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 Abelove C Louis Attorney (315)724-8102 
 Amoroso Gregory J. Attorney (315)733-0419 
 Ann W. Manion (315)724-1800 
 Antonelli Gina Esq (315)735-0233 
 Atkinson Thomas L. Attorney (315)797-9261 
 Bagley David A. Attorney (315)735-7566 
 Blando Frank E Attorney (315)735-3556 
 Bond Schoeneck And King Pllc (315)738-1223 
 Brindisi Anthony J Attorney (315)733-2396 
 Burgess Daniel Attorney (315)797-9850 
 Burns Leighton R Attorney (315)797-8300 
 Burns Leighton R Attorney (315)866-7497 
 Cancilla Michael (315)266-0030 
 Carbone Malorie A. Attorney (315)733-7549 
 Carissimo Leonard P Cpa (315)735-5216 
 Central New York Abstract Corp (315)724-1614 
 Cerio Thomas J Attorney (315)732-5521 
 Christopher B. Wallace (315)735-4599 
 Cochi Carl J Attorney (315)735-1813 
 Consumer Marketing Services Inc (315)732-4706 
 Curtis George E. Attorney (315)624-7777 
 De Santis Michael Victor Attorney (315)724-2155 
 Deery Joseph S Jr Attorney (315)724-3164 
 Eannace Althea Phillips (ms) Attorney (315)724-5147 
 Eannace And Pierro Law Firm (315)732-3155 
 Ferris Richard P Attorney (315)724-3749 
 Festine Armond J Attorney (315)735-7900 
 Finklestein Levine And Gittelsohn And Partners (315)732-1219 
 Frederick C Degen Esq (315)732-5121 
 Getman Anne M (315)798-8700 
 Giruzzi F Christopher Attorney (315)733-0471 
 Godkin Scott (315)731-2072 
 Goldbas David G Attorney (315)724-2248 
 Goldbas Moses L Attorney (315)724-3128 
 Golden Lawrence W. Attorney (315)732-5134 
 Hampton Geoffrey A (315)732-4515 
 Hester Saunders Kahler And Locke Llp (315)337-2248 
 Hobika Joseph Senior Lawyer (315)724-1600 
 Kaplan Pamela R Attorney (315)724-1414 
 Keinz Donald E (315)735-6185 
 Kelly And Walthall Pc (315)724-3158 
 Kirshtein Murray J Attorney (315)797-1970 
 Kolch Kimberly A Attorney (315)798-1055 
 Koslosky John G Attorney (315)724-5477 
 Kowalczyk Andrew S Jr Attorney (315)797-4659 
 La Fache Anthony J Attorney (315)793-8800 
 Legal Aid Society Of Midnew York Inc (315)732-2131 
 Longeretta Law Firm (315)735-6162 
 Margolis Brad S (315)733-2889 
 Maya John A Attorney (315)749-7021 
 Mierzwa Nancy J Attorney (315)735-0844 
 Miga Brian Attorney (315)724-4545 
 Mohawk Valley Abstract Corporation (315)798-1179 
 Murphy Donald J (315)735-0026 
 Niederpruem Craig Attorney (315)797-7400 
 Oneida County Public Defender (315)798-5870 
 Oneidacounty Public Defender Utica City Court (315)735-6671 
 Oneidacounty Workers Compensation (315)798-5688 
 Pachura Joseph B Attorney (315)724-9810 
 Paravati Peter P Jr (315)735-6481 
 Peacemaker Program (315)724-0875 
 Peacemaker Program (315)724-4030 
 Peacemaker Program Inc (315)724-1718 
 Pelli Christopher J Attorney (315)733-3271 
 Petrone And Petrone Pc (315)735-5368 
 Petrone Louis S Attorney (315)735-0318 
 Pratt Stewart D Attorney (315)735-2272 
 Puleo Onofrio J Attorney (315)724-6108 
 Ray Kenneth P Lawyer (315)733-6255 
 Ray Kenneth P. Attorney (315)733-2355 
 Samuels And Samuels Attorneys (315)733-8711 
 Schaal Randy J (315)734-0889 
 Schmitt William A Agency Inc (315)724-3169 
 Schmitt William P. Attorney (315)724-2147 
 Scholl And Hamlin Pc (315)732-6103 
 Story John H Jr (315)733-4764 
 The Title Place (315)793-9990 
 Wilk John S Attorney (315)724-4741 
 Zywiak Louis J Attorney (315)724-2293