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 Aaron Kiana M (504)831-4091 
 Abadie Brent P (504)840-4911 
 Abascal Geraldo A (504)833-1230 
 Abc Auto Title Company (504)455-5891 
 Abraham Michael H Attorney (504)836-6500 
 Acadian Oaks Title Llc (504)828-2229 
 Acker Danna M Attorney (504)837-8080 
 Acquisiton Title Llc (504)833-4283 
 Adams Orr Jr (504)833-3800 
 Adams Philip R Attorney (504)832-1984 
 Adr Inc. (504)838-6100 
 Affordable Health Plans (504)837-0110 
 Ahlquist Aaron Z. Attorney (504)885-9994 
 Akers Angie A. Attorney (504)834-6500 
 Alan A. Zaunbrecher (504)833-7300 
 Album Jerald L. Attorney (504)830-3999 
 Alker Michael B. Attorney (504)831-0946 
 Allen And Gooch A Law Corporation (504)836-5200 
 Allen Donielle C (504)840-4906 
 Alliance Title Insurance Corporation (504)779-7979 
 Alvarez Richard D Attorney (504)833-8998 
 Amedee Patrick M Attorney (504)836-8000 
 Amedee Roy F Jr Attorney (504)799-3232 
 American Mediation And Arbitration Llc (504)835-5388 
 Americas Marine And Casualty Insurance (504)456-0204 
 Andrieu Kenneth W Attorney (504)454-6808 
 Angelle Robert Attorney (504)836-5990 
 Arceneaux James S Attorney (504)837-4950 
 Archer Gerard P Attorney (504)833-3036 
 Armando Baralt Law Office (504)833-3309 
 Ary W. Bartlett Attorney (504)838-0019 
 Aspelund Carl L Attorney (504)833-5600 
 Assured Title Agency Inc (504)455-7974 
 Attorneys Title Insurance Corporation (504)455-3000 
 Aurillo Gerald P Attorney (504)831-2378 
 Auto Title Express Casey And Casey (504)456-7438 
 Babin Wilbur J. Bill Jr. Attorney (504)837-1230 
 Babovich Spedale And Chauvin (504)838-7747 
 Bagneris Emile A Iii Attorney (504)836-7552 
 Bagneris Emile A. Iii Attorney (504)836-7565 
 Baham Michael Attorney At Law (504)455-1986 
 Baird Dara L Attorney (504)832-0999 
 Baker Richard H Iv Attorney (504)456-8658 
 Balkin Mark A (504)830-4650 
 Balkin Mark A. Attorney (504)830-4646 
 Bartholomew Harold S Jr Attorney (504)837-1850 
 Bates James Attorney At Law (504)833-5998 
 Battard Frank P. Attorney (504)831-7908 
 Baynham Best Llc (504)837-3878 
 Beasley Ryan E. Attorney (504)836-2220 
 Beatmann J A (jay) Jr Attorney (504)832-7204 
 Beckler Theresa Ann Attorney (504)831-4200 
 Bennett Jeffrey W Attorney (504)831-2151 
 Berger Allan Attorney (504)885-7780 
 Berger Allan Attorney (504)888-0025 
 Berke And Bolner Attorney (504)832-4240 
 Berke Kenneth J. Attorney (504)832-3700 
 Bernard Cassisa Elliott And Davis A Professional Law Corporation (504)834-2612 
 Betsy A Fischer Llc (504)780-8232 
 Bii (504)885-0015 
 Billeaud William J Attorney (504)837-9525 
 Bird Cynthia Cabibi Notary (504)833-4555 
 Birdsong David W Attorney (504)780-9202 
 Birtel Robert E Attorney (504)837-7050 
 Bisso Regel L Attorney (504)830-3401 
 Bonck Byron J Attorney (504)456-1995 
 Bond Ann T Attorney At Law (504)779-1871 
 Bonura Mark M (504)833-8949 
 Bordelon David I Attorney (504)836-7531 
 Bordlee Dorinda C Attorney (504)454-8760 
 Borne Clayton J Iii Attorney (504)834-0274 
 Boudousque Phillip J (504)828-9929 
 Boudreaux Allen I (504)831-6667 
 Bourgeois Lloyd (504)846-3615 
 Bradbury Victor J Attorney (504)835-4853 
 Brady John D. Attorney (504)837-9040 
 Brandt Raymond J Attorney (504)837-2088 
 Brannon Paul M Llc (504)833-7005 
 Braud S Jacob Attorney (504)838-8777 
 Breckenridge Patricia G (504)836-3881 
 Breedlove Gary T (504)828-6870 
 Brent Mary H Attorney (504)830-7878 
 Brewster Arthur (504)831-3393 
 Brian Gilbert Attorney At Law (504)885-7700 
 Bristol Daniel D Attorney (504)737-1674 
 Brocato Salvador M. Iii Attorney (504)832-7225 
 Brouillette James E Attorney (504)378-0256 
 Broussard Michael (504)888-3939 
 Brown Andrew I Attorney (504)836-7417 
 Browne David L Attorney (504)456-8695 
 Bruce A. Miller (504)837-5242 
 Buchler And Buchler Attorney (504)835-7289 
 Buhrer R Scott (504)833-5112 
 Bukaty Edward F. Iii (p.l.c.) Attorney (504)831-9749 
 Burck Cyril B Jr (504)837-2456 
 Burghardt Insurance Agency (504)455-7283 
 Burkhalter Peyton B Attorney (504)828-1315 
 Business And Estate Solutions Llc (504)780-2510 
 Busurelo Eric N Attorney (504)885-0038 
 Butler Carl A. Attorney (504)828-1010 
 Butler Marie D Attorney (504)831-5958 
 C A Chip Fleming Iii Attorney (504)837-9511 
 Cabral H Craig Attorney (504)831-5319 
 Calogero Michael G. Attorney (504)456-8683 
 Caluda Robert J (504)586-0361 
 Caluda Robert J Attorney At Law (504)888-5297 
 Calvert Thomas B Attorney (504)830-7660 
 Campbell Jacqueline A (504)835-7815 
 Campbell Janice Parker Attorney (504)831-0805 
 Campo Gina Puleio Attorney (504)833-8007 
 Canal Mortgage Co (504)834-1000 
 Capdeville Charles R Attorney (504)841-5080 
 Caracci Law Offices Mark (504)832-4999 
 Carimi Law Firm (504)529-3476 
 Carimi Law Firm A Law Corporation (504)367-2367 
 Carr And Associates (504)888-5030 
 Carriere Dennis H (504)832-1074 
 Carter John D Attorney (504)837-2500 
 Casey Margaret A Attorney (504)836-2200 
 Casey Sean M Attorney (504)837-6687 
 Cassanova John David Attorney (504)837-9102 
 Cerullo Thomas C Attorney (504)831-6945 
 Cerullo Thomas C Attorney (504)831-6946 
 Chailland Business Services Inc (504)833-6926 
 Charbonnet Law Firm Llc (504)888-2227 
 Chiappetta Shelly E Attorney (504)840-4910 
 Childs Martin A Attorney At Law (504)828-5511 
 Chopin Richard A. (p.l.c.) Attorney (504)830-3838 
 Chouest Stephen M And Associates (504)455-1252 
 Chouest Stephen M And Associates Ofc (504)455-7300 
 Ciacco Charles P Attorney (504)836-7333 
 Cimini And Associates Attorney (504)828-6869 
 Clarke Robert N Llc Attorney (504)832-1107 
 Claude C. Lightfoot Jr. P.c. (504)838-8571 
 Cline Leonard J Attorney (504)838-8254 
 Coci Phyllis C Attorney (504)889-0292 
 Colby And Coleman Pllc (504)780-9700 
 Collett Margaret Attorney (504)454-5558 
 Coman John M Jr Attorney (504)779-0541 
 Conner James S Jr Attorney (504)828-8757 
 Connick And Liljeberg (504)885-4391 
 Connolly And Rodriguez (504)834-9012 
 Conrad Marc H Attorney At Law (504)456-5950 
 Conroy Stephen K Attorney (504)830-3449 
 Consumer Rights Law Center (504)841-3328 
 Conway James R Iii Attorney (504)838-0093 
 Corken David N Attorney (504)836-7124 
 Corporate Recovery Bureau (504)301-4976 
 Corte Joseph E (504)834-2655 
 Cosby Sandra K (504)840-4912 
 Coughlin William Attorney (504)836-3895 
 Coughlin William J Attorney (504)833-5522 
 Credit Services (504)454-2005 
 Cronvich Alwynn J Law Office (504)834-8866 
 Curren And Landrieu Inc (504)833-3330 
 Daigle Daniel J Attorney (504)841-2209 
 Dangelo Gregory G Attorney (504)832-1000 
 Dangelo Leonard M (504)840-4905 
 Daniel A Post And Associates Llc (504)885-7800 
 Danner Joan A Attorney (504)455-2464 
 Dantonio Michael E Attorney (504)455-7500 
 David A. M. Ware And Associates (504)830-5900 
 Davilatoth Olivia Attorney (504)835-0834 
 Davis Bernard V (504)888-1817 
 Davis Wanda Anderson Attorney (504)830-3990 
 Dearie And Killian Attorney (504)887-1145 
 Dearie Erin E. Attorney (504)832-7222 
 Dearing Patricia L Attorney (504)831-0064 
 Dearing Patricia L Attorney (504)831-0763 
 Deas And Olivier Attorney (504)727-4330 
 Deforest Ginger K Attorney (504)836-7546 
 Dehaven Catherine Attorney (504)455-1112 
 Delsa William J Attorney (504)219-1633 
 Delta Title Corporation Metairie (504)885-9222 
 Delta Title Corporation Attorney (504)456-2626 
 Dennis Mark M Attorney (504)835-2392 
 Detweiler William M Attorney (504)834-1700 
 Diaz Daria Burgess Attorney (504)837-3428 
 Dittmer Charles W (504)887-2700 
 Don M. Richard (504)834-9882 
 Donelon Clement P Attorney At Law (504)887-0077 
 Donelon Johnson And Mcmahon (504)887-0555 
 Doody Stephen R. Attorney (504)835-2000 
 Douglass Daniel M (504)779-8099 
 Drolla F Joseph Jr Attorney At Law (504)831-2607 
 Drury Edward R Attorney (504)454-2003 
 Dubarry Deonne (504)832-7200 
 Dulitz Harris M Attorney (504)833-7771 
 Dupre Alvin J Jr Attorney (504)454-1061 
 Dupuy Clarence O Jr Attorney (504)831-4833 
 Durio Claire (504)838-9090 
 Dusang Scott Attorney (504)840-2780 
 Dussouy Alan P Attorney (504)831-3515 
 Dwyer Title Inc (504)456-9655 
 Eckert William H Attorney (504)836-7556 
 Eddy R Lee Iii Attorney (504)835-0378 
 Edelman Warren S Attorney (504)846-3611 
 Edelman William W Attorney (504)828-9511 
 Edward M. Porche Jr. (504)456-8660 
 Ellis Kelly C (504)840-4915 
 Ellzey H Edward Attorney (504)454-0329 
 Ely Richard C Jr Attorney (504)832-0960 
 Emerman Alan Attorney (504)455-1644 
 Employment Law Center (504)888-8038 
 Faia And Associates Llc (504)888-4663 
 Faust Deborah L (504)833-8500 
 Fenerty John J Iii Attorney (504)837-1000 
 Ferrara Charles J Attorney (504)455-0442 
 Ferrara Charles J Attorney (504)837-1993 
 Fiasconaro Joseph A Jr Attorney (504)219-1410 
 Fleischmann Edwin R Jr Attorney (504)832-0800 
 Fleming Robert F Attorney At Law (504)834-9584 
 Flirting Classes (504)828-2267 
 Fontana Ronald F Attorney (504)887-7841 
 Fonte Kenneth C. Attorney (504)849-2600 
 Foret Donald L Attorney (504)887-4415 
 Forshag Kurt P Attorney (504)834-5409 
 Fradella Frank T Attorney (504)837-1304 
 Fradella Land And Title Exchange Limited (504)834-6622 
 Frank Pola Jr. (504)865-1006 
 Freese Gail Court Reporting (504)833-7778 
 Gabb Ronda M And Associates Llc (504)779-5857 
 Gamble Cameron C (504)833-8070 
 Garcia S C Attorney (504)835-5085 
 Gardner Julie Anne Attorney (504)888-6100 
 Garvey James D Attorney At Law (504)836-7440 
 Gerber Abraham (504)455-2260 
 Gibbons Elmer G Iii Attorney (504)888-1930 
 Gibbons Elmer G Iii Attorney (504)888-8288 
 Giraud Albert D. Attorney (504)836-7559 
 Glorioso Anthony L Attorney (504)833-5912 
 Gordon Edward M Iii Attorney (504)832-4006 
 Grace Patrick C Attorney (504)831-3747 
 Graham Sherona (504)840-4943 
 Gray Insurance Company (504)888-7790 
 Green Jill R Attorney (504)828-4277 
 Gremillion Pierre F Attorney (504)456-8684 
 Grevemberg James T (504)846-3605 
 Guillory Michael S A Professional Law Corporation (504)838-8811 
 Haas Frederick T Iii Attorney (504)835-6360 
 Hagan Laurie Rolling Attorney (504)835-9916 
 Hager Phillip T Attorney (504)456-8621 
 Haik David Attorney (504)885-7574 
 Hale Diana Attorney At Law (504)836-7470 
 Halford Elsie B Attorney (504)835-8087 
 Hall William W. Attorney (504)456-8692 
 Halpern Danner Martin And Miles Llc (504)835-6705 
 Halverson Eric J Jr Attorney (504)885-0105 
 Hand Terrence J Attorney (504)888-8144 
 Hannan Drake And Giusti (504)831-5300 
 Harris Thorne D Iii (504)838-9108 
 Harry James Attorney (504)293-0011 
 Harry T. Widmann And Associates P.l.c. (504)834-2799 
 Hatch James A Attorney At Law (504)831-1031 
 Heigle Kevin G Attorney (504)832-0401 
 Henton Deborah Spiess Attorney (504)830-3450 
 Herman And Herman Attorneys (504)837-9802 
 Hilfberty Dwan Attorney (504)828-2293 
 Hilferty Dwan S Attorney (504)219-0449 
 Hingle Michael And Associates Attorney (504)836-7405 
 Holahan John M Jr Law Offices (504)835-1200 
 Hose John Attorney At Law (504)831-4947 
 Houghtaling John W Ii Attorney (504)456-8600 
 Hurley Paul E Attorney (504)828-4223 
 Hurley Paul E. Attorney (504)301-2420 
 Hyman Neil S Attorney (504)831-3551 
 Hymel Alyson Attorney (504)251-2506 
 Immigration Law Center (504)828-6316 
 J. Price Mcnamara (504)885-3332 
 Jacobs Roger B Attorney (504)837-1110 
 Jaffe Russell L Attorney (504)837-1624 
 Jefferson Law Offices (504)469-0415 
 Jim S Hall And Associates (504)832-3000 
 John S Ponseti And Associates Inc. (504)887-3827 
 Johns Roger D Reprtr (504)219-1993 
 Jones Patrick E Attorney (504)837-1820 
 Jones Suzanne M. Attorney (504)799-3500 
 Joseph M Bertrand And Associates Llc Attorney (504)835-8100 
 Kelley Patrick C Attorney (504)837-4060 
 Kennedy John Y Plc (504)454-3996 
 Kenny And Toca Attorneys At Law (504)838-8595 
 Kesler Debra M Attorney (504)834-3737 
 Kiefer And Kiefer (504)828-3313 
 Kincade Michael J. Attorney (504)828-2303 
 Kirkpatrick And Associates Llc (504)828-3311 
 Kleppner F J Attorney (504)831-2244 
 Koehler Steven Attorney (504)293-0004 
 Lancaster Charles D Jr Attorney (504)837-4477 
 Landreneau R L Jr (504)887-8687 
 Langteau Gregory A (504)840-4903 
 Lartigue C W Iv (504)836-8080 
 Larue Roger J Jr Attorney (504)834-0832 
 Latour Edmund Attorney (504)830-7818 
 Law Office Of John A. Venezia Aplc (504)486-3910 
 Law Offices Of Frances M. Olivier (504)482-9115 
 Law Offices Of Raymond P Augustin Jr Attorney (504)837-9107 
 Leach T Howard Iii Attorney (504)456-2223 
 Leavitt Melanie A (504)834-2075 
 Leblanc Wayne M (504)834-3772 
 Lebrun Mackles Judy (504)455-7077 
 Leefe Richard K Attorney (504)830-3939 
 Legé Bryan E. Attorney (337)235-5585 
 Legrand Pierre M Attorney (504)836-7557 
 Leitz Patrick C Attorney At Law (504)456-1171 
 Lenter Robert A (504)828-2667 
 Lentini Attorney At Law Art (504)780-8700 
 Leo Louis J Attorney (504)837-1700 
 Levith Neil Attorney At Law (504)455-0909 
 Leydecker Gerald J (504)831-4477 
 Lillich George O Jr (504)834-1234 
 Live Oake Title Co (504)455-9992 
 Lizana Bruce H Attorney (504)828-2221 
 Lizana Bruce H Attorney (504)833-8661 
 Loev Robert M Attorney (504)455-7292 
 Louis B. Merhige (504)836-2004 
 Louisiana State State Representatives Legislative Offices (504)834-7676 
 Lundy And Davis Llp (504)836-7313 
 Luscy William J Iii Attorney (504)837-5597 
 Lynn Eric Williams A.p.l.c. (504)832-9898 
 Madere Jerald R Attorney (504)241-0319 
 Madere Jerald R Attorney (504)455-4041 
 Mahoney Eileen L Attorney At Law (504)837-0474 
 Maldonado Wayne R (504)836-7554 
 Mamoulides John M Attorney (504)304-9550 
 Mang Batiza Gaudin Godofsky And Ptff Cnsl Lmmco Attorney (504)831-4943 
 Maps Professional Systems (504)832-9125 
 Maraldo David J Plc (504)454-2769 
 Marks Christine W Attorney (504)830-3451 
 Martinezmeche Financial Group Llc (504)834-5544 
 Mary M Taylor (504)831-7405 
 Mason Dara Hansen Attorney (504)832-9984 
 Mc Connell Insurance Agency (504)833-3304 
 Mcclendon Stuart A Attorney (504)837-2144 
 Mcmahon Joseph Iii Attorney (504)828-6225 
 Mcquaig And Stelly Aplc (504)836-5070 
 Meaux Jeam Morgan Attorney (504)836-2334 
 Mediation Arbitration Professional Systems (504)831-2141 
 Miller Frederick And Associates Attorney (504)840-4900 
 Miller Martin O Ii Attorney (504)832-7936 
 Milly Raymond A Attorney (504)831-2829 
 Minvielle Scott Attorney At Law (504)840-9854 
 Mitchell Ted M Attorney At Law (504)831-2965 
 Morrison Ronald W Attorney (504)831-2348 
 Moulton Janet L (504)455-4488 
 Munna Raymond J Attorney (504)456-6833 
 Mushmecheburas Gina M. Attorney (504)830-7800 
 Mustian William R Iii Attorney (504)831-0666 
 Napolitano Jay M Attorney (504)831-1533 
 Nations Title (504)834-9777 
 Nielsen Joseph M Attorney (504)455-8005 
 Noble R E (504)835-5427 
 Norton Jean Lennox Attorney (504)454-2227 
 Notary Expressold Metairie (504)834-4000 
 Obell Eric J Attorney (504)456-8677 
 Olivier Chellie Chitty Attorney (504)832-4191 
 Olivier Elizabeth M Attorney (504)885-6657 
 Ortiz Victor M Attorney At Law (504)779-0068 
 Oxner Vallerie Attorney (504)456-8647 
 Panzarella Christina M (504)840-4904 
 Pappas Sophia G Attorney (504)840-4914 
 Patricia A Dean (504)738-3251 
 Peggy M. Pond Abstract And Notarial Services Inc. (504)468-8304 
 Peggy M. Pond Abstract And Notarial Services Inc. (504)913-8304 
 Perschall Clement F Jr A Professional Law Crp Attorney (504)836-5975 
 Phelps Gay E Attorney (504)837-4835 
 Pickney Donald J Attorney (504)456-0570 
 Piglia Theresa M Attorney At Law (504)831-5272 
 Pitts William R (504)831-5050 
 Plaia Bernard M Jr Attorney (504)837-2993 
 Poche Clifford E Aplc (504)835-9909 
 Prestige Title Inc (504)837-6700 
 Price Ted A Attorney (504)832-4101 
 Property Title Inc (504)779-9834 
 Rabalais Law Firm (504)836-8182 
 Raspanti Joseph P (504)836-7330 
 Rausch Joseph W Attorney At Law (504)456-8675 
 Regard Joseph T Limited A Professional Law Corporation (504)834-0646 
 Rice Michael J Iii Attorney (504)888-8979 
 Richard J. Fernandez Llc (504)834-8500 
 Risk Management Services Llc (504)837-3100 
 Robertson Kent Attorney (504)838-8488 
 Robinson Malcolm Carimi Law Firm (504)888-0500 
 Robinson Malcomcarimi Law Firm (504)831-2641 
 Rodriguez Antonio J Attorney (504)455-9388 
 Rolland Michael S (504)780-9002 
 Rolling Garland R Attorney (504)835-2543 
 Rose Crawford Attorney (504)453-2300 
 Roth Murray A Jr A Professional Law Corporation (504)837-5781 
 Rubins Phillip D (504)454-7763 
 Salatich Peter B Jr Attorney At Law Attorney (504)833-4955 
 Salley Sandra S Attorney (504)837-5499 
 Sandy Kutner Attorney At Law (212)586-3660 
 Schouest Stephen M And Associates (504)455-7301 
 Schwartz Christopher Attorney (504)837-2263 
 Selenberg Carl J Attorney (504)835-1053 
 Shared Technologies Fairchild (504)836-7000 
 Shearman Kevin Attorney (504)836-3898 
 Shearman Kevin D Attorney (504)835-6829 
 Sherry And Denton Attorney (504)837-2533 
 Sherry Mettery I Jr Attorney (504)889-0775 
 Simone Martin J Jr Attorney (504)455-0997 
 Simone Stephen J Law Office Of (504)834-8478 
 Sisk Edward J Attorney (504)455-4185 
 Sklamba Stephen G Attorney (504)836-5950 
 Slaughter William H Iii Attorney (504)837-7261 
 Smith Scott W Attorney At Law (504)835-1083 
 Sondes Brian Attorney At Law (504)828-4222 
 Sossaman Craig S Attorney (504)455-3100 
 St Romain Clare Attorney (504)835-1422 
 Stanley L Jerome Attorney (504)456-8651 
 Steen William T Attorney (504)835-0892 
 Stegeman Russell Attorney (504)836-7478 
 Stephen M Petit Attorney At Law (504)888-5251 
 Stetfelt Chester C Jr Attorney (504)455-0900 
 Syracuse Robert (504)838-9731 
 Talbot Gerald J Attorney (504)840-4952 
 Tarleton Michael J Attorney (504)836-7542 
 Title Depot (504)455-6699 
 Title Management Group (504)834-2977 
 Title Marshall E Attorney (504)835-2055 
 Title Source Llc (504)219-0284 
 Titlemart Llc (504)885-4425 
 Tolmas Gerson Z Attorney (504)837-9214 
 Tomeny Richard J Jr (504)833-7325 
 Tranchina Frank P. Jr. Attorney (504)831-0055 
 Transcendental Meditation Program (504)837-9642 
 Troy Broussard The Law Offices Of (504)454-6510 
 Ungarino And Eckert (504)836-7555 
 Valenti Timothy D Attorney (504)833-7733 
 Vasser And Vasser Attorneys At Law (504)833-1982 
 Verlander Richard G Jr Attorney (504)837-5324 
 Victory Title Agency Llc (504)780-2098 
 Villarrubia John G Attorney (504)834-5212 
 Villemarette Warren P Attorney (504)454-1005 
 Viosca Bonnie A Attorney (504)838-8047 
 Vosbein Robert A Attorney (504)831-7700 
 Waddell And Reed (504)831-7699 
 Waldman Law Corporation (504)834-7077 
 Wall E Kenneth Pc (504)828-8297 
 Ward Kenneth V Jr Attorney (504)456-0232 
 Washofsky Leonard A A Law Corporation Attorney (504)834-2742 
 Wasserman Lynne Attorney (504)836-2333 
 Watson George A Iii Cpa (504)832-9900 
 Webre Gerald P Attorney (504)888-0662 
 Webre Gerald P Notary Public (504)888-0622 
 Weidig W Paul Attorney (504)454-2174 
 Weir Andrew M. Attorney (504)455-7264 
 Westenberger Fred P Attorney (504)831-6941 
 Whittenburg James J Attorney At Law (504)828-1101 
 Williams Dale Edward Attorney (504)889-0700 
 Willmott Thomas M Attorney (504)837-1616 
 Willmott Thomas P Attorney (504)832-1477 
 Wilson Courtney (504)832-0585 
 Windmeyer Joseph E (504)833-0782 
 Winters Title Agency Inc (504)454-2102 
 Wolff Bennett Attorney (504)831-1001 
 Yuspeh Wayne W A Professional Law Corporation (504)833-2166 
 Zamora John J Iii Attorney (504)455-4294 
 Zatarain Charles C Iii (504)831-4515 
 Zuppardo Peter A Attorney (504)455-5909