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 A Aaron Bagot Detective Agency (225)769-1079 
 A And A Staffing And Contract Services (225)291-9992 
 A And E Testing (225)769-1930 
 A And R Title Services (225)819-9505 
 A Maurice Haynes (225)359-6479 
 Aaron H Michael Attorney (225)336-3000 
 Aaron William R Attorney (225)261-3431 
 Abadie Dorie Marie Attorney (225)766-8240 
 Abels Brian K. Attorney (225)383-8649 
 Abercrombie W. Arthur Jr. Attorney (225)387-3221 
 Abide Samera L Law Office (225)923-1404 
 Abramson Mathile (225)382-3427 
 Abramson Mathile W. Attorney (225)387-0999 
 Accent Title (225)292-2130 
 Achee Macallynn (225)926-1700 
 Acquisition Title Of Baton Rouge Llc (225)295-4482 
 Actiontitle Llc (225)272-5626 
 Adams And Reese Llp (225)336-5200 
 Adams Chantel Kimble Attorney (225)761-0001 
 Adams David P Attorney At Law (225)926-4778 
 Adams E Pete Attorney (225)383-2227 
 Adams Law Firm (225)295-1755 
 Adams Michael R D Attorney (225)346-8716 
 Adams Steven E (225)924-1510 
 Adcock Herschel C Jr Attorney (225)756-0373 
 Adcock Herschel C Senior Attorney (225)761-9191 
 Adebamiji Dele And Associates (225)927-9006 
 Adkins Harold J. Attorney (225)923-3462 
 Adkinson Alistair A Attorney (225)928-7524 
 Adolph Angela W. (p.c.) Attorney (225)291-7300 
 Aguilar Rodolfo J. Jr. Attorney (225)383-9000 
 Ainsworth Kevin O. Attorney (225)924-1600 
 Akchin Linda (225)382-3423 
 Akers And Wisbar L.l.c. (225)767-1003 
 Alexander Law Firm (225)761-9456 
 Alicia R. Hoover Attorney At Law (225)293-6576 
 Allelo John G (225)344-3555 
 Alley Monica R Attorney (225)383-3796 
 Allgood Davis B Attorney (225)248-2038 
 Allgood Davis B. Attorney (225)248-2000 
 Amicus Management Services (225)923-1050 
 Anderson E Kate Attorney (225)346-0285 
 Anderson Eddie L Jr Attorney (225)926-6850 
 Anderson John C. Attorney (225)926-5500 
 Anderson Law Firm (225)291-9311 
 Anding George K Jr Attorney (225)766-0200 
 Anding Greg (225)382-3485 
 Andress J. David Attorney (225)769-1414 
 Andrews Arthur H. (aplc) Attorney (225)387-2200 
 Andrews Brandon Scott Attorney (225)929-7481 
 Anthony T Marshall (225)926-5888 
 Appelate Mediation Services Llc (225)381-3130 
 Arbour G Thomas Attorney (225)387-5557 
 Archey Connell L. Attorney (225)383-4703 
 Armstrong Keith C. Attorney (225)922-4300 
 Associated Reporters Inc (225)216-2036 
 Atkinson And Martin (225)293-7100 
 Atkinson Daniel R Jr (225)767-8864 
 Atkinson Daniel R. Attorney (225)767-7730 
 Attlah D Burrell Attorney At Law (225)924-4603 
 Attorney At Law Bominick Rusty Bianca (225)343-0010 
 Aucoin Connie M. Attorney (225)344-1333 
 Avant And Falcon (225)387-4462 
 Avery Christian T. Attorney (225)383-8900 
 Axelrod Brad J Attorney (225)248-2036 
 Babin Carl E (225)344-4500 
 Bagwell Dustin R. Attorney (225)927-9908 
 Balhoff Daniel J (225)767-8988 
 Ball Frances Attorney At Law (225)295-5660 
 Bander Yigal Attorney (225)926-4130 
 Bankruptcy Associates (225)767-7186 
 Bankruptcy Counselors (225)389-9507 
 Bankston Larry S. Attorney (225)389-1060 
 Bankston Richard D Attorney (225)346-1999 
 Barbato Daniel M. Attorney (225)343-0100 
 Bardwell Stanford O Jr Attorney (225)292-9051 
 Baringer Dale R. Attorney (225)383-9953 
 Barnes And Greenfield Llc (225)343-9583 
 Barnes Carol Greenfield Attorney (225)346-1106 
 Barnes Walton Attorney (225)336-9880 
 Barnett Lenore Washington Attorney (225)387-6010 
 Baron And Budd A Professional Corporation (225)927-5441 
 Barry Brent J Attorney (225)926-1234 
 Bass William A Attorney At Law (225)923-2889 
 Bateman David L Attorney At Law (225)766-8484 
 Baton Rouge Capital Conflict Office (225)338-0235 
 Baton Rouge Title Co Inc (225)344-7701 
 Baton Rouge Title Co Inc (225)766-6217 
 Baton Rouge Title Co Inc (225)769-5194 
 Baton Rouge Title Company Inc Main Ofc (225)291-1111 
 Batson Emmett E Attorney (225)387-0283 
 Baum J Rodney Attorney (225)387-1142 
 Bayard Alton E Iii (biff) Attorney (225)248-2072 
 Bayhi George Attorney (225)343-6869 
 Beall And Thies Llc (225)296-0059 
 Beall Kyle (225)382-3493 
 Beckner Donald L And Associates (225)769-7779 
 Beedle Norma (225)291-0102 
 Behan Law Firm Llc (225)925-1400 
 Belcher Prendergast (225)291-7000 
 Bella V Patrick Iii Attorney (225)275-4992 
 Ben Louis Day (225)387-8321 
 Bennett Jack (225)761-4005 
 Benson Kenneth W Jr Attorney (225)293-7272 
 Benton Benton And Associates Llc (225)769-7277 
 Benton Benton And Benton P.l.c. (225)343-6611 
 Berggreen Leo J Attorney (225)767-0496 
 Bernard Henry H Jr Attorney (225)922-6238 
 Berret Amy Degeneres (225)382-3489 
 Berteau Alan (225)382-3475 
 Bertucci Anthony Attorney At Law (225)343-2611 
 Bettison Joseph J And Associates (225)928-7068 
 Beychok And Walsh Attorneys At Law (225)272-7474 
 Bezet Gary (225)382-3407 
 Bianca Dominick Manuel Attorney (225)766-1100 
 Blackburn Frank D (225)756-9696 
 Blackman John C Attorney (225)248-2070 
 Blackmon Carmack M Attorney (225)388-9871 
 Blaize Law Firm (225)344-1711 
 Blondeau A L Attorney At Law (225)293-2700 
 Bluebonnet Title Company (225)819-9673 
 Bogan And Formeller Inc (225)293-5471 
 Bohman Martin S Attorney (225)766-6500 
 Bohrer Law Firm Llc (225)925-5297 
 Bombet Cashio And Associates (225)275-0796 
 Bonaventure Jason A. Attorney (225)928-5400 
 Bonnie Terry L Attorney (225)383-2050 
 Boohaker Boolus J Attorney At Law (225)927-0711 
 Book Larry D Attorney (225)387-3787 
 Bookter James M Attorney (225)926-0260 
 Bordelon Elizabeth A (225)927-8974 
 Boren James E. Attorney (225)387-5786 
 Boudreaux Allen (225)215-3170 
 Boudreaux And Whitworth (225)343-4357 
 Boudreaux Jeff (225)389-3716 
 Boudreaux Law Firm Llc (225)927-4529 
 Boudreaux Lisa Leslie Attorneyatlaw (225)927-5871 
 Bourgeois Bartley P. Attorney (225)769-0858 
 Bourgeois Christopher Attorney (225)343-5290 
 Bourland J David (225)767-0312 
 Bowers Dominique Attorney (225)925-2250 
 Boyce John C Attorney (225)248-2086 
 Boyd Chester H Attorney (225)766-6101 
 Boyd Chester H Attorney (225)769-3564 
 Boyer Mark D. Attorney (225)387-9888 
 Bradford Donald E Attorney At Law (225)932-0030 
 Bradford Donald E. Attorney (225)248-2028 
 Brady John D Attorney (225)343-1300 
 Brantley And Associates Aplc (225)769-9555 
 Brantley Joseph P Iv And Associates (225)769-0023 
 Brasseaux Lorna M Attorney At Law (225)763-9597 
 Breaux James L. Attorney (504)529-3600 
 Brewer Ralph Attorney (225)387-0293 
 Brinson Brett (225)382-3457 
 Brown Brandon A. Attorney (225)381-9643 
 Brown Harley Mark (225)336-0353 
 Brown Law Firm (225)334-0334 
 Brown Michael D Attorney (225)356-6951 
 Brown Michael D Law Office Of (225)356-9997 
 Broyles Stephen E. Attorney (225)387-5551 
 Brumfield John B Jr Attorney At Law (225)383-7002 
 Bryan Law Office (225)344-5263 
 Burden And Scott (225)344-7972 
 Burgmeier Timothy W Attorney (225)295-0190 
 Burke Murphy J Iii (225)231-9460 
 Burkhalter Crystal D. Attorney (225)387-0707 
 Burns Robert J Jr (225)767-8873 
 Burrell Attlah (225)924-1315 
 Bush Bryan E Jr Attorney (225)769-9444 
 Caballero George G Attorney A T Law (225)922-7835 
 Caballero Law Firm Attorneys At Law (225)292-4407 
 Caire And Gregorie (225)922-9142 
 Callahan Spencer H Law Offices (225)387-2323 
 Callaway Kimberly L. Attorney (225)368-1006 
 Callender Mark R Attorney At Law (225)925-5252 
 Callihan Gregory D. Attorney (225)273-4442 
 Calmes John P. Jr. Attorney (225)383-2284 
 Calvit Brian D Attorney (225)926-2222 
 Campbell J H Attorney (225)769-2020 
 Campbell Kecia Kling (225)389-3712 
 Campbell Paige P. Attorney (225)273-5555 
 Cangelosi Celia R Attorney (225)387-0511 
 Cangelosi Randy (225)389-3723 
 Capitol Area Community Meditation Center (225)383-6143 
 Carbonette And Carbonette (225)769-1234 
 Cardenas And Saunders (225)766-5464 
 Carleton Stephen C. Attorney (225)928-6880 
 Carley David W. Attorney (225)757-7676 
 Carmella Causey Atty At Law Llc (225)293-1255 
 Carmichael Peter G Attorney (225)766-5805 
 Carter Gideon T Iii Attorney (225)343-1111 
 Cascio Christopher T. Attorney (225)343-0084 
 Casey Robert R Attorney (225)248-2090 
 Casey Thomas A Attorney (225)248-2084 
 Cashio Jason (225)389-3708 
 Cashio Law Firm (225)381-3944 
 Casler Joseph Attorney (225)298-6720 
 Cavanaugh Karl W Attorney (225)292-2555 
 Cazenave Dean (225)382-3483 
 Champagne Randall L. Attorney (225)387-5511 
 Champlin Title Inc (225)295-3600 
 Chapoton Douglas M Attorney (225)751-6300 
 Chapoton Douglas M. Attorney (225)928-1951 
 Charest D. Thibaut Iii Llc (225)923-3200 
 Charles Mcmanus Attorney At Law (225)774-5771 
 Charpentier Troy (225)382-3446 
 Chastain Sonny (225)389-3706 
 Chemay Cynthia (225)382-3428 
 Chevalier Fred L. Attorney (225)248-2046 
 Claitor Daniel A. Attorney (225)757-0159 
 Clark Blane (225)382-3414 
 Clark Linda Perez (225)389-3714 
 Clary Albert Dale Attorney (225)922-5110 
 Clary Belinda (225)382-3426 
 Clary James R Attorney (225)926-6788 
 Clayton Charles G (225)761-9600 
 Clegg Michael V Aplc (225)923-1055 
 Cobb Paula Attorney At Law (225)932-9825 
 Cobb Robert Attorney (225)231-2026 
 Coles Janie L Attorney (225)295-4910 
 Commerce Title And Abstract Company (225)292-9130 
 Commerce Title And Abstract Company (225)769-8800 
 Compplus Limited Insurance (225)927-6365 
 Compsource Of Louisiana (225)291-2667 
 Conradi E. Barton Attorney (225)338-1300 
 Cook Whit M Ii Attorney (225)923-3104 
 Cook Whit M Ii Attorney (225)923-3168 
 Cooper Arthur R Aplc (225)927-0161 
 Cooper Gary M Attorney (225)763-9998 
 Cooper William H Jr (225)927-9697 
 Cooper Willis Renee Attorney (225)292-3194 
 Cornerstone Title Company Llc (225)766-2167 
 Cornerstone Title Company Llc (225)766-9018 
 Corporation Service Co (225)387-6966 
 Cotton George M. Attorney (225)383-0004 
 Counce Amy E Attorney (225)927-0546 
 Counsellor Title Company Inc (225)292-3132 
 Countryman Clay (225)389-3729 
 Covell Lauren K Attorney (225)293-9471 
 Covert G. Stephen Attorney (225)383-0101 
 Covert George R Attorney (225)767-3591 
 Coxe And Coxe (225)924-7597 
 Craft Jill L Attorney (225)928-5353 
 Craig Rufus Holt Jr Attorney At Law (225)928-0310 
 Crain Deborah L. Attorney (225)303-8600 
 Crawford Annette C Attorney (225)928-2531 
 Crawford Gordon R And Associates (225)767-1313 
 Creed Law Firm (225)926-3824 
 Cresson Melissa (225)382-3443 
 Crifasi Fred T. Attorney (225)766-0014 
 Criglow Christopher C Attorney (225)248-2066 
 Crosby Michele Whitesell Attorney (225)248-2092 
 Cross Heather Esq (225)214-1908 
 Crump Lana (225)382-3435 
 Cunard Rebecca Attorney (225)925-2978 
 Curet Louis D Attorney (225)387-2273 
 Curet Louis D Attorney (225)387-2690 
 Cusimano Vincent Charles Attorney (225)344-2601 
 Damico Thomas C. Attorney (225)769-0190 
 Dardenne John L. Jr. Attorney (225)343-8368 
 Darmond Bill (225)382-3403 
 Data Transfer Inc (225)926-5407 
 Davidson Law Firm Llc (225)291-5218 
 Davis Amos H Attorney (225)248-1400 
 Davis Law Firm (225)216-0101 
 Davis Michael Reese Attorney (225)755-1060 
 Davis Stan F Iii Attorney At Law (225)925-9368 
 Davis Sumpter Boyer Iii (225)383-4405 
 Davoli Sorrells And Bianca (225)757-8908 
 Dawn Guillot Attorney At Law (225)383-0304 
 Dawson David L Attorney (225)769-7502 
 Dazet And Associates Attorneys At Law L L C (225)383-2667 
 Deborah P. Gibbs (225)927-7465 
 Degravelles J. Neale Attorney (225)344-3735 
 Dejean Kent S. Attorney (225)769-4200 
 Dejean Law Firm Llc (225)344-2639 
 Delatte Edwards And Marcantel A Professional Association (225)709-9000 
 Delee Brent K Attorney At Law (225)262-0339 
 Dendy James L Attorney (225)336-3021 
 Denlinger June E Attorney (225)383-1601 
 Dersona Larry Attorney (225)336-0961 
 Devitt James J Iii Attorney (225)927-6006 
 Dicharry Chris (225)382-3492 
 Dickinson Frank H Iii Attorney (225)298-1220 
 Dille Rob (225)382-3462 
 Disability Law Center (225)295-0295 
 Dma Regional Ppo Llc (225)922-7880 
 Dodd Layne (225)769-2900 
 Dodson And Hooks (225)756-0222 
 Domingue Goldie C. Attorney (225)926-7800 
 Donald M. Meltzer (225)216-0015 
 Dornier Russell (225)922-7703 
 Dow Anna E (225)272-0707 
 Dowden Susan Attorney (225)752-1800 
 Downing George E Attorney (225)924-1630 
 Downing Title Company Llc (225)273-3055 
 Dozier Gilbert L Attorney At Law (225)767-6312 
 Drabnis Mary H. Attorney (225)291-4600 
 Duchein Charles F Iii Attorney (225)767-6628 
 Dudley Chad A (225)272-5555 
 Dudley Chad Attorney (225)272-5300 
 Dudley Peter T. Attorney (225)388-9574 
 Dumas Walter C Professional Law Corporation (225)383-4701 
 Duncan And Simon Llc Attorneys At Law (225)768-7803 
 Dunlevy Terry T. Attorney (225)929-7033 
 Dunn Richard S. Attorney (225)768-7900 
 Durio Joseph F Attorney At Law (225)343-0707 
 Eaton Gregory M Attorney (225)378-3110 
 Eaton Group (225)383-3001 
 Eddington Brian Attorney At Law (225)924-4066 
 Edgington Helen M Attorney (225)292-9885 
 Edward J. Gonzales Iii (225)382-3258 
 Edwards Sandy (225)382-3420 
 Elliott Howard P Jr Attorney (225)924-5776 
 Ellison David M. Jr. Attorney (225)387-5119 
 Endom Adras Paul Laborde Attorney (225)293-8787 
 Engolio Andrew (225)389-9616 
 Engum Joanne S Attorney (225)343-2205 
 Erwin Gregory Attorney At Law (225)753-6303 
 Esposito Dean M Attorney (225)926-3070 
 Estes Rayborn (225)383-0032 
 Etta Kay Hearn And Associates Inc (225)774-7300 
 Evans Investigations (225)291-8388 
 Ezell Andrew B. Attorney (225)344-0302 
 Falkenheiner Doris (225)346-8761 
 Family Law Clinic (225)767-7121 
 Family Law Clinic (225)767-7180 
 Farnet Glenn (225)382-3431 
 Fasullo Christian Law Office (225)767-0083 
 Faulk Title (225)295-5617 
 Fazio Thomas D. Attorney (225)292-8898 
 Fertitta Frank A Attorney (225)927-7199 
 Fetzer John H Iii Attorney (225)343-3844 
 Fields Cleo And Associates (225)343-5377 
 Fields Jimmy (225)387-8335 
 Fisher Bryan D. Attorney (225)767-8333 
 Fisher Nathan S (225)343-3495 
 Fitzgerald Dennis Attorney At Law (225)292-6222 
 Fletcher Ralph L Attorney (225)343-2876 
 Foco Megan Coogan Attorney (225)344-3774 
 Foil Franklin J. Attorney (225)928-4444 
 Foley And Judell L.l.p. (225)923-2476 
 Folse Nathan J Attorney (225)295-5605 
 Forrest Bobby L Attorney At Law (225)291-3798 
 Fortess Robert J Jr (225)768-7300 
 Foster Lance A Attorney (225)248-2106 
 Fournet M. Michele Attorney (225)383-5107 
 Fourrier Andre Insurance (225)383-0682 
 Francis A. Bo Rougeou Jr. (225)761-7890 
 Franklin Carl H Attorney At Law (225)295-5644 
 Frazier Daniel Jr Attorney (225)338-1600 
 Fred A Blanche Iii Katharine Nance Attorneys At Lw (225)387-2241 
 Frederick Brent Attorney (225)388-0002 
 French David L Attorney (225)292-9610 
 Friley Keith Attorney At Law (225)295-0085 
 Fusilier Julie Attorney (225)381-7701 
 Gallagher Paul T Attorney (225)387-4373 
 Galloway Carol (225)389-3715 
 Garrard Michael (225)382-3409 
 Gary Leon Jr Attorney (225)248-2024 
 Gaspard Scott P Attorney (225)769-1887 
 Gaudin E Clark Attorney (225)767-4062 
 Gaudin Todd E Attorney At Law (225)216-1554 
 Gauthier Danny S (225)338-9922 
 Gegenheimer Scott T Attorney At Law (225)346-8722 
 George James A Attorney (225)769-3064 
 Gibbs Thomas E (225)272-0020 
 Gibbs Vance (225)382-3410 
 Gibson Benjamin N (225)338-9026 
 Gill William R Attorney (225)383-9703 
 Go Printing Llc (225)930-0555 
 Goode Carl S Attorney At Law (225)408-1577 
 Goode Carl S. Attorney (225)293-0886 
 Gordon Arata Mccollam And Duplantis Llp (225)344-8268 
 Gordon R Crawford And Associates (225)926-4878 
 Gouner Greg Attorney At Law (225)293-6200 
 Grant Keith H (225)344-9381 
 Graves Bryant H Attorney (225)336-4000 
 Graves Robert L Attorney (225)387-8332 
 Gray Jeffry W Attorney (225)248-2044 
 Greene Hunter V (225)927-9455 
 Gregoire Victor (225)382-3456 
 Gregorie Nancy Sue Attorney (225)922-9147 
 Gregory A. Pletsch And Associates A Professional Law Corporation (225)756-4820 
 Grimley William D Limited Aplc (225)766-2355 
 Grodner And Associates (225)769-1919 
 Guffey Gene Insurance (225)291-4544 
 Guglielmo Carey J Attorney (225)387-8323 
 Guillot Dawn N Attorney (225)231-1299 
 Guirard E Eric (225)379-3333 
 Gulf Coast Title Inc (225)295-8222 
 Gunn Burgmeier And York (225)767-1550 
 Hagen Theresa (225)382-3450 
 Hall Elizabeth L Attorneyatlaw (225)387-1208 
 Hall Sidney Attorney (225)387-1481 
 Hallack Robert W Attorney (225)291-4357 
 Hamilton Regina N Attorney (225)248-2088 
 Hanchey Kevin L. Attorney (225)344-7407 
 Hank Des Bordes (225)248-8500 
 Harbourt Maureen (225)382-3412 
 Hardin Edward (225)382-3458 
 Hardy Timothy W. Attorney (225)387-5068 
 Harlan Hansel M. Attorney (225)769-5032 
 Harrel Leon John Jr Attorney (225)923-3424 
 Harris Jack Patrick Attorney At Law (225)927-7035 
 Harris Michael L Attorney (225)387-2405 
 Hartmann Melanie (225)382-3422 
 Hawkins Ike F Iii Attorney At Law (225)755-0707 
 Hawthorne Trippe (225)389-3741 
 Hebert Law Firm L.l.c. (225)383-2009 
 Hebert Michael L (225)612-9444 
 Hebert Paul M. Jr. Attorney (225)387-4000 
 Hecker Joseph Attorney At Law (225)383-8082 
 Heinrich John (225)389-3718 
 Heller Draper Hayden Patrick And Horn L.l.c. (225)767-1499 
 Helm William C Attorney (225)231-7006 
 Hemmans Melissa (225)389-3719 
 Herbert Michael C. Attorney (225)248-2042 
 Herman Mark E Attorney (225)295-1400 
 Herrera Esteban (225)382-3419 
 Herrington Lee Attorney (225)293-2412 
 Hester Bob Attorney (225)928-1112 
 Hester Bob Attorney (225)928-7011 
 Hester Brooks E Attorney (225)926-6054 
 Hingle Michael And Associates (225)706-8402 
 Hingle Michael Attorney (225)273-3699 
 Hodges Russell R Hodges Ii Attorney At Law (225)334-9120 
 Holden Mark A Attorney At Law (225)296-0018 
 Holden Melvin L Kip And Associates (225)346-0406 
 Holliday James S. Jr. Attorney (225)344-2100 
 Holliday Stephen J. Attorney (225)768-7330 
 Holt Jim Attorney At Law (225)218-0805 
 Hood Kimberly L. Attorney (225)923-1680 
 Hoover And Tierney (225)767-4880 
 Hoover Stephen Todd Attorney (225)924-1961 
 Humphrey Troy Attorney (225)927-1616 
 Hyde Law Firm (225)752-3200 
 I And J Enterprises (225)296-0507 
 Ieyoub And Landry Llc (225)766-0023 
 Ii Bates Alton (225)775-1200 
 Intergroup Insurance Company (225)275-9411 
 Irving Stephen M. Attorney (225)752-2688 
 Ivey Law Firm (225)922-9111 
 Jackson And Jackson Pllc (225)756-8801 
 Jackson Bell Attorneys At Law (225)924-3999 
 Jackson Carl J Attorney (225)344-0300 
 Jackson R Gayle Harrell Attorney At Law (225)291-7613 
 Jackson Troy D. Attorney (225)343-1331 
 Jakuback John (225)382-3452 
 Jalenak Jay (225)382-3438 
 James A Wood (225)926-0281 
 James Kevin L And Associates (225)293-3433 
 James Ledford Attorney At Law (225)292-0165 
 Jerome Dixon Attorney At Law (225)344-6655 
 John Ales Attorney At Law (225)923-1433 
 John E. Di Giulio (225)383-0078 
 Johnson Aileen (225)382-3487 
 Johnson Derren S Attorney (225)389-9617 
 Johnson Dwayne (225)382-3415 
 Johnson Ernest Attorney (225)261-6469 
 Johnson Ronald R And Associates (225)356-3408 
 Johnson Ryan E Attorney (225)248-2080 
 Johnson Scott (225)382-3463 
 Johnson Tameka M Attorney At Law (225)929-7785 
 Joiner Author R (225)383-3675 
 Jones Alvin Attorney At Law (225)295-5666 
 Jones Johnnie A Jr Attorney (225)343-1617 
 Jones Johnnie A Senior Attorney (225)383-8573 
 Jones Melanie Newkome (225)344-2200 
 Jones Theodore L (ted) Attorney (225)925-1115 
 Jones Veronica Attorney At Law (225)346-8425 
 Joseph A. Prokop Jr. Plc (225)387-2277 
 Juneau Deborah (225)389-3703 
 Kantrow Byron (225)214-5021 
 Kees Max (225)382-4623 
 Keim Elwood H Attorney At Law (225)291-1005 
 Kershaw And Sulzer (225)336-9600 
 Kerth David M. Attorney (225)248-2048 
 Kilgore Len (225)382-3406 
 Kinchen Lance J. Attorney (225)387-5397 
 King Henry B Attorney (225)923-3828 
 King Katherine (225)382-3436 
 Kirkpatrick G Allen Attorney At Law (225)388-9622 
 Kjeldsen Erik E Attorney (225)343-7753 
 Kleinpeter And Kleinpeter L.l.c. (225)926-5093 
 Koederitz Law Firm (225)928-9111 
 Koles Frank L Iii Attorney (225)291-9398 
 Krogstad L Kenneth Attorney (225)214-1259 
 Krousel Karl E Attorney (225)927-6666 
 Labranche And Lejeune (225)927-5495 
 Lamb Audrey M (225)387-0576 
 Lammico (225)295-4914 
 Landry Alvin F (225)336-0056 
 Landry Charles A Attorney (225)248-2020 
 Landry Frances L Mrs Attorney (225)383-7763 
 Landry Law Firm Llc (225)381-8275 
 Laplace Micheal T Attorney At Law (225)387-5710 
 Larry Billie Attorney (225)344-7370 
 Latchem Edna Ayliffe Attorney At Law (225)923-1300 
 Law Firm Of Grayson H Brown (225)924-9585 
 Law Office Of David M. Lefeve Llc (225)383-3545 
 Law Office Of Hillar C. Moore Iii (225)757-0100 
 Law Office Of John W Norwood Iii Attorney (225)368-1494 
 Law Offices Of David C Voss (225)819-9310 
 Law Offices Of Estes And Bolton (225)757-0696 
 Law Offices Of Herpin And Degeneres L L C (225)927-2900 
 Lawrence Anthony J Attorney At Law (225)927-9529 
 Ldd Communications (225)387-6268 
 Leblanc And Waddell Llp (225)768-7222 
 Lee And Walsh A Professional Law Corporation (225)344-0474 
 Legacy Title L L C (225)296-0061 
 Lemoine Steven P (225)218-9797 
 Leonard R. Nachman Ii (225)387-2100 
 Leteff Frank L (225)387-4489 
 Lewis And Reed Attorneys At Law (225)389-1111 
 Ligh Randy B Attorney (225)338-9238 
 Lindig Jerry W (225)928-0701 
 Lindsay Marcel And Wehbe Aplc (225)924-5150 
 Lindsey Scott And Associates (225)387-2688 
 Littlejohn Doug (225)389-3725 
 London John A Iii Attorney (225)275-8100 
 Long Joseph Attorney (225)343-7288 
 Lormand Bobby R. Jr. Attorney (225)926-8533 
 Lotwick Joseph N Attorney (225)769-2141 
 Louisiana Association Of Defense Counsel (225)928-7599 
 Louisiana Attorney Disciplinaryddscplnry Cnsl Offc (225)293-3900 
 Louisiana Commerce And Trade Association (225)344-8080 
 Louisiana Home Builders Association Slf Insrrs Fnd (225)387-0286 
 Louisiana Workers Compensationorporation (225)924-7788 
 Love Glen Scott Attorney (225)387-8336 
 Lowrey William T Jr Attorney (225)381-9198 
 Maas Dale M (225)292-8034 
 Magee Pamela G Attorney (225)925-8770 
 Major Darhlene M (225)928-0430 
 Malone Charles N Attorney At Law (225)612-9555 
 Manasseh Gill Joubert And Rothkamm P L C (225)383-8599 
 Mancuso David (225)755-1776 
 Marinoff Mark Attorney (225)295-5603 
 Marionneaux Mark (225)382-3460 
 Marionneaux Robert M. Jr. Attorney (225)387-0120 
 Marks And Lear Plc (225)383-5678 
 Marquette David E Attorney At Law (225)928-1501 
 Marve Robert Hugh Iii (225)383-0554 
 Mascari Pam (225)382-3466 
 Matchett Law Firm (225)612-3333 
 Matthews Johnell M Attorney (225)388-9423 
 Matzen Paul R Attorney (225)383-8617 
 Mauldin B Michael Attorney (225)248-2034 
 Maxwell W Scott Attorney (225)344-7651 
 May Sharon Attorney (225)922-4686 
 Mcanelly Robert V Attorney (225)926-0430 
 Mccarthy Trent E Attorney At Law (225)303-0406 
 Mccarthy Trent E Attorney At Law (225)767-9055 
 Mcclain Shanda J Attorney (225)338-0370 
 Mccowan Charles (225)382-3404 
 Mcglinchey Stafford A Professional Limited Liability Company At (225)382-3610 
 Mcgrew Patrick F Attorney (225)216-1187 
 Mckay Gail N (225)819-2400 
 Mckay John F Attorney At Law (225)924-3641 
 Mckearn Joseph W Attorney (225)929-7400 
 Mckee Michelle Attorney At Law (225)923-2339 
 Mengis Joseph W (225)767-8456 
 Mese Mark (225)382-3424 
 Messina Rodney Attorney (225)343-9422 
 Michael Fiser Attorney At Law (225)343-5059 
 Mike Nunnery Attorney At Law (225)926-1773 
 Miley Mark D Attorney (225)926-9415 
 Miller Barry Attorney (225)296-0600 
 Miller Ben (225)382-3401 
 Miller Kenner O Jr (225)922-7800 
 Miller Patrick L A Professional Law Corporation (225)766-6464 
 Millican And Ryland A Professional Law Corporation (225)292-7081 
 Mitchell J Tracy (225)383-9248 
 Miyagi Barrye (225)382-3453 
 Mocek Gregory G Attorney (225)926-1400 
 Monahan Kevin Patrick Attorney (225)291-4010 
 Moncla Gayla (225)382-3494 
 Monsour Jordan B Attorney (225)248-2094 
 Mooney David O (225)387-8122 
 Moore Steven J Attorney At Law Llc (225)767-7778 
 Morain And Murphy Llc (225)767-7151 
 Moran Alton And Associates Attorneys (225)767-1070 
 Moran T J And Associates (225)389-9990 
 Morgan James H Iii Attorney (225)753-5479 
 Morgan Kimberly Attorney (225)293-8070 
 Morganti John R Attorney (225)767-4001 
 Moroney Ben F Attorney (225)248-2104 
 Morris Bart Plc (225)925-8000 
 Mullins William R Iii (225)927-0300 
 Murphy Law Firm (225)928-8800 
 Murray Dwayne M Attorney (225)925-1110 
 Myers Brad (225)382-3421 
 Nagem Law Firm Attorney At Law (225)761-2191 
 Nalls Clarence T Jr Attorney At Law (225)774-6335 
 Naquin And Ward (225)927-1907 
 Navratil Hardy And Bourgeois Llp (225)379-7300 
 Neil Barrington R (225)344-1704 
 Nelson David (225)382-3417 
 Nesbitt And Simmons Attorneys At Law (225)344-9555 
 Nevils Richard B Attorney (225)291-7697 
 Newman Mathis Brady And Spedale A Professional Law Corporation (225)343-3456 
 Nichols Jeffrey T. Attorney (225)267-3390 
 Nichols Jeffrey T. Attorney (225)344-0800 
 Noland John B Attorney (225)334-0861 
 Nordyke And Denlinger Attorneys (225)612-3900 
 Odom Richmond C Attorney (225)214-3421 
 Office Of The District Attorney (225)389-3404 
 Oldsmobile John R Attorney At Law (225)387-6056 
 Ourso A. Justin Iii Attorney (225)248-2022 
 Ourso Jason G Attorney At Law (225)755-8843 
 Owen Marvin E (225)292-0099 
 Pace John Jewell Aplc (225)928-5053 
 Parker Janet L And Associates (225)344-4559 
 Parmenter Carolyn (225)382-3464 
 Patin Charles (225)382-3430 
 Payne Kent B (225)387-3020 
 Peacemakers Mediation Service Llc (225)752-7633 
 Pennington Dennis A. Attorney (225)293-8880 
 Pepitone And Trosclair (225)767-0873 
 Percy James C (225)248-2130 
 Perez Lennie F Attorney At Law (225)387-1287 
 Perry Dampf Watts And Associates (225)389-9899 
 Perry John W Jr (225)767-9425 
 Perry Michael T Attorney (225)248-2030 
 Peters Stephen K Attorney (225)925-8151 
 Pierce Christopher P. Attorney (225)334-9200 
 Pierre John Law Office (225)295-5638 
 Pierson James F Jr Attorney (225)298-1255 
 Plaisance Mark D. Attorney (225)344-0911 
 Poirier Robin W Attorney (225)291-6500 
 Poirier Robin W Attorney Office (225)291-6551 
 Polozola Gordon (225)382-3440 
 Posey Allen M Jr Attorney (225)926-3120 
 Possa Joseph C. Attorney (225)343-8313 
 Poynter Mannear And Colomb A Professional Law Corporation (225)756-5755 
 Primeaux Russel (225)382-3454 
 Provenza S Paul Attorney At Law (225)925-9658 
 Provident Title Company (225)751-7180 
 Quinn Louis S Jr Attorney (225)248-2054 
 R. Chris Oetjens (225)935-2222 
 Rabalais Law Firma Professional Corporation (225)926-1774 
 Raborn Robert L Senior Attorney (225)261-6577 
 Rainach Rex D Attorney (225)343-0643 
 Randy P. Zinna (225)922-9181 
 Rapp Erich (225)382-3425 
 Ray Gail Horne Attorney (225)356-5252 
 Red Stick Title Co Inc (225)761-1655 
 Reed Cynthia N Attorney At Law (225)359-9998 
 Reynolds Aidan C Attorney (225)383-5080 
 Reynolds Law Firm (225)296-0060 
 Rhorer S Bradley Attorney (225)292-2767 
 Ribes Sandra Bologna Attorney (225)343-5473 
 Richards Law Firm A Professional Law Corporation (225)334-9222 
 Richardson Law Firm Llc (225)303-0181 
 Rick A. Caballero (225)752-5959 
 Ridge Garth (225)343-0700 
 Rieger Shannan (225)382-3486 
 Rl Hester Attorney At Law (225)774-2637 
 Roberson Lon E Attorney (225)929-6080 
 Roberson Mazie Toussaint Attorney At Law (225)382-5596 
 Robert Hairford (225)267-6786 
 Robert Jean Paul Senior (225)267-6787 
 Roberts M Stephen Attorney At Law (225)926-3620 
 Roberts Sylvia Attorney (225)387-6211 
 Robinson Antonio D Attorney (225)248-2078 
 Robinson Edward Ashton Iii Dr Attorney (225)928-7876 
 Rodrigue Linda (225)382-3439 
 Roedel Larry M Attorney (225)769-8359 
 Romanach Carlos A. Attorney (225)346-1461 
 Ronald J. Savoie A Professional Limited Liability Company Attorney At (225)761-8568 
 Roper Marisa L (225)231-1288 
 Roper Mary E Attorney At Law (225)387-6600 
 Rossi Todd (225)382-3434 
 Rowe William C Jr Attorney (225)344-9211 
 Russell John W Attorney At Law (225)344-3777 
 Ryland Rhett R Attorney (225)387-1221 
 Saltamachia And Baker (225)924-0338 
 Samaha John N Attorney At Law (225)336-4052 
 Samuelhayward Tiffany Esq (225)298-5609 
 Sandoz Law Office (225)295-5607 
 Savoie Lyn (225)389-3709 
 Scheffy Robert W Jr Attorney (225)248-2032 
 Schott Martin A (225)928-9292 
 Schroeder Martin C Jr Attorney At Law (225)766-7625 
 Schuette William L Jr Attorney (225)248-2056 
 Schutte Charles A Jr Attorney (225)387-8330 
 Scott Frank T Jr Attorney At Law (225)357-8847 
 Security Title Guarantee Corporation Of Baltimore (225)753-3407 
 Sexton Gray Attorney (225)767-2020 
 Shamlin Gwynn L Jr Attorney At Law (225)344-3929 
 Shapiro And Shapiro (225)928-4193 
 Shelby Azelie (225)292-2000 
 Shipp Randall A Attorney (225)292-7100 
 Shockey And Associates (225)291-7500 
 Shoenfelt Oscar L Iii (225)336-4300 
 Shoenfelt Oscar L Iii Attorney (225)925-3344 
 Simien And Simien Llc (225)769-8422 
 Simmons And Associates L.l.c. (225)381-0098 
 Simmons Don L Jr Attorney At Law (225)709-9999 
 Simmons Joseph G Attorney (225)928-6963 
 Simmons Law Firm (225)383-4565 
 Simmons Raymond L Attorney (225)343-7073 
 Simmons Ricky L Attorney (225)296-0303 
 Simon Michael J Attorney At Law (225)763-9363 
 Sims Carvel A Attorney (225)292-3000 
 Sims Phyllis (225)389-3717 
 Skill Real Estate (225)343-1313 
 Sklar Charles B Attorney (225)383-7483 
 Sledge Lawrence D (225)927-4357 
 Smith And Brumfield (225)926-0770 
 Smith Art Attorney (225)383-7716 
 Smith Craig Attorney (225)769-2950 
 Smith Edwin A Iii Attorney (225)926-8310 
 Smith Larry H (225)292-2044 
 Smith Walter L Iii Attorney (225)769-3432 
 Spedale Charles E Attorney (225)293-6313 
 Spring And Spring Ltd. (225)932-9671 
 St Amant Alexis A Attorney (225)387-1321 
 Stafford Curtis K Jr Attorney (225)389-9908 
 Stanley David E A Professional Law Corporation (225)926-0200 
 Stehr Ayn W Attorney (225)336-3040 
 Stelly Don Attorney (225)383-4073 
 Sterling Elvin Attorney At Law (225)343-5999 
 Stevens Nancy F (225)923-3236 
 Stevenson Joe F. Attorney (225)334-7682 
 Stockstill Brent M (225)769-6191 
 Stolzle Frederick A Jr (rick) A (225)924-2588 
 Stracener Carol E Attorney (225)767-1911 
 Strictly Legal (225)291-5600 
 Sutherland Edward P Attorney At Law (225)343-8024 
 Tanner Claiborne P Attorney (225)248-2068 
 Tate Chiquita Attorney At Law (225)383-1993 
 Taylor Caffery Attorney At Law (225)928-6959 
 Taylor John Mckowen Attorney (225)343-1928 
 The Boles Law Firm A Professional Law Corporation (225)924-2686 
 The Law Office Of Celia M Alexander (225)923-2207 
 The Law Office Of Victor J. Woods Jr. (225)344-8996 
 The Practicing Notary (225)292-3093 
 The Whole Truth Inc. (225)445-0866 
 Thomas James Don Ila Law Corporation (225)928-1414 
 Thomas Jane Arieux Attorney (225)767-6225 
 Thomas Jennifer (225)389-3705 
 Thompson Joe E Attorney (225)387-2258 
 Thornton Clarence H Phd Attorney At Law (225)343-8282 
 Title Company (225)751-8188 
 Title Source Of Louisiana (225)766-8228 
 Title2land Llc (225)295-3152 
 Torry Gerard N Attorney At Law (225)387-0850 
 Trahan Donald Attorney (225)295-5667 
 Transla Abstract And Title (225)383-5400 
 Trelles Randy Attorney (225)928-8823 
 Tucker Robert C Attorney (225)248-2098 
 Tucker Robert W And Associates (225)346-4000 
 Ungarino And Eckert L.l.c. (225)292-2006 
 Uter Michael J Attorney (225)765-7510 
 Van A Attorney At Law (225)924-0555 
 Vasquez Raedtha A. Attorney (225)248-2096 
 Vaughn And Associates (225)769-1320 
 Venkataraman Vijay (225)765-7340 
 Vermillion John R Attorney (225)292-2832 
 Vinet Raymond C Attorney (225)292-7410 
 Viso Corinne B Attorney (225)248-2052 
 Waguespack Barry E Attorney (225)387-4902 
 Waguespack David A Aplc (225)295-9555 
 Walsh G Allen Attorneys (225)381-9305 
 Walter Landry Smith (225)338-0700 
 Wang Yuxian (225)382-3429 
 Ward Barry E (225)295-5628 
 Ward Roger K Attorney At Law Attorney (225)752-4601 
 Ware David And Associates (225)292-9091 
 Washington Alvin Attorney At Law (225)344-5291 
 Watson Craig S Attorney At Law (225)292-3800 
 Watson Craig S Attorney At Law (225)924-3642 
 Watts Thomas H (225)383-0367 
 Weber Michael C Attorney (225)924-6300 
 Wellons Johnny E Attorney (225)334-0284 
 Wetzel Kelly (225)389-3727 
 Wheeler Michael R Attorney At Law (225)926-1494 
 White Charles W Attorney (225)292-5997 
 Whittington Christopher L Attorney (225)346-8777 
 Wilkinson R Neal Attorney (225)927-6755 
 Williams Brian L Attorney (225)383-2639 
 Williams Kenneth R Attorney (225)387-4073 
 Wilson Bonnie C Attorney (225)766-2114 
 Wilson Karli (225)389-3704 
 Wilson Scott D (225)291-9009 
 Withers Tom Iii (225)387-2383 
 Wittenbrink Law Firm (225)343-3040 
 Wolf Michael S Attorney (225)923-0499 
 Yelverton Donna (225)382-3437 
 Young Randy (225)382-3451 
 Young Steven Attorney (225)775-9500 
 Zito James J Attorney (225)201-0520