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 A Patent Lawyer Corporation Plc R William Graham (937)461-6988 
 Adams Audrey S. Attorney (937)224-5300 
 Adams Jay A Attorney (937)294-2778 
 Adams Karen R Attorney Chernesky Heyman And Kress Pll (937)449-2825 
 Adkinson Patrick K Attorney (937)431-9660 
 Albert And Krochmal Attorneys (937)275-7170 
 Albro Tim Beerman Realty Co (937)222-1285 
 Allbery Cross Fogarty (937)228-5912 
 Ambrose And Dennis Limited (937)229-9999 
 Ames Arthur A Attorney (937)461-4646 
 Anderson Bradley D. Attorney (937)227-3700 
 Angelo Thomas Iii Attorney (937)223-5200 
 Anne Catherine Harvey (937)439-5708 
 Anspach Douglas C. Attorney (937)223-8177 
 Arkenberg And Barthelemysmith (937)278-4214 
 Armstrong James S (937)461-4648 
 Arnold Gordon D. Attorney (937)222-2424 
 Arnold Todaro And Welch (937)222-3322 
 Arntz Matthew Ryan Attorney (937)224-0036 
 Arthur Richard P (937)254-3738 
 Ash Reuel D Esq (937)222-1090 
 Attkisson Kevin W. Attorney (937)223-8888 
 Attorney Assistance Inc. (937)222-0373 
 Attorney Referral Service (937)222-6102 
 Auman Gary W. Attorney (937)223-6003 
 Auto Injury Victims (937)866-2114 
 Axtell Stephen J (937)443-6877 
 Axtell Stephen J. Attorney (937)443-6600 
 Bacon Steven E Attorney (937)224-0963 
 Baggott Thomas M. Attorney (937)461-8800 
 Bailey Cavalieri Llc (937)223-4701 
 Bailey Kenneth L Co Lpa (937)228-8080 
 Baker Theresa A (937)226-1990 
 Ball David R And Associates (937)438-6880 
 Ballato Lynnette Pisone Attorney (937)534-0500 
 Barbara L. Sager Co. Lpa (937)443-0295 
 Barbato Matthew J. Attorney (937)223-9133 
 Barkan And Neff (937)837-1075 
 Barry Galen And Associates (937)223-1113 
 Beacon Center Inc (937)436-3082 
 Beard Phillip L Attorney (937)426-7576 
 Beck Jonathon L. Attorney (937)224-9291 
 Beckmann Richard J. Attorney (937)449-6410 
 Behnke Stephen D Attorney (937)435-9999 
 Bennett John F. Attorney (937)449-6810 
 Berner Robert Esq (937)223-0254 
 Bernstein Elaine S Attorney (937)496-3686 
 Berry Thomas D Attorney (937)278-0022 
 Berry Thomas D Attorney At Law (937)294-7400 
 Berry Thomas D. Attorney (937)294-7398 
 Beyer James E. Attorney (937)449-6438 
 Beyer Martin A Attorney (937)222-2514 
 Beyer Martin A. Attorney (937)222-2500 
 Beyoglides Harry G Jr Attorney (937)898-0824 
 Billingham Katherine Attorney At Law (937)435-2288 
 Bissonnette Brett R. Attorney (937)228-2666 
 Blair Amy R. Attorney (937)223-8171 
 Blaschak Thomas R Attorney (937)252-1414 
 Blaschak Thomas R Attorney (937)781-9000 
 Blattner J Wray Attorney (937)443-6539 
 Block Barry M Attorney (937)443-6964 
 Bloomfield Roger E. Attorney (937)438-5310 
 Blue Charles M (937)298-1054 
 Blumenthal Gary M Attorney (937)224-7200 
 Boesch And Boesch (937)222-1040 
 Bogin Patterson Ellis Slaton And Stump Llp (937)226-1200 
 Booth Michael A Attorney (937)222-2056 
 Bostick Robert A Attorney (937)586-6550 
 Boucher Richard A Attorney (937)223-0122 
 Bowers Gwendolyn Co Lpa Attorney (937)461-9297 
 Bowman Kevin A (937)228-2306 
 Bradley Karen Denise Attorney (937)226-1212 
 Braig Kevin P. Attorney (937)449-6400 
 Brasier Susan M. Attorney (937)222-3000 
 Brinkman Daniel E (937)226-1996 
 Broock Richard A Attorney Chernesky Heyman And Kress Pll (937)449-2840 
 Brooks Adrienne D. Attorney (937)228-9790 
 Brookshire James D (937)228-0894 
 Brown Alan I. Attorney (937)224-0076 
 Brown Diana S (937)461-5310 
 Brown Robert J. Attorney (937)443-6557 
 Brown William J. Attorney (937)913-0200 
 Bryant Todd E Attorney Chernesky Heyman And Kress Pll (937)449-2846 
 Buchanan Joseph P. Attorney (937)223-6211 
 Burdge Law Office Co. Lpa (937)432-9500 
 Burdge Michael J Attorney (937)224-1981 
 Burick Lawrence T Attorney (937)443-6625 
 Bursey Charles Attorney (937)223-8000 
 Caras Sam G Co Lpa (937)223-2200 
 Care Entree (937)433-0281 
 Carlile Richard F. Attorney (937)443-6520 
 Carney And Associates (937)859-1323 
 Carol J Holm (937)226-1973 
 Carson Douglas T Attorney (937)890-8883 
 Carter Jay B (937)222-1366 
 Caspar And Posey Attorneys At Law (937)236-6444 
 Caspar Frederick J Attorney Chernesky Heymn And Krss Pll (937)449-2818 
 Casper And Casper (937)224-1122 
 Cass William O. Jr. Attorney (937)222-1232 
 Certo Peter R. Attorney (937)223-1201 
 Chernesky Richard J Attorney Chernesky Hymn And Krss Pll (937)449-2804 
 Cherney Andrew K Attorney Chernesky Heyman And Kress Pll (937)449-2828 
 Christon Jimmie Attorney (937)461-0796 
 Ciambrone Richard A Attorney (937)443-6568 
 Cicero And Kollin Pll (937)424-5390 
 Clawson Carissa E Attorney (937)226-5612 
 Cline J Timothy Jr Attorney (937)222-5552 
 Cloud Joe Attorney (937)426-3230 
 Cloud John M Attorney Res (937)435-1933 
 Clough John E Attorney (937)443-6933 
 Coen William R Attorney (937)293-2200 
 Coleman Danyelle S T Attorney (937)341-6749 
 Combs Gardner J Attorney At Law (937)223-4800 
 Compensation Consultants Inc (937)320-6255 
 Comunale Tony Attorney (937)222-0600 
 Comunale Tony Attorney (937)227-3310 
 Conley Andrew P. Attorney (937)228-1111 
 Conway Mark A Attorney (937)443-6840 
 Conway W Michael (937)294-8807 
 Copley Valley And Baldwin Llc (937)436-0699 
 Cousineau R L Attorney (937)224-1611 
 Cowan And Hilgeman (937)222-2030 
 Cox Bobby Joe Attorney (937)228-1975 
 Cox Ginger And Leland (937)434-7114 
 Cramer Anthony Co Lpa (937)439-1666 
 Crim Gary W Attorney (937)276-5770 
 Crossman F. Ann Attorney (937)294-6000 
 Curry Robert M Attorney (937)443-6511 
 Custis Lawrey Law Office (937)837-4019 
 Daganhardt R Casey Attorney (937)223-1788 
 Daly And Livingston Attorneys At Law (937)222-0500 
 Dankof Steven K. Attorney (937)643-9999 
 Dauber Eric L Attorney (937)228-1525 
 Davenport Andrew T (937)426-5272 
 David L Williams Attorney At Law (937)235-1418 
 David M Duwel And Associates (937)297-1154 
 David M. Deutsch Co. L.p.a. (937)223-7170 
 Davies Scott S Attorney (937)341-6739 
 Davis Steven J (937)443-6533 
 Dawson Wayne H. Attorney (937)449-6416 
 Dayton Bar Association (937)222-7902 
 Debrosse Thomas E. Attorney (937)443-6664 
 Deddens Robt L (937)293-9696 
 Dedicated Compliance Associates (937)427-9075 
 Deitering Joyce M Attorney (937)898-7673 
 Dennis Heitz Attorney At Law (937)252-4900 
 Denny Larry J Attorney (937)224-0039 
 Depascale Diane Kappeler (937)223-0966 
 Deporter Kent J (937)435-8780 
 Deveny Dain N. Attorney (937)252-2030 
 Dicicco Matthew Attorney (937)222-8091 
 Dineen Thomas M Attorney (937)433-8611 
 Don A Little (937)434-6040 
 Donahue Peter J Attorney (937)228-8183 
 Donenfeld And Associates (937)226-7501 
 Donoff Marilyn R (937)223-4400 
 Douple Daryl R Attorney (937)434-2113 
 Dressel Fred (937)434-1198 
 Dressel Fred Attorney (937)434-3556 
 Driscoll Brian C (937)254-2600 
 Dubel Julie B Attorney (937)436-9870 
 Ducker John T. Attorney (937)224-1006 
 Duncombe Barbara A Attorney (937)341-6738 
 Durden Aaron G And Co Lpa (937)461-9400 
 Dybvig Roger S Pat Attorney (937)461-1142 
 Dyer Garofalo Mann And Schultz (937)235-1229 
 Dyer Garofalo Mann And Schultz (937)424-0516 
 Dyer James A Attorney (937)222-2521 
 E S Gallon And Associates (937)461-4374 
 E S Gallon And Associates (937)586-3100 
 Early Katherine L Attorney (937)341-6745 
 Eckhart Michael (937)298-6628 
 Eichelberger Jack W Attorney (937)224-0722 
 Eichelberger Jack W Attorney Res (937)299-6452 
 Eichelman Nate Attorney (937)258-3668 
 Elleman Steven J (937)443-6838 
 Ellerbrock Michael J (937)275-0944 
 Ellison Kathy L Attorney (937)222-1560 
 Engler Gregory T Attorney (937)299-1914 
 Engling Mark Attorney (937)223-3001 
 Epley Christopher B (937)228-7511 
 Epley Christopher B. Attorney (937)293-2141 
 Ernst Herbert Jr Attorney (937)298-9453 
 Eubank David L Attorney (937)293-9901 
 Evers Bradley W Attorney (937)449-2829 
 Family Mediation And Arbitration Center (937)296-9500 
 Faulkner Jonathan E Attorney (937)264-8710 
 Federal Public Defender (937)225-7687 
 Ferrante Francesco A Attorney (937)443-6740 
 Ferrell Richard Esq (937)223-0253 
 Feuer Mark S Attorney (937)449-2819 
 Fidelity Commonwealth Land Title Agency Limited (937)228-0315 
 Fierst David J Attorney (937)254-3767 
 Finke R. Peter Attorney (937)228-7104 
 Finley Gale S Attorney (937)222-2054 
 First Central Land Title Agency Inc (609)448-3630 
 Fitzpatrick Michael D Attorney (937)461-6200 
 Flanagan Patrick A (937)223-1087 
 Flora Bruce J (937)854-3047 
 Folkerts Michael D. Attorney (937)438-6848 
 Foster Mark S Attorney (937)278-0651 
 Fox James E Attorney At Law (937)233-3435 
 Fox Legal Services (937)278-0691 
 Frank Gates Service Company (937)299-3199 
 Fraud Busters Title Security Advisors (937)671-2745 
 Frayne Anne M Attorney (937)224-0077 
 Freiberger Law Office (937)264-0149 
 Frey Michael G. Attorney (937)449-6447 
 Friedman Mark J Attorney At Law (937)438-2828 
 Friesinger Patricia Jean Attorney (937)224-4128 
 Froelich Law Office Lpa (937)226-1776 
 Fulero Solomon M Phd Jd And Associates (937)298-7677 
 Fullenkamp James J Law Offices (937)228-5151 
 Furry Richard L Attorney Res (937)299-2334 
 Gabel Alan D Attorney (937)222-5335 
 Galen Barry S Attorney (937)223-7270 
 Gallon E S And Associates (937)461-4373 
 Gambrel Kimberly Attorney (937)449-6437 
 Gammell Hoshor Kendo And Ross Llp (937)433-4090 
 Gammell Land Title Agency Inc (937)434-7366 
 Gardner Ames Jr. Attorney (937)449-6422 
 Garman Richard K Attorney Res (937)433-2217 
 Garrett Dawn S Attorney At Law (937)433-2744 
 Geisenfeld J R Attorney Res (937)836-0934 
 Geisenfeld Law Offices Llc (937)256-8001 
 Geisenfeld Law Offices Llc (937)436-3331 
 George Norman Attorney (937)298-8087 
 Gianuglou C Dino Attorney (937)223-0135 
 Gibson Gregory C. Attorney (937)643-0600 
 Gilbert Paul D Attorney (937)224-7311 
 Ginger David S Attorney Res (937)433-5886 
 Glankler John R Attorney (937)222-2053 
 Goldman Rubin And Shapiro (937)254-4455 
 Gottman James F. Attorney (937)449-6403 
 Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project (937)461-3857 
 Greater Miami Title (937)435-1116 
 Green And Green Lawyers (937)224-3333 
 Greene James R Iii And Associates (937)225-3991 
 Greger Lawrence J Attorney (937)223-3153 
 Gregg Douglas B (937)223-4332 
 Grote Leo Lpa (937)291-4300 
 Gudorf Law Offices (937)898-5583 
 Gump Law Offices (937)436-6046 
 Gump Law Offices (937)854-4900 
 Gw Land Title Inc (937)435-3777 
 Haaker Christine M. Attorney (937)443-6822 
 Hackert Timothy J Attorney (937)443-6931 
 Hagan Timothy W. Attorney (937)449-6430 
 Hall And Mueller (937)433-4155 
 Hallmark Title Agency (937)228-4255 
 Hammond Stier And Stadnicar Attorneys (937)426-3310 
 Hamrick Winn C Attorney Res (937)299-3424 
 Hanaghan Dennis M Attorney (937)223-8194 
 Handicapped And Elderly Law Project (937)449-8125 
 Hann Jennifer K (937)322-7206 
 Hanseman Robert G Attorney (937)226-5601 
 Haper Cori R. Attorney (937)443-6856 
 Harker Capizzi And Hall (937)223-2727 
 Harrelson Laura G (937)449-6414 
 Harson Linn S Attorney (937)443-6842 
 Hatton Fred B (937)224-5129 
 Haught Tony Attorney (937)866-3700 
 Havemann William Attorney (937)299-5530 
 Hawkins H Donald Law Offices (937)433-2880 
 Heck Cynthia M Attorney (937)228-6802 
 Hedrick And Jordan Co. A Legal Professional Association (937)228-3889 
 Helms Jeffrey R. Attorney (937)461-5980 
 Hemmert William F Attorney (937)435-2118 
 Henderson Toby K Attorney (937)222-2508 
 Henley Elizabeth J (937)222-5244 
 Herbert Ernst Jr Esq (937)223-2002 
 Herbert J Stephen Attorney Res (937)434-1370 
 Herr J Michael Attorney (937)443-6615 
 Heyman Ralph E Attorney Cherneskyheyman And Kress Pll (937)449-2820 
 Hickey James P Attorney (937)298-7584 
 Hill James M Attorney (937)427-2000 
 Hill Jennifer L. Attorney (937)223-3277 
 Hill Patricia L Attorney (937)341-6744 
 Hines Dean Edward Co Lpa (937)312-0895 
 Hines Dean Edward Co Lpa Beavercreek (937)429-3560 
 Hodapp Ruey Jr Attorney (937)298-8190 
 Hodge Victor A. Attorney (937)461-0009 
 Hollencamp And Hollencamp (937)228-9179 
 Hollenkamp Nicolas C (937)449-6428 
 Hollingsworth Jonathan Attorney (937)496-1450 
 Holmes Nathan E Attorney (937)443-6820 
 Holz Michael H Attorney (937)299-8653 
 Holzer Richard J Attorney (937)320-1047 
 Holzfaster Byron E Attorney (937)434-5751 
 Home Site Title Agency Inc (937)374-4639 
 Home Site Title Agency Inc (937)426-5785 
 Home Site Title Agency Inc (937)432-4663 
 Horenstein Nicholson And Blumenthal (513)424-7209 
 Horenstein Nicholson And Blumenthal Lpa (937)226-7155 
 Horenstein Steven B Attorney Res (937)226-7310 
 Horn Charles Attorney (937)643-3761 
 Horstman Paul L Attorney (937)435-9465 
 Horwitz Jonathan A Co Lpa Offices (937)278-5100 
 Huber John B Attorney (937)429-0577 
 Hunt Deborah D Attorney (937)226-5614 
 Hunt Nathan C (937)443-6908 
 Hutchins Commercial Realty Limited (937)461-1343 
 Jack Harrison Attorney (937)461-4060 
 Jack Kegelmeyer Attorney At Law (937)396-1269 
 Jackson And Curtin Attorneys At Law (937)427-2049 
 Jacobs Gary J Attorney (937)439-1189 
 Jacox Meckstrothjenkins (937)298-2811 
 James R. Kirkland And Associates Co. L.p.a. (937)223-0697 
 James Stacey D Attorney (937)222-7477 
 James William K Esq (937)439-1177 
 Jeffrey M. Silverstein And Associates (937)228-3731 
 Jenkins Matthew R Pat Attorney Res (937)299-1518 
 Jewson Matthew T. Attorney (937)223-1130 
 Jividen William A. Attorney (937)449-6448 
 Joanne Jochaervin Phd (937)294-8420 
 Jones Taylor Jr Attorney (937)222-2841 
 Jones Teresa D. Attorney (937)443-6824 
 Justice J. Steven Attorney (937)228-2838 
 Kane John F Attorney (937)443-6816 
 Kaplan Richard L Attorney At Law (937)434-2249 
 Kaskey Gregory M. Attorney (937)449-6425 
 Katchman Steven C Attorney (937)222-4301 
 Keish Rodney D Attorney (937)833-4415 
 Kellner Jeffrey Chapter 13 Office (937)222-7600 
 Killworth Richard A. Attorney (937)449-6424 
 King Scott A Attorney (937)443-6560 
 Kirkland James R Attorney (937)298-5315 
 Kneisly L Douglas Attorney Chernesky Heyman And Krss Pll (937)449-2838 
 Knight Randal S Attorney (937)222-9700 
 Knoth Thomas A. Attorney (937)443-6777 
 Kolberg And Melnick (937)296-4153 
 Kolotkin Beth A (937)461-5297 
 Konrad Kuczak (937)228-8363 
 Kosanovich Daniel N Attorney (937)291-9339 
 Kost Susan S Attorney (937)226-5609 
 Koverman John R Jr Attorney Res (937)433-4167 
 Kovich Don E (937)224-1427 
 Kramer Scott A. Attorney (937)222-1700 
 Krebs Bill A Attorney (937)254-8925 
 Kress Edward M Attorney (937)449-2830 
 Laforte Rene M. Attorney (937)443-6817 
 Lair Anthony R Attorney (937)293-2392 
 Landamerica Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation (937)291-8200 
 Landmark Title Agency Inc (937)890-0121 
 Landmark Title Agency South (937)432-6300 
 Landon David H Attorney (937)228-5355 
 Lang And Oneal (937)223-5533 
 Lasky And Scharrer (937)222-6699 
 Lawrence W Henke Law Offices (937)461-9330 
 Layman David Law Offices (937)296-0365 
 Ledbetter Michael A (937)228-2696 
 Legal Aid Society Of Dayton Client Services (937)228-8104 
 Leibold William J Attorney Chernesky Heyman And Krss Pll (937)449-2810 
 Leppla Associates (937)294-5959 
 Leppla Gary J Attorney (937)855-4222 
 Levy Mark P Attorney (937)443-6949 
 Lewis Terry L Attorney (937)222-1234 
 Lienesch Theodore D Attorney (937)443-6958 
 Light Ronald A Attorney (937)294-1715 
 Lipowicz Richard A F Attorney (937)439-4550 
 Lipp Robert W Iii Attorney (937)435-2322 
 Liptock Thomas P Attorney (937)435-4554 
 Littlejohn Gail H Attorney (937)463-4932 
 Logan Ronald G (937)254-0054 
 Logothetis Sorrell Attorney Res (937)433-0624 
 Loikoc Ed Attorney (937)898-9440 
 Lombard John C Attorney Res (937)293-6541 
 Lopez Alvin J Attorney (937)298-7794 
 Lowe And Dicicco (937)224-1292 
 Lucas W Wilder (937)222-4529 
 Lux Carl A Attorney (937)443-6809 
 Macklin Crofford J Jr Attorney (937)443-6730 
 Maloney Maureen Attorney (937)224-7847 
 Manning Tina K Attorney (937)438-5967 
 Martin Thomas P Attorney Res (937)885-3823 
 Marx Dianne F Attorney (937)443-6810 
 Mary Beth Caudill (937)461-0306 
 Masters Title Agency (937)482-2751 
 Masters Title Inc (937)428-2751 
 Matlock Michael D Attorney (937)461-9234 
 Matthews Craig T And Associates Lpa (937)434-9393 
 Matusoff Robert B Attorney (937)293-3890 
 Matusoff Robert B Attorney Res (937)298-8808 
 Mcdonald And Mcdonald Co Lpa (937)428-9800 
 Mcdonald And Mcdonald Co Lpa Attorneys At Law (937)434-0060 
 Mckinney Charles A. Attorney (937)461-9000 
 Mcleran William T Jr Attorney (937)222-1242 
 Mcnamee And Mcnamee Pll (937)496-3600 
 Mcnamee Cynthia P Attorney (937)427-1367 
 Mcnamee David (937)427-9650 
 Meckstroth Alan F Pat Attorney Res (937)299-0023 
 Meily William D Attorney (937)461-7000 
 Meily William D Attorney Res (937)439-0208 
 Metropolitan Title Agency (937)228-2465 
 Michel And Associates (937)439-0310 
 Midam Regional Title Agency (937)438-8638 
 Midwest Abstract Co Home Office (937)228-2292 
 Midwest Abstract Co Satellite Offices (937)439-0867 
 Midwest Abstract Co Satellite Offices (937)898-5785 
 Midwest Behavioral Care Limited (937)454-0092 
 Midwest Couples Institute (937)294-3794 
 Miles Stephen D Attorney (937)461-1900 
 Millonig Arthur F Jr Attorney (937)438-1001 
 Millonig Arthur F Jr Attorney Res (937)433-2505 
 Millonig Michael Law Group Llc (937)438-3977 
 Mitchell James R Attorney (937)449-2841 
 Molloy Matthew A. Attorney (937)449-6423 
 Moloney Michael P Attorney (937)222-2055 
 Monday Michael W Attorney (937)222-2057 
 Mondock Joseph J. Attorney (937)228-9000 
 Monin Julie L (937)643-2000 
 Monta Michael L Attorney (937)890-6921 
 Monta Michael L Attorney Res (937)890-3719 
 Montgomery County Reibold Law Offices Of The Public Defender Public Defender Law Off (937)225-4652 
 Moore Earl H And Associates (937)461-3433 
 Muhic Theresa M. Attorney (937)449-6413 
 Mulligan James J And Mulligan Patrick J (937)298-2226 
 Myers Jacob A Attorney (937)224-0075 
 National Title Inc (937)291-4201 
 Nationwide Insurance Co (937)439-5667 
 Nauman Joseph G (937)643-0980 
 Netco (937)384-0780 
 Neuhardt David A Attorney (937)443-6775 
 Neuhardtswartz Sharen Attorney (937)443-6705 
 Neuherz Rebekah Attorney (937)222-2333 
 Nilles Victoria L. Attorney (937)443-6808 
 Noland Thomas R Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee (937)222-1203 
 Norris Allen R. Attorney (937)443-6815 
 Novick Wayne P Attorney At Law (937)436-2606 
 Nystrom Richard A Attorney (937)223-1011 
 Obrien Daniel J Attorney (937)228-6001 
 Odiam And Associates (937)427-2271 
 Ohara Lloyd H Attorney (937)449-2847 
 Ohio National Financial Services (937)264-4000 
 Ohio State Workers Compensation Dayton Service Office Claims (937)264-5000 
 Ohio State Workers Compensation Dayton Service Office Risk Field Serv (937)264-5217 
 Ohio State Workers Compensation Dayton Service Office Safety And Hyg (937)264-5230 
 Ohio State Workers Compensation Dayton Service Office Special Investigations (937)264-5200 
 Omega Title (937)432-9540 
 Oneal Raymond W Senior (937)222-7773 
 Overholser N James Attorney (937)228-0880 
 Owens Alvarene N Co Lpa (937)275-6842 
 Parisi Georgianna I Attorney At Law (937)298-1961 
 Partners Land Title Agency (937)424-5457 
 Patterson Dennis L Attorney Res (937)890-2872 
 Paul H. Spaeth Co. L.p.a. (937)223-1655 
 Perkins David C Attorney (937)293-0810 
 Phillips Thomas M (937)438-5588 
 Pierce Lisa S Attorney Cherneskyheyman And Kress P L L (937)463-4930 
 Piergies James D (937)233-8492 
 Piergies James D Attorney (937)233-8572 
 Pohlman Kenneth R Attorney (937)225-4228 
 Poley John D Attorney (937)223-9790 
 Popp And Tuss Attorney (937)222-8500 
 Posey Law Offices (937)237-9950 
 Postell Larry A Conslr (937)276-5041 
 Preferred Choice Title Services (937)438-1900 
 Prior Patricia L. Attorney (937)449-6449 
 Property Checks Inc (937)429-3577 
 Pryor Richard E Attorney Res (937)298-8282 
 Pwma Attorneys (937)222-7319 
 Ramirez Ted Esq (937)223-0252 
 Rasul And Khasawneh Co Lpa (937)396-0440 
 Rauch Thomas G Attorney (937)296-1157 
 Rauch Thomas G Attorney (937)496-7291 
 Rauch Thomas G Attorney Res (937)293-0201 
 Rawers Thomas G (937)435-3393 
 Reed John D. Attorney (937)449-6453 
 Reid Marilyn J Attorney (937)426-5962 
 Reid Worrell A Attorney (937)331-9227 
 Rels Title (937)435-0900 
 Renaissance Settlements (937)312-1949 
 Replogle Thomas J Attorney (937)223-2100 
 Richard G. Snell (937)224-5297 
 Rigot Joseph M Attorney (937)443-6586 
 Ring Steven J Attorney (937)225-5771 
 Rion James P And Associates (937)429-2787 
 Rion James P And Associates (937)443-0121 
 Rion John H Attorney (937)294-0626 
 Riverview Terrace Apartments (937)228-5332 
 Robinson Eugene Attorney (937)222-1440 
 Rock W Randall Attorney (937)224-7625 
 Roddy Joan H Attorney (937)443-6825 
 Roderer Paul B Attorney (937)293-9189 
 Rogers Richard H (937)438-0555 
 Rogers William A Jr Attorney Res (937)298-7942 
 Rohrkaste William D Attorney (937)222-1315 
 Ronald J. Kozar (937)222-6764 
 Ross Marc T (937)341-5038 
 Routh Paul J Attorney (937)296-0650 
 Ruffner J David Attorney (937)463-4927 
 Russell Michael Attorneys (937)433-6836 
 Safemark Title Agency (937)890-0240 
 Santiago And Abdallah Llc (937)643-3770 
 Saul Irving I Attorney (937)278-4858 
 Saul Irving I Attorney Res (937)274-8006 
 Schaeff B. Joseph Attorney (937)449-6436 
 Scharrer Richard C Attorney (937)223-4193 
 Scharrer Richard C Attorney Res (937)299-5435 
 Schiff Thomas R (937)297-1150 
 Schindler Melissa (937)222-7777 
 Schmidt David R Attorney (937)299-1895 
 Schram Deborah C (937)228-2735 
 Schuer Mackin And Breslin (937)898-1465 
 Schweller And Associates (937)291-9003 
 Scioto Title Agency (937)294-2000 
 Scott Braum And Associates Limited (937)396-0089 
 Sebaly Jon M Attorney (937)222-2522 
 Seeberger Sue (937)224-0271 
 Sharma Meenu (937)298-0067 
 Sheets Michael A Attorney At Law (937)256-5252 
 Sherk Arik A Attorney (937)443-6757 
 Shillito Beverly F Attorney (937)222-2520 
 Shough David A. Attorney (937)449-6454 
 Shulman Jeffrey B Attorney (937)222-0883 
 Sigalov Vlad Law Offices (937)279-0799 
 Signature 1st Title Agency (937)885-0557 
 Simms Thomas W Attorney (937)431-3170 
 Simon Kevin V Cherneskyheyman And Kress Pll (937)449-2837 
 Skilken Ralph A (937)223-2214 
 Skilken Thomas Attorney (937)223-6677 
 Slavens John M Attorney Res (937)435-4321 
 Slicer Charles W Iii Attorney At Law (937)223-1100 
 Slone Ruth Attorney At Law (937)222-9687 
 Smith Edward M Attorney Res (937)434-6991 
 Smith Patrick K. Attorney (937)222-6926 
 Smith Rebecca A Attorney (937)274-2315 
 Soter Mary K C Attorney At Law (937)278-8275 
 Spells Mia Attorney (937)224-4600 
 Statewide Title Services Inc (937)885-0282 
 Staton James C Attorney At Law (937)237-9485 
 Steigerwald Jean M Attorney (937)228-5326 
 Stenson David E And Associates (937)225-3981 
 Stenson David E And Associates (937)586-4998 
 Sterling Land Title Agency Inc (937)438-2000 
 Stewart Jeff C (937)443-6859 
 Strahorn Derrick Attorney (937)276-3990 
 Suarez Isabel Attorney At Law (937)258-1800 
 Suarez Isabel Law Offices Of (937)258-1810 
 Sullivan Anthony W Attorney (937)237-8770 
 Sullivan Anthony W Attorney (937)640-5030 
 Summit Land Title (937)427-3233 
 Summit Title Agency (937)586-0355 
 Swanson Kristina E. Attorney (937)449-6402 
 Talon Group (937)443-0947 
 Taylor And Taylor Attorneys At Law (937)278-2723 
 Thinnes Mary Ann Attorney (937)220-9139 
 Thompson Christopher W Attorney (937)227-3475 
 Thorson Switala Wilkins And Snead Llp (937)773-3700 
 Title Pointe Agency Inc (937)291-3517 
 Title Search America (937)432-0566 
 Title Wave (937)434-9283 
 Titlemasters Agency Inc (937)233-7009 
 Titlequest Agency Inc (937)228-0888 
 Titlevision (937)643-7980 
 Town And Country Land Title Agency (937)428-9300 
 Trahan Jeremy L Attorney (937)443-6953 
 Trissell Stanley Attorney (937)898-5870 
 Tristate Universal Service (937)222-8710 
 Trott Merideth A. Attorney (937)449-6420 
 Tweel Donna S Attorney (937)463-4925 
 Tye And Tye (937)291-8646 
 Ulrich Karl R Attorney (937)222-2052 
 Ulrich Paul M. Attorney (937)449-6407 
 Van Kley And Walker Llc (937)226-9000 
 Van Schaik Chris Attorney (937)225-5607 
 Vaughn Noel W Attorney (937)222-6635 
 Virtual Title Agency Inc (937)415-7183 
 Vollmar T. Andrew Attorney (937)913-0173 
 Wald Kathryn S Attorney (937)433-2998 
 Walker Joseph W Attorney At Law (937)434-2885 
 Wall Hugh E Iii Attorney (937)435-5361 
 Walsh J Joseph Attorney At Law (937)222-1148 
 Wampler E James Attorney (937)224-8100 
 Wampler Harold W Iii Attorney (937)252-0002 
 Wasylyna Victor J. Attorney (937)443-6812 
 Watts Steven R Attorney Res (937)433-7090 
 Watts Steven R Attorney Cherneskyheyman And Kress P L L (937)449-2832 
 Wehner D K Attorney (937)222-1800 
 Weiner Dan D Attorney (937)461-6600 
 Welbaum Heather Duffey Attorney (937)222-2524 
 Wenzke Margaret M (937)252-2095 
 Whalen And Compton Co Lpa (937)643-1112 
 Whelley Thomas P Ii Attorney Cherneskyheymn And Krss Pll (937)463-4931 
 White Lawrence J Attorney At Law (937)294-5800 
 Wickham David R Attorney Chernesky Heyman And Kress Pll (937)449-2807 
 Williams Karen S Attorney (937)866-0352 
 Wilmes J Allen (937)278-0652 
 Wilson Holly J Attorney (937)449-8981 
 Wilson Nicole Attorney At Law (937)299-8085 
 Winterhalter Paul J Attorney Res (937)433-3358 
 Zugelder Law Offices (937)890-1739 
 Zukowsky Phillip A Attorney Chernesky Heymn And Krss Pll (937)449-2842