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 Acadiana Legal Service Corporation (337)942-4670 
 Andrus And Doherty (337)942-5645 
 Ashley Cj Rusty Attorney (337)407-9111 
 Bienvenu Steven J. Attorney (337)942-5811 
 Boagni C F Jr And Charles F Boagni Iii (337)942-2311 
 Boagni Charles F Iii Attorney (337)942-6930 
 Boagni Kenneth Jr Attorney (337)942-4445 
 Boudreaux Albert John (337)942-3466 
 Bourgeois George S Jr (337)948-9111 
 Carriere David L Attorney (337)948-6217 
 Claiborne Jarvis J Attorney At Law (337)948-4336 
 Cleveland Donald D Attorney (337)942-1149 
 D. Patrick Keating (337)594-8200 
 Dean G Douglas Attorney (337)942-5111 
 Dejean Dejean And Dejean (337)942-3820 
 Dejean Felix A Iii Attorney (337)948-8276 
 Dejean Howard C Attorney (337)948-9890 
 Dejean Robert F Jr Attorney (337)942-4224 
 Dejean Thomas J Attorney (337)948-9066 
 Doucet Gregory J (337)942-5297 
 Doucet Gregory J (337)948-3500 
 Dubuisson Edward B Attorney (337)942-6506 
 Duplechain Garett R (337)948-3116 
 Edwards Margret L Attorney (337)942-2116 
 Elf Antiques (337)942-8264 
 Gaudin Bruce A Attorney (337)948-5942 
 Gaudin Bruce A Law Office (337)948-3818 
 Goudeau Christian M Attorney (337)942-5766 
 Granger Chuck D Attorney At Law (337)948-5000 
 Guglielmo Lopez Tuttle Hunter And Jarrell (337)948-8201 
 Guillory Brandon G Attorney (337)948-4500 
 Guillory Elbert Lee Attorney (337)942-6328 
 Harris And Harris (337)942-6788 
 Law Offices Of Hazel A Coleman Llc (337)942-4355 
 Law Offices Of Jermaine D Williams (337)942-6791 
 Lomenick Otis E Jr Hearing Officer (337)942-4747 
 Lopez Edward James Attorney (337)948-6836 
 Mack I Frank Esq (337)948-9701 
 Malbrough Janet Dunn Attorney At Law (337)407-9809 
 Marler Laura T Attorney (337)948-3007 
 Martinez Kenneth R Attorney At Law (337)942-2000 
 Millspaugh Richard B Attorney (337)942-5718 
 Morrow L Kimberly Attorney At Law (337)948-8006 
 Morrow Law Office (337)942-6529 
 Morrow Morrow Ryan And Bassett (337)942-3634 
 Morrow Morrow Ryan And Bassett Attorneys At Law (337)948-4483 
 Pavy Octave Attorney (337)948-3105 
 Pitre Chad P Attorney (337)942-8587 
 Purser Law Firm Llc (337)948-0815 
 Reed Dwight D Attorney (337)942-5191 
 Richard Roy J Jr Attorney At Law (337)948-7062 
 Roshell Francis Attorney At Law (337)407-9195 
 Sandoz Law Offices (337)942-8956 
 Sandoz Lawrence B Iii Attorney (337)942-9771 
 Sandoz Sandoz And Schiff (337)233-1649 
 Simmons And Nesbitt (337)942-3141 
 Singletary And Associates P L C (337)407-8990 
 St Landry Parish District Attorney (337)948-3041 
 Stanford Sherman Attorney (337)948-4113 
 Viviano Louis B A Professional Law Corporation (337)948-3044 
 Wagley D Randy Attorney At Law (337)948-4504 
 Watson Anne E Attorney (337)942-9790 
 White Marion Overton Attorney (337)948-8296 
 Willis Pat Attorney (337)948-1908