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 Abernethy William A. Attorney (361)888-5551 
 Abney Russell T. Attorney (361)887-0500 
 Abogado Guero (361)884-3939 
 Ackley Stephen C Pc (361)698-8188 
 Adams A Kemp Attorney (817)882-7653 
 Adams Craig R (361)884-8808 
 Adams Larry J Attorney (361)887-7014 
 Aguilar Liza Marie Attorney (361)882-6611 
 Ahlgren Patricia C. Attorney (361)884-0612 
 Allison Douglas A Law Office (361)888-6002 
 Alsup Fisher Attorney (361)884-6321 
 Anderson Robert Attorney Residence (361)985-8820 
 Anderson T Mark Pc (361)992-8211 
 Anderson William Robert Iii Attorney (361)884-4981 
 Ansel Craig A Attorney (361)882-2272 
 Anthony C Eric Attorney (361)993-5935 
 Anthony Michael B. Attorney (361)881-9643 
 Arechiga Jo Emma Attorney (361)698-7600 
 Armstrong Frank Attorney (361)884-8698 
 Arnold Gonzales Jr Attorney (361)887-9900 
 Arriaga Minerva Attorney (361)855-3131 
 Avots Peter E. Attorney (361)888-9201 
 Bailey Carol (361)814-9200 
 Baker And Baker (361)985-2226 
 Baker Thomas E Jr Attorney (361)888-8041 
 Bandas Law Firm P.c. (361)698-5200 
 Bargas And Rodriguez (361)885-0080 
 Barger Darrell L. Attorney (361)866-8000 
 Barker F. Edward Attorney (361)881-9217 
 Barrera Eric I. Attorney (361)884-1961 
 Barroso Ron Attorney (361)994-7200 
 Barrow John Attorney (361)883-2100 
 Batek And Robinson Llp (361)883-2200 
 Beam Patrick L Attorney (361)883-6551 
 Bell Buddy Attorney (361)866-8020 
 Bell Patricia Canales Attorney (361)883-0601 
 Benadum Gerald L Attorney (361)881-6078 
 Berg Robert A Attorney (361)814-0744 
 Berlanga Mary Helen Attorney (361)881-1000 
 Berry Bill Attorney (361)888-5568 
 Bertuzzi Caroline L Attorney (361)994-7858 
 Bickham Johnnie A Lutcf (361)241-8351 
 Bickle Heather K Attorney (361)888-3800 
 Blackburn Bill Attorney (361)808-9664 
 Blackburn Bill Attorney Fax Line (361)855-4104 
 Blackmon Henry Attorney (361)692-2000 
 Blackmon Robert Max (361)880-8141 
 Blanchard Jeff E E A (361)888-7700 
 Bonilla David Attorney Residence (361)991-8075 
 Bonilla David Law Firm Pc (361)881-1023 
 Bonilla Ted Attorney (361)653-0006 
 Bonilla William David Jr. Attorney (361)882-8284 
 Bonner E. V. (chip) Jr. Attorney (361)880-5808 
 Book William C Iii Attorney (361)883-6100 
 Botary Kenneth Attorney (361)884-3774 
 Bourlon Bobby L. Sr. Attorney (361)883-8500 
 Boykin Marshall Iii Attorney Residence (361)991-5470 
 Bracewell And Giuliani Llp (361)882-6644 
 Branscomb Harvie Jr. Attorney (361)888-9261 
 Braugh Roger S. Jr. Attorney (361)653-3300 
 Brock Joe Brad Attorney (361)884-1086 
 Brock Joe Brad Attorney (361)884-8446 
 Brock Joe Brad Attorney (361)991-9972 
 Brooks Llp (361)885-7710 
 Brunkenhoefer And Nielsen (361)888-6655 
 Brunkenhoefer Robert E Attorney At Law (361)888-8808 
 Bruun Lance K (361)888-8413 
 Bruun Lance K. Attorney (361)884-8300 
 Bryant W D (361)992-8880 
 Buchanan J. Reese Attorney (361)884-5507 
 Buchanan James F. Attorney (361)561-8000 
 Bujanos Robert Jr Attorney (361)334-1370 
 Bujanos Robert Jr Attorney (361)852-2068 
 Bujanos Robert Jr Attorney (361)882-8080 
 Bujanos Robert Jr Attorney (361)887-6060 
 Bujanos Robert Jr Attorney (361)887-9090 
 Bunting And Bunting (361)881-6060 
 Bunting Anne Dobbs Attorney (361)881-6087 
 Bunting Bradley Attorney (361)881-6084 
 Burt Virginia K Attorney (361)883-3333 
 Burton Byron (361)883-1993 
 Butler Charles R Attorney (361)883-3811 
 Calhoun Wilson Attorney (361)882-3300 
 Cano David Attorney (361)857-2291 
 Cantubazar Jeanette Attorney (361)882-1559 
 Carabin And Shaw (361)814-1132 
 Carabin And Shaw Attorney (361)985-0070 
 Carrigan Law Firm (361)884-4433 
 Cartwright Charles N Attorney (361)883-6223 
 Cartwright Donald Attorney (361)888-5666 
 Cason Benny Attorney (361)882-7777 
 Cavada Abel (361)882-5052 
 Cavada Law Office (361)814-6500 
 Cavazos J Homer Attorney At Law (361)880-5995 
 Chachere Ronald L Attorney (361)883-2356 
 Chapa Ed (361)882-8215 
 Chastain Bud R Attorney (361)882-2995 
 Chastain Bud R Attorney If No Answer Call (361)991-3811 
 Chastain Jeanne Attorney (361)881-9800 
 Chastain Walter E Attorney Childrens Telephone (361)991-8387 
 Chastain Walter E Attorney If No Answer Call (361)854-5526 
 Chaves Douglas E. Attorney (361)884-5400 
 Chriss William J. Attorney (361)884-3330 
 Christina Joe W Jr Attorney (361)880-5833 
 Ciccone Edward Attorney At Law (361)887-6296 
 Clark J Mitchell Attorney (361)887-8500 
 Coastal Bend Legal Services (361)888-0282 
 Coffey Lawrence A. Attorney (361)883-1594 
 Condit Bradford M Attorney (361)884-2075 
 Conoly David Z. Attorney (361)937-6400 
 Constant And Vela Attorneys (361)698-8000 
 Constant Patricia Reed Attorney (361)887-1044 
 Cooper J. W. Jr. Attorney (361)884-4007 
 Cooper Melody H (361)887-8014 
 Cooper Miles Hall Attorney (361)904-0600 
 Coover David M Jr Attorney (361)882-2100 
 Corona Luis J (361)883-4948 
 Corpus Christi Civil Process (361)887-2109 
 Corpus Christi Fire Fighters Retirement System (361)882-1486 
 Corpus Christi Oil And Gas Company (361)882-2001 
 Corpus Christi Title Services Llc (361)949-2800 
 Cortez Rudy Attorney (361)888-6318 
 Cortez Rudy Attorney (361)888-8755 
 Cox Kim Attorney (361)225-3956 
 Crews Richard W Attorney Childrens Telephone (361)854-7273 
 Crews Richard W Attorney Residence (361)854-6625 
 Cromwell Charles W. Attorney (361)887-9700 
 Culbreth Kenneth M. Jr. Attorney (361)884-5678 
 Dahlman Terrell W Attorney (361)880-5821 
 Dan Alfaro And Associates (361)888-5273 
 Darling Stephen R Attorney (361)888-9392 
 David Diaz (361)883-8903 
 David Sibley (361)692-7864 
 Davila David M (361)888-8584 
 Davila Frank Attorney (361)888-5279 
 Davis Daniel J Attorney (361)698-8239 
 Day Kathleen L Attorney (361)883-3433 
 Day Kathleen L Attorney (361)888-4342 
 De La Garza Gilbert Attorney At Law (361)592-7858 
 De La Garza Gilbert Attorney At Law (361)906-0881 
 De Shetler Law Firm (361)980-0290 
 Dekoch Mark Attorney (361)882-8822 
 Del Toro Hector Attorney (361)241-3245 
 Delaney Frank G. Attorney (361)888-4088 
 Dickerson Julie Nebrat (361)882-4254 
 Dodson Paul Attorney (361)883-3563 
 Donnell Ben A Attorney Residence (361)854-6009 
 Dorsey Jerry Attorney (361)882-6547 
 Dowling Timothy P Attorney Residence (361)992-3745 
 Drake John E Attorney (361)949-0111 
 Dreiling Fred D Attorney (361)883-0186 
 Dudley William A Pc (361)884-3488 
 Duncan Scott J Attorney (361)880-5825 
 Edmonds Finley L Attorney (361)991-8384 
 Edmonds Finley L Attorney Residence (361)992-6141 
 Edwards And Associates (361)885-0101 
 Edwards Donald B Attorney (361)888-5688 
 Elliott Michael A Attorney (361)883-3000 
 Ellis Steven W. Attorney (361)884-9550 
 Ellison Scott M Pllc (361)887-7600 
 Escobedo Butch Insurance (361)852-2962 
 Fast David (361)241-4495 
 Federal Public Defender (361)888-3532 
 Feferman Donald M. Attorney (361)883-1830 
 Finegan Joseph P Attorney (361)882-0973 
 First American Title Insurance Co (361)949-6844 
 First American Title Insurance Co (361)993-2033 
 First American Title Insurance Company Gonzaleshada Fee Office (361)241-3041 
 Flood And Flood (361)654-8877 
 Flores Joe A Attorney At Law (361)887-8670 
 Flores Romeo M (361)881-9990 
 Flynn Patrick A Counselor At Law (361)991-8889 
 Ford Edmond J Attorney (956)992-8880 
 Foster Rick Attorney (361)880-5826 
 Fritz Byrne Head And Harrison Llp Corpus Office (361)883-1500 
 Fuentes Monica Attorney (361)888-8940 
 Furlow Thomas M Attorney (361)884-8777 
 Gandy Francis I Jr Attorney (361)883-6333 
 Garcia Amador C Attorney (361)882-3396 
 Garcia Amador C Attorney Nights Sundays And Holidays Call (361)993-4132 
 Garcia Gene Attorney (361)883-8651 
 Garcia Pamela A. Attorney (361)992-8061 
 Garciamartinez Eloisa (361)885-0055 
 Garrison David L Attorney (361)698-8218 
 Gary J W Attorney Residence (361)991-3555 
 Garza Edward F Attorney (361)888-8877 
 Garza Frank M (361)882-8000 
 Garza G Rudolph Jr Attorney (361)884-0843 
 George Hal Attorney (361)692-0800 
 George Michael D Pc (361)880-4040 
 Gibbs E A (gene) Attorney (361)814-9955 
 Giles Mark H (361)882-7461 
 Gillespie Victor H Attorney (361)884-6520 
 Gilmore John Attorney At Law (361)884-8100 
 Gilson Gay (361)887-0552 
 Godwin Lisa Attorney (361)880-5827 
 Gonzales Arnold Jr Attorney (361)888-8080 
 Gonzales Evelyn Huerta Attorney (361)883-9500 
 Gonzales Hoblit And Ferguson Llp Attorneys (361)888-9486 
 Gonzalez Arnold G Attorney (361)993-3399 
 Gonzalez Celso M Attorney (361)937-5938 
 Gonzalez Gaytan Garza And Castillo Llp (361)884-0115 
 Gonzalez Juan P Attorney (361)887-7887 
 Gordon Charles W Iv Attorney (361)880-5838 
 Gordon Micheal Attorney (361)884-7441 
 Gosslink Lloyd Attorney At Law (361)654-3200 
 Gould Keith M. Attorney (361)994-9800 
 Granberry James D Attorney (361)888-5556 
 Gray George S Attorney Residence (361)992-6846 
 Greenwell Andrew M. Attorney (361)883-1946 
 Greer Deborah J Attorney At Law (361)883-4444 
 Grillo Kevin W Attorney (361)882-1612 
 Guajardo Victor Jr (361)882-5000 
 Guaranty Title Of Corpus Christi (361)884-1044 
 Guerra Jerry Attorney (361)880-4044 
 Guerra Mary Esther Attorney (361)888-7744 
 Gutierrez David R Attorney (361)883-8675 
 Haas Rene Attorney (361)880-7500 
 Hall Daniel Attorney (361)510-4981 
 Hannah Gary N (361)814-7703 
 Hannam Kenneth R Attorney At Law (361)853-8942 
 Hardwick Harvey R Attorney (361)884-0631 
 Harlan Katherine Attorney (361)888-5656 
 Harris Bryan K Attorney (361)879-0100 
 Harris Lisa Attorney (361)888-7204 
 Hawn Bruce S Attorney (361)992-2408 
 Hayes Cornelius M Iii Attorney (361)880-5822 
 Heard John R. Attorney (361)884-7979 
 Henderson Craig D. Attorney (361)888-7676 
 Henderson Jennifer R Attorney (361)880-5850 
 Henkel Katharine (betsy) Attorney (361)884-9200 
 Hennessey John W (361)851-8551 
 Henry Thomas J Attorney (361)985-0600 
 Hernandez Alex R. Jr. The Law Offices Of Attorney (361)882-2093 
 Herrman And Herrman (361)882-4357 
 Herrman David E Attorney (361)883-7705 
 Heymann John C Attorney (361)884-4138 
 Hill And Villarreal P.c. (361)883-0620 
 Holstein Rick Attorney (361)883-8649 
 Hoover Clayton J Attorney At Law (361)882-8188 
 Hopkins Josh W. Attorney (361)885-7500 
 Howser Maxie L Law Office (361)387-4500 
 Huerta Law Firm Llp (361)884-1632 
 Icma Retirement Corporation (361)855-3280 
 Jaime Ann Msn (361)883-6042 
 James B Ragan P C (361)884-7787 
 Jamison Allan K Attorney (361)882-3443 
 Janssen John Attorney (361)880-5884 
 John Gilmore (361)882-4378 
 John S Flint Attorney (361)852-8888 
 John Ventura Pc (361)882-2870 
 John W Tinder (361)937-6300 
 Johnson John L (361)888-4411 
 Johnson Robert W. Jr. Attorney (361)884-3131 
 Jon Bonilla Attorney At Law (361)883-2424 
 Jonas Christopher Attorney (361)937-1801 
 Jones Don Attorney (361)880-5849 
 Jones Grant (361)884-8141 
 Jones John A Cfp (361)852-6100 
 Jordan Shelby A Attorney Residence (361)937-8402 
 Joubert Lanatte Attorney (361)887-4904 
 Kelly Michael P Attorney (361)904-2000 
 Kelly William J (361)888-6600 
 Kendrick Robert M Attorney At Law (361)814-4445 
 Kennedy Douglas M Attorney Residence (361)855-2949 
 Kratzig Paul G. Attorney (361)888-5564 
 Law Office Of Liana E Gonzales (361)654-7575 
 Law Office Of M Orlando Narvaez Attorney (361)299-2300 
 Law Office Of Ricardo Gonzales (361)881-8584 
 Law Office Of Vaughn L. Westheimer (361)993-5096 
 Law Offices Of Eugene X Mercier (361)887-8787 
 Law Offices Of F Lakhani (361)993-1313 
 Law Offices Of J E Ramos And Associates (361)993-7500 
 Law Offices Of Leighton H Thompson (361)882-0035 
 Law Offices Of Rene Rodriguez (361)882-1919 
 Law Offices Of Ricardo Amador (361)853-2120 
 Law Offices Of Ricardo Amador (361)853-2150 
 Law Offices Of Richard W Rogers Iii (361)888-7620 
 Law Offices Of Russell H. Mcmains (361)887-4455 
 Law Offices Of Sam Westergren (361)887-0083 
 Lawrence James R Attorney (361)884-5549 
 Legal Ease (361)882-7488 
 Leshin Richard L Attorney (361)881-9029 
 Littlefield K Clifford Attorney (361)884-6434 
 Luther Max J Iii And Associates (361)888-5544 
 Mack Randy Attorney (361)883-1001 
 Mansker Gary F Attorney (361)887-0401 
 Martinez Law Firm (361)887-7111 
 Matt Christopher E. Attorney (361)884-5215 
 Matzke Bruce Law Offices Of (361)888-9255 
 Michael P. Oreilly P.c. (361)887-7444 
 Morris Pat Attorney (361)992-1754 
 Nelson L Gayle Attorney (361)853-1198 
 Netco Inc (361)814-1310 
 Porter Rogers Dahlman And Gordon Pc Daniel J Davis (361)880-5823 
 Rodriguez Law Office (361)883-8900 
 Ruben R. Lerma Jr. Arrorney At Law (361)855-9999 
 San Jacinto Title Co (361)882-7239 
 San Jacinto Title Services Corporate Commercial (361)884-7582 
 San Jacinto Title Services Fee Office (361)906-0001 
 San Jacinto Title Services Holly (361)985-2004 
 San Jacinto Title Services Northwest (361)241-0693 
 Security Title (361)241-3334 
 Security Title (361)949-0075 
 Security Title (361)993-4302 
 Sheehan Michael B Pc (361)289-2888 
 Sierra Title (361)949-1182 
 Sierra Title (361)992-1213 
 Spivey Law Firm (361)289-6040 
 Stewart Title Of Corpus Christi Inc (361)265-0600 
 Stewart Title Of Corpus Christi Inc (361)949-8065 
 Stewart Title Of Corpus Christi Inc (361)985-2555 
 Stewart Title Of Corpus Christi Inc (361)985-6336 
 Stewart Title Of Corpus Christi Inc Administrative Office (361)993-5469 
 Stolley Mark W Law Office (361)884-3311 
 Stone Bryan Law Offices (361)906-9955 
 Wanner Marvin J Attorney At Law (361)887-1075 
 Whittle Law Firm Pllc (361)887-6993 
 William A Thau Iii Pc (361)937-5513 
 Willow Estate Planning Inc (361)299-1660 
 Zamora Robert Law Office Of (361)883-6677 
 Zeitler Arthur W Attorney (361)882-8086