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 Abercrombie Gene R. Attorney (419)241-6000 
 Ableadvocates For Basic Legal Equality Inc (419)255-0814 
 Abouarraj Rochelle A Attorney (419)474-1218 
 Accettola Paul E (419)241-1150 
 Adray James S Attorney (419)241-2000 
 Affordable Justice (419)244-5707 
 Ahern Stephen F Attorney (419)243-6148 
 Albrechta And Coble (419)841-8584 
 Alexandria Vaneck Co Lpa (419)866-0928 
 Allotta Joseph Attorney (419)535-0075 
 Anagnos Joyce Attorney (419)254-5253 
 Anderson Andrew E Attorney (419)252-6223 
 Anderson James C Attorney (419)252-6268 
 Andres Van P Attorney (419)885-8312 
 Andres Van P. Attorney (419)241-3213 
 Antonini Jennifer Attorney (419)536-8600 
 Antonini Michael J Attorney (419)242-2131 
 Antonini Thomas J Attorney (419)249-7900 
 Arnold Caruso Green And Belazis Ltd. (419)241-2200 
 Arnold Gregory L (419)241-4441 
 Arnold N Gottlieb (419)255-3344 
 Aubry Jude T (419)242-1400 
 Ault Tim Allen Attorney (419)843-1333 
 Austin Financial Services Inc (419)531-9559 
 Avila Janine T. Attorney (419)243-2100 
 Bacho Teresa Dewey (419)474-1190 
 Bader David A Attorney (419)242-1555 
 Baer Elizabeth E. Attorney (419)249-7100 
 Bainbridge David R Attorney (419)247-2532 
 Bainbridge David R Attorney Res (419)385-2419 
 Bainbridge David R. Attorney (419)247-2500 
 Baker Gerald (419)242-1959 
 Bakery Bldg (419)255-8331 
 Balk Hess And Miller Llp (419)865-8021 
 Balyeat Thomas M Attorney (419)321-6444 
 Banks Gerald W Attorney (419)255-7044 
 Baran Piper Tarkowsky (419)241-2900 
 Baron Joanna Attorney (419)243-0020 
 Baronas Ann M (419)242-0280 
 Barone And Driscoll (419)248-1432 
 Barry E. Savage (419)255-3557 
 Barry Gordon R Attorney Res (419)841-4160 
 Bates William F Attorney Res (419)536-2121 
 Bates William F. Attorney (419)241-2100 
 Bauer R Timothy Attorney (419)244-1680 
 Bayford Anthony Attorney (419)472-0077 
 Beck Margaret A Attorney (419)247-2702 
 Beebe Raymond Attorney (419)244-8500 
 Beening Fred Cpa (419)255-6500 
 Bell Kim (419)471-0994 
 Bennett Yvonne D. Attorney (419)241-2777 
 Berling Mark D Attorney (419)255-5058 
 Bernstein Samuel I (419)536-5440 
 Best Libbey W. Call Attorney (419)241-1200 
 Biesiada Shawn T Esq (419)243-6678 
 Bingle William J (419)243-9876 
 Birmingham John Attorney (419)255-6810 
 Bishop James Attorney At Law (419)534-2920 
 Bishop James J Attorney (419)536-2066 
 Blaufuss John (419)255-7250 
 Bohl Steven C Attorney (419)470-5755 
 Boissoneault Kevin J (419)843-2001 
 Boldt Daniel J Attorney (419)726-3450 
 Bolotin Law Offices (419)337-6000 
 Bolotin Law Offices (419)353-1900 
 Bolotin Sam (419)472-1900 
 Borgess Pamela A. Attorney (419)841-9623 
 Borgstahl And Zychowicz Ltd. (419)842-1166 
 Bostelman Lisa L Attorney (419)247-2534 
 Bottoni Paris M Attorney At Law (419)243-1443 
 Bovee Cottle Co Lpa (419)243-1770 
 Boxell Charles K Attorney (419)243-6281 
 Boyd Kenneth E (419)241-8171 
 Boyer Peter G Attorney (419)241-2300 
 Boyk Charles E. Attorney (419)241-1395 
 Boyk Fredric M Esq (419)327-6160 
 Brady Coyle And Schmidt Attorneys (419)885-3000 
 Bragg Michael W Attorney (419)252-6271 
 Bragg Ralph Attorney (419)252-6216 
 Bray Angela D (419)254-3107 
 Brebberman James A Attorney (419)255-5111 
 Breier Gregory J (419)885-4149 
 Brian M Ramsey (419)240-2100 
 Brossia Anne M Attorney (419)243-3215 
 Brossia Anne M. Attorney (419)243-4006 
 Browarsky Phillip Attorney (419)534-2200 
 Bruch John T Attorney (419)248-4611 
 Bruno Michael A Attorney (419)248-1500 
 Bruss Howard G (419)247-2585 
 Bryan David A Attorney (419)243-1239 
 Bunda Robert A Attorney (419)254-3111 
 Butler Amy L. Attorney (419)242-7985 
 Byers Fritz Attorney (419)241-8013 
 Cabanski Robert W Attorney (419)247-2611 
 Cain And Associates Toledo (419)246-5746 
 Cain Dwight L (419)244-8989 
 Calamunci Anthony J Attorney (419)254-5247 
 Calamunci Anthony J Attorney (419)478-1776 
 Cameron Donald H (419)255-0571 
 Casey And Slaybod (419)255-3153 
 Catholic Diocese Of Toledo (419)244-6711 
 Catignani Dean Law Office (419)329-6500 
 Chabler Allan J Attorney (419)841-3311 
 Chappell Erik Grant Attorney (419)867-8900 
 Charles A Stupsker (419)248-3563 
 Choka Byron S Attorney (419)252-6208 
 Cimerman Adrian P Attorney (419)242-8214 
 Clair Mark D Attorney (419)885-1483 
 Clark Christopher S Attorney (419)242-8900 
 Cocoves Spiros P Attorney (419)241-5506 
 Cohen Richard A Attorney (419)255-8260 
 Cohen Richard A Attorney Res (419)536-1437 
 Cole David A. Attorney (419)244-8336 
 Cole Eddie M Attorney (419)244-1742 
 Collins Francis C Attorney (419)255-3544 
 Compmanagement Inc (419)536-6001 
 Conkle Allan J Attorney Res (419)536-5341 
 Conlan Carol M Law Office Of (419)509-7490 
 Conn Charles L Attorney At Law (419)255-7600 
 Connelly William Jr Law Office Of (419)255-3448 
 Connolly Thomas M Attorney (419)478-2889 
 Cooperman Ronald M. Attorney (419)247-1500 
 Covrett C Craig Attorney (419)535-1840 
 Coy Edwin A. Attorney (419)724-5252 
 Coyle Lori A. Attorney (419)248-2600 
 Crossmock Steven L Attorney Spitzer Building (419)724-9050 
 Cubbon And Associates (419)243-7243 
 Cuneo Richard Attorney (419)254-1311 
 Czerniakowski Joseph L Attorney (419)382-6888 
 Darcangelo Joseph M (419)473-1346 
 David Klucas (419)255-1102 
 David Simko (419)517-5555 
 Davis Christopher W Attorney (419)472-2123 
 Davis Philip Attorney (419)242-7447 
 Debacker Gretchen S Attorney At Law (419)244-3650 
 Declark Peter O. Attorney (419)241-2122 
 Dedmon Shannon (419)243-3800 
 Degidio Anthony Jr Attorney (419)382-9590 
 Desmond Patrick J Attorney (419)470-1487 
 Dewey Ronald D Attorney At Law (419)843-9883 
 Dewitt Theresa R Attorney (419)254-3114 
 Dilabbio Larry V (419)243-8300 
 Disalle Anthony B Attorney (419)255-0675 
 Disalle John D Attorney (419)930-5600 
 Dixon Blondell (419)255-4543 
 Donovan Kimberly A. Attorney (419)255-5990 
 Dooley Colleen M (419)936-5120 
 Dorf Michael D Attorney (419)244-4000 
 Douglas Julie A Attorney (419)254-5263 
 Dover Thomas E. Attorney (419)241-4860 
 Drysdale Bruce L Attorney (419)243-0402 
 Ducey And Riewaldt Attorneys At Law (419)867-3946 
 Duhart Myron Attorney (419)244-3393 
 Dunn Darlene Attorney At Law (419)345-0918 
 Dunn Jr Owen Law Offices Of (419)241-9661 
 Dzienny Law Offices Limited (419)255-7300 
 Effler Fanny P Attorney (419)244-7655 
 Ellis Daniel T Attorney (419)247-2544 
 Elrod Bradley C Attorney (419)241-1228 
 Emch Gregg W Attorney (419)243-1294 
 Entenmann Richard A Attorney (419)252-6225 
 Epstein Robert Attorney (419)537-1954 
 Esch Raymond G Attorney (419)247-2508 
 Evans Denise Faith Attorney (419)255-3948 
 Farah And Silvers Llp (419)474-9514 
 Farrar Richard G Attorney Res (419)866-5700 
 Farris Ray A Attorney (419)247-2513 
 Farris Ray A Attorney Res (419)385-9984 
 Fech And Fech L.l.c. (419)242-0461 
 Feldstein Eden S Attorney (419)243-5261 
 Fell And Marcus Attorneys At Law (419)537-6610 
 Ferguson Kevin M Attorney (419)841-4294 
 Fiedler Robert W Jr (419)244-4304 
 Findish Marie E Attorney (419)241-4400 
 Fisher John B Attorney (419)244-7500 
 Fitzgerald Sharon A Attorney (419)381-1820 
 Fitzgerald Sharon A Attorney (419)385-5704 
 Forcht Melan M (419)244-4277 
 Ford Claudia A Attorney (419)243-9976 
 Frank Gates Service Company (419)241-9331 
 Franklin And Greenfield Llc (419)243-9005 
 Frederickson Craig F. Attorney (419)242-5100 
 Friedes David E. Attorney (419)842-9902 
 Fruth James W. Attorney (419)246-5757 
 Fugée Patricia B. Attorney (419)254-5261 
 Gall Joanne F Attorney (419)474-5678 
 Gallon And Takacs Co L P A (419)843-6688 
 Garrett Stanley J (419)255-4509 
 Garrett Stanley J Attorney (419)255-4513 
 Garrett Stanley J. Attorney (419)471-1488 
 Gary Osborne And Associates (419)842-8200 
 Geller Paul L Attorney (419)255-5917 
 George Thomas M Attorney (419)247-2514 
 Georgetti Anthony (419)843-9030 
 Gerken Law Office (419)243-5552 
 Gernot George Iii Attorney (419)244-5831 
 Gersz Theodore Attorney (419)841-2951 
 Gersz Theodore Attorney (419)841-7906 
 Geudtner Mark C Attorney Res (419)476-0425 
 Gibson Lawrence (419)841-7416 
 Gillooly And Associates (419)535-5700 
 Golberg And Spore (419)534-6357 
 Goldberg Paul S Attorney (419)471-0006 
 Goldberg Paul S Attorney (419)843-5355 
 Goldstein Jeffrey I Attorney (419)255-0030 
 Goranson And Goranson (419)244-9510 
 Gosline William H Attorney Res (419)535-7399 
 Gouttiere John P Attorney (419)242-9900 
 Graeff Scott M Attorney (419)241-5175 
 Gray David L Attorney (419)254-3105 
 Greenwood Truman A Attorney (419)252-6211 
 Griffin Sharon L Attorney (419)255-8111 
 Grigsby Teresa L Attorney (419)242-6261 
 Grill Donna M Attorney (419)244-6700 
 Groth Stevin J Attorney (419)930-3030 
 Grude David G (419)472-9774 
 Guerin Marshall W Attorney (419)241-2344 
 Gusses George Attorney (419)248-2419 
 Guynes Marlene Attorney (419)841-1571 
 H James Dear (419)478-0474 
 Hales Steven C. Attorney (419)346-7423 
 Handleycook Stacy Attorney (419)243-1818 
 Hanson Anastasia K Attorney (419)252-6250 
 Harlett Wm (419)244-1211 
 Harris Jay Attorney (419)243-1105 
 Hattner Louis J. Attorney (419)241-2201 
 Hattner Louise J Attorney (419)252-6229 
 Haughn Law Office (419)866-5223 
 Hayward John P Attorney (419)252-6299 
 Heartland Rehabilitation Services Outpatient Clinics (419)726-8000 
 Hendershott Patrick D. Attorney (419)241-2222 
 Higley William E Ii Attorney (419)246-5760 
 Hirsch And Osnowitz Attorneys (419)531-1021 
 Hoffer Jerry Attorney (419)241-5665 
 Hoffman Edward L Attorney (419)242-9281 
 Horne And Rahal Inc (419)474-8377 
 Horrigan Dean A Attorney (419)382-3270 
 Huffman John L (419)242-8461 
 Hunter And Schank Co Lpa (419)255-4300 
 Ilstrup Thomas G Attorney (419)292-0529 
 Industrial Medical Center (419)726-6500 
 Ingram Arthur C Attorney (419)473-3916 
 J. P. Smith (419)244-0991 
 Jacobs Mark I (419)248-3501 
 Jacobson John L (419)537-9016 
 Jane S Randall (419)242-9405 
 Janson Scott T Attorney (419)247-2158 
 Jasin And Sallah Co Lpa (419)473-1350 
 Jason Taylor Attorney At Law (419)241-1450 
 Jeffery James R Attorney (419)252-6226 
 Jeffrey P. Nunnari (419)578-9246 
 Jennifer Styblo Esq (419)244-0544 
 Jennings Linda J Attorney (419)244-2070 
 Jermann E L (419)473-3179 
 Jerry P. Purcel L.p.a. (419)578-2300 
 John Paul Zima Attorney At Law (419)243-6250 
 Johnson Justice G Jr Attorney Res (419)537-1789 
 Johnson Robert G (419)531-9095 
 Jones And Lavender (419)244-3888 
 Jones And Scheich (419)241-6450 
 Jones Stewart W (419)246-2022 
 Jordan Joseph P. Attorney (419)473-1300 
 Joseph L. Wittenberg A Legal Professional Association (419)535-7444 
 Judy Jefferey J Attorney (419)249-7000 
 Justice Express Hot Line (419)321-4000 
 Kadri Cherrefe A Attorney (419)243-7500 
 Kaplan Richardson Rost Vicente And Roman Attorneys (419)241-6168 
 Karcher Richard A Attorney At Law (419)255-1222 
 Katz Arthur H Attorney (419)243-7281 
 Katz Michael (419)241-4500 
 Katz Randolph S Attorney Res (419)535-1576 
 Kean John V Attorney (419)843-9101 
 Keil Dennis M Attorney (419)843-4499 
 Kennedy Elizabeth Attorney (419)254-5256 
 Kenneth Phillips Attorney At Law (419)244-6911 
 Kirk Hugh A Pat Attorney Ofc (419)882-5995 
 Kirkpatrick Joel J (419)475-8800 
 Klein Andrew I Attorney (419)478-8298 
 Knoblauch Diane J Attorney (419)842-1333 
 Koder Stephen D Attorney (419)472-9041 
 Koester Anne Y Attorney (419)254-3109 
 Kolb And Zigray (419)244-3006 
 Korn John P Attorney (419)248-3503 
 Kostyo John F Attorney (419)247-2526 
 Kosydar Walter J Attorney (419)244-5865 
 Kovacs Patricia A (419)241-4050 
 Kovacs Patricia A Attorney (419)241-4288 
 Kuhl John Attorney (419)473-1431 
 Lafe Tolliver Attorney At Law (419)249-2703 
 Landry John A Attorney (419)531-6280 
 Lavalley Daniel J. Attorney (419)882-0081 
 Law Office Of Ericka Parker (419)243-0900 
 Law Office Of Rebecca Westestell (419)241-5560 
 Law Office Of Rochelle Abouar (419)213-1010 
 Law Offices Lenavitt (419)885-0805 
 Law Offices Of Barry And Feit (419)241-6285 
 Law Offices Of Dianne Mantel (419)244-4314 
 Law Offices Of Kurt M. Young Llc (419)244-7885 
 Law Offices Of Megan Burke (419)243-9650 
 Lawrence Morgan Attorney (419)255-5117 
 Leonhardt Ron Attorney (419)243-1062 
 Levine Joel A Attorney (419)252-6274 
 Levy Jeffrey D Attorney (419)248-3360 
 Lewis Debra J Cpa Attorney (419)841-9800 
 Liberty Title Inc (419)517-5000 
 Lindsey R Kemp Attorney (419)244-3730 
 Lodge Terry J Attorney (419)255-7552 
 Long Stephen D Attorney At Law (419)842-1717 
 Longacre Timothy W Attorney (419)885-5585 
 Loos K C Attorney (419)246-5728 
 Louisville Title Agency (419)843-6640 
 Lucas County Clerk Of Courts Heatherdowns Plaza (419)382-8900 
 Lupica Thomas A Attorney (419)252-6298 
 Lutz Lonnie R Attorney At Law (419)578-9211 
 Lyle Dennis A Attorney (419)247-2542 
 Mac Millan Sobanski And Todd (419)255-5900 
 Machin Barbara E (419)254-3108 
 Mack James R (419)729-3944 
 Magee Title (419)531-2292 
 Mahoney Terrence (419)535-7221 
 Mancillas And Clark (419)535-3960 
 Mansour Linda N (419)535-7100 
 Margelefsky Michael (419)244-4200 
 Mark Davis Attorney At Law (419)297-5088 
 Mark Mc Bride Attorney At Law (419)254-1335 
 Markwood Theodore Attorney (419)243-8275 
 Marsh Benjamin F Attorney Res (419)865-3042 
 Marshall And Melhorn Llc (419)254-4300 
 Marshall And Melhorn Pllc (734)457-2444 
 Mather John G Attorney Ofc (419)255-4864 
 Mattimoe John I Attorney (419)517-5050 
 Mauntler John E Attorney (419)247-2868 
 Mazziotti M L Attorney (419)472-8213 
 Mcbride B Gary Attorney (419)252-6231 
 Mccarter C Thomas Law Office (419)255-9100 
 Mcconnell Hancock Karyn Attorneys (419)241-6282 
 Mccrory And Associates Co Lpa (800)797-8198 
 Mccrory Dorothy B Attorney At Law (419)243-0922 
 Mcculley David C Attorney At Law (419)865-9020 
 Mcmahon John W (419)254-9000 
 Mcmanus Kevin P Attorney (419)242-1255 
 Mcnulty M Sean (419)244-6864 
 Mcquades Co Lpa (419)241-1886 
 Melhorn Donald F Jr Attorney Res (419)385-6159 
 Mercy Work Solutions Inc (419)251-0479 
 Metropolitan Title Company (419)530-0001 
 Meyer Randy L Attorney (419)252-6235 
 Meyer William G (419)246-5722 
 Michalak Alan J Attorney (419)255-6171 
 Mickel Marilyn D Miller (419)327-4336 
 Midland Title Agency Of Nw Ohio Inc (419)531-1192 
 Miller Bennett M Attorney At Law (419)473-9276 
 Miller Harvey C. Jr. Attorney (419)244-6788 
 Miller Russell R Attorney (419)254-5250 
 Miller Wesley Attorney (419)843-6220 
 Mitchell Keith L Law Office Of (419)255-4480 
 Mittelstaedt David J Attorney (419)248-4256 
 Mockensturm Limited (419)724-3499 
 Mohler Edward (419)242-7488 
 Molaro Salvatore C Attorney (419)249-2707 
 Monaghan And Associates Cpas Inc (419)724-2310 
 Mondville Jeffrey J Attorney (419)243-5080 
 Morgan Lawrence And Associates (419)242-7425 
 Morris Robert G Attorney (419)536-2663 
 Morris Robert G Attorney Res (419)536-3464 
 Morton James M Jr Attorney (419)247-2509 
 Murphy Veronica M Attorney (419)242-3135 
 Musachio Rosalie N (419)535-5650 
 Muska Susan Hartman Attorney (419)243-7720 
 National Accounting Services (419)517-0090 
 Nations Title Agency (419)539-9391 
 Nelson Susan B Attorney (419)252-6217 
 Newberg Brian A Attorney (419)242-3900 
 Northern United Title Services Inc (419)531-3821 
 Northwest Ohio Family Mediation Inc (419)475-8165 
 Northwest Title Agency Of Ohio And Michigan (419)241-8195 
 Northwest Title Agency Of Ohio And Michigan (419)578-0033 
 Novak Karen A Attorney (419)241-3580 
 Nowak James S (419)726-2605 
 Nugent Samuel J Attorney (419)246-0250 
 Nusbaum James B (419)255-6070 
 Ohio State Workers Compensation Toledo Service Office Claims (419)245-2700 
 Oostmeyer Melissa M Attorney (419)247-2645 
 Orra Said M Attorney (419)244-7563 
 Osnowitz Samuel Attorney Res (419)536-2999 
 Pangle Laurie J Attorney (419)252-6251 
 Papps Thomas G Attorney (419)536-3075 
 Pardee John (419)475-6043 
 Patricia Horner (419)244-7753 
 Pawlicki Sarah E (419)247-2061 
 Pennington Stephen T Attorney (419)727-1040 
 Pertz Frank (419)843-1010 
 Peters Richard H Attorney Res (419)882-1511 
 Peters William J (419)242-5429 
 Petlow James J Attorney (419)244-8396 
 Pigott Thomas D Attorney (419)776-4567 
 Pilkington Joseph H And Co Attorneys (419)247-1600 
 Pioch Susan M Attorney At Law (419)474-3380 
 Pizza Lisa E Attorney (419)252-6227 
 Polofka And Van Berkom Attorneys (419)241-7900 
 Porritt Russell W Attorney (419)841-7211 
 Port Lawrence Title And Trust Co Main Office (419)244-4605 
 Port Lawrence Title And Trust Co West Toledo (419)724-0464 
 Porz Bonnie Attorney (419)255-2366 
 Potts John F. Attorney (419)255-2800 
 Powell Yvonne D Attorney (419)254-3106 
 Prepaid Legal Consultant (419)241-9846 
 Prephan Michael Senior Attorney (419)244-4697 
 Price Douglas Attorney (419)242-3540 
 Puligandla Bertrand R Attorney At Law (419)380-1330 
 Purdue John C Attorney (419)531-0599 
 Rambo Glenn L Attorney (419)247-2524 
 Randall Benjamin A Law Offices Of (419)243-5308 
 Rankin Bonnie R Attorney (419)242-4011 
 Rauser And Associates (419)241-4900 
 Rebecca Ligibel (419)242-4055 
 Reddy Brian Attorney (419)243-1450 
 Reeves Randy L Co Lpa (419)243-9424 
 Retske And Weinberg (419)882-0533 
 Reynolds Frank Attorney At Law (419)243-1007 
 Rice Kollin L Attorney (419)480-1900 
 Riley Tyrone Attorney (419)242-2251 
 Risner Rick L Attorney (419)241-3565 
 Robert F Lindsay Realtyproperty Management (419)476-8310 
 Roberts Richard L Senior Attorney (419)244-4777 
 Romanoff Rollind W (419)842-1252 
 Roose And Ressler (419)242-1515 
 Rose Auction Group (419)866-4064 
 Rowell Charles S Jr Attorney (419)243-3261 
 Rowell Chas S Jr (419)241-8555 
 Rowen Theodore M Attorney (419)252-6239 
 Royer Geroge R Attorney (419)241-6612 
 Rubin Daryl (419)244-7482 
 Rubin Joanne Attorney (419)241-7211 
 Rubinoff Norman J (419)252-6215 
 Rust John G (419)476-0347 
 Sass James C Attorney At Law (419)843-3545 
 Sawers Mary L Law Offices Of (419)243-5581 
 Scalzo Michael S. Attorney (419)249-7151 
 Scheer Green And Burke Co Lpa (419)243-2283 
 Schnorf And Schnorf Co Lpa (419)248-2646 
 Schuller James L Attorney (419)535-0311 
 Schwab Scott S Attorney (419)241-9999 
 Scott Darrel J. Attorney (419)321-1415 
 Scott John N Attorney (419)842-1441 
 Searfoss Robert E. Iii Attorney (419)321-1355 
 Shaw Mark A Attorney (419)247-2663 
 Shemas James F Attorney (419)691-5745 
 Shook David C Attorney (419)254-3104 
 Sikkema Gary D Attorney (419)252-6214 
 Silk James P Jr Attorney (419)252-6210 
 Silk James P Senior Attorney (419)252-6282 
 Slack Eric W Attorney (419)243-2062 
 Smith And Smith Attorneys At Law (419)882-4131 
 Smith Christopher M. Attorney (419)321-1438 
 Smith David E (419)472-1720 
 Smith David E Attorney Fax (419)472-4745 
 Sobecki Thomas A. Attorney (419)242-9908 
 Spengler Nathanson Pll Attorneys (419)241-8599 
 Spohler Norman Attorney (419)472-0535 
 Sprenger George F Attorney (419)842-1035 
 Spryszak Frank Attorney (419)241-2058 
 Squillante David G Attorney (419)243-8003 
 Stahlbush Kristin A Attorney (419)242-9393 
 Stallings Douglas E (419)254-3113 
 Stanford Stephen J Attorney (419)247-2512 
 Stanton Kristen (419)243-2042 
 Stanton Kristen A Attorney At Law (419)241-8853 
 Starbird Debra Esq (419)720-9800 
 Steltenpohl James And Menacher Co Lpa (419)243-6200 
 Stewart John C (419)269-2640 
 Stewart John C Attorney (419)254-3110 
 Straub John L. Attorney (419)241-9000 
 Stutz Barbara J Attorney (419)254-3112 
 Stutz Barbara J Attorney (419)841-4002 
 Stutz Paul F Attorney (419)241-4211 
 Susan K Sharkey Attorney At Law (419)244-6438 
 Sweeney Frederick J Attorney (419)248-4677 
 Szczepaniak Richard (419)241-5395 
 Szuberla Joan C Attorney (419)252-6270 
 Tackett Kevin A (419)324-2407 
 Tailford And Associates (419)843-8852 
 Taoka L Mari Attorney (419)248-2009 
 Tassie Deborah S Attorney (419)471-0211 
 Taylor David R (419)244-1000 
 Thakur Nic Attorney At Law (419)241-4467 
 Toledo Legal Aid Society (419)243-5847 
 Toledo Medical Evaluators (419)385-1657 
 Toledo Public Defender (419)244-8351 
 Trident Title Agency Inc (419)474-7902 
 Turin John C (419)841-9097 
 Turin John C Attorney (419)536-5110 
 Uaw Legal Services Plans General Motors (419)471-1489 
 Van Berkom Trevor Attorney (419)244-5000 
 Van Horsten Craig J Attorney (419)247-2515 
 Vassar Dills And Dawson Attorneys (419)241-9770 
 Vaughan Elizabeth A Attorney (419)241-1969 
 Voller Cindy M (419)693-4433 
 Wagoner Mark D Attorney Res (419)536-5154 
 Wall Virginia M (419)537-6700 
 Walter J Skotnyskyattorney At Law (419)241-8811 
 Walter James E Attorney (419)693-3446 
 Weaver Renee Hess Attorney (419)246-5734 
 Webb Linde Hurst Attorney (419)531-4500 
 Weller Kenneth J Attorney (419)241-7117 
 Weller Lucinda Attorney At Law (419)244-7596 
 Welles Bowen Title Agency (419)418-2018 
 Werner And Blank Co Llc (419)841-8051 
 Westgate Title Agency Llc (419)536-3400 
 Westmeyer Law Offices (419)244-7041 
 Weston Gretchen F. Attorney (419)244-9500 
 Whipple Mary Ann Attorney (419)247-2529 
 Whitcomb Howard C Iii Attorney (419)241-4141 
 White Carl N Attorney (419)242-7471 
 White James W Jr Attorney (419)479-3959 
 White Kenneth I Senior Attorney (419)241-5522 
 Wiley David F Attorney (419)691-4232 
 Wiley David F Attorney Res (419)727-9828 
 Wilkins Douglas (419)246-3777 
 Willey David S Attorney At Law (419)241-3310 
 Williams Brian R Attorney At Law (419)243-6610 
 Williams Vesper C Ii (419)882-0601 
 Wineland Legal Services (419)486-9999 
 Wise David G Attorney (419)252-6228 
 Witcher Jenelda E Attorney (419)243-9873 
 Witt Robert E Attorney (419)241-3251 
 Wohl Doris K Attorney (419)242-6505 
 Wolff Cheryl F Attorney (419)252-6238 
 Wolff Richard E Attorney (419)252-6253 
 Woodley Robert A Attorney Res (419)478-3840 
 Yates James B Attorney (419)247-2726 
 Zemmelman Connie F (419)242-7415 
 Zilba Jeffery Attorney (419)255-1515 
 Zimmerman Roger K Attorney (419)531-4544 
 Zouhary Jack Attorney (419)247-2565 
 Zyndorf And Saum (419)243-1144