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 Achord Laura Attorney (318)387-2422 
 Adams Jay P. Attorney (318)388-4400 
 Adams Layne M. Attorney (318)387-5552 
 Allen Thomas E. Attorney (318)322-9499 
 Amman And Wood Attorneys At Law (318)322-0736 
 Anderson R Nicolas Attorney (318)387-9000 
 Anzalone Rick Attorney (318)388-2505 
 Anzelmo Donald J. Attorney (318)325-3200 
 Armstrong William Edward Attorney (318)322-6150 
 Arnold Dixon And Landry Llp (318)388-1950 
 Ashbrook L. Michael Attorney (318)323-9300 
 Baggette Wade R Attorney (318)322-3134 
 Banks Sedric E Attorney (318)388-1655 
 Bayou Desiard Title Company (318)325-8800 
 Belsom Susan Nunez Attorney (318)325-7000 
 Blanks Edel F. Jr. Attorney (318)388-4700 
 Bordelon Richard E Cpa (318)322-7157 
 Bourgeois William Law Offices Of (318)388-4443 
 Breard Kent Jr Attorney (318)388-2463 
 Breithaupt R. Alan Attorney (318)388-4050 
 Britton George Iii Attorney (318)387-1644 
 Brown C. Randolph Attorney (318)388-4736 
 Brown Erskine Burkett And Wirtz Llp (318)388-4303 
 Brown William D Attorney (318)387-7127 
 Bruscato Anthony J Attorney (318)325-7577 
 Bryant Mary Alice Attorney (318)651-9000 
 Bulldog Title Insurance Agency (318)361-0061 
 Burkett Laurie J Attorney (318)388-0222 
 C. Bryan Racer A Professional Law Corporation (318)324-1304 
 Campbell Kenneth W Attorney (318)323-5523 
 Carso George S (318)361-5093 
 Cato (318)324-8644 
 Charles E Roland Attorney (318)325-2644 
 Chauvin Title Company Llc (318)323-6980 
 Chester A Bradley Iii And Associates (318)388-3401 
 Churchill Apartments (318)387-4555 
 Coenen Theodore Julius Iv Attorney (318)322-7004 
 Cook Chuck Attorney (318)388-4205 
 Cook Ronald K. Attorney (318)323-7141 
 Coon Jeffrey Insurance (318)361-0030 
 Courteau Candace A. Attorney (318)388-1440 
 Courteau Michael A Attorney At Law (318)387-4165 
 Craighead M. Shane Attorney (318)387-6453 
 Crawford Brian E Attorney (318)327-5989 
 Creed And Creed (318)362-0086 
 Crigler James C. Jr. Attorney (318)651-0807 
 Daniel P. Parker A.p.c. (318)322-7373 
 Deal Phillip T (318)323-8500 
 Dean V Gerald Attorney (318)387-6552 
 Dean V Gerald Attorney (318)388-3890 
 Dowd Barry W Attorney (318)325-5509 
 Dunlap Lillian T (318)387-0964 
 Dyess And Associates (318)325-8869 
 E Orum Young Attorney (318)322-6232 
 Eade Ellen R Attorney At Law (318)324-8888 
 Elias Gregory G. Attorney (318)387-4355 
 Ellender Daniel Attorney At Law (318)323-3300 
 Foley Robert G Attorney (318)322-0661 
 Gibbs Madaline C. Attorney (318)322-9700 
 Giovingo Wendy E. W. Attorney (318)387-8000 
 Goudeau Jill Binford Attorney (318)325-4698 
 Grant Thomas A Iii Attorney (318)387-7222 
 Guice Jon K Attorney (318)324-0101 
 Hammons And Sills (318)324-0809 
 Harris Todd A Attorney (318)388-1778 
 Harrod Chet Attorney (318)325-5558 
 Hayden L E Iii (318)322-6116 
 Heck Charles H Jr Attorney (318)322-2699 
 Hennen Dennis Llp (318)387-0184 
 Herron James R Attorney (318)325-0082 
 Highfill Hoyt And Associates (318)322-3846 
 Hill Dianne Attorney (318)325-6398 
 Hl King And Associates Usa Inc. (318)322-4373 
 Hobgood Herbert Attorney (318)410-8500 
 Hodge Oneal Iii (318)323-8888 
 Home Title Guaranty Company Of Louisiana Inc (318)323-3838 
 Hunter Willie Jr Attorney At Law (318)388-0883 
 James E Ross Jr (318)322-8776 
 Jefferson Stephen A Attorney (318)387-5600 
 John L. Luffey Jr. (318)323-3800 
 Johnson Neal L Jr Attorney (318)322-6005 
 Johnson Pat And Associates (318)387-5088 
 Johnson Robert C Attorney At Law (318)388-0886 
 Kidd Paul Henry Jr Attorney (318)325-3931 
 Kidd Paul Henry Senior Attorney (318)325-3884 
 King Frederick B Attorney At Law (318)323-9595 
 Kip Gates Ronald Attorney At Law (318)322-7397 
 Kirkpatrick Paul K Jr Attorney (318)343-2504 
 Kneipp Law Office (318)388-4440 
 Lain C Arnold (318)998-7340 
 Lain Sir Clyde Ii Attorney (318)388-3885 
 Langston Firm Llc (318)323-9546 
 Lavalle Salomon A Professional Law Corporation (318)387-1222 
 Lawrence Clifford L Jr Attorney (318)322-0491 
 Legal Services Of North Louisiana (318)699-0889 
 Leija Amado (318)387-6111 
 Lexing Harvey R Attorney (318)323-7747 
 Liepelt Sadye Bernheim Attorney At Law (318)388-5295 
 Louis G Scott (318)323-6107 
 Lucas George Edward Jr Attorney (318)325-8860 
 Mahony Title Inc (318)323-2040 
 Manning Bobby Attorney At Law (318)324-1411 
 Martin C A Iii Attorney (318)387-0419 
 Mcbride And Collier Attorneys At Law (318)322-9591 
 Mcgaha Fred R Attorney (318)322-8881 
 Mckeithen Bruce B Attorney (318)323-1980 
 Medfax Recovery Llc (318)998-7376 
 Miller Leo A Jr Attorney At Law (318)323-3122 
 Monroe City City Attorneys Office City Prosecutor (318)329-2618 
 Moore Brian S Attorney (318)322-4000 
 Morris And Associates (318)330-9020 
 Morris Bart Plc (318)398-1999 
 Mullens J Lawrence Attorney (318)387-1100 
 Mullens Price Attorneys At Law (318)387-1298 
 Murray H Cameron Attorney At Law (318)362-0057 
 Myers Phillip D. Attorney (318)388-0100 
 Napper Marshall T Attorney (318)323-9887 
 Nelson Zentner Sartor And Snellings Llc (318)388-4454 
 Newman And Oliveaux Llp (318)322-8972 
 Newman Law Firm (318)340-7900 
 Noah Elmer G Ii Attorney (318)345-1350 
 Noel Robert S Attorney At Law (318)388-1700 
 Osborne Gary G. Jr. Attorney (318)325-6444 
 Peacock Milton Dale Attorney (318)324-0040 
 Pettway James R Attorney (318)388-4328 
 Powell Lexing Carol D Attorney At Law (318)324-0700 
 Reed And Associates (318)388-5306 
 Reitzell Alicia Attorney At Law (318)388-0074 
 Rhymes J Michael Attorney (318)388-4500 
 Rountree Law Offices (318)398-2737 
 Sanders Mike C Attorney (318)343-2785 
 Sanson Marshall L (318)322-9755 
 Shafto Ashbrook Attorney At Law (318)323-1930 
 Smith Charles S Attorney (318)387-3082 
 Smith J Randolph Attorney At Law (318)387-2346 
 Sparks James D Jr Attorney (318)387-6573 
 Sparks Wood T Attorney (318)388-1911 
 St Clair Insurance Agency (318)340-9903 
 Stout Elvis C Mediation (318)388-4070 
 Street C Daniel (318)325-4418 
 Summersgill Nanci Attorney (318)387-8331 
 Tramontana J Antonio (318)340-1515 
 Trascher Charles C Iii Attorney (318)387-1974 
 United States Attorney (318)322-0766 
 Walker Doug (318)325-8216 
 Wear George M Jr Attorney (318)387-2880 
 Wright Jack Jr Attorney At Law (318)387-0993