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 Abrams And Lafargue L.l.c. (318)222-9100 
 Adams James T Attorney (318)524-2105 
 Adams W. Michael Attorney (318)221-6858 
 Alexander Virginia D (318)221-7766 
 Alexander W. Barton Attorney (318)221-4196 
 Allison Law Firm (318)221-0300 
 Anderson Cynthia C. Attorney (318)221-6277 
 Anglin D. Rex Attorney (318)221-5503 
 Anita D. Mckeithen (318)222-0244 
 Armand Donald Jr. Attorney (318)221-1800 
 Askew James H (318)222-0139 
 Associates Of Shreveport Llc (318)212-0015 
 Avallone Louis R Attorney (318)798-7732 
 Bailey Jack M Jr Attorney (318)222-5200 
 Bailey Joseph Wm Attorney (318)221-3100 
 Bain Troy E Attorney (318)219-0670 
 Baker Donald L Attorney (318)221-8333 
 Baker Steven R. Attorney (318)221-3131 
 Baldwin William F Attorney (318)221-8500 
 Ballard John R Attorney (318)797-0206 
 Bankruptcy (318)868-2600 
 Barham And Warner L.l.c. (318)865-0081 
 Barkley Greg Attorney (318)222-0337 
 Barkley Gregory S Attorney (318)635-1764 
 Barnett Jack D Attorney (318)869-2372 
 Barro Albert M Jr (318)226-8511 
 Bartage Gordon O Attorney (318)221-4244 
 Baukman Deborah Shea Attorney (318)222-2135 
 Beard Roy L. Attorney (318)226-9001 
 Bell J Allan Cpa (318)424-3185 
 Benson J. Todd Attorney (318)629-2900 
 Beresko Alfred R Attorney At Law (318)221-0600 
 Bernard Kristen Brazzel Attorney (318)213-4444 
 Billy R Casey Attorney At Law (318)688-1111 
 Blanchard Wayne J Attorney (318)865-0600 
 Blewer Julia E. Attorney (318)424-4342 
 Bodenheimer Jones Szwak And Winchell Llp (318)424-1400 
 Book And Clark (318)424-2957 
 Bookter Claude W. Jr. Attorney (318)221-3444 
 Booth Lockard Politz And Lesage L.l.c. (318)222-2333 
 Booth Robert A Jr Attorney At Law (318)226-0754 
 Bordelon Thomas A Attorney (318)868-6633 
 Bowers Burt A (318)636-1400 
 Bowers Gary A Attorney At Law (318)424-2696 
 Brabham Russell O Attorney (318)861-8435 
 Brainard Eron J Attorney (318)221-1507 
 Breedlove Pamela N. Attorney (318)429-6770 
 Brewer John F Jr (318)688-0624 
 Brice Donald Lee Jr. Attorney (318)227-1990 
 Bright Frank Attorney (318)221-8000 
 Brocato C P Attorney (318)861-0952 
 Bromell Agency Inc (318)687-1222 
 Broussard Christopher D Attorney (318)425-5252 
 Brown Mary A Attorney At Law (318)219-9400 
 Butler Laura Peterson Attorney (318)868-1616 
 Byram William E Attorney (318)869-3900 
 Cage Joe Attorney At Law (318)219-3425 
 Cain W. Brett Attorney (318)213-1674 
 Cajun Lawyer Com Attorney (318)869-0534 
 Caldwell James (318)865-5626 
 Cameron Nelson Attorney At Law (318)226-0760 
 Candler Rick Lane Attorneyatlaw (318)227-4009 
 Carby Steven D (318)424-0200 
 Carl Henry Franklin (318)429-6822 
 Carlisle Jack E. Jr. Attorney (318)222-0665 
 Chandler Kenneth A Attorney At Law (318)222-4400 
 Clark Dorroh Katherine Attorney At Law (318)212-0626 
 Clark James E Judge (318)221-6111 
 Clark Layne Andrew Jr. Attorney (318)226-9100 
 Clawson Walter F Attorney (318)424-1600 (318)222-8500 
 Cockrell Kerry Attorney (318)861-8661 
 Collier Glay Attorney (318)861-6866 
 Collins Stephen T Attorney At Law (318)213-8040 
 Comegys William M. Iii Attorney (318)221-9600 
 Conly William G. Attorney (318)429-7200 
 Cook David (318)227-2064 
 Cook W H Jr Attorney (318)222-1111 
 Cordill Joe Jr Attorney (318)798-0340 
 Counseling Center Network (318)221-1090 
 Cowel Steven N Attorney (318)425-4232 
 Cox Dale G. Jr. Attorney (318)226-0993 
 Craig Michael O (318)227-2401 
 Cryer Tommy K Attorney (318)865-3392 
 D. Mcclatchey (318)226-5587 
 Dangelo Mario Attorney (318)687-1668 
 Danna John R (318)221-1004 
 Davis Darren A Attorney (318)869-0304 
 Davis Jackson B Attorney (318)868-6311 
 Davis Robert M Iii (318)222-2547 
 Davis S P Attorney (318)621-9400 
 Daye Bowie And Beresko Aplc (318)221-0252 
 Dehan Hani E. Attorney (318)226-1880 
 Desoto Abstract Inc (318)798-1198 
 Don Weir Jr. (318)676-0802 
 Donald Michael B. Attorney (318)227-1131 
 Dykes William T F Attorney (318)222-4396 
 Dykes William T F Jr Attorney (318)222-4397 
 E Williamssmith And Associates (318)213-1068 
 E. Ray Kethley Law Offices (318)868-1928 
 Eatman And Eatman Attorney At Law (318)861-2292 
 Eatman Robert E Attorney (318)861-5933 
 Ekendahl Carl L. Attorney (318)671-8102 
 Elton B. Richey Jr. (318)227-1460 
 Evans Jared Y Attorney (318)798-3100 
 Ferrell Frank M (318)222-2984 
 Fish M Randal (318)227-9648 
 Fisher Richard R Attorney (318)635-1881 
 Flowers Peter R. Attorney (318)424-1111 
 Folsom C Carlton (318)222-0322 
 Ford Margrett Attorney (318)226-1600 
 Fortson James L (318)221-0447 
 Franklin James E Jr Attorney (318)221-5745 
 Frederic L. Miller (318)861-4071 
 G. Warren Thornell A Professional Law Corporation (318)424-4777 
 Gallagher Andrew B Attorney (318)861-5975 
 Gatti Ryan E Attorney (318)524-9900 
 Geneux T. Lynn Attorney (318)424-8119 
 Gerhardt Walter W Attorney (318)869-1911 
 Gerhardt Walter W Attorney At Law (318)869-1221 
 Geyer John C Attorney (318)797-4472 
 Giddens T K Jr Attorney (318)226-1065 
 Gill Kent Jr Attorney (318)861-5937 
 Gilley Patricia A Attorney (318)798-1605 
 Gilsoul Joseph R Attorney (318)222-2100 
 Ginger West Johnson And Associates (318)221-4500 
 Glassell Stephen A (318)865-4357 
 Godfrey Rellis P Attorney (318)227-2887 
 Good Samaritan Funeral Home (318)221-7337 
 Goodman Robert U Attorney (318)221-1601 
 Goorley Richard C. Attorney (318)222-3778 
 Gowen Francis M Jr Attorney (318)865-5911 
 Greenwald Law Firm (318)227-9005 
 Greer J Broocks Iii Attorney (318)221-1711 
 Gregorio Sam N. Attorney (318)865-8680 
 Guerriero And Guerriero (318)841-0055 
 Hall William D Attorney (318)868-1246 
 Hamm Susan E Attorney At Law (318)797-0100 
 Hanna Robert M Attorney At Law (318)868-1125 
 Harp George E Attorney At Law (318)424-2003 
 Harper Law Firm (318)429-7600 
 Harper Law Firm Plc (318)213-8800 
 Harville Jr David Attorney At Law (318)222-3395 
 Havener Lance P Attorney (318)459-1900 
 Hayes George L Jr Attorney (318)687-5860 
 Hayter And Odom L.l.c. (318)629-3333 
 Hearne W Lake Attorney (318)861-1111 
 Hendrix Joey W Attorney (318)220-0061 
 Herzog John R Attorney (318)221-3786 
 Hilburn Jennifer W Attorney (318)868-8810 
 Holland Kevin B (318)861-7771 
 Hollis Anthony Attorney At Law (318)629-1235 
 Hoover Debnam Terri Attorney At Law (318)387-8811 
 Howell James Fleet Attorney (318)221-6382 
 Hubley Marcotte Rhodes And Hussey (318)221-3221 
 Huckabay Pugh T Iii Attorney (318)222-0293 
 Hussey John B Attorney (318)868-0745 
 Irwin Benee Morris Insurance (318)798-1233 
 Jahnke Robert A Attorney (318)424-5500 
 James E Franklin Attorney At Law (318)425-8600 
 Jenkins Sam L Jr (318)636-4266 
 John Cucci Jr. (318)220-0660 
 John Epling Md (318)222-3333 
 John Michael Mcdonald Attorney (318)227-9656 
 John Richard M. Attorney (318)219-1001 
 Johnson And Placke Attorneys At Law (318)861-0404 
 Johnson Larry Attorney (318)222-8881 
 Johnson Robert W Attorney (318)929-0010 
 Johnson Tommy J Attorney (318)227-1960 
 Johnson Walter Fair Iii Attorney (318)861-4535 
 Jones Hersy Jr Attorney (318)425-7265 
 Jones J. Marshall Jr. Attorney (318)221-1600 
 Keele Anna Maria Spark Attorney At Law (318)227-2554 
 Keene J. Ransdell Attorney (318)221-5770 
 King William B (318)226-0808 
 Lafargue Lisa Attorney (318)266-9100 
 Lafargue Norman I Attorney At Law (318)221-0781 
 Lafitte Ramon City Attorney (318)673-5200 
 Lagrone And Associates (318)425-7867 
 Law Offices Of Gary Green Attorney (318)865-9802 
 Law Offices Of Kirby Kelly (318)222-2428 
 Lawrence John M Attorney (318)222-2001 
 Layton Powell A. Jr. Attorney (318)797-3900 
 Lees Kung Fu And Tai Chi Center (318)869-1122 
 Legal Services Of North Louisiana (318)222-7186 
 Legal Services Of North Louisiana (318)222-7281 
 Lester Calvin B Jr Attorney (318)841-1211 
 Lester Darien D Attorney (318)424-8720 
 Locicero And Labourdette (318)841-8833 
 Lori C Graham Attorney At Law (318)869-0177 
 Loridans Maurice (318)227-2352 
 Louisiana Mediation And Arbitration (318)222-9499 
 Louisiana Workers Compensationorporation (318)861-0048 
 Love Sam Attorney (318)797-1477 
 Lynn Estes Jr (318)861-9000 
 Lyons Hal V Attorney (318)221-2203 
 Lyons Hal V Attorney Office (318)222-4110 
 Lyons Laurie W (318)221-8644 
 Madison John M Jr Attorney (318)861-6801 
 Malsch James R Attorney (318)424-1497 
 Mayo R. Cody Jr. Attorney (318)222-1384 
 Mckenzie William Robert Attorney (318)865-6000 
 Mckneely Law Firm Llc (318)424-1529 
 Mcneill C Don Attorney (318)424-9633 
 Mcneill H P Insurance (318)424-3530 
 Mgap Llc (318)425-4156 
 Milke Judi Attorney At Law (318)603-4454 
 Milkovich John Attorney (318)425-1957 
 Miller Donald Ra Professional Law Corporation (318)222-9417 
 Miller Sean D Attorney (318)222-2057 
 Miller Sean D Attorney At Law (318)227-8126 
 Miramon Patricia N Attorney At Law (318)869-0055 
 Monroe William C Attorney (318)636-1700 
 Moore David G Attorney (318)424-2054 
 Morris Bart Plc Attorney (318)222-9000 
 Mouton F Edward Attorney At Law (318)221-5213 
 Nader William G Attorney (318)798-8888 
 Nelson Cameron Attorney At Law (318)226-0111 
 Nix Patterson And Roach (318)425-9255 
 Noles David B (318)227-2300 
 Norman R Gordon And Associates (318)631-8499 
 Onebane Law Firm A Professional Corporation (318)674-9770 
 Paralegal And Associates (318)226-0822 
 Perkins And Associates L.l.c. (318)222-2426 
 Pesnell Billy R. Attorney (318)226-5577 
 Pierremont Abstract And Title Llc (318)798-6075 
 Pines Road Legal Clinic (318)686-1758 
 Piper And Associates (318)226-0826 
 Powell Michael E Iii Attorney At Law (318)869-0008 
 Pugh Lamar P. Attorney (318)227-2270 
 Rabb David Jr Attorney (318)635-2904 
 Ratzburg Frederick Ii Attorney (318)424-1059 
 Red River Title And Escrow Co Inc (318)219-9516 
 Reynolds Richard J Attorneys (318)221-8671 
 Rice And Kendig (318)222-2772 
 Rice Winston Edward Attorney (318)221-7456 
 Rogers Evan E Attorney (318)219-2345 
 Ronald Lattier Attorney At Law (318)213-1077 
 Rubenstein Alex Attorney (318)861-5906 
 Safe Planning Inc (318)869-3133 
 Scarborough Daniel C Iv Attorney At Law (318)868-7346 
 Scott Susan D Attorney At Law (318)222-3264 
 Sermons Joel M Attorney (318)219-8050 
 Severson Kevin Attorney (318)222-4844 
 Sharp Claire P Attorney At Law (318)861-2585 
 Shereka S. Thrash Attorney At Law (318)868-5926 
 Sims Sheva M Attorney (318)424-9424 
 Sinclair Law Firm L.l.c. (318)424-4901 
 Slaughter John P (318)868-1810 
 Smart Pamela G (318)226-2526 
 Smith Ronald D Attorney (318)798-7218 
 Spradling Fredrick And Associates (318)629-1259 
 Stephens Gerald L. Attorney (318)861-0160 
 Stephens John S Attorney (318)425-3965 
 Stone Shonda D. Attorney (318)425-4102 
 Sutton Bobby D Jr (318)222-8362 
 The Law Offices Of Mark D Frederick (318)868-7300 
 The Law Offices Of Mark D Frederick (318)868-8943 
 Thomas And Thomas Law Offices (318)675-1920 
 Thomas Edmund M Attorney (318)222-7690 
 Thomas Kenneth C Attorney (318)865-6688 
 Thompson Robert I Iii Attorney (318)865-2345 
 Thompson Tom N Attorney (318)227-8399 
 Titlesite (318)841-1000 
 Trinity Mediation Associates (318)687-7107 
 Tucker Zelda W Attorney (318)861-0884 
 Ungarino And Eckert L.l.c. (318)866-9599 
 United Title Of Louisiana Inc (318)688-4440 
 United Title Of Louisiana Inc (318)798-4180 
 Van Hook James A Jr Attorney (318)222-2177 
 Walker S Lynn Attorney (318)222-3799 
 Wallace Law Firm (318)861-1234 
 Waltman Angela Attorney At Law (318)861-5980 
 Washington Alex J Attorney (318)841-1233 
 Weathersby Donald A Ii Attorney (318)226-3114 
 Webb Wayne E Attorney At Law (318)686-0481 
 Wellborn Jack Jr (318)227-9637 
 White Walter D Attorney (318)213-9350 
 Whitmeyer Claudius E (318)868-9274 
 Whitmeyer Claudius E Attorney (318)868-8865 
 William M Cady Iii (318)424-3294 
 Wilson John W (318)227-3501 
 Woodman Walter J Attorney (318)865-1800 
 Woods James Madison Attorney (318)221-0084