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 A Access Insurance Services (337)264-1966 
 Aaron Hon. Don. Jr. Attorney (337)269-0052 
 Abell Edward C. Jr. Attorney (337)237-2660 
 Abraham Grady J Attorney (337)234-4523 
 Ackermann Jeffrey Attorney (337)233-0300 
 Adams Henry Iii Law Offices (337)235-9452 
 Adams James J (337)234-1491 
 Adcock Clint Attorney (337)981-5609 
 Adley Michael W. Attorney (337)235-2405 
 Albert Andrea L. Attorney (337)232-9700 
 Alexander Edward K Attorney (337)237-6062 
 Alexander Tim (337)266-2176 
 Allen Aaron J (337)232-9918 
 Allen And Gooch A Law Corporation (337)291-1000 
 Allen Durelle L Jr Attorney (337)232-2024 
 Allums Amy E. Attorney (337)232-7424 
 American Title Company (337)237-6000 
 Amos Garrett And Hollinger Llc (337)291-1875 
 Ancelet Karen D. Attorney (337)406-5610 
 Anderson Law Office (337)233-3366 
 Andrus And Andrus (337)988-2100 
 Andrus Boudreaux Lemoine And Tonore A Professional Law Corporation (337)233-3075 
 Andrus Elizabeth Gresham Attorney (337)981-3858 
 Andrus Mark C. Attorney (337)237-1660 
 Angers W Thomas Attorney (337)233-3268 
 Anthony Ted M (337)262-9000 
 Anthony Thibodeaux Attorney At Law (337)235-1827 
 Armbruster George J. Iii Attorney (337)264-1516 
 Armentor Glenn Attorney (337)233-1471 
 Armentor Glenn Law Corporation (337)234-7496 
 Artall Mark Aplc Attorney (337)235-0520 
 Artall Mark G Law Office Of (337)233-1777 
 Artigue J Michael Attorney (337)234-0500 
 Arvie Kimberly Latigue Attorney (337)266-2332 
 Attorneyatlaw Charley Hutchens (337)237-4102 
 Aucoin Philip S Attorney (337)291-1743 
 Aucoin Samuel R. Attorney (337)261-1408 
 Babin Gay Lynn Attorney At Law Llc (337)261-5250 
 Babineaux Mark A. Attorney (337)233-7766 
 Bailey Christopher B. Attorney (337)237-0132 
 Bailey Fred K (337)233-9497 
 Baird Robert W And Co Incorporated (337)233-3663 
 Baker Paul H F Attorney (337)234-7200 
 Baker Stephen D Attorney At Law (337)235-8298 
 Balfour David K Attorney (337)234-2114 
 Bankruptcy Processing Centers (337)261-1124 
 Bankston David R Attorney At Law (337)232-1444 
 Barber Janice Hebert (337)261-6989 
 Bares Allen R (337)235-2112 
 Bares Wendell J Attorney At Law (337)237-3281 
 Bart Morris (337)233-4200 
 Basden Timothy W. Attorney (337)266-2200 
 Beach Bruce C (337)233-1100 
 Bearden Joseph E. Iii Attorney (504)599-8000 
 Becker And Associates (337)233-1987 
 Benbow Danica C. Attorney (504)599-8168 
 Bengston Karl W Attorney (337)237-3000 
 Bengtson Law Firm Llc (337)291-9119 
 Berglund William H. Attorney (504)599-8222 
 Bernard And Angelle (337)232-7231 
 Bernard Barton W (337)593-1123 
 Bernard Kimberly M. Attorney (337)232-1604 
 Beyt Janice Daigre Attorney (337)233-6771 
 Billeaud Lawrence C (337)266-2055 
 Billeaud Michael B (337)235-6491 
 Bivins John A Attorney (337)233-7430 
 Black Mildred Allison (337)235-7513 
 Blackstone Stanley B Attorney (337)984-2101 
 Block Gerald J Attorney (337)233-9296 
 Bordelon John S (337)233-6260 
 Bordelon Law Offices A Professional Law Corporation (337)896-0042 
 Boswell Oscar W Attorney (337)237-4465 
 Bouchner David A (337)237-9500 
 Bouligny Law Firm Llc (337)981-0948 
 Bourque Julie Attorney (337)266-9626 
 Boustany Alfred F Ii (337)261-0225 
 Bowlin Angela M. Attorney (504)599-8215 
 Bradley Amanda L. Attorney (504)599-8199 
 Bradley And Moreau Attorneys At Law (337)235-4660 
 Brandt Charles Attorney (337)237-7171 
 Branton Law Firm (337)232-0373 
 Brazee James L Attorney At Law (337)237-0492 
 Breaux Huey Henry Attorney (337)981-4545 
 Breaux Jean C Jr And Associates Aplc (337)233-4447 
 Breaux Marjorie Briley Attorney (337)234-7000 
 Breaux Michael J Attorney (337)235-8000 
 Breaux Michelle Attorney (337)237-7172 
 Breaux Paul J Limited (337)266-2270 
 Breaux Timothy David (337)232-5920 
 Brenham Robert P Attorney (337)237-6280 
 Briney And Foret (337)237-4070 
 Broussard And David A Professional Law Corporation (337)233-2323 
 Broussard And Kay (337)232-1666 
 Broussard Bob (337)232-3333 
 Broussard Marianna Attorney (337)232-9733 
 Brown Francis H. Iii Attorney (504)599-8012 
 Brown James H. Jr. Attorney (504)599-8018 
 Brumbaugh Thomas D Attorney (337)233-4414 
 Bryson Law Firm (337)233-4210 
 Budetti Thomas A Attorney At Law (337)269-9499 
 Budetti Thomas A. Attorney (337)233-3033 
 Bull William Bryan Attorney At Law (337)234-4060 
 Burgess L Clayton Attorney At Law (337)234-7573 
 Burleigh Lawrence K Limited (337)234-6222 
 Burns Benjamin O Attorney At Law (337)232-2293 
 Burns Benjamin O Attorney At Law (337)232-7239 
 Bush Chandler Jo (337)235-3425 
 Cabes Robert L. (p.c.) Attorney (337)232-3929 
 Caffery Michael M. Attorney (337)232-6581 
 Cain George E. Attorney (504)599-8007 
 Calogero Gina Rush Attorney (337)235-2425 
 Cape Joel E. Attorney (504)599-8184 
 Capretz Donald A. Attorney (337)237-9999 
 Caraway Kathryn M. Attorney (504)599-8188 
 Carriere Brent Nicolas Attorney (337)572-9877 
 Castle John E. Jr. Attorney (337)232-2606 
 Cazale John B. Attorney (504)599-8243 
 Central Title Llc (337)981-6600 
 Chauvin Hamilton J Attorney At Law (337)291-2620 
 Christian Wilfred J Attorney (337)237-6575 
 Christy Walter W. Attorney (504)599-8201 
 Clements Miles P. Attorney (504)599-8004 
 Cloyd Preston D (337)289-6906 
 Cockrell J Bradley Law Office Of (337)234-3330 
 Cole Dean Anderson (p.c.) Attorney (337)237-7000 
 Cole Robert L Attorney (337)232-6096 
 Collier William H. Attorney (337)232-0002 
 Colomb And Saitta (337)231-5250 
 Colomb Brian C (337)235-3139 
 Colón Nairda T. Attorney (504)599-8180 
 Colvin Michael H Attorney (337)234-3313 
 Cook David S A Professional Law Corporation (337)234-4155 
 Cordell Leslie A Attorney (337)237-8200 
 Corne Louis M Attorney At Law (337)264-1160 
 Cote Diane Attorney (337)237-4320 
 Coussan Luke J Attorney (337)234-5827 
 Cox Fitzgerald Llc (337)233-9743 
 Cranner Bruce A. Attorney (504)599-8069 
 Credeur Mel L Attorneyatlaw (337)232-3081 
 Credeur Renee M. Attorney (337)235-4576 
 Culotta A. Jacob Jr. Attorney (504)599-8242 
 Culotta Renee Gluth Attorney (504)599-8085 
 Culpepper Janet K Attorney (337)235-1111 
 D. Patrick Keating (337)233-9799 
 Dafford Ann Garcia (337)289-1051 
 Dakin Andy P Attorney (337)237-9000 
 Dalton Law Firm Llc (337)262-0700 
 Daniel D. Patrick Jr. Attorney (337)235-7110 
 Daniel M Landry Iii A Professional Law Corporation (337)237-7135 
 Dartez Shannon Seiler Attorney (337)237-0261 
 Dauphin William M Jr Attorney (337)233-4680 
 David M Kaufman Professional Law Corporation (337)231-5150 
 Davis Craig A Attorney At Law (337)231-5351 
 Davis Fred W Attorney (337)981-0309 
 Davis Louis R (337)233-0686 
 De Klerk Andrew S. Attorney (504)599-8010 
 Debaillon And Miley (337)237-0598 
 Dejean Kenneth W Attorney At Law (337)235-5294 
 Delcambre Todd Attorney (337)988-4500 
 Denton Aubrey E Aplc (337)289-9151 
 Dicristina Lara N. Attorney (504)599-8248 
 Disability Law Center (337)234-9998 
 Doguet Andre Attorney At Law (337)235-7144 
 Domingue And Waddell Plc (337)266-2304 
 Domingue Harold L Jr Attorney At Law (337)234-6003 
 Doucetspeera Professional Law Corporation (337)826-3717 
 Duck Kevin Attorney (337)269-8850 
 Dugal Elizabeth Attorney (337)237-2535 
 Duhon Carl Attorney (337)237-9868 
 Duhon Law Firm (337)237-9297 
 Dupuis Steven J Attorney (337)233-6070 
 Durand Allan Law Firm (337)237-8501 
 Durrett John A. Attorney (337)233-0555 
 Earl J Venable And Associates (337)232-7733 
 Edwards Allyson Attorney (337)264-8027 
 Edwards Christopher A (337)237-6881 
 Edwards Luke Attorney At Law (337)233-9995 
 Ehret Mary C. Attorney (504)599-8210 
 Elite Title (337)981-1900 
 Endom Adras Paul Laborde Attorney (337)233-6818 
 Escott Paul D Attorney (337)269-5005 
 Ethridge Donald J. Attorney (337)233-6200 
 Family Mediation Services (337)237-4229 
 Faust Sheri S. Attorney (504)599-8186 
 Ferry Mary M. Attorney (504)599-8182 
 Forest Law Corporation (337)237-7651 
 Frederick Kevin S Attorney At Law (337)269-5143 
 Friedman William J Attorney At Law (337)232-7747 
 Fruge Jack C Jr Attorney (337)988-0747 
 Fuqua Dawn M. Attorney (337)233-8600 
 Gaar Joseph F Jr (337)233-0690 
 Gaar Joseph F Jr Attorney At Law (337)233-3185 
 Gallaspy Lee Attorney (337)237-4425 
 Garbin Jacob Attorney (337)233-8005 
 Garcelon James S Md (337)236-3030 
 Gaudet W Gerald Attorney (337)233-3962 
 Gauthier Lester J Jr (337)264-1783 
 Gauthier Stan Ii Attorney (337)234-0099 
 Gauthier Trent Attorney (337)991-0072 
 Gee William N Iii Limited Attorney (337)289-0808 
 General Title Llc (337)593-1350 
 George R. Knox L.l.c. Attorney At Law (337)264-9083 
 Ghio John V Attorney (337)237-6913 
 Gibson Gruenert Llp (337)233-9600 
 Gibson Paul D. Attorney (713)665-1800 
 Goforth William (337)237-1176 
 Goforth William H Attorney (337)237-5195 
 Gooch Joel E Attorney (337)981-2374 
 Goode William L Attorney (337)234-0600 
 Goodell William W Jr A Professional Law Corporatin (337)593-1263 
 Grossman Louis M. Attorney (504)599-8327 
 Guidry Calvin T Attorney (337)232-6183 
 Guidry Danny L Attorney At Law (337)232-0999 
 Guidry Randall L Attorney (337)233-8800 
 Guilbeau Thomas E. Attorney (337)232-7240 
 Guilliot Paul J Attorney (337)232-8177 
 Guillory Byron P Attorney At Law (337)233-3070 
 Hainkel John J. Iii Attorney (504)599-8021 
 Hardy Christopher Shannon (337)231-1955 
 Hattan M Candice Attorney (337)234-0431 
 Haynes Gary Attorneyatlaw (337)235-8640 
 Haynie And Associates (337)235-6704 
 Hebert Gerald I Attorney (337)234-0949 
 Hebert Paul J Limited (337)267-7800 
 Heider A Gretchen Attorney (337)988-7240 
 Heinen Law Office (337)237-3550 
 Hellmers Carl E. Iii Attorney (504)599-8035 
 Hernandez And Hernandez A Professional Law Corporatn (337)233-5330 
 Hill Matthew J Jr Attorney (337)989-8100 
 Hodge Robert M Attorney (337)234-1012 
 Hoffpauir Land And Title Company Llc (337)236-9117 
 Hughes Daniel C (337)237-6566 
 Hurst Katherine L. Attorney (337)233-6930 
 Huval Jack Attorney (337)234-8512 
 Huval Veazey Felder And Aertker (337)234-5350 
 Iles R. Scott Attorney (337)234-8800 
 Ingram Allen Attorneyatlaw (337)233-7092 
 Insured Title Company Limited (337)235-4891 
 Irion John S Jr Attorney (337)233-0505 
 Istre Richard M Attorney (337)233-3697 
 J. Kevin Stockstill (337)262-0203 
 Janie Jackson Attorney At Law (337)234-7870 
 Jankower Steven M (337)289-1745 
 Jarred Robert A Law Offices Of (337)269-0028 
 Jim Lambert Law Firm (337)261-3737 
 Jocelin Sias Attorney At Law (337)981-9336 
 John D Bernhardt (337)266-2344 
 John W. Grant Attorney At Law (337)234-3777 
 Johnson Dave T Attorney At Law (337)593-0120 
 Jones Kenneth W Jr A Professional Law Corporation (337)593-9062 
 Jones Timothy A Law Offices (337)235-0615 
 Jordan J Lomax Jr Attorney (337)233-9984 
 Joseph Joy And Associates (337)232-8123 
 Karre Albert M Jr Attorney (337)235-5704 
 Kay Ped C. Iii Attorney (337)232-1667 
 Kennedy Judith R Attorney (337)593-9902 
 Kennedy Richard R. Attorney (800)440-1934 
 Kennison Dan (337)291-9100 
 Killingsworth Court Reporting (337)233-0455 
 Knox George R Attorney (337)261-0545 
 Kobetz Philip (337)291-1990 
 Kohnke Edward F. Iv Attorney (504)599-8003 
 Krebs And Webre Llc (337)593-4178 
 Krouse Allen J. Iii Attorney (504)599-8016 
 La Fleur And Labruyere Llc (337)266-2197 
 Labbe Glenn Attorney (337)237-3377 
 Laborde David C Attorney (337)261-2617 
 Laborde Elmo J Jr Attorney (337)232-9928 
 Labruyere Louis R. Iv Attorney (337)266-2189 
 Lafayette Parish District Attorney (337)237-5929 
 Lafayette Parish Public Defender Program (337)232-9345 
 Lafontaine Monique L. Attorney (504)599-8216 
 Landry Alfred Smith Jr Attorney (337)232-8940 
 Landry Harris And Co (337)266-2150 
 Landry James L Jr Attorney (337)981-6000 
 Landry Sidney P Iii Attorney (337)593-0092 
 Lasseigne Randy J Attorney (337)233-1720 
 Latour Ann (337)235-3878 
 Law Office Of Benjamin B Blanchet (337)269-6090 
 Law Office Of Elizabeth A. Long (337)266-2101 
 Law Office Of Thomas M Daigle (337)234-4049 
 Law Offices Of John D Brouillette (337)268-3547 
 Law Offices Of Miles A Matt (337)232-5350 
 Leblanc Ann Marie Attorney (504)599-8219 
 Leblanc Arthur C Jr Cpl And Associates Inc (337)234-7628 
 Leblanc J. Dwight Iii Attorney (504)599-8017 
 Lebourgeois Cynthia C (337)232-2320 
 Lee Christopher T Professional Limited Lblty Cmpny (337)232-2390 
 Legendre David Phd (337)237-2244 
 Lemoine Gano D Jr Attorney (337)233-6033 
 Leonard James R Attorney (337)232-0823 
 Leonard Lee H (337)233-4424 
 Lewis J Christian Attorney (337)262-0222 
 Lilley W. Alan Attorney (337)237-5777 
 Little Ross Jr Attorney (337)237-8813 
 Logan Gregory J (337)232-6210 
 Lotief Michael P Attorney (337)237-4441 
 Louisiana Legal Directory (337)266-2941 
 Louisiana Title And Abstracting Services L.l.c. (337)236-5980 
 Lowe Mark A Attorney (337)237-9802 
 Macmanus James Patrick (337)234-1720 
 Maley Comeaux And Falterman Attorneys (985)369-6009 
 Mallet Jerry L Limited (337)593-0910 
 Maloney Michael P. Attorney (337)269-9800 
 Mark A Ackal And Associates Attorneysatlaw (337)237-5500 
 Mark H. Tompkins (337)232-5300 
 Marquet Edward (337)237-6841 
 Martin Katherine (337)291-2440 
 Marx G Paula Professional Law Corporation (337)237-2537 
 Masson Jeff A. Attorney (504)599-8230 
 Matthews Douglas P. Attorney (504)599-8011 
 Mcbride Robert R Attorney (337)234-8550 
 Mccorvey Derriel C Attorney (337)291-2431 
 Mcginity Steven C (337)593-1331 
 Mcnamara Mark L. Attorney (504)599-8249 
 Mcneal Robert B. Attorney (504)599-8014 
 Mcneil Wayne K. Attorney (504)599-8024 
 Mere Richard D Attorney (337)269-5555 
 Michael G. Daiy A Professional Law Corporation (337)234-0896 
 Miller John W Attorney (337)266-2319 
 Miller Kenneth G Attorney At Law (337)289-1300 
 Miller Kerry J. Attorney (504)599-8194 
 Milligan Edward J Jr Limited A Professional Law Corporation (337)237-6491 
 Milton John W Attorney (337)232-8054 
 Miniex Rickey W Attorney (337)269-0222 
 Minyard Charles R Attorney (337)266-2300 
 Mole Joseph N. Attorney (504)599-8006 
 Montesano Insurance (337)235-5919 
 Montgomery J Marshall Attorney At Law (337)269-0083 
 Moody Company (337)266-2100 
 Morrow L E Tony Attorney (337)233-9515 
 Mouton Edgar G Jr Attorney At Law (337)234-9955 
 Mouton F Fred Attorney (337)234-0122 
 Mouton John A Iii (337)233-1199 
 Mouton Mark E Attorney (337)235-5000 
 Murphy Law Firm (337)232-6060 
 Myers Stephen H Attorney At Law (337)266-2225 
 Nehrbass Jennifer Stuller Attorney (337)232-2025 
 Neumann Eric S Piccione And Neumann (318)237-2889 
 Neumann Eric S A Professional Law Corporation (337)237-1113 
 Newman Trowbridge Jr. Aplc (337)266-2256 
 North Michael B. Attorney (504)599-8183 
 Olson David A. Attorney (504)599-8009 
 Oneal Jones Jr Llc (337)232-9070 
 Onebane Helen Attorney At Law (337)234-2010 
 Oneill Shawn P Attorney (337)235-0047 
 Partridge Scott S. Attorney (504)599-8002 
 Paul J. Mcmahon Iii (337)233-6768 
 Pavy Katherine A Llc (337)993-1155 
 Perrin Landry Delaunay Dartez And Ouellet (337)233-5832 
 Philipp Christopher R Attorney (337)235-9478 
 Phillips Michael R. Attorney (504)599-8025 
 Piccione Brenda S Attorney (337)233-9030 
 Piccione Michael C A Professional Law Corporation (337)237-2889 
 Piccione Peter C Jr (337)234-1132 
 Piccione Peter C Senior (337)237-2630 
 Pierre Vivica Smith Attorney (337)991-0652 
 Placer J Michael Attorney (337)237-2530 
 Plauché And Plauché L.l.c. (337)237-1213 
 Popich Helen J Attorney (337)291-6092 
 Porter And Guidry Llc (337)289-0626 
 Poteet John G Jr (337)237-5911 
 Prather J N Jr Attorney (337)237-0047 
 Premier Staffing Inc (337)896-4140 
 Randal L Menard Attorneys At Law (337)857-8881 
 Randall Vanessa D Attorney (337)235-3989 
 Rantz Edward J. Jr. Attorney (504)599-8324 
 Regard Olivia S. Attorney (225)248-2082 
 Remm Henry C (337)983-0011 
 Renegar Dona K. Attorney (337)237-4370 
 Reynolds Timothy K Attorney (337)593-0344 
 Rivera James T. Attorney (337)235-5353 
 Robideaux Jason Attorney (337)291-9444 
 Rodriguez Keith Attorney (337)233-4413 
 Ross Mark L Attorney (337)266-2345 
 Rozas Glenn Attorney At Law (337)593-0111 
 Rozas Glynn (337)233-5094 
 Russell Sera Attorney (337)233-0880 
 Rytlewski Jeff R Attorney (337)983-0170 
 Saloom And Saloom (337)234-0111 
 Sandoz And Sandoz (337)235-1677 
 Santa Cruz Bruce R Attorney (337)269-9939 
 Santillo Stephen Attorney At Law (337)233-3450 
 Savoie Harold L Attorney (337)235-7371 
 Seamann G Frederick (337)234-3766 
 Sears Auto Title Transfer (337)988-8276 
 Shea John And Associates (337)981-7432 
 Shiela Linscomb Attorney At Law (337)289-1600 
 Shirer Romagosa Mary Attorney At Law (337)237-6111 
 Shuey James F. Attorney (504)599-8008 
 Shullaw Wayne A Attorney (337)266-2310 
 Silverstein James R. Attorney (504)599-8013 
 Simon J Quentin Attorney At Law (337)235-3200 
 Simon Phillip D J Attorney (337)234-7900 
 Smith And Associates (337)981-8239 
 Sorola Diane Attorney (337)234-2355 
 Spears Grady (337)233-3634 
 Spell Carrol Jr Attorney At Law (337)857-9772 
 Sperling Peter E. Attorney (504)599-8015 
 Stacey H Dore Attorney At Law (337)216-9674 
 Standard Title (337)232-8777 
 Stanford Daniel J Attorney (337)232-2272 
 State Farm Bank (337)261-0505 
 Steed Julie A Attorney (337)233-9755 
 Stevens Elwood C Jr Attorney At Law (337)289-5252 
 Stewart Thomas C Attorney At Law (337)231-0032 
 Story Clement Iii (337)233-7565 
 Strain Dennis And Bates L.l.p. (337)237-5900 
 Strenge Kraig Attorney At Law (337)261-9722 
 Talley Patrick A. Jr. Attorney (504)599-8029 
 Teche Law Inc (337)593-9111 
 Terk Eugene Attorney (504)599-8285 
 Terry G Mac Corporation (337)269-1414 
 The Law Offices Of Richard R Kennedy (337)232-1934 
 Theall Susan L Attorney (337)264-9000 
 Theriot Terry E Attorney (337)593-9900 
 Thibeaux Omar Law Office Of (337)237-9311 
 Thibodeaux Gregory L Attorney At Law (337)232-8445 
 Thomas And Associates (337)235-8801 
 Tobias Jack H Attorney At Law (504)838-7100 
 Tomino Michael A Jr Attorney (337)988-5340 
 Tracy Patrick G Jr (337)266-2340 
 Trahan Christopher L (337)234-6999 
 Trahan Christopher L Attorney At Law (337)993-3071 
 Transwestern Publishing (337)261-0282 
 U. S. Intelligence Investigations Bureau (337)233-8912 
 Ungarino And Eckert (337)235-5656 
 Ungarino And Eckert L.l.c. (504)235-5656 
 United States Government Judicial Department Of Federal Public Defe (337)262-6336 
 Verret Chris A Attorney (337)237-4600 
 Versaggi Victor J Attorney (337)235-0064 
 Vidrine And Vidrine (337)233-5195 
 Viguerie P Robert Jr Attorney (337)233-7646 
 Voorhies Ben Jr Attorney (337)232-1524 
 Voorhies E Gregory Attorney (337)237-9708 
 Waitz Downer (337)981-3848 
 Waldron James P. Attorney (504)599-8358 
 Webre Scott (337)593-4100 
 Weimer Richard Attorney (337)232-5170 
 Wooderson J Michael Attorney And Counselor At Law (337)234-5919 
 Ziegler Charles W Attorney (337)234-1100