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 Alagood R. Scott Attorney (940)891-0003 
 Alamo Title Company (940)243-2955 
 Alamo Title Company (940)565-1331 
 Argentieri Matthew C Attorney At Law (940)566-6644 
 Ashmore L James Attorney (940)387-3869 
 Ashmore L. James Attorney (940)383-9300 
 Banks Shelton Malooly And Reecer L.l.p. (940)382-3168 
 Baraka Larry W Law Office (940)320-4141 
 Baxter And Schwartz Pc (940)484-6300 
 Beck Jamie D. Attorney (940)383-3521 
 Ben Hunsucker Attorney At Law (940)484-5000 
 Benolken And Everett Pc (940)483-9400 
 Biggs Law Firm (940)484-2842 
 Biles David W (940)566-0566 
 Blanton James A Attorney (940)387-4353 
 Boyd Randall S Attorney At Law (940)239-2422 
 Boyd Randall S. (940)382-2585 
 Bradshaw Conner Charla Attorney (940)387-1600 
 Brooks And Danforth Pc (940)380-1186 
 Brooks Randy S (940)243-2612 
 Brown Byron D Attorney (940)484-5100 
 Brownlee J. E. Attorney (940)387-7000 
 Buchanan And Meyer Attorneys L.l.p. (940)320-0303 
 Burgess Steve Attorney (940)484-8578 
 Burkett Cynthia Attorney (940)243-1788 
 Cary Piel Attorney At Law (940)243-6442 
 Christopher M Jones Attorney (940)591-8715 
 Cobb Jerry Attorney (940)566-7010 
 Coffey Stout And Peace L.l.p. (940)591-6006 
 Coker Duane L (940)566-6649 
 Collister Lawrence C. Attorney (940)387-9551 
 Commonwealth Land Title (940)320-4391 
 Crane And Associates Pc Adrian (940)382-7171 
 Crosbie Mary Lou Attorney (940)243-2876 
 Crowley Kristin K. Attorney (940)484-5080 
 Culp Mark S Law Offices Of (940)484-2236 
 Davidge Miller Lp (940)382-9500 
 Davidge T Miller Attorney Res (940)387-0309 
 Denton County Bar Association (940)320-1500 
 Denton County Title Co (940)566-2226 
 Discount Bonds (940)243-3504 
 Drayovithch Debra Attorney (940)898-8016 
 Engler Dennis D (940)383-0115 
 Engler Dennis D Attorney (940)565-8364 
 Fidelity National Title (940)321-8060 
 First American Title (940)383-2357 
 First American Title (940)566-0282 
 Fox David B Law Office Of (940)484-4800 
 Freebird Bail Bonds (940)380-9458 
 Freebird Bail Bonds (940)383-0100 
 Furlow Philip M. Attorney (940)387-3518 
 George Michael W Attorney (940)382-0078 
 Green And Miller Pc (940)497-0913 
 Green And Miller Pc (940)497-0914 
 Green And Miller Pc (940)497-0915 
 Griffin And Jones (940)383-1618 
 Griffin And Jones (940)383-1619 
 Haertling Tiffany L Attorney (940)484-8200 
 Hagen H F Rick (940)566-1001 
 Hammerle Finley Law Firm (214)536-6667 
 Hammerle Finley Law Firm (214)543-2900 
 Hammerle Finley Law Firm (214)686-8000 
 Hammerle Finley Law Firm (940)368-1973 
 Hammerle Finley Law Firm (940)390-8000 
 Hammerle Finley Law Firm (972)754-5000 
 Hardaway Jeffrey B. Attorney (940)591-0600 
 Haughton John T. Attorney (940)484-9080 
 Hayes Richard D Attorney Res (940)382-4335 
 Henry Cynthia Law Office Of (940)483-8499 
 Hexterfair Title Company (940)243-3510 
 Hickey Don E Attorney (940)387-1282 
 Hickey Don E Attorney (940)387-5588 
 Hill Brent Attorney (940)381-3688 
 Hilton Leigh Attorney (940)484-1175 
 Hinzman And Flory Attorneys And Counselors (940)591-8597 
 Holt Judd B (940)387-9555 
 Horton James H (940)382-1561 
 Hugh L. Marshall Pllc (940)383-4299 
 Inphoto Surveillance (877)363-3654 
 Jack Mckeathen Attorney At Law (940)380-8101 
 Jackson Hal Attorney (940)382-8622 
 Jackson Hal Attorney Res (940)382-5622 
 Jester Tom D Jr Attorney (940)387-7586 
 Jester Tom D. Jr. Attorney (940)387-7585 
 Jones Derbha Houston Atty (940)383-3961 
 Kelsey Richard H Attorney Res (940)382-9370 
 Kirchoff Gary Attorney (972)434-2002 
 Kirchoff Gary H Pc (940)381-1006 
 Kollmeier Gary A (940)243-1320 
 Kollmeier Gary A. Attorney (940)387-8181 
 Kossmann Daniel (940)382-8181 
 Kossmann Daniel (972)434-3831 
 Law Office Of Christine Ventura (940)320-1100 
 Law Office Of J T Borah (940)566-4600 
 Law Office Of Tim Powers (940)483-8000 
 Law Office Of Tricia K. Perry (940)594-2312 
 Lewis Mark Attorney (940)591-1191 
 Lipscomb Michael R (940)566-6004 
 Loveless And Loveless Attorneys At Law L P (972)434-3844 
 Loveless And Loveless Attorneys At Law L.p. (940)387-3776 
 Milner S Camille Pc (940)383-2674 
 Oliver Chance (972)434-3899 
 Paxtonpratttitle (940)565-1118 
 Record Searching Services Inc. (940)484-7900 
 Reunion Title (940)566-9300 
 Reunion Title Company (940)442-6103 
 Reunion Title Company (940)442-6560 
 Robert Wiley (940)566-1051 
 Robison Bonnie Jean Attorney (940)380-0911 
 Russell L. Welch (940)565-9777 
 Stewart Title North Texas (940)323-1500 
 Thacker C. Jane Attorney (940)565-6565 
 Urbina D Jorge Atty (940)565-1919 
 Veader Anthony Law Office Of Pc (940)387-5300 
 Waage And Waage Llp (800)245-5705 
 Wilder William K Attorney At Law (940)380-0223