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 Acard Brian D. Attorney (845)452-7400 
 Adams Daniel P. Attorney (845)454-1200 
 Adams Edie A. Attorney (845)454-9700 
 Amodeo Mariano B (845)454-4770 
 Apple Robert Attorney (845)452-2350 
 Baker Ellen L Lawyer (845)486-6850 
 Banner And Banner (845)463-1200 
 Barnett Kyle W. Attorney (845)452-5900 
 Barrett Maura A. Attorney (845)486-4300 
 Barry Kevin Attorney (845)454-5705 
 Battistoni Jeffrey S Attorney (845)454-9611 
 Baum Elizabeth Attorney (845)486-0300 
 Bergin Scott D Lawyer (845)486-6854 
 Berson Marilyn D. Attorney (845)452-1834 
 Bittner Frederick Jr. Attorney (845)485-6226 
 Blain Sabrina Attorney (845)454-3250 
 Bookless Christina M Lawyer (845)486-6856 
 Bopp Bryan Attorney (845)471-2667 
 Bopp Bryan C Attorney (845)471-7171 
 Bopp Ellen Fischer Attorney (845)471-4455 
 Braiman Arthur William Pc (845)454-5050 
 Brooke Samuel P. Attorney (845)454-2540 
 Brown Norbert H Jr Attorney (845)471-1375 
 Buchalter Stephen Attorney (845)462-6133 
 Butts Charles A Attorney (845)471-1600 
 Butts Roland E Attorney (845)471-4221 
 Caltagirone Paul Attorney (845)454-2569 
 Cantor Jay S. Attorney (845)297-7777 
 Caplicki Edmund V Jr Attorney (845)471-7178 
 Cappillino Donald Attorney Poughkeepsie Ofc (845)471-5535 
 Catalano Vincent Attorney (845)454-1919 
 Charwat Martin Certified Financial Planner (845)485-5918 
 Cohen Leah Lawyer (845)452-8910 
 Consensus Inc (845)471-9872 
 Corbally Gartland And Rappleyea Llp (845)454-3550 
 Corbally Richard V Attorney (845)473-3118 
 Coulter John M. Attorney At Law (845)454-9400 
 Crane William G Attorney (845)454-5150 
 Crystal Clear Abstract Corporation (845)452-2740 
 Cusumano Robert P Attorney (845)454-6633 
 Davis Thomas R. Attorney (845)452-1046 
 Dietz And Dietz Llp Attorneys At Law (845)452-4000 
 Digilio Craig T Attorney (845)454-1171 
 District Attorney (845)486-2300 
 Dutchess County Public Defender (845)486-2280 
 Duvall Richard R Lawyer (845)486-6858 
 Ellis Dennis Gerard Attorney (845)298-7777 
 Ellis Law Offices (518)477-7777 
 Ellis Law Offices (845)462-2700 
 Emerald Paralegal Services (914)677-0201 
 Eugene M. Sneeringer Jr. (845)471-5911 
 Ferenz David G Lawyers (845)454-0500 
 Flynn Susan Attorney (845)454-4784 
 Forbes Richard D. Attorney (845)471-7177 
 Frank Debra M Attorney (845)473-2113 
 Friedman Barry H Attorney (845)485-8671 
 Gabel Edward A. Iii Attorney (845)454-5300 
 Gambino Hoerter And Mulvaney (845)473-0427 
 Garrity John B Jr Lawyer (845)471-4220 
 Gellert And Klein Pc (845)471-4442 
 Gemmati Joseph T (845)454-6920 
 Goldstein And Metzger Llp (845)473-7000 
 Graham Jeffrey S Attorney (845)485-8035 
 Gray Justin W. Attorney (845)473-8100 
 Greller Stephen L Attorney (845)471-7676 
 Greller Stephen L. Attorney (845)454-2200 
 Haggerty Michel P (845)473-1032 
 Halley Thomas P (845)452-9120 
 Hanrahan Jodie M. Attorney (845)486-6881 
 Harrison Lynne L Attorney (845)454-8130 
 Hartley Lisa E Attorney (845)483-0800 
 Heslin Rothenberg Farley And Mesiti Pc (845)452-7840 
 Hubner Shari S L The Law Office Of (845)485-6974 
 Jacobowitz And Gubits L.l.p. (845)454-6000 
 Kelley James P. Attorney (845)452-6100 
 Kelly And Meenagh Attorney (845)454-4244 
 Kirk Adam G (845)471-1818 
 Kitchen Heather L (845)454-8800 
 Klein Lee D (845)454-9200 
 Klug Sarah Scova Attorney (845)471-8106 
 Krakower Stephan L Attorney (845)462-4336 
 Kranis Michael D (845)454-1123 
 Kuntz Raymond G Attorney (845)454-5030 
 Lackaye Edward J Jr Attorney (845)471-5140 
 Lackaye Robert J Attorney (845)471-3140 
 Larose And Larose (845)454-2001 
 Law Office Of Kelley M Enderley (845)485-7530 
 Legal Services Of The Hudson Valley (845)471-0058 
 Levine Hofstetter And Frank (845)473-2040 
 Locksley Anne Attorney And Counselor At Law (845)471-2926 
 Madera Jeanette Attorney (845)471-5053 
 Mahar Thomas D Jr (845)473-9423 
 Mangold Harold L Lawyer (845)486-6862 
 Maroulis Peter L Lawyer (845)454-8804 
 Maroulis Peter L Lawyer (845)471-6050 
 Martin Jacqueline T (845)485-6800 
 Maserjian And Negron (845)486-7503 
 Mc Cabe Daniel J Attorney (845)454-3441 
 Mcgowan J Joseph Lawyer (845)486-6864 
 Mediation Center Of Dutchess County (845)471-7213 
 Melella John T Attorney (845)486-8014 
 Meyers Victor M. Attorney (845)473-7766 
 Millman Jode Susan Attorney (845)471-1775 
 Mirabile Matthew V Lawyer (845)486-6868 
 Mirabile Matthew V. Attorney (845)486-6800 
 Mollica Paul Attorney (845)485-5353 
 Mora Frank M Esq (845)454-6672 
 Morrow Charles P. Attorney (845)463-9100 
 Oconnor Mc Guiness Conte Doyle Oleson And Collins (845)473-8182 
 Oconnor Michael J Attorney (845)483-0730 
 Oconnor Rena Muckenhoupt Attorney (845)454-1110 
 Ohare And Ohare Pc Attorney (845)452-4090 
 Olson Richard J Lawyer (845)486-6896 
 Oneill And Thatcher Attorneys (845)462-6500 
 Oneill Thomas J Attorney (845)471-9274 
 Pisanelli Gerard J. Attorney (845)471-3330 
 Posner David L Lawyer (845)486-6874 
 Poughkeepsie Abstract Inc (845)454-1077 
 Poughkeepsie City Corporation Counsel (845)451-4065 
 Premier Abstract (845)452-8759 
 Pritchard Kent A Jr Attorney (845)485-5036 
 Quaker Abstract Inc (845)452-3350 
 Rapacioli Laura M Lawyer (845)486-6892 
 Rapport Meyers Whitbeck Shaw And Rodenhausen (845)753-7766 
 Reed Thomas A (845)454-7374 
 Regency Abstract Services (845)471-8100 
 Richards Jeffery C Pc (845)471-6650 
 Rinaldi Tax Inc Appointments And Info (845)471-5550 
 Ritter Leo M Lawyer (845)473-1877 
 River City Abstract Limited (845)463-4797 
 Rivera Julius Attorney (845)452-1422 
 Robert Tendy Attorney (845)297-4777 
 Roberts Brett E. Attorney (845)454-4040 
 Rolison Jay P Jr Lawyer (845)462-5136 
 Rolison Jay P Jr Lawyer (845)486-6876 
 Rosen Richard T Attorney (845)471-3480 
 Russo Rudolph P Attorney (845)452-9010 
 Safe Abstract And Settlement Co (845)485-9441 
 Saland Stephen M State Senator (845)463-0840 
 Salisbury R. Keith Attorney (845)452-8200 
 Sanford Thomas (845)471-8001 
 Schaeffer Fred W Esq (845)454-1190 
 Sears David A (845)483-7327 
 Security Title Agency (845)471-5511 
 Serino Mark H Lawyer (845)454-4059 
 Shatz Phillip Lawyer (845)486-6880 
 Shaw And Perelson Llp Attorneys (845)486-4200 
 Shequine Elizabeth K Esq (845)471-2039 
 Sherow Garrison W Attorney (845)471-4386 
 Sholes And Miller Attorneys At Law (845)896-0738 
 Silber And Silber Attorneys (845)454-3940 
 Slate Jerold S Attorney (845)471-4141 
 Solot Deborah J Attorney (845)486-6853 
 Spitz Andrew L Attorney (845)485-3151 
 Spivak Mel Esq (845)473-2450 
 St Francis Hospital And Health Centers The Workplace (845)431-8170 
 Steinberg David (845)454-5502 
 Stewart T Schantz Attorney At Law (845)473-3171 
 Tepper Noel Attorney (845)452-5010 
 Tomlins Ronald R. Attorney (845)473-2555 
 Tricounty Abstract Service Inc (845)473-3744 
 Vinall Jessica L Lawyer (845)486-6882 
 Wallace M Craig Attorney (845)473-0900 
 Wang Elizabeth P Esq (845)486-0061 
 Weinberger Paul I (845)471-8231 
 Wrobel Lewis D Attorney (845)473-5411