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 Anderson Todd A Co Lpa (740)382-3221 
 Armengau Javier Attorney (740)387-1613 
 Babich Ted Attorney (740)387-5900 
 Barkan And Barkan Co Lpa (740)387-8916 
 Bartram John C Attorney (740)387-6000 
 Bartram John C Attorney (740)387-7530 
 Bartram John C Attorney Res (740)389-1428 
 Bruder Susan Attorney (740)382-1356 
 Calig And Handelman Lpa (740)375-5051 
 Chaffin Steven E (740)387-5297 
 Chaffin Steven E Attorney Res (740)382-2857 
 Cordrick And Roston Lpa (740)382-2611 
 Coulter Ted (740)382-4444 
 Cramer Ronald D Attorney (740)387-9093 
 Cramer Ronald D Attorney Res (740)389-4160 
 Crowder Mary Kay Attorney (740)387-0800 
 Davidson Robert S Attorney Ofc (740)382-1158 
 Decker Co Llc (740)382-0328 
 Diequez Douglas B Attorney (740)223-1470 
 Dowler Harry L Jr Attorney (740)382-4445 
 Dowler Harry L Jr Attorney Res (740)389-4413 
 Ebert Douglas E Attorney (740)383-1151 
 Farrington Barbara J Attorney (740)387-9991 
 Firstenberger And Mathews (740)387-5854 
 Firstenberger John Attorney Residence (740)389-3015 
 Frericks And Howard (740)387-7384 
 Frericks Theodore P Attorney Res (740)389-3546 
 Frericks Theodore P Iv Attorney Res Ted And Jo Ann (740)725-9914 
 Frericks Thomas A Attorney Res (740)389-4060 
 Frericks Timothy M Attorney Res (740)389-1553 
 Goodman Malcolm Attorney (740)383-3032 
 Guthery Howard F Attorney (740)387-8741 
 Hall And Hall Attorneys (740)383-6109 
 Hall Kevin Attorney Res (740)387-1090 
 Harraman Brent M Attorney (740)387-1717 
 Harraman Brent M Attorney Res (740)389-2242 
 Heiser Larry Atty (740)383-2446 
 Howard Ralph W Attorney Res (740)387-2517 
 Hypes Maria L Attorney At Law (740)387-7799 
 Jacob Dean L Attorney Res (740)389-2977 
 Jettye C Matlock Attorney (740)223-7688 
 Jonathan Williamson (740)382-8892 
 Kegler Brown Hill And Ritter (740)387-1120 
 Kochheiser Keith A Attorney (740)387-0970 
 Law Office Of Farley K Banks (740)382-8349 
 Legal Aid Society (740)383-2161 
 Luton James P Attorney (740)382-6588 
 Marion City Law Director (740)387-3777 
 Marion County Courthouse Offices Prosecutor (740)223-4290 
 Marion Title Agency Limited (740)223-3888 
 Mckinniss Ted M Attorney (740)382-0679 
 Nemo And Fragale Co. L.p.a. (740)387-7438 
 Nemo Robert C Attorney Res (740)389-5148 
 Panzer John Attorney (740)387-4998 
 Piacentino And Piacentino (740)387-6727 
 Prime Equity Title Llc (740)375-2900 
 Ratliff J C Attorney At Law (740)383-6023 
 Reber Frank Attorney (740)387-5308 
 Redmond Dustin J Jr Attorney (740)382-5521 
 Redmonddustin J Jr Attorney (740)382-1121 
 Rogers J W Attorney Res (740)389-4335 
 Roth And Bacon Attorneys At Law (740)387-7327 
 Spohn And Zeigler (740)387-0900 
 Spohn Clifford Attorney Res (740)387-2468 
 Taube Donald H Attorney (740)382-2153 
 Taube Donald H Attorney Res (740)389-3836 
 Wesley W Osborne Attorney At Law (740)389-9894 
 Williamson David E Attorney Res (740)387-4986 
 Yazel Eugene A Attorney Ofc (740)387-8917 
 Ziercher Mark C (740)383-4795