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 Aaa Title Search (817)834-6277 
 Abarca Ramsey A. Attorney (817)332-7755 
 Acosta Anthony W. Attorney (817)870-9121 
 Acuff And Gamboa (817)885-8500 
 Acuff Nick Attorney (817)732-6104 
 Adair Kendall D. Attorney (817)870-8700 
 Adame Deborah Attorney (817)332-1104 
 Adams K. Marvin Attorney (817)332-2351 
 Adams Ronald L. Attorney (817)338-1700 
 Adkins Wade Attorney (817)332-2580 
 Agnew Randy L. Attorney (817)377-1654 
 Akers Roberts Attorney (817)332-9840 
 Alamo Title (682)432-0361 
 Alamo Title (817)698-9200 
 Alamo Title Company (817)731-8715 
 Alamo Title Company Corporate Officeft Worth (817)333-1300 
 Alamo Title Company Fort Worth Ft Worth (817)338-1105 
 Alamo Title Company Ft Worth (817)738-2020 
 Alamo Title Company Ft Worth Fort Worth (817)338-0455 
 Alamo Title Company Ft Worth Fort Worth (817)377-9555 
 Alamo Title Company Ft Worth Fort Worth (817)735-4611 
 Albert Karl R Attorney (817)877-0055 
 Albert Perez Law Offices (817)625-4674 
 Albertson Raymond B. Attorney (817)335-9400 
 Aldrich Robert E. Jr. Attorney (817)336-5601 
 Alford Barry J (817)335-5229 
 Allan Lucas E. Attorney (817)336-8651 
 Allen Jeff Attorney (817)882-7616 
 Allen Sue Attorney (817)926-5005 
 Alley Richard Attorney (817)335-3345 
 Altman And Marx (817)338-9585 
 Altman And Marx (817)926-6211 
 Altman Daniel G. Attorney (817)336-3925 
 Alvarado Anna Kingsley Attorney (817)877-3303 
 Alvarado Richard R Attorney (817)625-9570 
 Ameripoint Title (817)332-1171 
 Amis Garette M. Attorney (817)877-2800 
 Anderson Ashley W. Attorney (817)332-2500 
 Anderson C Victor Attorney (817)877-8111 
 Anderson Geffrey W. Attorney (817)334-0059 
 Anderson Seth Marshall Attorney (817)920-9000 
 Anderson Smyer (817)429-1590 
 Anderson Vic Jr. Attorney (817)336-9333 
 Andrews Jennifer M Attorney (817)338-1707 
 Anisman Sheldon Attorney (817)334-7200 
 Ann Lawler Attorney (817)870-1925 
 Anna Oday Atty At Law (817)825-1443 
 Anthis Jay B. Attorney (817)255-2000 
 Appleman Gordon Attorney (817)347-1701 
 Arnold Charles Attorney (817)877-2823 
 Ashley Kimberly D (817)923-2909 
 Attorney At Law Kim Hamilton (817)332-9161 
 Attorney Frank J. Thompson (817)870-9867 
 Auld Marianne M. Attorney (817)870-2102 
 B. C. Cornish (817)870-9159 
 Baca Patricia Attorney (817)293-7760 
 Baca Patricia Attorney (817)877-8900 
 Bailey Galyen (817)276-6020 
 Bailey Galyen And Gold (817)263-3000 
 Bailey J. C. Iii Attorney (817)868-5500 
 Bailey Vaughn Attorney At Law (817)877-3166 
 Bailey W. Douglas Attorney (817)713-7401 
 Baird Robin Attorney (817)923-1733 
 Baker Christopher E. Attorney (817)332-5055 
 Bakke Otis Attorney (817)624-0505 
 Bakutis Mccully And Sawyer P.c. (817)335-2208 
 Bakutis Mccully And Sawyer Pc (817)429-4291 
 Ball John C Attorney (817)335-2255 
 Bannen Grant A. Attorney (817)335-7373 
 Barber Lynn Eileen Attorney (817)361-7131 
 Barkholtz Lou Attorney (682)647-1577 
 Barlow J. Benjamin Attorney (817)731-4500 
 Barlow James B Attorney Residence (817)738-9408 
 Barlow Terry John Attorney (817)336-9700 
 Barnard Brian D Attorney (817)654-3308 
 Barnard Brian D Attorney Office (817)347-6605 
 Barnard Brian D. Attorney (817)347-6600 
 Barnes John L. Attorney (817)332-2700 
 Barnett Rex Attorney (817)332-2409 
 Barnhart Carl Attorney (817)334-0808 
 Barrett Daniel R. Attorney (817)332-2030 
 Barrett R. Lee Attorney (817)877-8855 
 Barrow Kathleen R Attorney (817)878-0562 
 Barry Martinez Attorney (817)838-9900 
 Bartel Harry E Attorney (817)877-2813 
 Bartel Harry E Attorney Residence (817)737-7419 
 Bartosiewicz Matthew D (817)335-4911 
 Bassel And Wilcox Pllc (817)870-1239 
 Bassel Dabney D Attorney (817)878-6339 
 Bassel Pamela Arnold Attorney (817)878-6347 
 Bassel Pamela Arnold Attorney Residence (817)921-6925 
 Batchelder Mark W Attorney (817)926-5555 
 Bates Daniel L. Attorney (817)336-2400 
 Bates Gerald Attorney At Law (817)338-2840 
 Baylor Karen L (817)338-0009 
 Beadles Dudley Attorney (817)731-6469 
 Beann H. Sisemore (817)336-4444 
 Beasley Cureton And Gordon (817)338-1877 
 Beatty John C (817)338-4700 
 Beckham Rector And Eargle Llp (817)348-9922 
 Beckman Allyson C Torres (817)332-8532 
 Beckman Sidney A Attorney (817)735-4000 
 Beech Jack W Attorney (817)332-3353 
 Behring Darrel D Attorney (817)536-3380 
 Belew Gonzalez Singleton And Belew (817)336-7575 
 Bell Amanda F. Attorney (817)338-1717 
 Bell Bill Attorney (817)420-8206 
 Bell Edwin G Attorney (817)335-2246 
 Bell Edwin G Attorney Childrens Telephone (817)763-0201 
 Bell Edwin G Attorney Residence (817)763-0060 
 Bell William W. Attorney (817)420-8200 
 Bello Mike Law Office (817)732-8800 
 Berend Theresa L. Attorney (817)877-2876 
 Berenson William K. Attorney (817)885-8000 
 Berger Mike (817)338-1500 
 Berger Mike Attorney (817)339-1170 
 Berger Nancy L. Attorney (817)332-3299 
 Bergkamp Julie Attorney (817)877-2812 
 Berry Odom And Gordon Llp (817)850-4200 
 Berryman B Dan Attorney (817)335-3311 
 Betty And Brantley Llp (817)336-7255 
 Biery Courtney Attorney Office (817)347-6618 
 Bill Dickson Attorney At Law (817)338-9366 
 Binion And Oldham (817)927-1800 
 Blaies And Hightower L.l.p. (817)334-0800 
 Blaies Grant D Attorney (817)334-8294 
 Blaies Gregory P Attorney (817)334-8290 
 Blair And Minick Attorneys At Law (817)613-9836 
 Blair Billy C Attorney (817)451-7641 
 Blair Sloan B Attorney Residence (817)738-6884 
 Blair William Henry Attorney (817)332-2424 
 Blanton James T. Attorney (817)332-1391 
 Blass Noel R Insurance (817)731-5500 
 Blue Star Title Inc (817)336-4567 
 Blue Star Title Inc (817)377-9091 
 Blue Star Title Inc (817)989-8300 
 Blum Marvin Attorney (817)334-0066 
 Boehme And Moore Llp (817)207-9300 
 Bond James M Attorney (817)534-1401 
 Bonds John Attorney (817)877-8116 
 Boone Terry S Attorney (817)347-6612 
 Borchardt Geno E. Attorney (817)332-9300 
 Boren Dennis R. Attorney (817)429-4118 
 Boren Swindell And Associates Llp (817)878-2773 
 Borum And Hancock L L P (817)336-4100 
 Boswell Lorin Attorney (817)377-4218 
 Boswell Tommy Attorney (817)420-8210 
 Boudloche Paul Attorney (817)338-0639 
 Bourland Smith Wall And Wenzel (817)877-3602 
 Bourland Wall And Wenzel (817)429-3945 
 Bowden Brian D Attorney (817)332-3370 
 Bowers And Searcy Pc (817)332-9640 
 Bowland Bob (817)535-2859 
 Bracewell And Giuliani Llp (817)332-8143 
 Bracken A. Ashley Jr. Attorney (817)810-5250 
 Bracken Carol W Attorney (817)878-6378 
 Bracken Larry Attorney (817)878-6341 
 Bradford L. Shaw (817)237-1254 
 Bradley Brian Scott Attorney (817)870-1717 
 Bradshaw Andrew T Attorney (817)332-4900 
 Brandenberg Pamela H Attorney (817)249-2324 
 Brandon Thomas S Attorney (817)878-0532 
 Brandstetter Brian J. Attorney (817)348-3100 
 Brantley J Michael Attorney Residence (817)292-7379 
 Brender Art (817)334-0171 
 Brender Art Attorney (817)535-7803 
 Brian T. Farrington (817)429-8011 
 Bridges Robert S. Attorney (817)496-9965 
 Brooke Insurance And Financial Services (817)738-1185 
 Brookman Tom Attorney Residence (817)738-9070 
 Brookshire Lee Attorney (817)390-2201 
 Brown C Harold Attorney (817)429-1111 
 Brown Dean Wiseman Liser Proctor And Hart Llp (817)429-0851 
 Brown Pruitt Peterson And Wambsganss Pc A Professional Corporation (817)338-4888 
 Brown Scott Attorney (817)625-5570 
 Brownrigg Robert M (817)332-8808 
 Bruner Bryan D. Attorney (817)332-6633 
 Bryant Kirk Attorney (817)878-0500 
 Bryant Kirk Attorney (817)878-0552 
 Buchanan Bryan K Attorney (817)535-0539 
 Buchanan Bryan K Attorney (817)535-0548 
 Buchanan Paul M Attorney (817)332-9850 
 Buckman Donald K Attorney (817)877-2882 
 Bundy Newton Eric (817)336-6559 
 Burdette Carter H Attorney (817)877-2828 
 Burdette H Carter Attorney Residence (817)737-5767 
 Burke Melinda Attorney (817)877-8158 
 Burkett Cynthia Attorney (817)820-0343 
 Burkett Michael R Attorney (817)338-4300 
 Burkett Michael R Attorney Residence (817)244-4136 
 Burns Danny D Attorney (817)654-2916 
 Burns Gwinda Attorney (817)492-4219 
 Burns Gwinda L Attorney (817)654-1161 
 Burton John R Attorney At Law (817)922-9976 
 Bush J. Steven Attorney (817)878-2770 
 Bush Robert W Attorney (817)335-1363 
 Byrd Sonyia Attorney (817)882-8900 
 Byrne Jeanne Library Service (817)763-0752 
 Cain B Frank Attorney (817)882-7614 
 Calderon Malena Attorney (817)831-4865 
 Callaway W M Attorney (817)332-2076 
 Calzada Felipe O Law Office Of (817)332-7880 
 Cambridge Investment Research (817)735-8200 
 Camp John Attorney (817)370-1122 
 Caņas And Flores (817)332-6060 
 Canez And Associates Pllc (817)886-0651 
 Cantey And Hanger (817)429-3815 
 Cantey Benton Attorney (817)347-6703 
 Capital Title Of Texas Llc (817)731-4100 
 Cardwell Whitney Attorney (817)877-2804 
 Carey J Kevin Attorney (817)926-9944 
 Carol Bowling Jackson (817)338-0041 
 Carothers Larry M (817)332-9919 
 Carter J Don (817)332-3500 
 Carter Jack Attorney (817)332-3386 
 Carter Robert A Attorney At Law (817)923-8287 
 Casey Terry M (817)870-1081 
 Casto Ed Attorney (817)334-0359 
 Casto Edward E. Jr. Attorney (817)334-0400 
 Catterton William T Attorney (817)429-4535 
 Catterton William T Attorney (817)496-5200 
 Catterton William T Attorney (817)496-5252 
 Cesare Tawana L Attorney (817)877-2890 
 Chalk John A Attorney (817)878-0510 
 Chalk John Allen Attorney (817)878-0575 
 Chambers William W (817)335-2500 
 Champlin Law Firm (817)348-0503 
 Chandler Jennifer Attorney (817)731-0032 
 Chant David W. Attorney (817)348-9800 
 Chavez And Gallagher Llp (817)657-4806 
 Cheatham David L. Attorney (817)338-0724 
 Cheatham James H Attorney (817)878-6308 
 Chester W. Grudzinski Jr. (817)878-3584 
 Chicago Title Insurance Company (817)332-9191 
 Chidgey John T Attorney (817)877-3488 
 Childress David R Attorney (817)878-0506 
 Chovanec Timothy G. Attorney (817)335-1780 
 Christie George F. Attorney (817)332-3245 
 Clanton G Lynn (817)831-6060 
 Clark Bradley L Attorney (817)332-7739 
 Clark Brent Attorney (817)335-1200 
 Clark Otis T Attorney At Law (817)336-4451 
 Clarke Janna Ward Attorney (817)335-1615 
 Claunch Jim Attorney Residence (817)249-5117 
 Claunch Kirk M Attorney Residence (817)738-8753 
 Claunch Kyle Attorney (817)335-4003 
 Cleveland Daniel G. Attorney (817)338-0606 
 Cleveland Deborah G (817)737-4688 
 Clifford D Mackenzie Attorney At Law (817)924-0555 
 Clifford F. Mcmaster (817)335-8080 
 Clower Ronald L Attorney (817)847-9249 
 Cocanower Steve (817)738-8884 
 Coe Truman Law Office (817)870-1552 
 Coe Truman Law Office (817)870-1960 
 Cole Gary Attorney (817)732-6571 
 Cole Gary Attorney Childrens Telephone (817)732-2058 
 Cole Gary Attorney Residence (817)732-1139 
 Coleman Susan E Attorney (817)347-1713 
 Collins Kerry (817)335-9700 
 Collins William W. Jr. Attorney (817)332-2800 
 Colosi Frank P (817)334-0200 
 Colvin And Petrocchi (817)336-7883 
 Combined Law Enforcement Association Of Texas (817)882-9543 
 Combs Leslie Attorney (817)878-2602 
 Comerford Dennis S (817)332-2280 
 Commerce Title Company (817)237-1007 
 Conner Paul A. Attorney (817)332-5575 
 Constance Langston (817)738-7380 
 Cook Cynthia A. Attorney (817)336-4700 
 Cook James G Attorney (817)336-8989 
 Cook Walter G Attorney (817)336-0436 
 Cook Walter G Attorney Residence (817)923-0195 
 Cooke Michael T Attorney (817)334-0054 
 Cooley Manion Jones Llp (817)870-1996 
 Coon Cheryl (817)882-7620 
 Cooper Monika Attorney (817)877-8187 
 Coppenger Aerial Photography (817)292-8282 
 Coppenger Reece C Attorney Residence (817)292-6779 
 Corbin John J Attorney (817)332-5414 
 Costarica Coffee Company (817)332-9602 
 Cottongame W Brice Attorney (817)877-4900 
 Covington Jennifer M Attorney (817)878-6320 
 Cowden David C Attorney (817)882-9000 
 Cox B Blake Attorney (817)878-6349 
 Creighton Mark G Attorney (817)737-8600 
 Crockett Craig M. Attorney (817)810-0400 
 Crumley John W Attorney Residence (817)732-7539 
 Crumley John W. Attorney (817)334-0291 
 Culbertson James V Attorney (817)626-5488 
 Cummings Fred Attorney (817)335-3500 
 Cummings John M. Attorney (817)531-3000 
 Curlee Dan Attorney (817)878-0531 
 Curran Patrick Attorney (817)831-3311 
 Curry And Thornton (817)336-5507 
 Curry Charles Attorney (817)877-8109 
 Curry Donald R Attorney Residence (817)738-2548 
 Curry Tim District Attorney (817)884-1400 
 Curtis L Fortinberry (817)878-2565 
 Cutrer Kenneth N. Attorney (817)877-1700 
 D Woodard Glenn Pc (214)758-3000 
 Dallas Michael Cfp (817)924-0477 
 Daniel D Mark Attorney (817)877-2815 
 Daniel Mark G Attorney (817)346-2903 
 Daniel Raymond (817)446-3360 
 Daniel Raymond Attorney (817)810-9344 
 Daniels Keith Attorney (817)335-1433 
 Danny D Burns (817)870-1544 
 Darwin Norman Attorney (817)878-2611 
 David C. Jones (817)332-5565 
 David L. Richards (817)332-5567 
 Davis Jill L Attorney (817)332-3223 
 Davis L Patrick Attorney (817)336-5163 
 Davis L. Clifford Attorney (817)877-5321 
 Davis Leigh Warren Attorney (817)332-2121 
 Day And Day Pc (817)336-8111 
 Day And Day Pc (817)624-8111 
 Day Marshall Attorney Residence (817)624-8677 
 De Bullet Gene (817)335-4767 
 De La Cruz Clemente Pllc (817)625-5582 
 Dean Beale Attorney Residence (817)738-9815 
 Dean Michael K. Attorney (817)335-7201 
 Deats B. Craig Attorney (817)377-8833 
 Debullett Gene Attorney (817)626-3707 
 Decker Jones Mcmackin Mcclane Hall And Bates Pc (817)429-5260 
 Dela Torre Olivia Garcia Attorney (817)654-4395 
 Denney Karen Attorney (817)347-6616 
 Dent Dwain Attorney (817)332-2889 
 Denton Adam S. Attorney (817)882-7633 
 Dewees Nancy Attorney At Law (817)877-4006 
 Dias Kendra Green Attorney (817)878-0546 
 Dickey H Eldridge Attorney (817)926-2920 
 Dickey H Eldridge Jr Attorney (817)336-3006 
 Dickson Craig P Attorney (817)731-4588 
 Diesslin And Associates Inc (817)429-8855 
 Disney Rick K. Attorney (817)336-4881 
 Divorce Rights Counseling (817)334-0747 
 Dixon Philip D Iii Attorney Residence (817)246-6173 
 Dixon Philip D. Iii Attorney (817)332-8553 
 Dobbins Julia Attorney (817)877-8137 
 Doby Robert M (817)877-2826 
 Dooling Christine E Attorney (817)877-2859 
 Douglas Hobert Ii (817)531-3595 
 Dowell David B Attorney (817)877-2833 
 Drake John Pc (817)348-0400 
 Drez David Attorney (817)347-6628 
 Drh Title Company (682)647-3300 
 Driver Mcdaniel Rosas Pc (817)293-6315 
 Duffy Jack G. Jr. Attorney (817)332-2022 
 Duggins Ralph H Attorney (817)877-2824 
 Dunham Law Firm (817)336-3666 
 Dushman Lowell E Attorneys (817)877-5454 
 Eargle Steven G Attorney (817)348-9933 
 Eck John T Attorney At Law (817)336-7577 
 Edmonds Bobbie Attorney At Law (817)332-6501 
 Edmonds Bobbie Attorney At Law (817)423-3999 
 Edmonds William Attorney At Law (817)336-6637 
 Edwards James A Attorney (817)877-2850 
 Efw Inc (817)234-6600 
 Elizabeth Sturdivant Kerr (817)831-2050 
 Ellis Luther W Attorney (817)926-9424 
 Emma Michael A Attorney (817)877-0200 
 Espino Salvador Attorney At Law (817)624-3352 
 Espinosa Regina V Attorney (817)882-7688 
 Evans Brett L Attorney (817)737-7701 
 Evans Gandy Daniel And Moore (817)332-3822 
 Evans Leticia Martinez Attorney (817)336-5200 
 Farmers Insurance Group Of Companies (817)284-9928 
 Farrar Stephen C Attorney (817)335-6100 
 Farrier Thomas G Attorney (817)877-4821 
 Farris David Attorney (817)338-1616 
 Farris Thomas Lee Attorney (817)870-2492 
 Fawcett Janet Attorney (817)348-0800 
 Ferrer And Poirot Pc (817)332-3321 
 Ferris Leo Patrick Attorney (817)284-0606 
 Fialho Vincent F (817)334-0642 
 Fidelity National Title (817)237-7299 
 Fidelity National Title (817)488-7455 
 Fidelity National Title (817)920-0030 
 Fielding David Attorney (817)390-0300 
 Finney David Attorney (817)377-2525 
 First American Title (817)335-8333 
 First American Title (817)336-9000 
 First American Title (817)924-7711 
 First Land Title Westside (817)377-0402 
 Fisher Mary Ann Attorney (817)882-8054 
 Fisher Tommy J Attorney (817)882-7627 
 Fleck James K Law Ofc (817)451-0743 
 Fleming Terry K And Associates (817)738-7196 
 Flint Bruce A Attorney (817)625-6487 
 Flint Bruce A Attorney (817)625-6500 
 Flores David Attorney (817)924-2889 
 Florsheim Charles Attorney (817)877-2875 
 Floyd And Lacy Llp (817)338-9400 
 Ford Robert Attorney (817)335-4530 
 Forshey And Prostok (817)877-0135 
 Forshey And Prostok (817)877-0142 
 Forshey Robert J (817)877-4212 
 Fortney Walter S Attorney (817)878-6353 
 Fraley J Company (817)335-4067 
 Frank X Jacobini Real Estate And Construction Law (817)457-9540 
 Frazier Bob Attorney (817)882-9449 
 Frederick Michael E Pc Attorney At Law (817)336-3400 
 Fredricks Scott (817)877-2873 
 Friedman And Franks Pc Attorneys (817)877-5959 
 Friedman Walker C Attorney (817)334-0144 
 Frossard Suzanne Attorney (817)924-3211 
 Frost Gent Llp (817)335-2227 
 Fulgham Kay Attorney (817)332-8232 
 Fulgham Kay Attorney Residence (817)236-7117 
 Fulton Donald T Attorney (817)870-1211 
 Gabert Sharon Attorney (817)335-4946 
 Galindo Luis Attorney (817)335-5722 
 Gallagher J Patrick Attorney (817)738-8090 
 Galloway Kathleen V Attorney (817)877-2839 
 Gandy Donald S Attorney (817)924-5484 
 Gannaway Julia Attorney (817)332-0267 
 Gannaway Julia Attorney (817)332-8512 
 Garette Amis Attorney (817)877-2864 
 Garrett Jay S Attorney (817)878-6348 
 Garrett Jay S Attorney Residence (817)361-9293 
 Garrett Josephine Attorney (817)335-5432 
 Garrison William N Attorney (817)731-1669 
 Garsek Elliott S Attorney Residence (817)926-3479 
 Gault Marc F Attorney (817)207-8684 
 Geis Stephen E Attorney (817)737-8869 
 George T. Harris Attorney At Law Pllc (817)735-9008 
 Gianni Paul Attorney (817)882-7640 
 Gidel E Glenn (817)332-1717 
 Gieb Robert J Attorney (817)336-5681 
 Gilbert Arch B Attorney Arlington Heights Professional Bldg (817)731-2743 
 Gilbert Arch B Attorney Residence (817)735-9867 
 Gilbert Burton H Attorney (817)336-7889 
 Gill Edwin D Attorney (817)338-4200 
 Gilmore Jim Attorney (817)332-5800 
 Gilpin Tim Attorney (817)535-0529 
 Ginsberg Steven I Attorney (817)336-5155 
 Giordano Diego O Attorney (817)877-2866 
 Giraud Sharon E. Attorney (817)560-1877 
 Gladstone Richard A Attorney (817)926-7766 
 Glass Arlene Attorney (817)335-8800 
 Goetz Matthew D Attorney (817)877-3299 
 Goldsmith Toby Attorney Office (817)336-0044 
 Goldsmith Toby Attorney Residence (817)732-4703 
 Gomez Carlos H Attorney (817)626-7222 
 Gonzalez Alex Attorney (817)927-3000 
 Gooch Jeff Attorney (817)624-4070 
 Gordon Jim Attorney (817)420-8212 
 Gordon Ken Attorney (817)338-0013 
 Gould Warren H. Attorney (817)338-0608 
 Grace Forderhase (817)737-5398 
 Gray Gordon Attorney (817)338-0393 
 Gray Lynn B Attorney (817)347-1705 
 Greenhill William D Attorney Office (817)347-6602 
 Greenwood Tolbert L Attorney (817)877-2842 
 Greer Christopher S. Attorney (817)878-3557 
 Gregory Law Office Of Michael Gregory (817)335-1854 
 Gregory Phillip Attorney (817)237-1443 
 Griffin Richard Lee Attorney (817)926-8300 
 Griffith Richard L Attorney (817)877-2845 
 Griffith Ross P Attorney (817)926-8890 
 Grisham Weldon R (817)429-3331 
 Grisham Weldon R Attorney (817)390-0065 
 Groce And Groce Pllc (817)306-7600 
 Groce Gaylen L Attorney (817)332-3211 
 Guerrero Dawn Attorney (817)624-7197 
 Guerrero Law Offices (817)924-5550 
 Gunter Adrienne W. Attorney (817)546-1010 
 Gunter Charles Attorney (817)878-0504 
 Gunter Charles D Jr Attorney (817)923-9833 
 Guy V. Manning (817)294-7744 
 Gwinn And Roby (817)877-4800 
 Gwinn D Lee Attorney (817)735-8885 
 H And H Hall And Heygood L L P (817)831-6100 
 H And R Block (817)348-0222 
 Hackler Wendy L. Attorney (817)926-9890 
 Haigood Staci Attorney (817)334-8298 
 Hall And Heygood L L P (817)429-2244 
 Hall Randy J Attorney Childrens Telephone (817)292-1859 
 Hall Randy J Attorney Residence (817)292-8717 
 Hall Ray Attorney (817)626-8631 
 Hall Ray Jr Attorney (817)626-8633 
 Hamm H. Charles Iii Attorney (817)546-5656 
 Hammer And Associates (817)332-8266 
 Hammer Robert W Attorney Metro (817)429-6709 
 Hammett Harold D. Attorney (817)820-3108 
 Hamrick Melissa L Attorney (817)877-4141 
 Hancock Matthew Wade Attorney At Law (817)877-4532 
 Handy Michael Attorney Residence (817)923-5377 
 Handy Stephen D (817)284-2262 
 Haney Mark A. Attorney (817)332-5956 
 Hansen Brenda Attorney (817)446-9998 
 Hanson Loren Attorney (817)877-8105 
 Harcrow Earl Attorney (817)347-6646 
 Hardy Leslie G Attorney (817)989-2332 
 Harkins Thomas F Attorney (817)878-0574 
 Harlin Melody Burke Attorney (432)332-9444 
 Harlin Trey Pc Attorney (817)335-0444 
 Harrell Stan Attorney (817)335-3596 
 Harris Harry (817)625-6900 
 Harrisinfincher Sadie Attorney (817)878-0518 
 Harrison Caroline C. Attorney (817)877-2827 
 Harrison Steck Hover And Drake (817)429-7070 
 Hart Bill B Attorney (817)654-1922 
 Harvison Randall W Attorney (817)838-4736 
 Haskell Richard N. Attorney (817)296-4644 
 Haslam Robert E. Attorney (817)332-3115 
 Hatten Mark Attorney (817)877-8149 
 Hatter And Associates (817)335-9258 
 Hayes Larry Attorney (817)877-2899 
 Haywood Katheryn Attorney (817)492-7031 
 Heard And Wright Pc (817)732-0945 
 Hecht Ratcliff And Company Pc Attorney (817)315-1583 
 Hedden J Michael Attorney (817)332-3123 
 Hedrick Robert W Attorney (817)877-4907 
 Hegi Tom Attorney (817)347-6614 
 Henderson Jonathan K. Attorney (214)939-5618 
 Henry Jennifer P Attorney (817)347-1733 
 Henry Thomas Attorney (817)332-3868 
 Henslee Fowler Hepworth And Schwartz L.l.p. (817)810-0717 
 Hernandez Francisco Attorney (817)335-2331 
 Hewlett Sydney Attorney (817)882-7629 
 Hickey Terry Daffron Law Offices Of (817)763-8385 
 Hickey Terry Daffron Law Offices Of (817)862-1449 
 Higginbotham Brooks Renee Attorney At Law (817)334-0106 
 Higgins Robert A And Associates Pc (817)989-9988 
 Hightower Wesley M Attorney (817)334-8292 
 Hill And Woodard L.l.p. (817)336-3600 
 Hill Gilstrap A Professional Corporation (817)420-6701 
 Hill Kelley B Attorney (817)878-6371 
 Hill Kendall W Attorney (817)831-3561 
 Hill Law Firm (817)332-2113 
 Hill Samantha Attorney (817)740-8882 
 Hill Samantha Attorney (817)740-8885 
 Hitt Dwayne D Attorney Office (817)335-4488 
 Hoak Mark Attorney At Law (817)740-8900 
 Hoak Mark Attorney At Law (972)975-4200 
 Hoch M Timothy Attorney (817)877-1755 
 Holland Alice Attorney (817)737-5436 
 Holland J Walker Attorney Residence (817)731-7514 
 Holland J. Walker (p.c.) Attorney (817)335-1050 
 Holland Johns And Schwartz Llp (817)429-9463 
 Holliday James W Attorney (817)624-3300 
 Holliday James W Attorney (817)737-5020 
 Hooper Winfred Attorney (817)923-1600 
 Hoover Jeff Law Office Of (817)335-9500 
 Hoover Justin Attorney (817)420-8225 
 Hoover Robert D Attorney (817)335-3415 
 Hoover Robert D. Attorney (817)335-3399 
 Hopkins Barry Attorney (817)878-6342 
 Horton David Attorney (817)338-0357 
 Houston Kimberly S. Attorney (817)332-1800 
 Howell Timothy D Attorney (817)877-2889 
 Howeth Allan Attorney (817)735-9632 
 Howeth Allan Attorney (817)877-2844 
 Howeth Allan Attorney Residence (817)738-0587 
 Hpm Management And Development Co (817)429-6777 
 Hrabal Michael J Attorney (817)335-3200 
 Hubble G Craig Attorney (817)429-6300 
 Huddleston Ed Attorney (817)878-6391 
 Hudson William A Attorney (817)332-3331 
 Hudson Wm A Ii Attorney Residence (817)738-4944 
 Hughes And Luce Llp (817)930-0700 
 Hughes John W Pc (817)377-4800 
 Hughes John W Pc (817)732-7218 
 Hughes William L Attorney (817)877-2860 
 Hullum Billy D. Attorney (817)346-9422 
 Humphries Clay Attorney (817)877-2893 
 Hunt Payton J Attorney At Law (817)377-2121 
 Hunter And Cameron (817)870-2656 
 Hutchens Michael P Attorney (817)878-0563 
 Hyder Elton M Attorney (817)732-5000 
 Hyder Elton M Jr Attorney (817)732-0370 
 Hyder Elton M Jr Attorney (817)732-4453 
 Ice Noel C Attorney (817)877-2885 
 Ice Noel C Attorney Residence (817)926-0956 
 Immigration Project (817)877-4488 
 Implant Litigation (817)339-1109 
 Integrity National Corporation (817)336-1693 
 Isbell Gayle C Attorney (817)334-0500 
 Ivey Raymond M. Attorney (817)877-1824 
 Jackson Andrew Hudson Attorney And Counselor At Law (817)413-0830 
 Jackson Greg Attorney (817)926-1003 
 Jackson James L. Jr. Attorney (817)878-3333 
 James R Harris Partners Llc (817)332-9600 
 Janet S. Oneil P.c. (817)878-2800 
 Jarzombek Jerry Attorney (817)348-8325 
 Jay James V. Iv Attorney (817)336-2800 
 Jeff Prostok (817)877-4223 
 Jenkens And Gilchrist (817)429-9333 
 Jensen Keith M Pc Attorney (817)334-0762 
 Jerry L. Wood (817)338-4250 
 Jesus Nevarez Attorney (817)820-0270 
 Joeckel David B. Jr. Attorney (817)924-8600 
 John D. Malanga (817)332-1776 
 John W. Michener Jr. (817)335-6500 
 Johndroe Mary Colchin Attorney (817)877-2810 
 Johndroe S G Attorney (817)877-2871 
 Johns Leslie C Attorney (817)531-8108 
 Johnson Carmen Attorney (817)536-5776 
 Johnson David Attorney (817)420-8223 
 Johnson J Vernon Attorney (817)877-3143 
 Johnson Joe Brent Attorney (817)338-4242 
 Johnson Johnson And Rothfelder (817)335-1321 
 Johnson Lee Clu And Associates (817)738-1451 
 Johnson Lynn M Attorney (817)878-6309 
 Johnson Milam Seitz Llc (817)338-0738 
 Johnson Vaughn And Heiskell (817)429-5140 
 Johnston And Associates (817)820-0825 
 Johnston Robert (817)246-5321 
 Jones Andrew S Attorney (817)334-0640 
 Jones David C Attorney Attorney (817)332-5562 
 Jones Edward G (817)335-0200 
 Jones Paul T (817)332-8444 
 Jones R David Law Office (817)332-3886 
 Jones Roger S Pc (817)332-7393 
 Jones Roger S. Attorney (817)732-7393 
 Jose Henry Brantley Keltner Llp (817)335-3233 
 Kaitcer Jeffrey N. Attorney (817)377-0060 
 Karger Key Barnes And Springer Pc (817)332-8548 
 Karnes Sam Attorney (817)420-8213 
 Kathleen Munden (817)731-9989 
 Kathryn Laws Attorney And Counselor At Law (817)336-3033 
 Katten Steven E. Attorney (817)263-5190 
 Kaye Lynne Boll And Associates (817)498-5356 
 Kearney Jeff Attorney (817)732-5300 
 Keetch Andrew D Attorney (817)877-2887 
 Keffler Robert J Attorney (817)877-3347 
 Keith Law Firm P.c. (817)338-1400 
 Kelly Dee J Attorney (817)738-3250 
 Kelly Hart And Hallman (817)429-2500 
 Kelly Lynn W Attorney (817)878-0547 
 Kelly Ryan (817)332-1373 
 Kemble Edward L Attorney (817)877-2872 
 Kennedy Mark D Attorney At Law (817)740-9796 
 Kenneth L. Mcalister (817)335-5455 
 Kerr Jon Attorney (817)877-8118 
 Kerr Jon Attorney (817)877-8177 
 Key Chad A. Attorney (817)878-9280 
 Kimmons Quinlan And Richey Inc. (817)878-2888 
 King Heather L. Attorney (817)838-3338 
 King Jeffrey C. Attorney (214)939-5549 
 Kinsel J Frank Attorney (817)877-2816 
 Kline Richard C (817)759-2263 
 Knowles Tommy Attorney (817)885-8899 
 Knox Michael R. Attorney (817)339-8820 
 Kohn Elizabeth Attorney (817)347-6645 
 Kohn Elizabeth J. Attorney (817)347-7745 
 Kraatz Ken Attorney (817)335-5525 
 Lacy Jeff Attorney (817)333-6055 
 Lacy Jeff Attorney (817)333-6065 
 Laid Lyndon Attorney (817)878-0507 
 Lamsens Phillip Attorney (817)882-7647 
 Landamerica American Title (817)335-5741 
 Landamerica American Title (817)336-2422 
 Landamerica American Title (817)737-5102 
 Landamerica American Title (817)921-0900 
 Landamerica American Title Company Fee Attorney Offices (817)457-7355 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Fort Worth Corporate Commercial (817)335-2393 
 Landamerica Commonwealth Title Of Fort Worth Fossil Creekfort Worth (817)735-8431 
 Lanford Kathryn S Attorney (817)870-1553 
 Lange Sidney T (817)877-2891 
 Lanter Westermann Pc (817)335-0400 
 Larimore Tom L (817)738-6723 
 Larimore Tom L. Attorney (817)738-5551 
 Larry Reed Attorney At Law (817)882-0989 
 Larson E Jack Attorney Residence (817)927-7117 
 Law Office Of Annette Regan Loyd (817)850-9300 
 Law Office Of Avery Mcdaniel (817)810-9500 
 Law Office Of Blue Rannefeld (817)236-2230 
 Law Office Of Blue Rannefeld (817)877-5956 
 Law Office Of Carol Kerr (817)332-3700 
 Law Office Of Cheyenne Minick (817)877-1001 
 Law Office Of Cynthia Johns Mendoza P.l.l.c. (817)810-9400 
 Law Office Of David B. Sloane (817)810-0088 
 Law Office Of Eric Beal (817)261-4333 
 Law Office Of Gary L. Nichols Pllc (817)885-7711 
 Law Office Of Jason Mills (817)335-0220 
 Law Office Of Jim Zadeh (817)335-5100 
 Law Office Of Julia A. Mcentire (817)877-8852 
 Law Office Of Karin Mayer (817)834-4456 
 Law Office Of Ken Williford (817)335-4000 
 Law Office Of Kevin Byrne (817)335-3396 
 Law Office Of Leon Reed Jr. (817)737-5366 
 Law Office Of Lesa Pamplin P.c. (817)531-0263 
 Law Office Of Lex Johnston (817)820-0406 
 Law Office Of Lynne Milford (817)877-3394 
 Law Office Of Margaret Horton Fonvielle (817)810-0663 
 Law Office Of Marvin L. Maloney (817)834-2889 
 Law Office Of Mary Beth Scott (817)870-1700 
 Law Office Of Patrick S. Dohoney (817)989-7281 
 Law Office Of Randy Bowers (817)348-8094 
 Law Office Of Richard Ward (817)740-1900 
 Law Office Of Rick L Powell (817)332-8858 
 Law Office Of Robert C. Mack (214)783-5574 
 Law Office Of Tammy E Silvas (817)589-3747 
 Law Offices Of Andrew B Etter (817)731-3220 
 Law Offices Of Barry Martines (817)838-9949 
 Law Offices Of Ben Tompkins (817)451-6066 
 Law Offices Of Bob Leonard Jr. (817)336-8500 
 Law Offices Of D D Rhoden (817)413-5588 
 Law Offices Of Dallas Mckibben (817)732-0707 
 Law Offices Of Daniel Hernandez (817)336-3100 
 Law Offices Of Debbie Reddick (817)238-1006 
 Law Offices Of Ed Stapleton (817)698-9595 
 Law Offices Of Eric Karich (817)877-3440 
 Law Offices Of J. Kent Mcafee P.c. (817)332-7678 
 Law Offices Of John Saitis Pllc (817)881-4529 
 Law Offices Of Johnson And Johnson Pc (817)654-3626 
 Law Offices Of Mike Felber P C (817)877-5900 
 Law Offices Of Orr And Orr (817)334-0304 
 Law Offices Of S. Gary Werley (817)335-4300 
 Law Offices Of Steven C Laird Pc (817)429-9244 
 Law Offrices Of Brian T Farrington (817)870-2161 
 Law Thomas H Attorney (817)738-3819 
 Law Thomas H Attorney (817)878-6330 
 Lee Edwin T Attorney (817)246-5171 
 Lee Mike Attorney (817)338-1031 
 Lee Mike Attorney (817)923-1858 
 Lee Robert (817)633-2805 
 Leforce Jeff Attorney (817)347-6622 
 Legal Aid Of Nw Texas (817)334-0841 
 Lemons Keith D And Associates Attorney (817)877-3348 
 Lemons Law Firm (817)877-3323 
 Lenz Robert S Pc (817)626-0022 
 Leon Reed Jr Attorney At Law (817)738-0033 
 Leonard Walter W Attorney (817)335-6538 
 Leopold E R Attorney (817)877-2853 
 Liles J Michael Attorney (817)870-0080 
 Linebarger Goggan Blair And Sampson Llp (817)877-4589 
 Linebarger Goggan Blair And Sampson Llp (817)877-5401 
 Linebarger John Attorney (817)810-9000 
 Link Ken M Attorney (817)336-3330 
 Loveless And Associates (817)831-6800 
 Lucy Brants (817)732-7838 
 Manning William Attorney (817)877-1969 
 Marilyn S. Shell (817)348-8606 
 Mastin Thomas F. Iv Attorney (817)332-4200 
 Mcgee Brandon Lee Attorney (817)877-9944 
 Mcgee William T Attorney (817)336-1888 
 Meigs Zoe Ann Attorney (817)336-2325 
 Metroplex Title (817)989-7700 
 Metroplex Title Co (817)246-7701 
 Metroplex Title Co (817)626-4242 
 Michael John Anthony Attorney (817)735-4004 
 Millner Eric J. Attorney (817)877-1088 
 Moseley And Moseley (817)921-0271 
 Mullen And Whitaker (817)332-7703 
 Netco Inc (817)569-9740 
 Norman Roger M Attorney (817)335-5000 
 North American Title Co (817)927-7300 
 Oneal Dale Attorney (817)877-5995 
 Paquet Susan I. Attorney (817)596-3337 
 Pierson Donald R Ii Cpa (817)877-1550 
 Pirtle Steven E Attorney (817)332-1833 
 Poly Auto Title Service (817)534-0405 
 Printz And Associates P.c. (817)569-6700 
 Rattikin Title Company Northwest Office (817)236-9850 
 Rattikin Title Company Southwest Office (817)921-5990 
 Republic Title (817)877-1481 
 Richard C Price (817)338-4633 
 Rogers Pollard Attorney (817)877-2851 
 Rosedale Auto And Title Service (817)531-7088 
 Rosenthal Retirement Planning (817)872-1718 
 Rowland Fauniel D. Attorney (817)820-3100 
 Safeco Land Title Of Tarrant County Direct Operations Title Plant (817)731-7075 
 Sanchez Y Leticia (817)626-9815 
 Schmidt Randall Attorney (817)338-4500 
 Securities America Inc (817)336-2000 
 Senior Care Insurance Network (817)737-6818 
 Senior Retirement Planners (817)569-7600 
 Service Land Title Inc (817)336-2222 
 Shipman Warren W Attorney (817)877-2819 
 Shupe Dwight A. Attorney (214)939-5468 
 South Brian M. Attorney (214)634-6611 
 Stasio And Stasio P.c. (817)332-5113 
 Stephenson James A Archtct (817)737-8094 
 Stevens Terresha D. Attorney (817)348-8377 
 Stewart Title North Texas Fort Worth Offices (817)654-9907 
 Susan I. Paquet (817)338-4854 
 T And L Title Services (817)244-9990 
 Texas United Title Inc (817)491-7400 
 The Kearney Law Firm A Professional Corporation (817)336-5600 
 The Law Firm Of Nancy Perry Mccutcheon (817)877-3933 
 The Law Office Of Kathryn Craven P.c. (817)923-5557 
 Thompson John Randolph Jr. Attorney (817)882-7693 
 Tilley Rice M Jr Attorney (817)878-6350 
 Tracy J David (817)877-2822 
 V. Wayne Ward P.c. (817)332-1172 
 Van Zandt Capital Management (817)569-8614 
 Ventura Misty M. Attorney (214)939-5462 
 Vogel Andrew L. Attorney (817)625-8866 
 Waldron A Burch Attorney (817)878-6319 
 Weekley Fred Attorney (817)882-7698 
 Whitaker Chalk Attorneys At Law (817)878-0503 
 Whitecotton Ulis L Attorney (817)831-4481 
 Winfrey Ed Attorney (817)348-6723 
 Zachry Tom L (817)332-3030