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 Accardo Law Firm (985)359-4300 
 Adams Ron Law Office (985)652-5640 
 Becnel Daniel E Iii Attorney (985)652-3643 
 Becnel Robert Attorney (985)652-2097 
 Birner William B Attorney (985)652-3273 
 Bonnette Sheila American National Insurance Co (985)651-5241 
 Brown Kerry D. Attorney (985)652-5087 
 Carville Jules A Iii (985)652-5807 
 Carville Jules A Iii Attorney (985)652-8947 
 Cicet Donald J Attorney At Law (985)651-0529 
 Crum John M Jr Attorney (985)652-9757 
 Dave Millet Insurance Agency (985)652-6261 
 Defrancesch Fred R Attorney (985)536-9700 
 Diasselliss John L Iii Attorney (985)652-9834 
 Edrington Richard L Law Offices (985)652-4300 
 Faucheux Robert R Jr Attorney (985)651-2889 
 Harrington And Myers Attorneys (985)652-5215 
 Hawkins William Ken Plc (985)652-0055 
 Hingle Michael Attorney (985)651-1970 
 Jeffrey Perilloux E Attorney At Law (985)653-2630 
 Landry Barry J Attorney (985)652-3668 
 Landry Barry J Attorney (985)652-8460 
 Landry Ron Attorney (985)652-2379 
 Law Offices Of Daniel Becnel Jr (985)651-6101 
 Leblanc Lloyd J Jr Attorney (985)651-2677 
 Levenstein Robert D Attorney At Law (985)651-9763 
 Louisiana Insurance Service (985)652-2167 
 Miceli Vincent A Jr Attorney (985)653-7474 
 Millet Richard M Attorney At Law (985)652-1864 
 Oregan William D Iii Attorney (985)652-2361 
 Patrick Carolyn Attorney At Law (985)651-5421 
 Roussel Gerolyn Attorney (985)651-6591 
 Schudmak Samuel E Iii Attorney (985)653-5590 
 Tera Sims Hotard Plc (985)653-0911 
 Trepagnier And White Pllc (985)651-2601 
 William D Oregan Iii (985)652-6476 
 Winters Title Agency Inc (985)651-2531