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 Ackerman Philip G (518)271-6807 
 Albany Area Abstract Co Inc (518)272-3812 
 Armstrong Jeffrey R Attorney (518)266-1040 
 Baird George E (518)272-2110 
 Bowes Donald C Attorney (518)283-5412 
 Brian E. Donohue (518)272-2300 
 Broda And Burnett (518)272-0580 
 Ceresia Richard D Attorney (518)274-1500 
 Charles Thomas (518)271-0359 
 Cholakis Gregory D (518)274-0766 
 Colbert Scott D Attorney (518)235-4520 
 Curro Kelly M. Attorney (518)274-7220 
 Cusack Jennifer A. Attorney (518)272-6565 
 Darling John E (518)271-8555 
 Dell Kathryn S Attorney (518)283-3546 
 Doyle Marcia J Attorney (518)279-1212 
 Dreyer Boyajian Llp (518)270-5013 
 Dunn Arthur G Attorney (518)266-9355 
 Elliott Raymond J Iii Attorney (518)283-6992 
 Engster Paul Attorney (518)279-9136 
 Farano Dan G Attorney (518)273-0400 
 Finkelstein Levine Gittelsohn And Partners (518)270-1911 
 Foley Matthew Pllc (518)274-7535 
 Friedman Lee E (518)274-1808 
 Frost Jerome K Attorney (518)283-3000 
 Galante Joyce M. Attorney (518)272-3311 
 Ginsberg Lambert L Attorney (518)266-1010 
 Ginsberg Michael E (518)266-1026 
 Griffin F Redmond Attorney (518)266-1015 
 Grimmick Eugene P Attorney (518)271-6170 
 Gruenberg David Attorney (518)274-7252 
 Hall Thomas (518)272-8331 
 Harding Nancy J Esq (518)272-1500 
 Harrington Mickki L Attorney (518)266-1028 
 Jones E. Stewart Jr. Attorney (518)274-5820 
 Jones Peter B. Attorney (518)274-3510 
 Kenney Thomas V Jr Attorney (518)274-5221 
 King Stanton D Attorney (518)271-9664 
 Mandel Clemente Pc (518)283-9099 
 Marinstein And Marinstein Esqs. Pllc (518)274-5034 
 Morphy Patrick T Attorney (518)266-1025 
 Morrissey Richard T (518)271-7883 
 Nysdra (518)266-9725 
 Oconnor Yoquinto And Ryan (518)272-7272 
 Pattison Sampson Ginsberg And Griffin Pc (518)266-1000 
 Shanley Donald J Attorney (518)266-1029 
 Shanley Terence E Attorney (518)266-1013 
 Simmons Clarence G Jr Attorney (518)274-7632 
 Smith Hernandez Llc (518)283-4100 
 Speidel Robert B Attorney (518)271-6960 
 Spiess Susan M Attorney (518)279-1143 
 Sweeney John J Jr Lawyer (518)274-4391 
 Tech Valley Title Agency (518)270-8242 
 Teliska John J Jr Attorney (518)283-4520 
 Troue Gary P Attorney (518)238-1345 
 Walsh And Maier (518)271-7020 
 Wilcox Charles J Attorney (518)271-1001