscyprsswd (281)440-7111 
 First Colony Commonwealth Title Company (713)917-0309 
 First Southwest Title Co Of America (281)890-9922 
 First Southwestern Title (713)980-3990 
 First Southwestern Title Company Of America (281)493-9336 
 First Southwestern Title Company Of Texas (713)627-2959 
 First Southwestern Title Of Tx (281)627-3280 
 Fischer Brian J Attorney (713)520-7500 
 Fischer Rollin L Attorney (713)783-2001 
 Fischman Gary J Attorney (713)787-1670 
 Fisher Bennett G Attorney (713)223-8400 
 Fisher J Robert Attorney (713)650-2707 
 Fisher Jefferey B Attorney (713)973-2332 
 Fisher Raymond L And Associates (713)675-7477 
 Fisher Warren H Attorney (713)651-5227 
 Fishman Bradley S Attorney (713)789-1112 
 Fister Johanna R Attorney (713)226-1423 
 Fitch Bonnie Attorney (713)227-6408 
 Fitzerald Carmen Attorney (713)651-8361 
 Fitzgerald And Ray (713)225-6161 
 Fitzgerald Warren M Jr Attorney (713)692-4688 
 Fjeld Jerome O. Attorney (713)222-0381 
 Fjeldal And Associates (713)869-9690 
 Flaherty Jason Attorney (713)651-8404 
 Flahive Ogden And Latson (713)521-7260 
 Flanagan Katherine E Attorney (713)652-4704 
 Fleckman Dan A Attorney (713)758-3706 
 Fleishman Louis Attorney (713)623-8919 
 Fleming And Johnson Llc (281)224-9915 
 Fleming Marcus J Attorney (713)224-1970 
 Fleniken Heather K Attorney (713)651-5415 
 Fletcher And Associates (281)970-4545 
 Fletcher Scott Attorney (713)758-3234 
 Fletcher Scott Attorney Residence (713)533-1855 
 Flex Law Associates Inc (713)526-0506 
 Flick Milton J (713)932-8300 
 Flint Andrew (713)217-2844 
 Flood And Flood (713)223-8877 
 Flood Tyler A Attorney (713)224-5529 
 Flores Alfred Jr. Attorney (713)522-6600 
 Flores Henry Attorney (713)547-2259 
 Flores Jennifer Ann Attorney (281)948-9059 
 Flores Maria C Attorney (713)787-1687 
 Flores Multi Service (281)495-7298 
 Flores Yolanda Navarro Attorney (713)691-0019 
 Florey Tull R Attorney (713)229-1379 
 Flowers Donivan W. Attorney (713)973-1000 
 Flowers Richard L. Jr. Attorney (713)654-1415 
 Floyd Ben B. Attorney (713)222-1466 
 Floyd Jeffery Burton Attorney (713)758-2194 
 Floyd Jones Rios Wahrlich P C (713)222-1470 
 Fly Jane Mueller Attorney (713)651-5539 
 Flynn And Thayer P.c. (713)840-7474 
 Flynn Jeannine C. Attorney (713)521-3303 
 Flynn Patrick M Attorney (713)861-6163 
 Focke Robert C Attorney (713)850-7799 
 Fogler Murray J. Attorney (713)654-4300 
 Fogo James Charles Attorney (832)778-1100 
 Foley Law Firm (713)349-9844 
 Foley Law Firm (713)528-8238 
 Foley Veronica Attorney (713)651-5176 
 Folger Alan B. Attorney (713)868-4654 
 Folladori Marc H Attorney (713)547-2012 
 Folladori Marc H Attorney Residence (713)667-8388 
 Foltz David Attorney (713)754-6250 
 Fondren Legal Clinic (713)723-5082 
 Fong Albert M Attorney (713)223-4727 
 Fono Andrew L Attorney (713)547-2062 
 Foote Kennitra M. Attorney (713)395-0525 
 Ford And Mathiason Llp (713)260-3926 
 Ford Barbara A Attorney (713)779-3839 
 Ford Lynne Attorney (713)877-2512 
 Ford Teresa I. Attorney (832)251-9595 
 Foreman Pam Attorney (713)547-2529 
 Foreman Sandra K Esq (281)866-7464 
 Forester Don (713)528-4668 
 Forinash Derek V Attorney (713)632-1681 
 Fornias Catherine L Attorney (713)758-4728 
 Forrest Richard M Attorney (713)627-3737 
 Fosher Michael P. Attorney (713)221-1810 
 Fossi And Jewel (713)529-4000 
 Foster Douglas Attorney (281)464-9890 
 Foteh Mark I Attorney (713)988-0505 
 Fournier Juli Attorney (713)629-6961 
 Fournier Juliana Alger Attorney (713)629-9494 
 Fouts And Moore Llp (713)986-7200 
 Fowler Felicity A Attorney (713)547-2072 
 Fowler Rob Attorney (713)229-1229 
 Fox David Attorney (713)651-8231 
 Fox Jan Woodward Attorney (713)623-8600 
 Fox Wayne Attorney (713)993-0123 
 Frachtman Michael E Attorney (713)651-9977 
 Fraga Angel Z Attorney (713)224-5222 
 Fraga David O (713)695-5363 
 Fraley Frank J Attorney (713)668-4496 
 Franchek Richard J Attorney (713)226-1483 
 Francisco G. Medina (713)869-7030 
 Frank Babineck (713)869-5252 
 Frank V. Ghiselli Jr. (713)623-4220 
 Frankel Richard M. Attorney (713)528-2500 
 Frankfort Todd M. Attorney (713)871-2424 
 Franklin Jacky B Attorney (713)783-3300 
 Franklin Mosele And Walker Pc (713)840-7395 
 Franklin P J Attorney At Law (713)414-3066 
 Frankoff Richard Attorney (713)520-8040 
 Franty Elysia Attorney (713)226-1413 
 Fraser B David Attorney (713)547-2413 
 Frazier Kyle Attorney (713)655-7100 
 Fred O. Hull Jr. Attorney At Law A Professional Corporation (713)524-4477 
 Frederick Kelly D Attorney (713)780-8900 
 Fredrickson Robin S Attorney (713)758-2450 
 Freedman Robert M. Attorney (713)721-5657 
 Freeman Alvin L Pc Attorney (713)266-2560 
 Freeman David B Attorney (713)785-8070 
 Freeman Frank E Attorney At Law (713)888-0124 
 Freeman James A Attorney (713)651-9684 
 Freeman Linnie A Attorney (713)754-5205 
 Freeman Ronald Attorney (713)960-9050 
 Freeman Tracy Attorney (713)877-2527 
 Freeman William B Attorney (713)220-4013 
 Frels Gwendolyn Dawson Attorney (713)758-4768 
 Frels Jonathan K Attorney (713)758-4754 
 French Dale Attorney (713)957-3622 
 Frey Jess C Attorney (713)758-4862 
 Freyer James William Attorney (281)922-7522 
 Friday A Randall Attorney Residence (713)668-2303 
 Fridge And Resendez (713)226-9100 
 Fridrich V G Attorney (713)468-4821 
 Friedewald Vincent E Attorney (713)650-2731 
 Friedlander Alan B. Attorney (713)654-4111 
 Friedman Abraham P Attorney (713)650-2785 
 Friedman Edward L Attorney (713)226-1214 
 Friedman Robert S Attorney (713)961-9767 
 Friedrich Valerie K (281)333-1617 
 Frierson Theresa M Attorney (713)621-7007 
 Frink Deborah G Attorney (713)863-1848 
 Fritsche Deborah J Pc Attorney (713)652-0777 
 Fritz Robert H Attorney At Law (713)869-2000 
 Fritzhand Gary I Attorney (713)653-8809 
 Fromen Vincent T Jr Attorney (713)526-2355 
 Fromm Eva M Attorney (713)651-5321 
 Front Office Business Centers (713)968-6526 
 Frost Joe Attorney (713)651-5411 
 Fry Gerald Attorney (713)222-0860 
 Fry Gerald Attorney (713)222-2543 
 Fry Gerald Attorney (713)492-7218 
 Fry Terry G Attorney At Law (713)355-9005 
 Frye Deborah Attorney At Law (713)520-1529 
 Fuentes Robert Attorney (713)957-9200 
 Fuerst Michael T. Attorney (713)297-0700 
 Fulghum Roger Attorney (713)229-1707 
 Fuller James Senior Law Office Attorney (713)738-1980 
 Fuller Lanease Attorney (713)439-7400 
 Fullerton Law Firm (713)782-8494 
 Fullerton Law Firm (832)327-0103 
 Fulton Law Firm Pllc (281)486-1600 
 Funchess Jesse R Attorney (713)747-2991 
 Funderburk Larry Attorney (713)464-8178 
 Funk William M Attorney At Law (713)621-0575 
 Fuqua And Keim Llp (713)522-0423 
 Furlong Randall C Attorney (713)758-4802 
 Furlong Randy Attorney (713)229-2121 
 Furniward Co (281)498-6655 
 Fusselman Christopher A. Attorney (713)960-1619 
 G M Multiservice (713)694-3998 
 G P Matherne Attorneys (713)827-1702 
 Gabe And Associates (713)532-2500 
 Gaffney B G Attorney (713)621-5181 
 Gagnon Stewart W Attorney (713)651-5603 
 Gail Schubot Attorney At Law (281)807-0288 
 Gainer Micheael (713)968-9208 
 Gaitan Eloy E Attorney At Law (713)641-6800 
 Gaither R Trent (713)865-5600 
 Gaitz Michael A Attorney (713)779-2900 
 Galbraith Alex T Attorney (713)840-0300 
 Gallagher Kathleen A Attorney (713)758-2436 
 Gallagher Lewis Downey And Kim (713)222-8080 
 Gallagher Lori M Attorney (713)220-4038 
 Gallego Richard D Attorney (713)660-0111 
 Gallego Richard D Attorney (713)691-3500 
 Gallego Richard D Attorney (713)862-7200 
 Galleria Parcels And Packages (713)552-9100 
 Galloway Robert L Attorney (713)951-5889 
 Gamal Dang And Associates (713)995-7373 
 Gammell And Associates (713)626-4600 
 Gammon And Associates (713)964-5340 
 Gannon Alexia V Pc (713)532-7996 
 Garber Katherine T Attorney (713)951-5665 
 Garber Scott Attorney (713)787-1587 
 Garcia Alejandro Eduardo Attorney (713)860-6414 
 Garcia And Dvoretzky Llp (713)599-0444 
 Garcia Carolyn Clause Attorney Residence (713)528-6555 
 Garcia Frank T Attorney (713)651-5552 
 Garcia Israel B Jr Attorney (713)926-0516 
 Garcia Israel B Jr Attorney (832)778-8561 
 Garcia Juan Attorney (713)653-8744 
 Garcia Multi Service (713)550-1521 
 Garcia Rogelio Attorney (713)926-8800 
 Garcia Roland Jr Attorney (713)226-1348 
 Garciamoreno Ricardo Attorney (713)650-2784 
 Gardner Dennis C Attorney (713)655-5766 
 Gardner Gene (281)596-0800 
 Gardner John L And Associates (713)270-8500 
 Gardner Spencer H Attorney (713)521-5988 
 Gareri Christopher S Attorney (713)644-2414 
 Garner Stephen E Attorney (713)952-0122 
 Garnett Ann Attorney (713)651-5454 
 Garnett Joseph A Attorney (713)951-1016 
 Garnett Joseph A Attorney Residence (713)661-3697 
 Garraton Meliton Attorney (713)270-0007 
 Garrett Letbetter And Payne Inc Attorneys (713)783-2200 
 Garrido And Associates (713)785-8555 
 Garth Tom Attorney (281)440-4357 
 Gartner Law Firm Pc (713)621-7340 
 Gartner Law Firm Pc (713)621-7771 
 Gary E. Grote (713)650-3131 
 Gary Player Personal Development (713)267-2337 
 Gary Tucker And Associates P C (281)358-0402 
 Gary V Mcgowan (713)552-1855 
 Garza Chelsie King Attorney (713)226-6662 
 Garza Christian A Attorney (713)758-4858 
 Garza David L (713)228-4341 
 Garza David L Attorney Office (713)926-4727 
 Garza Dax F Law Offices Of (713)840-0033 
 Garza Law Firm (713)880-9300 
 Garza Rosemary Attorney (713)225-3757 
 Garza Rosemary Attorney (713)528-0636 
 Garza Vanessa Attorney (713)758-4640 
 Gaskill Edward W Attorney (713)272-7180 
 Gaskill Edward W Attorney (713)272-7533 
 Gasner Kathleen A Attorney (713)224-5400 
 Gaspard Mitch Attorney At Law (281)558-1234 
 Gass Andrew Attorney At Law (832)242-7777 
 Gaston A Charles Attorney (713)224-1731 
 Gaston Jeremy J. Attorney (713)547-9619 
 Gatling Yvette Vanessa Attorney (713)758-3390 
 Gawerc Jim Attorney (713)520-6800 
 Gay And Reitz (281)488-7001 
 Gay Desmond E Attorney (713)223-2244 
 Gayle Gibson Jr Attorney (713)651-5326 
 Gayle Gibson Jr Attorney Residence (817)461-2800 
 Gayle Rollins Attorney At Law (281)486-5635 
 Gaylor Joni Attorney (713)524-6116 
 Gechman Judy G Attorney (713)951-3356 
 Geddes John Attorney (713)229-1113 
 Geddie John B. Attorney (713)524-8811 
 Gee Harry Jr Attorney (713)781-0071 
 Gehl Tim Attorney (713)229-4054 
 Geiger Kathryn (713)780-7113 
 General American Resources (281)440-7394 
 Georgantas And Walters Llp (713)546-9800 
 George D. Murphy Jr. (713)658-1960 
 George H. Tyson Jr. (713)523-7878 
 George S. Tallichet Attorney At Law (713)223-2400 
 George Tennant Attorney At Law (832)922-6248 
 Georgiana S. Nelsen (281)461-6356 
 Gerachis George Matthew Attorney (713)758-1056 
 Gerald Fry Attorney At Law (713)229-8900 
 Gerdes Steven H Attorney (713)758-4516 
 Gerger Allan S (713)403-7419 
 Germer Gertz Llp (713)650-6955 
 Gerringer Robert C Attorney (713)682-4644 
 Gerson James Attorney (713)981-3899 
 Gerson James M Attorney (713)236-8664 
 Gexa Energy Corporation (713)961-9399 
 Ghorayeb Basheer Y Attorney (713)758-3365 
 Giarrusso Joseph I Iii Attorney (713)758-4784 
 Gibbs Robert W Jr Attorney At Law (281)488-5750 
 Gibson And Associates Attorneys (713)722-9090 
 Gibson And Lozano P C (713)660-8989 
 Gibson George R Attorney (713)892-4843 
 Gibson Jacqueline I Attorney (713)840-7777 
 Gibson John W Pc Cpa (281)488-3564 
 Gibson Laura Attorney (713)844-3003 
 Gibson Rick Attorney (713)877-2517 
 Gibson Robert Attorney (713)520-7117 
 Gieger Laborde And Laperouse L.l.c. (713)968-6555 
 Giesber Rachel S Attorney (713)651-5513 
 Giesen Charles M Attorney (281)320-9245 
 Gilbert And Maxwell (713)739-1984 
 Gilbert And Mestemaker (713)626-3460 
 Gilbreath Stavis Attorney (713)695-2888 
 Gildersleeve Thomas D Attorney (713)758-4644 
 Gill Hallie W Attorney (713)223-3000 
 Gill Lee S Attorney At Law (713)651-1275 
 Gill Mignon Attorney At Law (713)425-5255 
 Gill Stephen M Attorney (713)758-4458 
 Gill Tillery F Attorney (713)758-4674 
 Gillaspia Lawrence T. Attorney (713)225-9000 
 Gillespie Jeffrey W Attorney At Law (713)623-6700 
 Gillespie Michael Attorney At Law (713)526-1626 
 Gillett Melody C Attorney (713)864-0294 
 Gillian Richards (713)984-2566 
 Gillies James E Attorney (281)405-0471 
 Gilligan And Kiker Llp (713)521-4603 
 Gillis Charles Michael Attorney (713)951-9100 
 Gillis Charles Michael Attorney (713)961-3644 
 Gillman Michael D Attorney (281)480-5545 
 Gilman And Wirth Pc (713)613-2930 
 Gilmer Lilly (713)772-7783 
 Gilmore Jessica Attorney (713)651-8487 
 Gilmour John Attorney (713)547-2226 
 Gilpin Patrick J Attorney (713)691-6908 
 Giovannini Regina Attorney (713)951-5812 
 Giraldi W W Attorney (713)773-3771 
 Gissel L Henry Jr Attorney (713)651-5214 
 Gitomer Deborah A Attorney (713)651-3636 
 Giuffre James D Attorney (281)895-7125 
 Giuffre James D Attorney Residence (281)440-0752 
 Gjertsen Gerard Attorney At Law (713)663-7335 
 Gladden Greg (713)880-0333 
 Gladney John Attorney (281)933-4442 
 Gladney John Attorney (713)223-0666 
 Gladys Osagiede (713)780-7494 
 Glass Greg Attorney (713)521-9216 
 Glass Jeffrey W Attorney (713)660-6624 
 Glaw Londergan And Oneal L L P (713)621-4700 
 Glazer Jarrold A Attorney Residence (956)783-1236 
 Gleason David M Attorney (281)897-6120 
 Gleason Mark L Attorney (713)787-1402 
 Glenn Devlin And Associates Attorneys At Law (713)869-9909 
 Glenn Lawrence E Attorney Residence (713)666-6090 
 Glenn Thomas A Attorney At Law (713)266-4600 
 Glosson Brandon Attorney (713)993-0660 
 Glover Linda M Attorney (713)229-1665 
 Gloyna Robert Attorney (713)226-1445 
 Gluckman Jonathan A Attorney (713)225-2870 
 Gobillot Lori Auray Attorney (713)758-3861 
 Godbold Thomas Charles Attorney (713)651-7703 
 Godfrey H Lee Attorney (713)653-7857 
 Godfrey Sandra Roach Attorney At Law (713)963-9600 
 Godinich Douglas T Attorney At Law (713)223-4072 
 Godinich Jerome Attorney (713)237-8388 
 Godwin Gruber Llp (713)425-7400 
 Gogo Tax Services And Bookkeeping (713)778-8000 
 Goldapp William Attorney (713)224-1818 
 Goldberg Edgar Attorney (713)629-5889 
 Goldberg Joel A Attorney (713)226-6661 
 Goldberg Michael Attorney (713)229-1401 
 Goldberg Stephen L Attorney At Law (713)968-6550 
 Golden And Owens (713)652-2609 
 Golden And Owens Llp (713)223-2600 
 Golden Legacy Inc (713)877-0606 
 Goldsmith R. Christopher Attorney (713)223-1001 
 Goldstein Jeffrey S Attorney Office (713)974-1584 
 Golub I Jay Attorney (713)229-1246 
 Golub I Jay Attorney (713)666-5590 
 Golub I Jay Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)666-1535 
 Golub Jeryl A Attorney (713)651-5318 
 Gomez Alexis J Attorney (713)220-4027 
 Gomez Law Firm (713)868-5528 
 Gonzales Charles Attorney (713)860-8297 
 Gonzales Harry Attorney (713)224-8122 
 Gonzales Otilia Attorney (713)529-0600 
 Gonzalez Charles Attorney (713)877-2518 
 Good Tracy Attorney At Law (713)227-4663 
 Goode Angelus Caldwell Attorney (713)774-8950 
 Gooden Elijah Iii Attorney (713)926-3681 
 Goodrich Brian Attorney (713)653-5844 
 Goodrum C Greg Attorney At Law (281)994-4111 
 Goodrum Moulton A Attorney Residence (713)467-3277 
 Goodrum Moulton Jr Attorney (713)229-1325 
 Goodson Laura Jeanne Attorney (713)276-5518 
 Goodwin Clifton A Jr Attorney (713)778-1157 
 Goolsby George F. Attorney (713)229-1416 
 Goranson Mark D. Attorney (713)526-9200 
 Gordon Alan And Associates P C (713)789-6200 
 Gordon And Association (281)943-5555 
 Gordon And Gordon (713)974-0011 
 Gordon And Rees Llp (713)353-3945 
 Gordon Arnold T (713)972-1649 
 Gordon Carl W. Attorney (713)547-2274 
 Gordon Gerald S Attorney (713)871-2017 
 Gordon Marc P Attorney (713)974-5595 
 Gordon R Hal Attorney (713)627-9800 
 Gordon Scott Alan Attorney (713)529-6234 
 Gordon Steven L Attorney (713)871-8310 
 Gordon Y Asociados (713)921-5000 
 Gore And Associates (713)224-2000 
 Gorman And Associates (713)520-0274 
 Gorman John Attorney (713)346-9646 
 Goss Suzanne E Attorney (713)220-3955 
 Gover Alan Attorney (713)445-1550 
 Gower Saul Attorney (713)552-1510 
 Graber Allan Attorney (713)935-3640 
 Graber Jerald Attorney (713)224-2323 
 Grace Ojay M Law Offices Of (713)952-6000 
 Gradowright Angelica Attorney (713)625-9220 
 Grady Patricia Vargas Attorney (713)223-1918 
 Grady Schneider Newman Llp (713)228-2200 
 Graeff Margaret J. Attorney (713)622-0444 
 Graham Joseph M. Jr. Attorney (713)651-8214 
 Graham Michael Paul Attorney (713)229-1519 
 Graml Charles Attorney (713)785-8571 
 Graml John Attorney (713)785-7985 
 Granberry Judy (713)334-0334 
 Grandstaff Joel A. Attorney (713)622-5859 
 Granoff Amy R. Attorney (713)547-2598 
 Grant Joseph M (281)286-1222 
 Grantom Mark S Attorney At Law (713)880-3900 
 Graul Don West Attorney (713)629-1416 
 Graves And Graves P.c. (713)784-9204 
 Graves Tucker Attorney (713)225-4273 
 Gray Daniel Attorney And Counselor At Law (713)436-2232 
 Gray Daniel Attorney And Counselor At Law (713)521-2051 
 Gray Kendall M Attorney (713)220-3981 
 Gray Lori Attorney At Law (713)457-1708 
 Gray Robert F. Jr. Attorney (713)546-0522 
 Gray Robert M Attorney (713)247-0552 
 Gray Robert T Attorney (713)758-4642 
 Gray Tom Attorney (713)988-1777 
 Grayson And Hovenkamp Pllc (713)739-0058 
 Grazier And Associates (281)335-7466 
 Greater Texas Title Company Inc (281)895-8399 
 Greater Texas Title Insurance (713)777-1049 
 Greely Beverly J Attorney (713)880-5151 
 Green And Mathews Llp (281)580-8100 
 Green Bancorp (713)275-8200 
 Green Bill Attorney (713)266-1004 
 Green Derek S Attorney (713)229-1695 
 Green John L. Attorney (713)660-7400 
 Green Julian C Attorney (281)469-9645 
 Green Robert D. Attorney (713)654-9222 
 Green White Advisors (713)869-1144 
 Greenberg Peden Tigner Geddie Snyder And Naylor Pc Valega Thomas M Jr Atty Tatar Leonard B (713)627-2720 
 Greendyke Bill Attorney (713)651-5193 
 Greene Anne Attorney (713)973-6367 
 Greene George H Jr Attorney (713)621-0924 
 Greene Law Firm (713)547-0500 
 Greene Law Firm Pc (903)675-1161 
 Greene Liza A Attorney At Law (713)365-9315 
 Greene Philip S Attorney (713)523-5524 
 Greene Philip S Attorney Residence (713)529-7451 
 Greenleaf Deborah A. Attorney (713)222-7666 
 Greenwalt R Todd Attorney (713)758-1014 
 Greer And Martin Llp (713)223-0175 
 Gregan Jacquelyn C. Attorney (281)922-4930 
 Gregg And Gregg P.c. (281)480-1211 
 Gregg Charles R Attorney (713)982-8415 
 Gregg Gregory L Attorney (713)960-1377 
 Gregg M. Rosenberg And Associates (713)960-8300 
 Gregor Tom Attorney (713)844-3010 
 Gregor Tom Attorney (713)877-2560 
 Gregory David M Attorney (713)226-1344 
 Gregory Kimberly (713)651-1557 
 Gregory Mary Attorney (713)229-1138 
 Gremillion S Marcell Attorney (713)621-4040 
 Greogory Andrew A Attorney (713)226-1457 
 Grider Katrina Attorney (713)864-2001 
 Griffin And Griffin (713)228-6568 
 Griffin And Matthews Pc (281)870-1124 
 Griffin Asher Attorney (713)229-1393 
 Griffin Don C Jr Attorney (713)758-3508 
 Griffin Jimmy Attorney (713)963-9900 
 Griffin Patrick E. Jr. Attorney (713)222-1482 
 Griffith Gregory Attorney (713)862-6144 
 Griffith Vanessa M Attorney (713)758-3486 
 Griffith William C Attorney (713)229-1333 
 Griffith William C Attorney Residence (713)965-0122 
 Griggs Garney Attorney (713)951-5613 
 Grimes And Fertitta Pc (713)224-7644 
 Grimes Ellen Attorney (713)524-2453 
 Grimes Grover S Jr Attorney (713)951-5886 
 Grimland Kleo Karalis Attorney (713)524-8599 
 Grindal Layne D Attorney (713)547-2291 
 Grinstein Joseph S Attorney (713)653-7824 
 Grisell E Lynn And Associates (713)266-3688 
 Grissett Farley Attorney (713)224-0024 
 Groseclose Richard G. Attorney (713)787-1470 
 Gross Jay N Attorney (713)547-9136 
 Gross Michael C Attorney (713)552-0300 
 Grossberg Marc (713)951-5824 
 Grossman And Waldman L.l.p. (713)655-9999 
 Grosz And Associates (713)227-2500 
 Grove Michael L Attorney (713)226-6657 
 Grover (713)783-6702 
 Grover Clay Attorney (713)960-6033 
 Grover Michael V Attorney (713)225-6511 
 Grubb John K (713)877-8800 
 Grubb Tami Alfrey Attorney (713)355-4019 
 Gruggs John K And Associates (713)877-8886 
 Grundy Thad Attorney (713)226-1326 
 Grundy Thad Attorney Residence (713)840-7876 
 Grundy Thad Jr Attorney (713)222-7878 
 Grundy Thad Jr Attorney Childrens Line (713)524-3654 
 Grundy Thad Jr Attorney Residence (713)524-7324 
 Guardian Fidelity Title Co (281)335-7103 
 Guerinot Jerry Attorney (713)339-3349 
 Guerra And Moore Limited Llp (713)223-4311 
 Guerra Cynthia Attorney (713)827-8151 
 Guerrero Law Firm (713)975-1800 
 Guerrero Yalila Attorney (713)224-3967 
 Guess Carol Y Attorney (713)660-7003 
 Guest Carrie R Attorney (713)758-2478 
 Guest Floyd E Attorney (713)622-9222 
 Guest William F Attorney (713)974-2242 
 Guest William F Attorney Residence (713)522-1804 
 Guettermann Harlan (281)587-1040 
 Guffy Elizabeth Attorney (713)445-1564 
 Guglielmi Claire Pc (713)960-1919 
 Gulf Coast Artworks (713)974-1976 
 Gulf Coast Auto Title Co (713)937-3030 
 Gulf Coast Auto Title Service (713)946-0006 
 Gulf Coast Legal Foundation (713)652-0077 
 Gunn Jerry W Attorney At Law (281)286-0660 
 Gurevich Alexander Attorney (713)224-9600 
 Guss Stewart J Attorney (713)355-7220 
 Guthrie Conrad Bruce Attorney (713)758-2502 
 Guthrie Mark C Attorney (713)650-2730 
 Gutierrez Alan Attorney (713)651-5372 
 Gutierrez Jose Luis Attorney (713)222-1420 
 Gutmann Don C Attorney (713)688-8000 
 Guyon Judy D Attorney (713)681-3995 
 Gwen Masters Attorney At Law (713)680-1689 
 Gwynne E. Old (713)623-6302 
 H And J Law Firm (832)647-8493 
 H V Villegas And Company (713)884-1500 
 Haag Lee Attorney (713)651-5429 
 Haas Stanley Bryant Ii Attorney (713)226-1247 
 Habenicht Daniel K (281)333-8456 
 Habern And Buckley (713)865-5670 
 Hache Rose A. Attorney (713)621-7253 
 Hackney Philip T Attorney (713)229-4041 
 Hadden Lawrence Jack Attorney (713)547-2543 
 Hagan Chad M. Attorney (713)952-4334 
 Hagan Matthew Pc (713)850-9000 
 Hagemann Thomas A Attorney (713)547-2507 
 Hager Robert A Attorney (713)222-9911 
 Hagerty Kevin J Attorney (713)651-3995 
 Haggard Travis Scott Attorney (713)758-4814 
 Haire Breen M Attorney (713)229-1648 
 Hajovsky Patrick Attorney (713)229-1567 
 Halachiankritzer Elena Attorney At Law (713)455-8851 
 Hale John Gregory Attorney (713)961-9611 
 Halick And Associates (713)228-8737 
 Halick Martin (713)521-2940 
 Hall Charles W Attorney (713)651-5268 
 Hall Charles W Attorney Residence (713)522-3300 
 Hall Eric Attorney (713)651-5627 
 Hall Gordon Attorney At Law (713)784-8068 
 Hall James Attorney (713)860-8293 
 Hall James M Attorney (713)615-8504 
 Hall Jess Jr Attorney (713)226-1216 
 Hall John Attorney (713)226-1282 
 Hall Robert Attorney (713)525-6250 
 Hall Ursula A Attorney (713)440-6900 
 Hall William Britton Attorney At Law (281)333-4555 
 Hall William P Attorney (713)977-5165 
 Halloran Bernard T Attorney (713)780-0513 
 Halloran Bernard T Attorney Residence (713)468-3957 
 Halmagean Law Firm (713)821-3205 
 Halmagean Law Firm Pllc (713)922-2310 
 Halmagean Law Firm Pllc (713)972-1065 
 Halpin Steven E Attorney (713)961-5567 
 Haltom Hal V Jr Attorney (713)220-4109 
 Hamel Douglas E Attorney (713)758-2036 
 Hamer Jennifer D Attorney (713)758-3642 
 Hamilton Bret L Attorney (713)238-3730 
 Hamilton Brooks Attorney (713)547-2034 
 Hamilton Ford Attorney (713)877-2508 
 Hamilton Nancy L Attorney (281)558-0201 
 Hamilton Roland G. Attorney (713)425-7425 
 Hamm Lance Craig Attorney (713)659-5377 
 Hammett J Richard Attorney (713)427-5001 
 Hammon Paul R Attorney At Law (713)621-4440 
 Hammond And Schneider Llp (281)866-8761 
 Hammond Shirley A (281)480-5095 
 Hampton And Rawlings (713)520-7701 
 Hampton And Tepikian Llp (713)521-9166 
 Hampton Wallis Mizell Attorney (713)758-3476 
 Hanahan Carolyn Attorney (713)960-6010 
 Hanberry Delilah Attorney (713)681-3700 
 Hance Ben Attorney (713)229-2076 
 Hancock Josh Attorney (713)229-1513 
 Hancock Shelly P Attorney (713)781-2001 
 Hancock William Attorney (713)637-0222 
 Hancock William D Attorney (281)497-7180 
 Hand Benefits And Trust Inc (713)460-1000 
 Handel Stephen E Attorney (713)224-5011 
 Handlin Danita L Attorney At Law (281)752-8150 
 Hansen Janet Pignataro Attorney (713)651-3000 
 Hanslik Christopher P Attorney (713)951-5809 
 Harberg And Huvard Llc (713)572-7000 
 Harberg David B Attorney (713)651-0593 
 Harbison James M Jr Attorney (713)226-6604 
 Hardeway Grant U Senior Attorney (713)222-1622 
 Hardig Ara A Attorney (713)758-4630 
 Hardin Julie Attorney (713)651-5137 
 Harding Wayne M Attorney (713)787-1567 
 Hards Barry J Attorney (713)863-7876 
 Hardwick Henry Attorney (713)653-8602 
 Hargrove Nancy Wilson Attorney (713)951-5801 
 Harkins Mike Attorney (713)222-8000 
 Harlin Robyn Attorney (713)522-3633 
 Harlin Robyn R. Attorney (713)524-8471 
 Harman Larry A. Attorney (713)260-3990 
 Harmeyer William F Attorney (713)270-5552 
 Harmon Clinton T Attorney At Law (713)222-6443 
 Harper Alfred John Ii Attorney (713)651-5442 
 Harper M Scott Attorney (713)758-4486 
 Harper Melinda Attorney (713)651-3648 
 Harper Melissa Attorney (713)224-4422 
 Harper Ralph A Attorney (713)758-2366 
 Harper Ralph A Attorney Residence (713)522-0002 
 Harpold Karen Clark Attorney (713)662-2996 
 Harpold Wayne Jr Attorney (713)236-7328 
 Harrell John Evans Attorney (713)758-4678 
 Harrell Robert S Attorney (713)651-5583 
 Harrington C Michael Attorney (713)758-2148 
 Harris Amy R. Attorney (281)443-7747 
 Harris Brantly Lawyer (713)222-0964 
 Harris Britt Attorney (713)525-6203 
 Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (713)227-2404 
 Harris Erica W Attorney (713)653-7810 
 Harris J Robert Attorney (713)224-9277 
 Harris J Robert Attorney Residence (713)688-8556 
 Harris Jasper Green Attorney (713)739-8888 
 Harris Jeffrey C Attorney (713)226-1434 
 Harris Jonathan M Attorney (713)238-8045 
 Harris Mary Ann Attorney (281)571-8059 
 Harris Reagan Attorney (713)229-4058 
 Harris Rex Attorney (713)802-1515 
 Harris Rhonda Attorney At Law (281)335-7348 
 Harris Robert T Attorney (713)739-1250 
 Harris Roger K Attorney (713)651-5517 
 Harris Steven Attorney (713)546-5845 
 Harris Susan Feigin Attorney (713)758-3465 
 Harris T Wayne Attorney (713)869-1646 
 Harris Thomas Osa Attorney (713)467-3030 
 Harris Thomas Osa Attorney Residence (713)467-4520 
 Harrison Al Attorney (713)223-4034 
 Harrison C Gerard Attorney (713)787-1560 
 Harrison Fisher Attorney (713)667-0137 
 Harrison Geoffrey L Attorney (713)653-7807 
 Harrison Laren J Attorney (713)758-4430 
 Harrison Nancy And Associates (713)777-3506 
 Harrison Stephanie Attorney (713)651-5565 
 Harrison William A Attorney (713)951-5614 
 Hart Bill Jr Attorney (713)229-1888 
 Hart Stephen E Attorney (713)226-1327 
 Hart Timothy S Attorney (713)977-6097 
 Hartline Ned Attorney (713)525-6212 
 Hartman Robin A Attorney (713)521-1135 
 Hartsfield Haroldeen R Attorney (713)683-0088 
 Harvey Larry D Attorney (281)440-4480 
 Harvie F B Jr Attorney (281)484-9500 
 Harvill E. Weller (281)286-4900 
 Harvin David T Attorney (713)758-2368 
 Harvin David T Attorney Residence (713)622-0704 
 Harvin William C Attorney (713)229-1274 
 Harvin William C Attorney Residence (713)622-8975 
 Harziotti Catherine Barr Attorney (713)226-1158 
 Hast Allison D Attorney (713)622-0070 
 Hastings Tommy R. Attorney (713)224-1100 
 Haston Craig Attorney (281)890-1300 
 Haufrect Lynn G Attorney (713)758-2032 
 Havins David P Attorney (713)952-9937 
 Havins David Paul Attorney (713)222-1502 
 Hawes Michael Attorney (713)229-1750 
 Hawkins John R Attorney (713)226-6621 
 Hay Alexander J Iii Attorney At Law (713)680-3033 
 Hayden Christopher Attorney (713)787-1446 
 Hayes William R Attorney (713)880-9990 
 Hayes William R Attorney At Law (713)880-3939 
 Haylon Patricia Attorney (713)522-0066 
 Haynes And Boone Llp Attys Varco Trial Team (713)237-8087 
 Haynes Douglas L. Attorney (713)361-0878 
 Haynes Richard Racehorse And Associates (713)868-1111 
 Haynes Theodore Jr Attorney At Law (713)660-7646 
 Haynsworth Stuart Attorney (713)227-8257 
 Hays Carrie Attorney (713)229-1988 
 Hays Lowell Attorney (713)961-3241 
 Hazlitt James A Attorney (713)222-9950 
 Heacock Fred M Attorney (713)225-9331 
 Headley Linda Ottinger Attorney (713)652-4772 
 Healey David J Attorney (713)787-1501 
 Healey James Sean Attorney (281)486-6634 
 Healy W Jason Attorney (713)220-4464 
 Heaney Blaise J Attorney (713)664-6497 
 Heard John Law Office Of (713)461-1061 
 Heard Paul Attorney (713)525-6285 
 Heath Bob And Associates (713)526-4221 
 Heath Bob And Gregory And Associates (713)526-5735 
 Heath Elston And Edwards (281)855-4899 
 Hebert E Stephanie Attorney At Law (713)236-0212 
 Hecker Don A Attorney (713)523-1677 
 Heckler Peter G Attorney (713)880-1125 
 Hedges Daniel K Attorney (713)226-6641 
 Hedges David T Jr Attorney (713)758-2676 
 Hedges David T Jr Attorney Residence (713)520-5414 
 Hedges Kevin Attorney (713)524-5556 
 Hedlesten James R Law Office (713)652-2003 
 Heggen I. Nelson Attorney (713)995-9988 
 Hegwood And Associates P C (281)333-0880 
 Hegwood And Weston Pc (281)333-9144 
 Heim Michael F Attorney (713)238-8070 
 Heiman Bill (713)726-8649 
 Heinrich Melanie Attorney (713)229-1507 
 Heintz Matthew R Attorney (713)758-3342 
 Heitkamp William E Attorney (713)722-1200 
 Heitmann Gary Attorney (281)397-8080 
 Held Kenneth P Attorney (713)758-4353 
 Helfman Lisa Nicole Attorney (713)758-2218 
 Heller Edward Pc Attorney (713)629-7310 
 Heller Harvey Attorney (713)622-1320 
 Heller Wayne Attorney At Law (713)223-3434 
 Heller William T Iv Attorney (713)951-5807 
 Hellinger Mark S. Attorney (713)425-4970 
 Hellinger Susan Kopecky Attorney (210)226-6688 
 Hellums Law Office (713)757-0441 
 Helm Pletcher Bowen And Saunders Llp (713)522-4550 
 Helms Lonzie Attorney (713)652-4740 
 Hembree Jeffrey C Attorney (713)547-2057 
 Hemphill Sharon Attorney (713)222-2150 
 Hendershot Simon (trey) W. Iii Attorney (713)783-3110 
 Henderson Adam Law Firm Of (713)779-9900 
 Henderson Chad Attorney (713)222-0480 
 Henderson David Attorney (713)653-8631 
 Henderson David W Attorney (713)758-4686 
 Henderson J. Randle Attorney (713)300-0034 
 Henderson Russell Attorney (713)831-6894 
 Henderson Thomas S Iii Attorney (713)754-6226 
 Henderson Thomas S. Iii Attorney (713)222-1483 
 Henderson Tom M Pc Attorney (713)552-1940 
 Hendrick Madonna Attorney At Law (713)621-9816 
 Hendrick Max Iii Attorney (713)758-2546 
 Hengst And Henderson Attorneys At Law (713)266-1380 
 Henjum Goucher Reporting Services Lp (281)464-6000 
 Henke And Joseph Llp (713)682-6300 
 Henkel Lee Iii Attorney (713)993-9973 
 Hennessy Matt Attorney (713)526-7503 
 Hennigan Dan (281)333-2933 
 Henrichs Ragna Attorney (713)226-6602 
 Henry Annette M Attorney (713)236-1818 
 Henry Bill E Attorney (713)220-4419 
 Henry Carver L And Associates (713)522-6454 
 Henry Carver L And Associates (713)665-3410 
 Henry James C Iii (713)932-0200 
 Henry M L (mickey) Attorney At Law (713)956-2727 
 Henry Rennae K Attorney (713)229-1584 
 Henslee Fowler Hepworth And Schwartz L.l.p. (713)552-1693 
 Henslee Fowler Hepworth And Swartz (713)439-0674 
 Hensley Leslie D. Attorney (832)203-0700 
 Hensley Nelson T Attorney (713)850-9700 
 Henson Sandra Lee Attorney (713)758-4736 
 Herbert Joseph E Attorney (713)226-1384 
 Hernandez Christopher R Attorney (713)951-5803 
 Hernandez Joe L Attorney (713)880-3737 
 Hernandez Juan And Associates (713)644-3000 
 Herring Marty And Associates (713)787-9885 
 Herring Nina V And Associates (713)784-1313 
 Herz Kenneth V Attorney (713)547-2542 
 Herzik Michael L Attorney (713)654-7800 
 Herzog Bruce C Attorney (713)758-1132 
 Herzog David J Financial Plan (713)778-1999 
 Heslop Barry Attorney (713)426-0777 
 Heston James B Attorney (713)270-4833 
 Hetzel Kristin Attorney (713)651-5468 
 Hext And Munnelly Llp (713)229-9696 
 Heyburn John Attorney (713)629-6550 
 Heyburn John Attorney Residence (713)266-9630 
 Hibler And Associates Pc (713)802-2200 
 Hicks Andrew S Attorney (713)758-4684 
 Hicks Michaelbryant Attorney (713)758-4688 
 Hicks Taylor M Attorney (713)547-9102 
 Hidalgo Boris A Attorney (713)951-5857 
 Higdon Gerald Attorney (713)238-3709 
 Higgason James D Jr Attorney (713)220-4430 
 Higgins John F Attorney (713)226-6648 
 Higgins Laura Laux Attorney (713)651-3625 
 Higgins Sean Attorney (713)525-6213 
 Hightower Richard F Attorney (713)626-5805 
 Hightower Richard F Attorney Fax (713)552-1245 
 Hilburn Barbara Attorney (713)223-3936 
 Hill And Hill P.c. (713)688-6318 
 Hill Bruce J (713)355-4488 
 Hill Christian Attorney (713)862-2667 
 Hill Christian Attorney (713)862-9990 
 Hill Gregory C Attorney (713)226-1187 
 Hill Jerel J Attorney (713)686-4200 
 Hill John E Attorney At Law (713)524-7494 
 Hill John L Jr Attorney (713)226-1230 
 Hill Raymond M And Associates (713)917-0966 
 Hill Raymond M Attorney Residence (713)468-4304 
 Hill Schwartz Spilker Keller Llc (713)771-5011 
 Hillendahl Leslie Attorney (281)893-4284 
 Hiller Michael A. Attorney (713)977-8686 
 Hilliard Michael W Attorney (713)650-2757 
 Hinaman Alan R Attorney (713)758-3526 
 Hinchman Gary A Attorney At Law (281)580-3400 
 Hinde Daniel E Attorney (713)758-4404 
 Hinds Eldon L. Attorney (713)659-5700 
 Hinojosa And Associates (713)644-7789 
 Hinojosa Robert A (713)977-2060 
 Hinojosa Roberto M Attorney (713)271-7860 
 Hinoyosa J L (713)237-0702 
 Hinsley Robert B Attorney (713)465-9000 
 Hinson Michelle Attorney (281)931-7090 
 Hinton Charles Attorney Residence (281)893-4388 
 Hinton Paula W Attorney (713)758-4494 
 Hippard George Attorney (713)223-4453 
 Hippard George C Attorney At Law (713)621-1011 
 Hippard James J Jr (713)861-9966 
 Hirsch Jeffery M Attorney (713)735-8552 
 Hirsch Michael Alan Attorney (713)528-3358 
 Hirt Jeffrey A (281)597-0077 
 Hirtz Ted Attorney (713)228-5570 
 Hirtz Ted Attorney Residence (713)529-0050 
 Hissey And Kientz (713)224-7670 
 Hitt P C (281)444-7800 
 Hitt Patterson Sell (713)654-7776 
 Hittelman Tara Attorney (713)652-4765 
 Hk Dickenson And Associates (713)333-6444 
 Hlavinka And Associates (713)521-1335 
 Hoaglund W Allyn Attorney (713)655-7744 
 Hoang Tom Tung Attorney (713)952-8864 
 Hoang Trang And Dai (713)777-8188 
 Hobson Gillian A Attorney (713)758-3747 
 Hochglaube Mark Attorney (713)529-6263 
 Hodge Justin A Attorney (713)758-4708 
 Hodge William J Ii Attorney (713)224-2207 
 Hodges Anthony L (713)952-5530 
 Hodges Ellie Hebert Attorney (713)653-8848 
 Hodges Mark C Attorney (713)220-4049 
 Hodges Ted A Attorney (713)758-2534 
 Hodges Ted A Attorney Residence (713)622-5739 
 Hodgson Stephen S Attorney (713)758-2604 
 Hoeffner And Bilek Llp (713)227-7720 
 Hoff Lawrence C Jr Attorney (713)864-2468 
 Hoffer Stewart Attorney (713)651-0773 
 Hoffman Dan G Pc Attorney (713)621-0133 
 Hoffman Matthew Attorney (713)654-9990 
 Hoffman Robert S Attorney (713)651-5360 
 Hoffman Warren A Attorney (713)650-2790 
 Hogan And Hogan L.l.p. (713)222-8800 
 Hohenberger Robert (713)680-9454 
 Hohit John R Attorney (713)547-2038 
 Holcomb Frank H Pc Attorney (713)622-1900 
 Holder Lynne L Attorney (713)650-3533 
 Holderness A Sidney Jr Attorney (713)220-4422 
 Hollabaugh Jacalyn Attorney (713)952-9118 
 Hollan Albert Attorney (713)526-2650 
 Holland Beverly M Attorney (713)465-8008 
 Holland Edelmira N Attorney (713)242-0200 
 Holland Frank T Attorney At Law (713)260-9633 
 Holland William Jr Attorney (713)523-2228 
 Hollaway And Gumbert T Daniel Hollawy Pc Jms G Gmbrt (713)522-8625 
 Hollaway And Gumbert T Daniel Hollawy Pc Jms G Gmbrt (713)522-8703 
 Holliday Laura Ward Attorney (713)942-2500 
 Hollis Huff Lewis And Company P C (281)461-7000 
 Hollis Huff Lewis Financial Services L L C (281)461-7001 
 Holloway And Rowley Llp (713)751-0053 
 Holloway Gordan A Attorney (713)751-0054 
 Holloway Gordan A Attorney (713)751-0056 
 Holloway John H Attorney (713)464-9264 
 Hollowick Bruce Attorney (281)444-0533 
 Hollrah Kendall Attorney (713)547-2089 
 Holly Douglas Attorney (713)625-9229 
 Holly Douglas R Law Office Of (713)781-1811 
 Hollyfield John S Attorney (713)651-3717 
 Holm Joel G Attorney (713)622-1901 
 Holman David W. Attorney (713)425-7422 
 Holmes Amy Todd Attorney (713)229-2140 
 Holmes David C. Attorney (713)260-9638 
 Holmes Hillary Hunt Attorney (713)229-1508 
 Holmes Michael Conrad Attorney (713)758-2825 
 Holmes Michael Conrad Attorney Residence (713)782-3972 
 Holmes Patricia Hunt Attorney (713)758-1018 
 Holmes Thomas J Jr Pc (713)621-4154 
 Holstead John B Attorney (713)758-2432 
 Holt Helene Attny (713)526-7995 
 Holt Kenneth H Attorney (713)226-1188 
 Holt Kenneth H. Attorney (832)251-0606 
 Holt Rebecca Attorney (713)276-5697 
 Holtz And Wright Inc (713)467-1396 
 Holub Cynthia A Attorney (713)226-6607 
 Holzer Joe C Attorney (713)220-4172 
 Home Vestors (713)225-1161 
 Honn Aaron D Attorney (713)226-6639 
 Honsaker Mark L Attorney At Law (281)333-1131 
 Hooks Charles G And Son (713)984-9891 
 Hooks Chas G Iii Attorney Residence (713)468-2638 
 Hooper Scott And Associates (713)529-5055 
 Hoops And Levy L.l.p. (713)752-2350 
 Hootman Timothy A Attorney (713)247-9548 
 Hoover Diana L. Attorney (713)547-9685 
 Hoover Slovacek Llp (713)977-9986 
 Hoover W. Jerry Attorney (713)622-0650 
 Hope Henry W Attorney (713)651-5459 
 Hopmann Ernest Bo Iii Attorney (713)869-9252 
 Hoppess Karl C And Associates Pc (713)651-9777 
 Hopwood John L Attorney (713)226-1289 
 Hornbuckle Stephen S. Attorney (713)651-1980 
 Horowitz Jonathan Attorney (713)547-2212 
 Horowitz Mark Attorney (713)276-5467 
 Horton And Gregory Law Offices (832)358-1111 
 Horton Donald J Attorney (713)220-4581 
 Horton Nancy Weynand Attorney (713)226-1484 
 Horwitz Heather F. Attorney (713)980-5355 
 Horwitz James S Attorney (713)521-0373 
 Houck Joanne Attorney (713)861-8070 
 Houer John Andrew Attorney (713)226-1273 
 Houghton Thomas W (713)229-0330 
 House Jennifer Attorney (713)877-2550 
 House Joe Attorney (713)877-2561 
 Houston Asset Management Inc (713)629-1534 
 Houston City Legal Department (713)247-2000 
 Houston Lawyer Thehouston Bar Association (713)759-1133 
 Houston Melvin Attorney (713)212-0600 
 Houston Peace And Justice Center (713)522-9850 
 Houston Title Company Champions (281)893-6110 
 Houston Title Company Corporate (713)626-9220 
 Houston Title Company Upperkirby (713)529-9050 
 Houston Title Company Upperkirby (713)682-4144 
 Hovantanian Levon Attorney (713)632-1740 
 Hovnatanian Levon G Attorney (713)960-6034 
 Howard John R Attorney At Law (713)954-5122 
 Howard Jolie M Attorney (713)758-4474 
 Howard L. Nations A Professional Corporation (713)807-8400 
 Howard Michele Marquit Attorney (713)735-8523 
 Howard Tracy Attorney (713)860-8255 
 Howard W Ray Attorney (713)733-3030 
 Howard Wade Attorney (713)650-2771 
 Howell Bill Attorney (713)520-0388 
 Howell Connie Attorney (713)334-6061 
 Howell Donald L Attorney (713)758-2318 
 Howell Donald L Attorney Residence (713)528-4937 
 Howley Thomas A Attorney (713)547-2412 
 Hoyt Mont P Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)789-5042 
 Hoyt Mont P Attorney Residence (713)789-5041 
 Hoyt Mont P. Attorney (713)222-4002 
 Hrazdil Wesley Attorney (713)334-6603 
 Hrdlicka George A Attorney Residence (713)681-5586 
 Hricik David Attorney (713)860-3303 
 Hsiung And Associates (713)988-6388 
 Hu Dan C (713)468-8880 
 Huang Warren Szutse Attorney (713)651-3633 
 Hubert Frank Jr Attorney (713)229-1453 
 Huchital Ellen B Attorney (713)615-8528 
 Hudig Marguerite Attorney (713)225-1333 
 Hudson Barbara Attorney At Law (713)840-1700 
 Hudson Barbara E Attorney (713)621-1971 
 Hudson Hal Attorney (713)237-0188 
 Hudson Sanchia G Attorney At Law (281)580-1400 
 Hudspeth Melinda Attorney (713)217-2839 
 Hudspeth Melinda S Attorney (713)226-6654 
 Hudspeth Melinda S. Attorney (713)217-2840 
 Huelbig Larry L Attorney (713)547-2014 
 Huff Emmett Sterling Attorney Residence (713)721-5322 
 Huff Richard D Attorney (713)651-3626 
 Huggins John Attorney (713)229-1391 
 Hughes Beth Attorney (713)229-1847 
 Hughes Cay M Attorney (713)426-5170 
 Hughes Heather M. Attorney (713)229-8733 
 Hughes Heather M. Attorney (713)622-8733 
 Hughes Patrick L Attorney (713)547-2550 
 Hughes W Zachary Attorney (713)229-2151 
 Hughs Paula Attorney At Law (713)977-2536 
 Hugos Robert J Attorney (713)968-9858 
 Hull Fred O. Jr. Attorney (713)276-5558 
 Hull Ralph T Attorney (713)650-6869 
 Humphrey George E Attorney (713)220-4375 
 Humphrey Scott Attorney (713)229-1999 
 Humphries Lynne B Attorney (713)758-3856 
 Hunsaker Scott Attorney (713)226-1279 
 Hunt Debra E Attorney (713)522-4282 
 Hunt Jolyn Mckune Attorney (713)226-1278 
 Hunter Jonas L. Jr. Attorney (713)229-0242 
 Hunter Shawn Attorney At Law (713)349-0766 
 Hunter Tanja Attorney (713)933-3906 
 Hurd Charles W Iii Attorney (713)651-5502 
 Hurder Richard J Jr Attorney (713)785-3311 
 Husseini Elizabeth Attorney (713)229-1571 
 Husseini Richard Attorney (713)229-1678 
 Huston Nancy (713)546-3590 
 Hutchenson Thomas T Attorney (713)226-1355 
 Hutcheson Courtney Attorney (713)226-1422 
 Hutchison John A Iii Attorney (713)850-9820 
 Hysinger And Pearson (713)650-0255 
 Hyun Jenny J Attorney (713)754-6266 
 I And M Cleaning Company (281)440-5959 
 I Scott Lidji Pc (281)999-2450 
 Ibarra Regina K Attorney (713)758-4788 
 Ifi Achebe Attorney At Law (713)773-1200 
 Ike Pauline Attorney (713)272-7758 
 Iler David R Attorney (713)651-5441 
 Immigrtion Spclsts (713)871-8888 
 Indelicato Joseph Jr. Attorney (713)952-1115 
 Inlow Michael D Attorney Residence (281)488-5968 
 Inoff Darren S Attorney (713)220-3841 
 Integrity Title Co (713)683-8030 
 Intergra Group (281)333-9101 
 Investments Marketing Resources (713)629-5490 
 Inwood Auto Title Co (713)681-4477 
 Irani Rita Mankovich Attorney (713)547-2416 
 Iris Hefter Robinson (713)871-9377 
 Irvin Cheryl Attorney (713)236-7755 
 Irvin Michael P Attorney (713)651-3705 
 Irvine John A Attorney (713)226-6605 
 Irwin R Dean Attorney Residence (713)290-1812 
 Isaacks And Associates Ltd Llp (281)807-6172 
 Isaak David Attorney (713)229-1672 
 Isgitt And Associates P.c. (713)572-7678 
 Iverson Chris A Attorney (713)961-1900 
 Ivey And Kadlec Llp (713)225-0015 
 Ivey J David (713)646-1338 
 Ivey Robert L Attorney (713)758-2426 
 Izaguirre Lazaro Jose Attorney (713)926-3030 
 Izen Joe Alfred Jr Attorney (713)776-0850 
 Izfar Syed N Attorney (713)467-0786 
 J Steve Brownhill Pc (713)960-0391 
 J Todd Malaise Attorney (713)952-1427 
 J W Productions Inc (713)522-9723 
 J. Grady Randle Pc (713)829-5845 
 J. M. Little Attorney At Law P.c. (713)777-6777 
 J.d. Page (713)840-9200 
 Jaasma Keith (713)860-3308 
 Jack E Withem P C (713)462-8887 
 Jackson Bill (713)980-1714 
 Jackson Brian L Attorney (713)787-1507 
 Jackson Donald D Attorney (713)547-2026 
 Jackson Freddie N Attorney (713)526-7944 
 Jackson Freddie N Attorney Residence (713)733-6166 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (281)498-2892 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (713)334-1377 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (713)432-7017 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (713)633-5200 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (713)680-2600 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (713)691-3599 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (713)723-1800 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (713)741-7045 
 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (713)862-3450 
 Jackson Law Bldg (713)222-7701 
 Jackson Traci Attorney (713)651-5412 
 Jacob Golda R. Attorney (713)227-7383 
 Jacob Larry E Attorney (713)871-2057 
 Jacob Mark A Attorney (713)226-1329 
 Jacobs And Gillaspie Llp (713)222-7285 
 Jacobs George Attorney (281)272-5331 
 Jacobs Kevin Attorney (713)229-1947 
 Jacobs Michael A. Attorney (713)840-9700 
 Jacobs Stephen C Attorney (713)226-1382 
 Jaffe Richard Attorney (713)626-3550 
 Jaggers Patrick C Attorney (713)681-2402 
 Jaime Sylvester R Attorney (281)597-9495 
 Jain Renuka V And Associates Pc (713)225-5785 
 Jain Roger (713)981-0600 
 James C Holland Jr Attorney At Law (713)686-5444 
 James D Petruzzi Attorney (713)840-9994 
 James Delphine M Attorney At Law (713)661-4144 
 James F Epo Attorney At Law (832)251-1555 
 James Floyd Attorney (713)981-8600 
 James M G Attorney (713)751-0036 
 James Patrick Smith P.c. (713)654-4990 
 Jameson And Assoc (713)807-1705 
 Jameson Peter K Attorney (713)220-4238 
 Jamison Allan K Attorney (713)643-1377 
 Jamison And Associates (713)222-2756 
 Jamison Bruce L Attorney Office (713)807-1969 
 Janet Northrup (713)629-1063 
 Jani J. Maselli (713)757-0684 
 Janicke Paul M Attorney (713)787-1455 
 Janik Paul Law Offices Of Pc (713)683-7100 
 Janoe Scott Attorney (713)229-1553 
 Jansen Donald O Attorney (713)651-5479 
 January William H Attorney (713)529-2992 
 January William H Attorney Residence (713)522-2992 
 Jared D Nielsen And Associates Pc (713)683-9944 
 Jarmon Yolanda Attorney At Law (713)635-8338 
 Jarrard Robert T Attorney (713)995-9494 
 Jarrard Scott Attorney (713)463-5517 
 Jaworski Jon A Attorney (713)688-5885 
 Jaworski Joseph P Attorney (713)223-0606 
 Jay J L Attorney (713)645-9595 
 Jeanne Caldwell Mcdowell (713)655-9595 
 Jecmen Judith A Attorney (713)226-1237 
 Jeffers John Attorney (713)445-1565 
 Jeffers John F. Attorney (713)374-3500 
 Jefferson Andrew L Jr Attorney At Law (713)227-7006 
 Jefferson Dwight E Attorney At Law Pllc (713)993-0399 
 Jeffus J And Warren Steven L Attorney (713)283-0030 
 Jeffus J Attorney (713)283-0018 
 Jendrzey Carol E Attorney (713)754-6238 
 Jenkins Robert D Jr Attorney (713)526-7100 
 Jenks Thad K Attorney (713)758-3386 
 Jennett Laura V Attorney (713)880-8105 
 Jennings Debra Attorney (713)522-0363 
 Jennings Gray Attorney (713)229-1640 
 Jennings Gray Attorney Residence (713)666-3052 
 Jennings Thomas E Attorney (713)691-6421 
 Jensen William M Attorney Residence (713)467-3633 
 Jessup Randle Attorney (281)578-6800 
 Jewell George H Attorney (713)229-1331 
 Jewell George H Attorney Residence (713)621-8023 
 Jewell Karen B Attorney (713)758-2328 
 Jewett Carol H Attorney (713)758-2798 
 Jewett Dunham F Attorney Residence (713)520-6960 
 Jewett Valerie Attorney (713)525-6216 
 Jewett Valerie Attorney (713)651-5277 
 Jf Carter Ii Attorney (713)523-5544 
 Jim Medley And Associates P.c. (713)779-5004 
 Jimenez Francisco J. Attorney (713)630-0839 
 Jimenez Notary And Title Service (713)339-2401 
 Jircik J Jan Pc Attorney (281)537-7100 
 Jircik Robert A Attorney (713)665-6771 
 Joan V. Schweppe P.l.l.c. (281)444-4004 
 Joanne M Badeaux P C (281)333-0487 
 Jodon G Mark Attorney (713)655-5752 
 Joe B Phillips (713)455-1607 
 Joe Romero Attorney (713)221-1776 
 Joglar Julio Attorney (713)787-0191 
 Johhny B Johnson (713)781-7574 
 John Giji Attorney (713)651-5314 
 John M Mann Attorney (713)961-5330 
 John M. Petruzzi Attorney At Law (713)237-8600 
 John Philip J Attorney (713)229-1215 
 John Philip J Attorney Residence (713)524-7602 
 John Stevenson And Associates (713)622-3223 
 Johnlewis Bernadette Attorney (713)529-5440 
 Johnna Teal And Associates (713)222-8200 
 Johns Jason Attorney (713)650-2652 
 Johns Lisa Anderson Attorney (713)226-1362 
 Johns Wade Attorney (713)651-8210 
 Johnson And Maxey Pllc (713)526-1041 
 Johnson And Wurzer Pc (713)627-2440 
 Johnson Bill Attorney (713)464-6685 
 Johnson Burnett And Chang (832)476-4280 
 Johnson Burnett And Chang Llp (713)626-0385 
 Johnson Charles D Attorney (713)686-7397 
 Johnson Christian Attorney (713)525-6226 
 Johnson Christopher D Attorney (713)333-5126 
 Johnson Eric Attorney (713)226-1249 
 Johnson Isaac Attorney (713)653-5813 
 Johnson J Rolfe Pc (713)621-2880 
 Johnson J W (don) Attorney (713)977-2891 
 Johnson Jeffery L Attorney (713)223-4312 
 Johnson Jeffrey L. Attorney (713)425-7417 
 Johnson John T Attorney (713)751-0070 
 Johnson Kenneth H Attorney (281)437-1107 
 Johnson Kenneth H Attorney (713)780-7047 
 Johnson Kenneth H Attorney (713)780-7671 
 Johnson Kyle B Attorney (713)223-4100 
 Johnson Larry (713)777-3636 
 Johnson Law Firm (713)523-5000 
 Johnson Lee Attorney (713)860-8266 
 Johnson Logan E Attorney (713)758-4418 
 Johnson Loretta Muldrow P C Attorney (713)956-5055 
 Johnson Millard A Attorney Residence (713)669-0490 
 Johnson Peter Attorney (713)552-0025 
 Johnson Rexford A. Attorney (713)787-1697 
 Johnson Richard Attorney (713)229-1797 
 Johnson Ron Attorney At Law (713)651-0440 
 Johnson Sheryl B Attorney (713)528-5252 
 Johnson Suewan Attorney (713)758-4830 
 Johnson Suzanne Lehman Attorney (713)758-3396 
 Johnson Taneka Attorney (713)217-8245 
 Johnson Tim Attorney At Law (713)652-9999 
 Johnson Uvukansi And Associates (713)660-7900 
 Johnson Willam T Attorney (713)892-4850 
 Johnston And Minton Attorney At Law (713)460-9911 
 Johnston Jeffrey S Attorney (713)758-2198 
 Johnston Michael W (713)830-4816 
 Johnstone Debbi M Attorney (713)758-3420 
 Jolly Norman Attorney (713)237-8383 
 Jonas Aaron Attorney (713)526-9275 
 Jonathan Bruce Attorney At Law (713)782-1906 
 Jonathan Bruce Attorney At Law (713)782-6857 
 Jonathon Gol Attorney At Law (713)933-0491 
 Jones Allison And Ass Pc (713)861-7777 
 Jones And Keele Pc (713)451-8686 
 Jones And Young Pc (713)629-8800 
 Jones Andreas I Attorney (713)932-0688 
 Jones Bernard E Attorney (713)621-3330 
 Jones David M Attorney (713)840-8964 
 Jones David R Attorney (713)226-6653 
 Jones Dianna Attorney (713)650-2661 
 Jones Frank G Attorney (713)651-5473 
 Jones Frank G Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)877-1660 
 Jones Frank G Attorney Residence (713)626-3340 
 Jones Franklin Dr Attorney (713)650-2760 
 Jones Fred Attorney (713)626-5878 
 Jones Fred Attorney (713)827-9440 
 Jones Gene Attorney (713)868-5995 
 Jones Gerald L Attorney (281)497-9009 
 Jones Gregg H Attorney (713)651-5610 
 Jones Harry R Jr Attorney (713)951-5811 
 Jones Jeff M Attorney (713)547-2029 
 Jones Jeff M Attorney (713)547-2209 
 Jones John R (713)750-0092 
 Jones Kenneth R Attorney At Law (713)225-1754 
 Jones Laura (713)860-3305 
 Jones Lisa Attorney (713)694-6060 
 Jones M Randall Attorney (713)951-1059 
 Jones Madison R. Attorney (713)621-6688 
 Jones Mays And Ramsey (713)552-1892 
 Jones Melonie D (713)266-1436 
 Jones Melonie D Attorney (713)266-7740 
 Jones Nelson M Iii (713)224-5323 
 Jones Patricia L Attorney (713)226-1469 
 Jones Phillip J Attorney (713)226-1269 
 Jones Raymond Attorney At Law (713)728-4853 
 Jones Robert Alton Attorney (713)526-1171 
 Jones Russ Attorney (713)341-5401 
 Jones Russell Attorney (713)229-1561 
 Jones Sherwood O Attorney (713)220-4364 
 Jones Shonda M Attorney At Law Attorney (713)222-0196 
 Jones Sondra K Attorney (713)547-2276 
 Jones Steven Dwayne Attorney (713)758-4718 
 Jones William E Attorney (713)686-7200 
 Jones Young Husain Llp (713)621-8900 
 Jonte Christine K And Associates (281)875-1996 
 Joor William E Iii Attorney (713)758-2582 
 Joor William E Iii Attorney Residence (713)461-4258 
 Jordan Carey Attorney (713)229-1233 
 Jordan David Attorney (713)651-5592 
 Jordan James M Attorney (713)226-6692 
 Jordan Olivia L Attorney At Law (713)862-9011 
 Jordan Ray F Attorney (713)697-9900 
 Jordan Raymon Attorney (713)526-4627 
 Jordan W Carl Attorney (713)758-2258 
 Jordan W Carl Attorney Residence (713)668-3228 
 Jordan W H Bill Jr Attorney (713)641-0606 
 Jordon G Mark Attorney (713)652-4739 
 Jorgensen James A Attorney (713)787-1502 
 Jose W Vega Law Offices (713)223-3332 
 Josefson Jennifer A Attorney (713)547-2201 
 Joseph G. Zarcaro (713)227-4243 
 Joseph Jane N Attorney (713)861-9300 
 Joseph Kelly P Attorney (713)868-1000 
 Joseph P Montalbano P C (281)488-1656 
 Josephson Richard Attorney (713)229-1460 
 Jowers Robert D Attorney (713)461-8521 
 Joyce Jeffrey L Attorney (713)650-2734 
 Juarbe Iris Attorney (713)988-4000 
 Judice Kenneth R And Associates (281)579-3895 
 Judkowitz Jonathan B. Attorney (713)217-2843 
 Jukes Lee Attorney At Law (713)706-6100 
 Jukes Richard L (lee) Attorney W (713)877-9998 
 Julian And Seele Pc (281)293-9275 
 Jungman Y Frank Rltr Attorney Residence (713)621-6211 
 Just Raymond Arno Attorney (713)758-3897 
 Justin Peter Attorney (713)521-2144 
 K Corporation (713)840-7300 
 Kadala Ana E Attorney (713)787-1469 
 Kahanek John Iii Attorney (713)664-3790 
 Kahn Jennifer Hodges Attorney (713)226-9900 
 Kahn Robert E Attorney At Law (713)961-9977 
 Kahn Sanford (281)564-3400 
 Kahn Sanford B Pc Attorney (713)439-1919 
 Kaim Henry J Attorney (713)220-8108 
 Kaim Henry J Attorney (713)754-6234 
 Kain And Reedy (713)621-1070 
 Kaiser Iona Attorney (713)229-2157 
 Kajander And Greene Pc (713)963-9400 
 Kaldis Sultana Attorney (713)523-3013 
 Kallinen Randal Attorney At Law (713)528-8586 
 Kalmans Raymond Attorney (713)735-8585 
 Kamel Stevem A Attorney (713)464-0041 
 Kamin Betsy Attorney (713)951-5635 
 Kamine Jorge Hershel Attorney (713)758-4434 
 Kaminsky Neal M Attorney (713)226-6698 
 Kammerer Patricia A Attorney (713)787-1438 
 Kapacinskas Heidi E Attorney (713)533-0100 
 Kapacinskas John F Attorney (713)651-8472 
 Kaplan Jeffrey H P C (713)522-3800 
 Kaplan Lee L Attorney (713)221-2323 
 Kaplan Michael L. Attorney (713)465-8522 
 Kaplan Richard M Attorney (713)723-4057 
 Kaplan Richard M Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)723-4760 
 Kaplan Richard M. Attorney (713)961-9045 
 Karadag Yalcin Attorney And Counselor At Law (713)888-0606 
 Karen B. Tripp (713)658-9323 
 Karn Joann Attorney (281)320-2052 
 Kasner Marc A. Attorney (713)877-1600 
 Kass Mariam Attorney (713)840-6044 
 Kass Mark J Attorney At Law (713)774-0212 
 Kassab Lance Christopher Attorney (713)522-7400 
 Kates Kenneth H. Attorney (713)600-4701 
 Katherine Scardino Attorney (713)520-5223 
 Kattner Kenric D Attorney (713)547-2518 
 Katz Paul N Attorney (713)229-1343 
 Kaufman Lisa Jane Attorney (713)758-2138 
 Kaufman Mark (713)840-1000 
 Kaufmann Josh Attorney (713)572-6300 
 Kaufmann Management Group (713)629-7325 
 Keating Joyce A Attorney (713)622-4188 
 Keating Joyce A Attorney (713)993-9363 
 Keaton Stacy L Attorney (713)654-4455 
 Keegan James F Attorney (713)668-4797 
 Keeling And Associates Pc (713)686-2222 
 Keeling Hudson (713)680-1447 
 Keeling Kenneth A Attorney (713)680-9676 
 Keener Craig Attorney (713)529-0048 
 Keeney C Robert Jr Attorney (713)868-7917 
 Keezel Roy Attorney (713)355-4081 
 Keim R Kenneth Attorney Res (713)783-0366 
 Keirnan John Attorney (713)236-9700 
 Keiter Aaron Attorney (713)706-3636 
 Kelber Kathryn Attorney (713)940-0627 
 Keller Brian Attorney (713)547-9138 
 Kelley Felix Attorney (713)812-9444 
 Kelley Jay D Attorney (713)758-4838 
 Kelley Patrick Attorney (713)222-6363 
 Kelley Patrick Attorney (713)759-9015 
 Kelly And Smith Pc (713)528-2588 
 Kelly Dennis B Attorney (713)868-2700 
 Kelly James S Attorney (713)461-7990 
 Kelly Laura Attorney (713)651-3656 
 Kelly Lisa Catherine Attorney (713)229-1335 
 Kelly Scott Attorney (713)229-1175 
 Kelly Stacy L Attorney (713)653-8675 
 Kelly T Mark Attorney (713)758-4592 
 Kelly William Franklin Jr Attorney (713)758-2394 
 Kelly Wm Franklin Jr Attorney Residence (713)688-7377 
 Kelpetro (713)403-7407 
 Kelsey Thomas R Attorney (713)226-1321 
 Kemp And Kesler Llp (713)621-4900 
 Kemp Japaula C Attorney (713)225-3598 
 Kemp Roland C Attorney (281)444-7110 
 Kendall Clarence F Ii And Associates (713)961-9393 
 Kennedy Christopher N Attorney (713)227-7444 
 Kennedy Graham Attorney (713)229-1286 
 Kennedy John E Attorney (713)758-2550 
 Kennedy John E Attorney Residence (713)661-1318 
 Kennedy Katie Attorney (713)666-7947 
 Kennedy Robert D Law Office Of (713)468-5500 
 Kennedy Thomas F Attorney At Law (713)783-7444 
 Kennedy Thomas F Attorney At Law (713)783-7445 
 Kenneth D Mcconnico (281)286-7779 
 Kenneth M. Morris (713)659-8697 
 Kenneth Mcguire Law Office (713)977-7984 
 Kenneth P Thomas (713)355-5341 
 Kenneth P. Thomas (713)355-6728 
 Kepke Carlos E Attorney (713)626-0612 
 Kepner James H Attorney (713)526-4861 
 Kepner Jas H Attorney Residence (713)464-7733 
 Kerelegon Dorita A Attorney At Law (713)432-9000 
 Kerelegon Dorita Attorney (713)522-8242 
 Kerensky Michael W. Attorney (713)522-8686 
 Kergosien Angelle K Attorney At Law (713)871-2014 
 Kerr Raymond C Attorney Residence (713)827-0323 
 Kerr Suzanne H Attorney (713)951-5820 
 Keshen Gu Attorney At Law (713)988-0919 
 Kesterson Ronald W Attorney (713)229-1282 
 Kesterson Ronald W Attorney Residence (713)668-0724 
 Ketchand Robert L Attorney (713)871-2053 
 Ketchum James R. Attorney (713)222-4022 
 Ketterman Julie A (713)865-5658 
 Keville John R Attorney (713)787-1559 
 Kewalramani Shashi Attorney (713)787-1542 
 Keyes David R Attorney (713)758-2418 
 Keyes David R Attorney Residence (713)552-0258 
 Keys Dennis E Clms Anylst (713)658-1111 
 Keyser Deborah Attorney (713)521-3600 
 Khan Lori J Attorney (713)665-5807 
 Kieschnick Jonathan Attorney (713)877-2545 
 Kieval Barry Barton Attorney (281)496-0035 
 Kieval Neal Attorney (713)877-2503 
 Killough Richard Attorney (713)650-6300 
 Kilpatrick Donald E (713)462-7097 
 Kim G. Yelton (713)942-8575 
 Kim Helen Attorney (713)229-1923 
 Kimbell James M Attorney (713)951-5632 
 Kimzey Shane Attorney (713)229-1262 
 Kinchen Patrisha A Attorney (713)529-4445 
 King Ben R Attorney (713)974-6700 
 King C Randall Attorney (713)226-6603 
 King Daniel D. Attorney (713)425-7402 
 King John L Attorney (713)651-5350 
 King Law Office (713)871-0958 
 King Linda D Attorney At Law (713)784-7210 
 King Michael Attorney (713)229-1481 
 King Roberson L Attorney (713)526-5505 
 King Robert J Attorney (713)226-1290 
 King Stephen Attorney (713)524-9982 
 Kingsbury Charles (281)218-7801 
 Kinkaid Philip M Attorney (713)758-1136 
 Kinkaid Philip M Attorney Residence (713)266-1926 
 Kinto Kelly Attorney (713)683-0406 
 Kinzel Allyson Hancock Attorney (713)758-3394 
 Kirby Dan Attorney (713)681-1300 
 Kirby Title Llc (713)668-2323 
 Kirk John R Jr Attorney (713)951-3388 
 Kirk Law Firm (713)622-2207 
 Kirk Law Firm (713)933-3600 
 Kirkendall David Attorney (713)869-8881 
 Kirkham Joe M Attorney (713)223-8811 
 Kirkland J David Jr Attorney (713)229-1101 
 Kirklin Charles B. Attorney (713)571-8300 
 Kirkpatrick Crawford W Attorney (713)861-7370 
 Kirsch Glenda Hobbs Attorney (713)241-8373 
 Kissner Leo A Attorney (713)523-0446 
 Klang Jamie Attorney (713)651-5173 
 Klasing Murphy Attorney (713)860-8228 
 Klasing Murphy S Attorney (713)615-8536 
 Klaus Joe Pc Attorney (713)896-1150 
 Klawinski Christopher E. Attorney (713)658-0880 
 Klein Alexander Iii Attorney (713)650-1111 
 Kleinman Lou (713)681-5277 
 Klemm Jeffrey Attorney (713)621-9944 
 Kline Allen H Jr Attorney (281)999-3331 
 Kline Allen H Jr Attorney (713)224-3101 
 Klosek Tama Brooks Attorney (713)758-4422 
 Kluber Berne C Attorney (713)226-1313 
 Klug John Attorney (713)860-8230 
 Knapp Fred Attorney (713)547-9107 
 Knapp Larry Attorney (713)661-5767 
 Knight And Scott (713)521-9150 
 Knight Kevin Attorney (713)840-7725 
 Knipp Ernest A Pc Attorney Residence (713)664-4035 
 Knippa And Kral (713)739-1050 
 Knobelsdorf John C Ii Attorney (713)666-7700 
 Knockaert Erik A Attorney (713)226-6686 
 Knoll David D Attorney (713)650-2732 
 Knoll Susan K Attorney (713)787-1419 
 Knop Kenneth H Attorney (713)572-3482 
 Knowles James M Jr Attorney (713)928-3383 
 Knowles James M Jr Attorney (713)928-3384 
 Knowles Lonnie R Attorney At Law (713)523-3131 
 Knull Yolanda C Attorney (713)758-2152 
 Kochman Donati And Charbonnet (713)871-2490 
 Kocurek Randall Attorney (713)626-2004 
 Koehn Kellye R Attorney (713)951-5831 
 Koelsch Robert S Attorney (713)882-7259 
 Koenig Julie M Attorney (713)861-5699 
 Koenig Rodney C Attorney (713)651-5333 
 Kohleffel Bill Attorney (281)444-0654 
 Kohler Michael Attorney (713)225-0147 
 Kohlhausen Bill Attorney (713)868-3555 
 Koks Mary W. Attorney (713)222-4030 
 Kolb Jay T Attorney (713)229-1305 
 Kontrimas Andrius R Attorney (713)951-3303 
 Korduba Laryssa M. Attorney (281)550-7778 
 Kormeier And Walters L.l.p. (713)973-2777 
 Kormeier Victor A Jr Attorney (713)973-1497 
 Kornblit Suzanne P Attorney (713)524-2430 
 Kornegay Nancy R Attorney (713)758-4696 
 Kornreich Craig Stephen Attorney (713)758-4816 
 Kowis And Pinak Attorneys At Law (713)965-9000 
 Kraft Kennedy And Lesser (713)224-1717 
 Kramer Adam Miles Attorney (713)758-3384 
 Kramer Alan Attorney (713)964-4887 
 Kramer Evan Attorney (713)525-6280 
 Kramer Lynn Chuang Attorney (713)222-4020 
 Kramer Robert A Attorney (713)860-8240 
 Kratochvil Powell Attorney (713)464-0588 
 Krause Earwood And Ward Pc (713)660-8887 
 Krause Earwood And Ward Pc (713)864-9412 
 Krebs Arno W Jr Attorney (713)651-5522 
 Krebs Arno W Jr Attorney Residence (713)961-4455 
 Krebs Stephen Attorney (713)229-1467 
 Krebs Stephen Attorney Residence (713)665-0219 
 Kreck Kay Attorney (713)237-0654 
 Kreindler And Associates (713)647-8888 
 Kreindler Mitch Attorney (713)974-8800 
 Krell And Torigian (713)951-7600 
 Krenek Eddie Attorney At Law (281)578-7711 
 Krennerich Erica Lee Attorney (713)758-2112 
 Kress Hugh R Attorney (713)787-1405 
 Krider Sandra T Attorney (713)229-1593 
 Krider Sandra T Attorney Residence (713)802-0665 
 Krieger Paul Attorney (713)651-5167 
 Krishnan K L Attorney (713)650-3237 
 Krist Kevin D. Attorney (281)283-8500 
 Kristin Wilkinson Law Firm (713)980-4343 
 Krock Kenneth M Attorney (713)547-2832 
 Krocker Dan Attorney (713)683-0397 
 Kroger Bill Mata Attorney (713)229-1736 
 Krohn Daniel A Attorney (713)529-0655 
 Kroll Daniel H Attorney (713)229-1973 
 Kronzer Walter James Iii Attorney (713)622-5766 
 Kruckemeyer Robert J Attorney (713)860-8245 
 Krueger Daniel J Attorney (713)238-8055 
 Kruse Layne E Attorney (713)651-5194 
 Kruse Layne E Attorney Residence (713)973-2237 
 Kruse Layne E Attorney Residence (713)984-1146 
 Kruse Marion Woodrow Attorney (713)624-1234 
 Kubosh Paul Attorney (713)222-0990 
 Kudlac Kevin S Attorney (713)787-1534 
 Kuehm Robert C Attorney (713)861-6166 
 Kuehm Robert C. Attorney (713)230-2200 
 Kuehn James (281)537-2685 
 Kuehn James D Attorney (281)537-1502 
 Kuehn James D Attorney (281)537-2456 
 Kuester Noel J Attorney (713)222-1237 
 Kuhn George Attorney (713)840-0174 
 Kuhn Jeffrey S Attorney (713)222-2300 
 Kulkarni Charles Attorney (713)229-1536 
 Kuniansky Richard B Attorney (713)622-8333 
 Kuntz Stephen A Attorney (713)651-5241 
 Kuo Yan Min Attorney (713)271-9888 
 Kuper Michael Jay Attorney (713)892-4888 
 Kuperman Shay S Attorney (713)758-4762 
 Kupferman Debra Attorney (713)229-1285 
 Kuriger Lynn Law Office Of (713)627-2852 
 Kuryla Matt Attorney (713)229-1114 
 Kusin Stuart V Attorney (713)653-7812 
 Kutzschbach George F Attorney (713)651-3702 
 Kwan Alan Y Attorney (713)974-1400 
 Kwan Alan Y Attorney (713)974-1467 
 Kwon Charles (713)682-2999 
 Kyle R. Sears P.c. (713)781-4044 
 Kyles John H Attorney (713)758-3220 
 Kyung S Lee Attorney (713)333-5125 
 L A C C Legal Aid Community Center (713)641-2500 
 L Garth White (713)988-9922 
 Labanowski And Associates (713)780-8585 
 Labanowski Lawrence F Attorney (713)622-0700 
 Laboon Bruce R Attorney (713)226-1330 
 Laborde Jr Edward T Attorney (713)650-2797 
 Lacy Terri Attorney (713)220-4482 
 Ladd Robert S Attorney (713)547-2023 
 Ladner Marion Attorney (713)951-5654 
 Lafuze William L Attorney (713)758-2595 
 Lain W Keith Attorney (713)667-8508 
 Laird Jules L Jr Attorney (713)952-3737 
 Laitco Mediate (281)486-1829 
 Lake K Cooper Attorney (713)758-3826 
 Lake K Cooper Attorney Residence (713)523-0313 
 Lam Lyn Robinson And Philip (713)772-7088 
 Lam Michael (832)366-1464 
 Lam Michael A Pc (713)651-9433 
 Lamb Jonathan Attorney (713)529-5025 
 Lambert Joel Christian Attorney (713)758-2993 
 Lambright And Associates A Professional Corporation (713)840-1515 
 Lambright Don Attorney (713)223-4949 
 Lamkin Paul A Attorney (281)759-5600 
 Lamkin Paul A Attorney (713)468-3388 
 Lamme Thomas R Attorney (713)951-5864 
 Lamp Paul Attorney (713)960-6030 
 Lamson And Looney P.c. (281)597-8818 
 Lamson Michael A Attorney (713)526-9269 
 Lance Christopher Kassab P.c. (713)223-3096 
 Lance Nguyen Attorney (713)821-0102 
 Lanceley Vanessa J.a. Attorney (713)803-1090 
 Land America Commonwealth Title (713)465-0139 
 Landa Angelica Attorney (713)861-1258 
 Landamerica Charter Title (713)354-2400 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Houston (281)379-4260 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Houston Clear Lake (281)480-3501 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Houston Corporate Office (713)780-3115 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Houston Fountainview (713)952-8844 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Houston Greenway Plaza (713)850-9543 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Houston River Oaks (713)522-5700 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Houston West Loop (713)850-8525 
 Landau Sarah B Attorney (713)758-2460 
 Landis Deborah M. Wotring Attorney (713)877-8522 
 Landry Edward John And Norma (713)659-4427 
 Lane Andi Attorney (713)226-1437 
 Lange John B Iii Attorney (713)860-8224 
 Langemeier Avalyn C Attorney (713)625-9225 
 Langer Kenneth Law Offices Of (713)942-0765 
 Langes And Associates (713)467-1434 
 Langston Robert Bruce Attorney At Law (713)840-1526 
 Lanier Kenneth E Attorney (713)228-0770 
 Lanier Law Firm (281)866-6800 
 Lanier Parker And Sullivan (281)537-7521 
 Lanier Parker And Sullivan (281)537-7624 
 Lansden Mitchell Baylor Attorney (713)220-2224 
 Lantz Peggy J Attorney (832)242-6222 
 Lantz Peggy J. Attorney (713)954-4830 
 Lapeze Keith Walton Attorney (713)758-3811 
 Lapin Jack Attorney (713)735-8520 
 Lara German Attorney (713)226-1498 
 Larry Lawrence A. Rousseau (713)222-0550 
 Larsen Jospeh Attorney (713)844-3040 
 Larson D Keith Attorney (713)869-2511 
 Lary Camm Carrington Iii Attorney (713)860-6416 
 Lassiter James M And Associates Pc (713)521-0104 
 Laubach Wendy K Attorney (713)333-5137 
 Laucius And Associates (713)952-9840 
 Lavenant Rene P Jr Attorney (713)651-3754 
 Laviage Michael L Attorney (713)520-0008 
 Law Chamber Of Mcguinnis And Associates (713)782-6982 
 Law Firm Of Boje And Associates (713)271-2500 
 Law Firm Of Daniel Jack And Associates (713)771-8400 
 Law Firm Of Francisca (713)787-6100 
 Law Firm Of O J Lawal And Associates (713)773-0600 
 Law Firm Of Okorafor And Mgbaraho (713)839-9700 
 Law Firm Of Reginald (713)457-1444 
 Law Firm Of Reginald C Ibe (713)774-2744 
 Law Firm Of Theresa Omeludike (713)484-5662 
 Law Firm Of Theresa Omeludike (713)484-5666 
 Law Firm Of Tot Kim Le (713)226-7007 
 Law Ofc Pisano (281)893-3000 
 Law Office (713)228-2235 
 Law Office James R Hunt And Anita Osbournelee (281)537-1196 
 Law Office Kearney Steven (713)227-5000 
 Law Office Of Alva Wesleythomas (713)278-0800 
 Law Office Of Alvin N Saenz (281)333-2780 
 Law Office Of Angela Aaron Attorney (713)222-2022 
 Law Office Of Boma Allison And Associates Pllc (832)242-1900 
 Law Office Of Brian Overstreet (713)228-4529 
 Law Office Of Carl R Pruett (713)228-6050 
 Law Office Of Carmen Waiping Cheung (713)266-8856 
 Law Office Of Carole L Riggs (713)977-7391 
 Law Office Of Charles G Kingsbury (281)218-7876 
 Law Office Of Chris Carlson (713)236-7787 
 Law Office Of Christine M. Sampson P.c. (713)526-6521 
 Law Office Of Christopher Nave (713)355-6283 
 Law Office Of Christopher Sharkey And Associates (713)683-1007 
 Law Office Of Chuck Oko (713)779-0233 
 Law Office Of Cici Agomo Brown (713)782-5551 
 Law Office Of Coleman And Associates P.c. (713)290-1191 
 Law Office Of Corrigan And Alvarez (713)472-9100 
 Law Office Of Dafey And Associates (713)592-9100 
 Law Office Of Daniel Hrna (281)564-9800 
 Law Office Of David L. Mcewing (713)621-6645 
 Law Office Of David Mcclure (281)920-5600 
 Law Office Of David Ortiz (713)242-0733 
 Law Office Of Donald L Harvey (713)571-0300 
 Law Office Of Doug Moran (281)444-8202 
 Law Office Of Ehsan (713)524-1207 
 Law Office Of Elaine Hubbardpalmer (713)778-0656 
 Law Office Of Fel Tabangay (713)271-5696 
 Law Office Of Fran Brochstein (713)847-6000 
 Law Office Of Fredrick Mcgruire (254)759-2665 
 Law Office Of Fredrick Mcgruire (936)336-9808 
 Law Office Of Gerringer And Schmerin (713)682-4700 
 Law Office Of Gerringer And Schmerin (713)957-0288 
 Law Office Of Grace Wanguma (713)270-8200 
 Law Office Of Hedlesten And Oglesby (713)652-2002 
 Law Office Of Irvin C Gadson (713)237-8300 
 Law Office Of James A Ngo (713)626-9200 
 Law Office Of Jeffery Karchmer (713)850-8888 
 Law Office Of Jeffrey S Wyman (713)599-1929 
 Law Office Of Judy Harris Meeh Pc (281)333-8338 
 Law Office Of Kenneth Nnaka (713)266-1446 
 Law Office Of Lachele Brewster (713)623-0300 
 Law Office Of Lance Nguyen (281)445-3801 
 Law Office Of Larry Hinojosa Attorney (713)236-7772 
 Law Office Of Larry Sweeris (713)981-3811 
 Law Office Of Laura Arteaga (713)785-4900 
 Law Office Of Lawrence F Dietlein Jr (713)650-1222 
 Law Office Of Lopez De Victoria (713)532-8409 
 Law Office Of Marilyn Gale Vilyus (281)550-6650 
 Law Office Of Marjorie A. Muniz (713)226-8911 
 Law Office Of Mark D Wilson Pc (281)646-9600 
 Law Office Of Michele Obrien P.c. (713)960-8543 
 Law Office Of O Miller White (281)315-8810 
 Law Office Of Pamela Williams (713)229-0888 
 Law Office Of Patrick F. Mccann (713)223-3805 
 Law Office Of Percy C Singleton Jr Attorney At Law (713)664-7678 
 Law Office Of Peter L. Shaw (713)861-7700 
 Law Office Of Rahul Lamba (713)527-7222 
 Law Office Of Rahul Lamba (713)932-7844 
 Law Office Of Randall Sadler (713)877-8254 
 Law Office Of Richard M Cole Iii (713)222-6049 
 Law Office Of Robert L Steinburg (713)223-8644 
 Law Office Of Saffary (713)782-1155 
 Law Office Of Sam Adamo (713)203-4440 
 Law Office Of Sam Adamo (713)547-4950 
 Law Office Of Sam M. (trey) Yates Iii P.c. (713)932-7177 
 Law Office Of Sarah D Monty (281)496-9222 
 Law Office Of Shawn Thierry (713)981-3206 
 Law Office Of Solis And Yan (713)779-4416 
 Law Office Of Sowers And Associates Attorney (713)529-7774 
 Law Office Of Steven Rapoport (713)776-2700 
 Law Office Of Suzan Harden (713)968-9269 
 Law Office Of Terrence Gaiser (713)225-0666 
 Law Office Of Thomas Barry (281)405-9181 
 Law Office Of Thomas M Stanley (713)229-7094 
 Law Office Of Wade Prasifka (832)618-1800 
 Law Office Of Warren Fitzgerald (713)236-7703 
 Law Office Of Wendy A Thomas P C (713)781-2262 
 Law Office Of Wendy A Thomas Pc (713)781-5967 
 Law Office Of William Boor Jr Attorney (281)493-9135 
 Law Office Of William E Jones Jr (713)222-7777 
 Law Office Of William P Martin (281)578-5911 
 Law Office Of Yali Huang (713)995-5808 
 Law Office Of Yvette M. Mastin (832)251-3662 
 Law Offices (713)457-3500 
 Law Offices Craig Hughes (713)629-4700 
 Law Offices Of A G Santos Iii Divorce And Family Law (713)223-3630 
 Law Offices Of Adan G. Vega And Associates Pllc (713)527-9606 
 Law Offices Of Alan Byers (281)933-9400 
 Law Offices Of Alice Morales (713)520-6585 
 Law Offices Of Alice Morales (713)520-6586 
 Law Offices Of Alice Morales (713)520-6589 
 Law Offices Of Alice Morales (713)524-9797 
 Law Offices Of Benjamin C Wilson (713)917-0055 
 Law Offices Of Benjamin Mbonu (713)975-1147 
 Law Offices Of Benton Musslewhite (713)783-2250 
 Law Offices Of Charles Noll (713)630-0273 
 Law Offices Of Choise G Orieh (713)668-9097 
 Law Offices Of Christopher Sharkey (713)752-2700 
 Law Offices Of Corey L Mills (713)463-6933 
 Law Offices Of Craig Seldin Pllc (713)622-4400 
 Law Offices Of David Orti (713)514-0701 
 Law Offices Of David Phillips (713)225-2700 
 Law Offices Of David R Lee (281)970-0688 
 Law Offices Of David R Lee (281)970-0717 
 Law Offices Of Esquivel And Associates (713)789-8997 
 Law Offices Of Francis Arzu (713)995-8003 
 Law Offices Of Gouigan And Manning (713)394-0520 
 Law Offices Of Guy L Womack (713)224-8815 
 Law Offices Of Holli Palmer (281)866-9200 
 Law Offices Of James And Stagg (713)223-5811 
 Law Offices Of James Mark Cooper (713)222-2863 
 Law Offices Of James R. Davis (713)702-6901 
 Law Offices Of James Shu And Associates (713)772-2400 
 Law Offices Of Jeffery Tompkins (713)787-5333 
 Law Offices Of Joe Yardas (281)876-0600 
 Law Offices Of John K. Tyler (713)961-0550 
 Law Offices Of John Nichols (713)654-0708 
 Law Offices Of Justice B Adjei Esquire (713)464-4447 
 Law Offices Of Ken Harper (713)621-0941 
 Law Offices Of Kilpatrick And White (713)523-8830 
 Law Offices Of Kiri Martin (713)236-7705 
 Law Offices Of Lai And Associates (713)988-5666 
 Law Offices Of Lan Huey Huang (713)270-8998 
 Law Offices Of Lanetra S Lary (713)218-9077 
 Law Offices Of Lawrence Madeksho (713)910-8000 
 Law Offices Of Lin And Associates (281)879-9000 
 Law Offices Of Lin And Associates (281)988-9227 
 Law Offices Of Lin And Associates (281)988-9228 
 Law Offices Of Maosen Yieh (713)988-6660 
 Law Offices Of Mari Gianukos (713)864-2802 
 Law Offices Of Mark A. Mclean (281)922-4744 
 Law Offices Of Michael Busby Jr (713)974-1151 
 Law Offices Of Michael N Njoku (713)995-0117 
 Law Offices Of Of Lewis M Chandler (713)228-8508 
 Law Offices Of Oneal Williams (713)464-4141 
 Law Offices Of Paul Mcculloch (713)650-6080 
 Law Offices Of R. Gary Stephens (713)629-1111 
 Law Offices Of Richard A Crow Pll C (713)688-4320 
 Law Offices Of Richard J Presutti (713)229-0764 
 Law Offices Of Richard M Lester (713)783-7777 
 Law Offices Of Richard T Howell The+jr Pc (713)789-7200 
 Law Offices Of Robert A Lynch Jr (713)223-4326 
 Law Offices Of Robert D Kennedy (713)968-6500 
 Law Offices Of Rolfe Goode (713)432-0111 
 Law Offices Of Ronald Max Raydon (281)398-6402 
 Law Offices Of Ronald Wardell (713)355-4343 
 Law Offices Of Samuel M Ako (713)272-7111 
 Law Offices Of Sergio A Saldivar (713)592-9775 
 Law Offices Of Seth J Hinkley (713)523-5595 
 Law Offices Of Shahin Jamea Pllc (713)621-0707 
 Law Offices Of Sharma And Associates (281)895-6199 
 Law Offices Of Shawn Thierry (713)988-1904 
 Law Offices Of Sheryl Tatar Dacso Pllc (713)522-4100 
 Law Offices Of Stephen Liss Llc (713)862-5477 
 Law Offices Of Sunny Leigh Kapungu (713)395-1530 
 Law Offices Of Susan C Norman (713)465-3344 
 Law Offices Of Terrance P Baggott (713)529-2727 
 Law Offices Of Terry Bryant (866)399-4693 
 Law Offices Of Troy J. Pradia (713)739-0402 
 Law Offices Of Walter B. Williams (713)783-6565 
 Law Offices Of William S Featherstone Inc (713)526-4773 
 Law Offices Of Zaheed Kajani (713)968-6544 
 Lawal Bade Attorney At Law (713)626-1444 
 Lawhon Susan Attorney (713)651-5323 
 Lawji Arif Attorney At Law (713)789-6591 
 Lawrence Rothenberg (713)784-1491 
 Lawson Elaine L Attorney (713)651-5632 
 Lawter And Lawter L.l.p. (713)522-9400 
 Lawton Celeste Attorney (713)229-1928 
 Lawyers Aa Fordable Bail Bonds (713)227-0307 
 Lawyers Lawyer (713)552-0700 
 Lawyers Title Co Of Houston (713)623-0150 
 Lawyers Title Company (713)228-0801 
 Lawyers Title Company Of Houston (713)785-5081 
 Lay Thomas F (281)484-2700 
 Lazarz Mark Attorney (713)621-2277 
 Leach And Minnick Pc (713)695-3396 
 Leach Warren B Jr Attorney (713)622-6210 
 Leader James L Attorney (713)229-1243 
 Leader Rita J Attorney (713)888-1844 
 Leahy James R Attorney (713)951-5836 
 Leal And Associates (713)526-1513 
 Leatherman Stephen K Attorney (713)527-8757 
 Lebar Josh Attorney (713)650-2664 
 Lebarron Barbara J. Attorney (713)222-4025 
 Leblanc Michelle G Attorney (713)226-1375 
 Leboeuf And Wittenmyer Pc (713)463-5422 
 Lechtenberger J Dean Attorney (713)787-1630 
 Lee Byron G Attorney Residence (713)622-1152 
 Lee Chadwich D Attorney (713)869-7393 
 Lee Cindy Y Attorney (713)758-4730 
 Lee Gary E Attorney (281)484-0016 
 Lee Jack Phillip Attorney (713)224-5225 
 Lee James P Attorney (713)229-1487 
 Lee James P Attorney Residence (713)464-9729 
 Lee John A Attorney (713)220-4260 
 Lee Michael Attorney (713)653-7806 
 Lee Michael Attorney (713)961-2927 
 Lee Michael E Attorney (713)787-1535 
 Lee Min Un Attorney (713)468-0468 
 Lee Min Un Attorney (713)468-4689 
 Lee Sherrita D Attorney (713)228-4422 
 Lee Theodore J Attorney At Law (713)623-6969 
 Lee William Gentry Attorney (713)758-2180 
 Lee William Gentry Attorney Residence (713)629-4418 
 Lee William S Attorney (713)651-5633 
 Leebron Michael W Ii Attorney (713)529-8751 
 Leeper And Associates (713)228-6141 
 Lefkowitz Jeff Attorney (713)650-2794 
 Lefler Dean Hyrum Attorney (281)894-8389 
 Lefler Dean Hyrum Attorney (713)758-1030 
 Legacy Planning Group (713)461-8300 
 Legal Aid (281)260-0096 
 Legalnet Litigations Services (713)263-7002 
 Legalwatch Inc (713)864-9997 
 Leger D John Attorney (713)781-5932 
 Leggett John Waldo Attorney (713)758-3231 
 Legrand Jennifer K Attorney (713)758-2372 
 Legros Nancy Collier Attorney (713)758-3239 
 Lehmann And Associates (713)957-2800 
 Lehmann Jeffrey A Attorney Residence (713)957-1884 
 Lehmberg Philip R Attorney (713)650-2796 
 Leichtman Ira A Attorney At Law (281)486-4040 
 Leigh B Meineke (713)463-6000 
 Leitner Jim Attorney (713)237-8707 
 Lejune Law Firm (713)942-9898 
 Lemond James M Attorney (713)650-2750 
 Lemond Scott A Attorney (713)547-2039 
 Lemuth Mary B. Attorney (713)546-0570 
 Lenders Advantage (713)679-1700 
 Lennon Michael Attorney (713)229-1867 
 Lenox Judith W Attorney Residence (713)527-0223 
 Lenstrom Lori (713)686-0067 
 Leonard Andrew Law Office (713)464-5200 
 Leonard Terrance James Ii Attorney (281)922-1117 
 Lerner Gary Attorney At Law (713)533-1011 
 Lerner Gary Attorney At Law (713)953-0495 
 Leroy Beck Jr Attorney (281)445-6200 
 Lester And Lester Inc (281)597-1300 
 Lester Gary T Attorney (713)946-7577 
 Letbetter Tom R Attorney Childrens Telephone (713)973-1334 
 Levenberg Karin Attorney (713)226-1343 
 Leventhal Daniel Attorney (713)651-8360 
 Levi Kenneth B Attorney Residence (713)681-4723 
 Levin Andrea D Attorney (713)333-5107 
 Levin Dorin Attorney (713)229-9300 
 Levin Neil S Attorney (713)355-9215 
 Levin Neil S Attorney (832)675-0800 
 Levine Michael J Attorney (713)229-1787 
 Levine Robert Pc Law Offices Of (713)861-4173 
 Levine Sharon Attorney At Law (713)865-5653 
 Levinthal Jared Isaac Attorney (713)758-2996 
 Levy Alene Ross Attorney (713)547-2019 
 Levy David J Attorney (713)651-8263 
 Levy Matt Attorney (713)626-7474 
 Levy Robert L Attorney (713)547-2032 
 Lewis And Lewis And Associates (713)622-0318 
 Lewis Barham Attorney (713)655-5767 
 Lewis Kevin Paul Attorney Residence (713)838-9175 
 Lewis Polly P Attorney (281)286-9898 
 Lewis Russell C. Attorney (713)229-1767 
 Libby Joseph D. Attorney (713)222-7757 
 Liberato Lynne Attorney (713)547-2017 
 Licata Joseph Attorney (713)623-8188 
 Lichenstein Thomas E Attorney (713)223-1218 
 Lichenstein Thos E Attorney Residence (713)667-0602 
 Liddell William T Attorney At Law (713)465-8004 
 Lieberalessie Alex Attorney (713)224-4300 
 Liggins Demetra Attorney (713)650-2667 
 Lightfoot Brenda Barr Attorney (713)653-5763 
 Lilienstern O Clay Attorney (713)547-9112 
 Lilly Glenn Attorney (713)339-4666 
 Lilly Joyce Stamp Rn Jd Pc (713)759-6430 
 Limbrick Donald W Attorney (713)224-6811 
 Limitone Anthony V Attorney (713)228-0049 
 Lin And Valdez Llp (713)339-4200 
 Lin Tyrone Attorney (713)484-6474 
 Lincoln Art Attorney (281)493-4930 
 Lincoln Christine K. Attorney (281)970-9005 
 Linda G. Marshall (713)651-1313 
 Lindahl Eric J Attorney (713)463-6700 
 Linden William M Attorney (713)467-1032 
 Lindsay Edward E (713)465-3660 
 Lindsey Sheila Attorney (713)664-4184 
 Lindsey Stephen M. Attorney (713)229-1660 
 Lindseysalvato C A Attorney (713)522-0774 
 Linkin And Thomas Llc (713)952-1734 
 Linsenmayer Bryce D Attorney (713)547-2007 
 Linton Crespin Attorney (713)236-1319 
 Linville Kristi Attorney (713)229-1611 
 Lionberger Richard L. Attorney (713)224-7100 
 Lionberger Richard L. Attorney (713)571-7272 
 Lipe Guy S Attorney (713)758-1109 
 Lipets Paulina Attorney (713)237-3148 
 Lipkin Mark Attorney (713)802-9488 
 Lipman And Associates Pc (713)840-9600 
 Lippman Joann Attorney (713)547-2531 
 Lippman Louis Attorney (281)759-0500 
 Lippman Louis Attorney (713)650-1100 
 Lipshultz Barbara Attorney (713)758-3481 
 Lipstet Robert L Attorney Residence (713)623-8227 
 Lisa C Ross And Associates (713)739-7474 
 Lisa J. Thiele (713)534-5330 
 Little Judy Linse Attorney (713)547-2080 
 Littlepage And Associates (713)529-8000 
 Littleton And Associates Attorneys At Law (713)779-9898 
 Lobb Charles E Attorney (281)488-0630 
 Loren D Stark Company (281)498-5777 
 Lucia Gregory E (713)871-0754 
 Lybarger Richard A. Attorney (713)626-3538 
 Lynn Messer Pc (713)782-6100 
 Lyons Douglas W Jr Attorney (281)583-2777 
 Magers Gail Attorney (713)521-0221 
 Mahoney And Associates Attorneys At Law (713)552-1700 
 Marcus E Faubion Law Office (713)944-9931 
 Margaret Maxwell Mcclure (713)659-1333 
 Mari L. Wise (713)877-9473 
 Maris Taxauto Title (713)682-4062 
 Marshall John H Attorney At Law (713)439-1270 
 Massmutual Retirement Services (713)840-0303 
 Mawdsley Richard A. Jr. Attorney (713)623-6868 
 Maxcy Alan Cpa (281)496-2877 
 Mbm Securities Inc (713)225-0400 
 Mccarty And Mccarty (281)893-5400 
 Mccarty And Mccarty (713)467-9990 
 Mcconnico Kate H. Attorney (713)986-7000 
 Mccrary Dan Attorney (713)840-9071 
 Mccreary Robert V (281)440-4676 
 Mcdonald Randy A. Attorney (713)521-2585 
 Mcenrue Michael A Attorney (713)862-1975 
 Mcinvale Robert Reid Attorney (281)955-1111 
 Mckenney Jerry R. Attorney (713)917-0888 
 Medellin Insurance Agency (713)956-9900 
 Mendell Robert M. Attorney (713)888-0700 
 Merwin Bruce W. Attorney (713)547-2116 
 Michael Charles J Attorney (281)488-5500 
 Michael M.l. Teague (281)935-3541 
 Michael P. Von Blon And Associates (713)681-5288 
 Michael Shea Oconnor (713)528-1818 
 Michaels Sharon L. Attorney (713)623-6443 
 Mid America Estate Services (281)444-3774 
 Mitchell And Oconnell Llp (713)968-6508 
 Monterrey Auto Title (713)802-0971 
 Mooney Tiffany R. Attorney (713)462-1671 
 Moore H Clay Attorney (713)523-0123 
 Moore Roy L Attorney (713)630-0022 
 Moore W. Tyler Jr. Attorney (281)875-8200 
 Morgan Scott Attorney (713)532-6070 
 Multiservice Universal (713)988-3967 
 Nationwide Life Insurance Company (713)978-7811 
 Netco (281)591-7600 
 Netco Inc (281)218-6090 
 Netco Inc (281)879-1838 
 North American Title (281)550-2840 
 North American Title Company Galleria Corporate (713)850-1700 
 Now Personnel Services Inc (713)974-3203 
 Oeser Phyllis A Attorney (713)691-6434 
 Oko Chukwu U. Attorney (713)271-0711 
 Oladapojimoh Adenrele Attorney (713)271-8484 
 Old Republic Title Co Conroe (936)539-3121 
 One Stop Title Service (832)860-1220 
 Onwuteaka Joseph O. Attorney (713)271-5760 
 Oviatt Janice P. Attorney (281)580-7692 
 Pacesetter Financial Group Inc (713)960-1720 
 Pannell Investigations (713)975-0505 
 Panzica Frank V Attorney At Law (281)440-6511 
 Parker And Knabeschuh P.c. (713)892-5588 
 Partners Title Co Downtown (713)229-8484 
 Partners Title Co Galleria (713)917-1500 
 Partners Title Co Memorial (713)426-4949 
 Patricia Segura (713)526-0322 
 Paul W. Seabaugh (713)480-9303 
 Peebles Sandra R Attorney (281)893-1240 
 Perrier And Associates P.c. (832)928-3188 
 Petronella Law Firm Pc (713)965-0606 
 Pheobe S. Smith (713)522-1731 
 Pht Title (281)749-8070 
 Pinnacle Title (713)621-7766 
 Premium Payment Inc (432)522-1111 
 Prestige Title Co (832)232-0020 
 Price Robert E. Attorney (713)467-7440 
 Principal Financial Group Principal Life Insurance Company Retirement Services Sales Of (713)706-4411 
 Professional Association Of Retirement Planners (281)477-7300 
 Pronto Services Agency (713)776-3766 
 Putnam Gene E (281)999-8194 
 Pyle Catherine Casner Attorney (713)932-0060 
 Queta Vera Law Office (713)572-9990 
 R M V Professional Service (713)644-3049 
 Rankin Cynthia Elaine Attorney At Law (713)225-3600 
 Raymond H. Stauffacher Jr. (713)365-9009 
 Reed And Associates (713)278-9664 
 Regency Title (281)872-1006 
 Reliable Title Co (281)445-7515 
 Reliable Title Co (713)773-7700 
 Reliable Title Company (713)988-8080 
 Renfro Rebecca Attorney At Law (713)944-3100 
 Ricketts Ivy V Attorney (713)666-7098 
 Roberts Realty (713)777-7266 
 Rogers Stephen D Clu (713)521-2199 
 Root Thomas M Attorney At Law (281)282-9991 
 Ross And Associates Texas American Title Company (713)739-7475 
 Ross Shelley B. Iii Attorney (713)739-1108 
 Ross Thomas Attorney (713)951-9008 
 Roth Leonard M. Attorney (713)626-3360 
 Royall Donald R Attorney (713)462-6500 
 Rudy G Vasquez Law Offices (713)228-2222 
 Runge Barbara K Attorney (713)523-5363 
 Sager Kevin M. Attorney (713)229-1355 
 Salinsky David J (281)480-1100 
 Salvador Colon P.c. (713)863-7909 
 Saman And Associates P.c. (713)521-9955 
 Saulsberry Derrick M. Attorney (713)522-0033 
 Schmidt C E (713)840-7877 
 Schmitz Wilfried P. Attorney (281)486-5066 
 Schnack Barbara Lynch Attorney At Law (713)524-0707 
 Scott Jeffrey L. Attorney (713)521-1818 
 Sean Y. Palmer Attorney At Law (713)447-2445 
 Second Flood Inc (713)224-2243 
 Seitz And Demarco P C (281)893-5657 
 Servicios Legales De Abogada (281)260-9884 
 Shapiro Stefani Attorney (713)626-7222 
 Sharretts Toni L. Attorney (713)977-3447 
 Shelton And Arceneaux (281)999-3211 
 Smith Scott Attorney At Law (281)461-4710 
 Smith Stephen J. Attorney (713)840-7703 
 Snell Dick (713)653-8805 
 Soape And Associates (713)686-3450 
 Sonnenberg Jay T. Attorney (713)221-1212 
 Southern American Title (281)461-7300 
 Southwest Guaranty Court Trust (713)334-9577 
 Springhetti David A. Attorney (713)222-4031 
 Star Tax Title Co (713)271-0204 
 Star Tex (713)418-6000 
 Star Tex (713)418-7000 
 Star Tex (832)237-2730 
 Star Tex Auto Title (713)777-4600 
 Startex Title (713)243-9335 
 Startex Title (713)243-9337 
 Startex Title (713)975-0043 
 Startex Title Company (713)457-0940 
 Startex Title Company (713)979-1010 
 Startex Title Company (832)358-9467 
 Startex Title Company Memorial Office (713)464-1320 
 Startex Title Galleria (713)349-0333 
 Steven H. Halpert P.c. A Professional Corporation (713)222-2590 
 Stewart Title (281)374-8700 
 Stewart Title (281)488-6683 
 Stewart Title (281)812-2233 
 Stewart Title (281)894-8277 
 Stewart Title (713)271-2428 
 Stewart Title (713)468-0679 
 Stewart Title (713)625-8000 
 Stewart Title (713)625-8100 
 Stewart Title (713)892-8818 
 Stewart Title (713)960-9962 
 Stewart Title Branch Offices (281)481-3327 
 Stewart Title Branch Offices (281)890-8521 
 Stewart Title Houston Division (713)627-1310 
 Stewart Title Co (281)488-1518 
 Stewart Title Co Hempstead (713)625-1555 
 Stewarts Title Co (713)688-4300 
 Sykes Jonathan D. Attorney (281)894-6598 
 Tagaropulos Joana And Associates (713)529-0980 
 Tamburello John D (713)840-0318 
 Tarver F N (281)498-1864 
 Texas Abstract Svc (713)221-1757 
 Texas Abstract Svc (713)270-5163 
 Texas American Title Co (713)988-9999 
 Texas American Title Co Bellaire (713)667-9191 
 Texas American Title Co Galleria (713)621-3555 
 Texas American Title Co Gulf Freewayfuqua (281)484-8680 
 Texas American Title Co Jones Road (281)469-6066 
 Texas American Title Co Katy Freeway (281)556-6656 
 Texas American Title Co Memorial (281)496-5550 
 Texas American Title Co Neartown (713)807-1181 
 Texas American Title Co North Loop (713)681-0123 
 Texas American Title Co Southeast (713)921-2662 
 Texas American Title Co Woodforest (713)451-0022 
 Texas American Title Co Of Houston (713)988-7212 
 Texas American Title Museum District (713)529-0100 
 Texas Auto Title Service (713)271-3631 
 Texas Divorce Clinic (713)840-0373 
 Texas Elite Title Company (281)280-8100 
 Texas Nations Title (713)686-8983 
 Texas Retirement And Tax Advisors (281)486-9992 
 Texas State Title (713)680-1155 
 Texas Title Connection (713)692-5400 
 Thad Dubose P.c. Attorney At Law (713)328-6888 
 The Charles Brown Law Firm (713)627-0770 
 The Law Office Of Denise Williams (713)914-0700 
 The Selesky Law Firm (713)780-9595 
 The Solomon Law Firm P.c. (713)358-5512