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 Abbott Marnie M Attorney (518)374-8444 
 Accident Victims Funding (518)370-2823 
 Angle Elizabeth G Attorney (518)374-3344 
 Antokol Reisman And Coffin (518)370-2500 
 Bartman Jerrold Attorney (518)943-0944 
 Bartman Jerrold W Attorney (518)828-5099 
 Bendall And Mednick (518)426-2211 
 Bendall James M. Attorney (518)370-2211 
 Bendall James W Attorney (518)584-2211 
 Blake Lynn M. Attorney (518)377-2225 
 Bogdon Rosemarie Riddell Attorney (518)273-1010 
 Bogdon Rosemarie Riddell Attorneys (518)862-1200 
 Boniewski Dana Esq (518)374-8494 
 Brockbank Michael T Attorney (518)374-6815 
 Brownell Glen W Attorney (518)374-9832 
 Bruce S Trachtenberg Law (518)382-7815 
 Bucci Earl M Attorney (518)393-8900 
 Buchyn And Buchyn (518)382-0422 
 Burke Kevin A (518)346-4249 
 Callahan Paul M Lawyer (518)370-1233 
 Capasso And Massaroni Llp (518)295-6055 
 Capasso Vincent Jr. Attorney (518)374-1800 
 Capital District Payroll (518)377-9096 
 Carpenter And Cioffi Pc (518)377-6700 
 Charles R. Harding (518)384-3400 
 Chicatelli Louis W Jr Attorney (518)372-3300 
 Countryman Patricia L Attorney (518)370-7972 
 Dahlke Lawrence T Attorney (518)372-3848 
 De La Fleur Brian (518)374-7700 
 De Lorenzo Thomas E Attorney (518)356-1852 
 De Matteo De Matteo And De Matteo (518)393-1311 
 Delisle Gary P Attorney (518)393-2232 
 Della Ratta John A Attorney (518)372-5467 
 Drago Joseph A Attorney (518)370-4226 
 Dreyer Boyajian Llp (518)377-7163 
 Duffy James E (518)374-3373 
 Duffy James E (518)436-1025 
 Dworsky Roger L Attorney (518)382-8775 
 Eady Richard (518)377-8956 
 Eidens Michael (518)374-1700 
 Faulkner And Maslyn Attys At Law (518)374-7731 
 Fenley Law Offices (518)374-9538 
 Ferrucci And Corrigan (518)372-1500 
 Friedberg Frances L Esq (518)370-2676 
 Friedman Hirschen And Miller (518)377-6688 
 Gaylord Mark J Esq (518)347-2300 
 Gebert Kent J Law Offices (518)372-2119 
 Gibbons And Burke Pc (518)346-3449 
 Goldberger Bryan J (518)393-3688 
 Grasso Nicholas J Lawyer (518)393-8011 
 Hayner Thomas B Attorney (518)346-4291 
 Hoffman Robert W Attorney (518)370-4743 
 Horan Michael T Attorney (518)374-0468 
 Hurley Richard E (518)399-6609 
 Jerrold W. Bartman Attorney At Law (518)377-8503 
 Juracka Francis Jay Attorney (518)374-6412 
 Justice For All Services (518)346-9600 
 Kelleher John J Attorney (518)347-2200 
 Kirk Ralph M (518)374-3306 
 Kouray Christian X Attorney (518)374-7400 
 Kouray Steven X. Attorney (518)374-1200 
 Le Cours Brian R Attorney (518)785-7961 
 Litz And Litz Attys (518)372-3329 
 Longo Frank J Attorney (518)374-2006 
 Lowhaviland Maryanne E. Attorney (518)374-3399 
 M Fatone Attorney At Law (518)395-2525 
 Mack Howard Lawyer (518)399-1200 
 Mango Charles J Attorney (518)382-0203 
 Mc Dermott David C (518)356-5047 
 Mccary And Huff Llp (518)377-6489 
 Moore Robert A Attorney (518)370-5911 
 Murdock Abstract Corporation (518)346-4844 
 Naviasky Laurence M. Attorney (518)374-7779 
 Nicoll Robert M Attorney (518)399-6264 
 Niskayuna Town Attorney Public Works Department Commissioner Of Public W (518)386-4520 
 Nocera Ralph A (518)374-8200 
 Osta William Attorney (518)374-3006 
 Pemberton And Briggs (518)372-5689 
 Pirro Kendall R Attorney (518)393-7719 
 Polster John R Attorney (518)374-2593 
 Powers Mark Attorney (518)377-8830 
 Precision Title And Abtract Llc (518)630-4100 
 Putorti Frank M Jr Attorney (518)382-1044 
 Real Estate Services Of Ny (518)346-3666 
 Riemer Wolfgang Lwy (518)377-8529 
 Riggi Dean (518)377-8808 
 Rockmacher Stephen L Esq (518)393-7280 
 Rodriguez Patricia L R Attorney (518)346-3993 
 Rodriguez Phil A (518)346-7275 
 Sacco Law Offices Of Mark J (518)374-7411 
 Saccocio Patrick J (518)356-5225 
 Salvo And Summers Pc (518)377-1044 
 Salvo Title Inc (518)377-1055 
 Schenectady County Public Defender (518)386-2266 
 Seligman Raymond J Attorney (518)581-8442 
 Signore Stephen Attorney (518)346-8090 
 Silverman Silverman And Seligman Pc (518)792-8876 
 Silverman Silverman And Seligman Pc Fonda Amsterdam (518)843-0998 
 Smith Wayne P Lawyer (518)393-3282 
 Stoddard Robert J Attorney (518)377-1138 
 Strauss Morris D Attorney (518)374-4951 
 Strauss Morris D Attorney (518)377-7320 
 Symansky Richard D Pc (518)372-4275 
 Tocker Paul H Attorney (518)372-5821 
 Toppeta And Toppeta (518)372-5401 
 Trauring James A And Associates Pc (518)584-3784 
 Trauring James And Associates Pc (518)463-3446 
 Vacca Edward D Attorney (518)374-0444 
 Versaci Romolo Attorney (518)377-8321 
 Watrous Elbert Jr Attorney (518)372-3173 
 Wickerham Richard D Esq (518)372-5465 
 Witecki Law Office (518)372-2827 
 Woidzik Francis A Attorney (518)370-1893 
 Zyra Lawrence J Attorney (518)346-1995