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 A. Thomas Stubbs (404)378-3633 
 Abraham Dana M Harris Pc (770)323-5700 
 Adams John O Jr Atty (404)377-6461 
 Adams Keith Attorney (404)373-3653 
 Adams L Katherine Attorney (404)373-2020 
 Advance Legal Services (404)299-9916 
 Affleck Thomas Iii Attorney (404)373-1649 
 Akil K Secret Attorney (404)872-9800 
 Alembik Richard S Pc (404)373-0205 
 Altman Leigh Braslow Attorney (404)601-4130 
 Apolinsky Stephen D. Attorney (404)377-9191 
 Aragon And Aragon (404)479-4404 
 Archie James Attorney (404)377-8530 
 Ashford Dana Cubbedge Attorney (404)378-7200 
 Atlanta Legal Aid (404)371-3354 
 Atlanta Legal Aid Society Inc (404)377-0701 
 Babalola Isaac O. Attorney (404)284-1989 
 Bailey Susan R (404)373-3131 
 Bailey Susan R Attorney (404)373-7286 
 Baker Herman D Attorney (404)479-4479 
 Barfield Nikie Attorney (404)377-7717 
 Bass Charles T Attorney (404)479-4450 
 Belkin Wendy E Attorney (404)299-2370 
 Bellsingleton Llc (770)451-7412 
 Berk And Moss P.c. (404)373-4562 
 Bips Mark C Attorney (404)524-5450 
 Blackwelder Heather P. Attorney (404)687-9977 
 Blend And Michael Llc (404)371-1170 
 Bolen Michael D (404)373-2902 
 Bridgers Daniel F Pc Attorney (404)378-1100 
 Brown Joe Louis Attorney (404)377-0772 
 Brown Peter C. Attorney (404)371-8662 
 Brownlow And Schaefer (404)377-1706 
 Brumfield Prince A Jr Attorney (404)296-5758 
 Bryce James D. Attorney (404)378-4549 
 Burnette Mark G. Attorney (404)638-5891 
 C. Benjamin Guile Iii (404)529-9400 
 C. Suzette Ellishoyle P.c. (404)378-7500 
 Candler Terri A. Attorney (404)373-1612 
 Carnesale And Delan Llc (404)371-9191 
 Carter Russell D Esq Attorney (404)377-9900 
 Castleberry A D Attorney (404)479-4426 
 Casto Phillip M Attorney (404)479-4414 
 Cavalli Fred L. Attorney (404)370-1181 
 Christopher J. Mcfadden (404)601-4121 
 Churchill William P Iii Attorney At Law (770)808-4089 
 Clark And Washington Pc (404)292-6220 
 Clements Gina A. Attorney (404)212-1928 
 Cobb And Gardner Llp (404)601-4100 
 Cobb William J Attorney (404)479-4420 
 Conoscienti Joseph Attorney (404)373-0113 
 Constance Heard Attorney (404)371-8863 
 Constance Heard Attourney (404)373-2830 
 Cook Garland B Jr Attorney (404)378-9900 
 Cooper Glenn (404)370-0804 
 Courtright Margaret C. Attorney (404)378-4300 
 Cowan Miles S Attorney (404)479-4424 
 Crawford Vincent C Attorney (404)373-8000 
 Crosby Lori D. Attorney (404)377-3638 
 Cross And Rosenzveig (404)327-4744 
 Cuadra Norman H. Attorney (404)373-6336 
 Cummings Steve L Attorney (404)479-4434 
 Dabneyfroe And Associates (404)243-1040 
 Daniell Roy Attorney (404)486-7400 
 Davis Patricia K Attorney (404)373-2531 
 Davis Thomas O Attorney (404)377-5406 
 Dehler Mark F. Attorney (404)371-1100 
 Dekalb County Government Juvenile Division Juvenile Court Juvenile Public Defe (404)294-2794 
 Dekalb County Government Public Defender (404)371-2222 
 Dinges William A Attorney (404)296-6692 
 Disability Law And Policy Center (770)270-9964 
 Dominy Michael Attorney At Law (404)377-2301 
 Duane Jones Esq (770)987-1720 
 Echols And Associates (404)508-4571 
 Edwards Boykin Jr Attorney (404)284-2888 
 Edwards James G. Ii Attorney (404)377-1786 
 Ellis Donald Attorney At Law (404)289-5555 
 Erickson Mary Attorney (404)499-0920 
 Feagle James M P C (404)373-1970 
 Fortin And Fortin Pc (404)296-0008 
 Fortin Dennis R Attorney (404)659-3345 
 Fortson And Associates (404)289-7611 
 Frantz Henry D Jr Attorney (404)370-1290 
 Fryer Harris Ingram And Barrett (404)378-9170 
 Furr Penny Douglas (404)325-3309 
 Furr Penny Douglas Attorney (404)284-7111 
 Garcia Teresa Attorney (404)479-4408 
 Gardner M Ayres Attorney (404)479-4444 
 Garrett Susan M Attorney (404)479-4400 
 Garrison Searcy S Jr Attorney (404)377-8008 
 Gary M. Kazin (404)378-8227 
 Getz Wystan Brennan Attorney (404)373-5667 
 Giddens Davidson And Mitchell Pc (770)987-7007 
 Giselle Reid Simmons Llc (404)371-8611 
 Goff H. Stephen Jr. Attorney (404)378-3681 
 Golden Edward R. Attorney (404)378-1417 
 Goodhart Glenn L Md (404)501-7312 
 Graddock Christopher J. Attorney (404)377-7600 
 Gray Bruce K Attorney (404)479-4410 
 Greenhut Gordon Attorney (404)286-2880 
 Groff David B Attorney (404)377-8143 
 Guest Abbi Taylor Attorney (404)378-3555 
 H And R Block Tax Training Schools Decatur (404)377-1040 
 Hall William V Jr Attorney (404)373-2446 
 Hanna Donald B (404)378-4674 
 Harmony Learning Center (404)315-9000 
 Henderson Laurel E Pc (404)378-7417 
 Hibbert And Hamilton (404)373-9983 
 Hill Adella Attorney At Law (404)294-1243 
 Hillsman Donald A Attorney (404)297-4000 
 Hires M Catherine Attorney (404)378-7733 
 Hoffman Timothy W Attorney (404)377-9277 
 Howard W. Cliff Attorney (404)373-4200 
 Hudson And King (404)378-7093 
 Hughes Ralph E Attorney (404)373-3458 
 Hyatt And Hyatt P.c. (404)378-3635 
 Itkin Robert (404)296-1500 
 Jackson Frederick R J Attorney (404)243-5960 
 Jackson Karen Attorney (404)479-4437 
 James C West Iii Pc (404)377-0246 
 Jarman Kathy E Attorney (404)479-4428 
 Jeanette Freeman (404)373-3521 
 Johnson Johnson And Turnquest Attorneys At Law (678)418-2010 
 Johnson Shannon Camille Attorney (404)243-0696 
 Johnsontaylor Giget (404)378-4893 
 Jones Joseph Attorney (404)373-3116 
 Jones Richard M. Jr. Attorney (404)289-6500 
 Jones T W Attorney (404)373-5590 
 Jones Walter A Attorney (404)377-5570 
 Karlyn Skall (404)370-0199 
 Kenner Maurice Attorney (404)370-9000 
 King And Cohen Attorney Support (404)299-0602 
 Kinghammond Annette Attorney (404)289-4200 
 Kingloff And Travis (404)378-0280 
 Kingloff And Travis (404)524-4311 
 Kirkland J E Jr Attorney (404)479-4403 
 Kramer And Associates Pc (404)371-1835 
 Kuperman Donald B Attorney (404)479-2612 
 Kuperman Donald B Attorney (404)479-4212 
 Kuperman Donald P Pc (404)378-7695 
 Lamb George S Pc (404)508-1999 
 Lassier And Boulware Llp (404)377-5515 
 Law Office Of C E Taylor (404)292-3123 
 Law Offices Of Elizabeth Kertscher Llc (404)377-8644 
 Law Offices Of Mark Sallee (404)378-0039 
 Law Offices Of Robert R Pagniello Pc (404)373-2234 
 Lee Richard A Attorney (404)288-4444 
 Leeper Michael G. Attorney (404)373-3989 
 Legal Aid Insurance (404)377-3576 
 Levy Stacy And Associates Attorney (404)373-3639 
 Levy Susan J Attorney (404)371-8857 
 Lindsey Leeper Llc (404)377-5055 
 Litigation Dynamics Inc (404)373-7473 
 Magee Willace Pc Attorney (404)320-1767 
 Mangham Randall Attorney (404)479-4462 
 Manheimer Hollie Atty (404)377-0485 
 Manning And Leipold Attorneys At Law (404)378-2500 
 Maples Stephen T Attorney (404)378-1241 
 Mark D. Welsh P.c. (770)813-3214 
 Mathis T E Attortney At Law (404)373-1714 
 Matt Reubens Attorny At Law P C (770)723-1355 
 Mawuli Davis And Associates (404)244-2004 
 Mccalep And Associates Llc (404)289-8484 
 Mccormack Law Firm (404)687-8383 
 Mccray Tressa Attorney At Law (404)378-9200 
 Mcdonnell Robert H (770)613-0511 
 Mcfadden Christopher J Attorney (404)479-4436 
 Mclarty Robinson And Van Voorhies Llp (404)377-6464 
 Merisotis Wayne P Attorney (404)479-4423 
 Micheal S. Katz Attorney At Law (404)297-0087 
 Miles Stephen Cowan Attorney (404)479-4438 
 Moynihan Claire Attorney (404)378-0260 
 Nancy Scott Rogers (404)508-9808 
 Nardone A Joseph Jr Attorney (404)378-4321 
 Oconnell John J Jim Jr Attorney (404)378-2355 
 Offices The Bailey Law (770)987-0430 
 Orlando And Kopelman Pc (404)373-1800 
 Outlaw Firm (404)371-9588 
 Ozcomert Stephen M Pc (404)373-9321 
 Ozcomert Stephen M. Attorney (404)370-1000 
 Pagniello Robert R Attorney (404)373-5550 
 Palmer Edwin K Attorney (404)888-9266 
 Parker Paul C And Associates (770)886-9040 
 Parker Paul C And Associates (770)953-6033 
 Patrick Law Firm P.c. (404)534-9223 
 Paul C Parker And Associates (404)378-0600 
 Payne William T Attorney (404)377-1100 
 Phillips Gerri C Attorney (404)292-1030 
 Pike Douglas H Attorney (404)479-4405 
 Posiner Sanford Attorney (404)479-4453 
 Presser Marilyn G Attorney (404)377-3317 
 Price And Associates Pc (404)373-0112 
 Reiff Steven N Atty (404)373-4558 
 Reynolds Darrell B Pc Attorney (404)636-6616 
 Richardson Curtis R Attorney (404)377-7760 
 Rita Williams (404)370-3783 
 Ritchie William R Attorney (404)377-9462 
 Roberts R. Stephen Attorney (404)296-5300 
 Robl Michael D. Attorney (404)373-5150 
 Rogers Nancy Scott Attorney (404)373-3169 
 Rosenveing Bette E Attorney (404)479-4499 
 Sampson Oliver And Associates (404)284-5114 
 Schallenberger David J (404)601-4111 
 Shallenberger David J Attorney (404)479-4456 
 Sharon E. Smoot P.c. (404)377-0016 
 Sherzer Mortin P Attorney (404)479-4457 
 Shuford E Graydon And Associates Pc (404)373-6315 
 Simmons M. T. Jr. Attorney (404)378-1711 
 Simons Kelly A Attorney At Law (404)377-1835 
 Simons Kelly A Attorney At Law (404)525-6464 
 Skinner William F. C. Jr. Attorney (404)378-3149 
 Smith Neil H Attorney (404)377-0599 
 Spears And Spears P.c. (404)377-5822 
 Sweet Carol D Attorney (404)479-4411 
 The Fitch Firm (404)373-8110 
 The Law Offices Of Onipede And Sewell Llc (770)908-8005 
 The Prisoners Resource Clearinghouse Inc (678)418-9856 
 The Wright Law Office P.c. (404)373-9933 
 Tinkler Virginia W. Attorney (404)499-8410 
 Vogel Karla Y Attorney (404)728-1960 
 Washington Gary W Attorney At Law (404)373-7888 
 Webb Coprich Dorothy (404)289-0500 
 Weintraub Jonathan Attorney (404)371-4101 
 Welch Derek D Attorney At Law (404)292-2242 
 Wertheim Brian W Attorney (404)373-8033 
 Whaley Patrick Knox Attorney At Law (404)370-1115 
 Williams O Eugene Attorney (404)377-5131 
 Wilson Bruce Attorney (404)373-3434 
 Wilson Robert P Attorney (404)479-4491 
 Wininger David Attorney At Law (404)378-9004 
 Witcher And Witcher (404)479-4470 
 Witcher Thomas M Attorney (404)371-5050 
 Witcher Thomas M Attorney (404)479-4445 
 Witcher Thomas M Attorney (404)479-5050 
 Zachary And Segraves Pa (404)373-1685