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 Abell Teresa T. Attorney (706)324-5685 
 Adams Clark Jr Attorney (706)653-5995 
 Adams Clayton M. Attorney (706)653-6109 
 Affleck And Gordon Pc (706)322-7745 
 Agnew And Agnew Trial Attorneys (706)317-1919 
 Akin Gerald R (706)324-1499 
 Allied Technologies International (706)322-1000 
 Anderson Roger H Attorney (706)596-8787 
 Andre Nancy M Cpa (706)323-4283 
 Arey William H (706)596-6745 
 Armour Clyde L Attorney (706)653-9947 
 Armour Clyde L Jr Attorney (706)323-4358 
 Arrington W Alan Cpa (706)322-5482 
 Austin And Hix (706)322-9494 
 Beil Jacob Attorney (706)596-9912 
 Bennett Paul R Attorney (706)327-7571 
 Berry Edward F. Attorney (706)324-4343 
 Berry Shelnutt And Day Pc (706)653-5565 
 Berry Shelnutt Day And Hoffman Attorneys At Law (706)324-4375 
 Bondurant Stacy C. Attorney (706)320-1820 
 Bradley And Hatcher Law Offices (706)660-9988 
 Branch Jason B. Attorney (706)323-6461 
 Brand Robert C. Jr. Attorney (706)324-0251 
 Brinkley Jack T Jr Attorney (706)576-5322 
 Brown Dustin T Attorney (706)324-3221 
 Bruce Gary O Attorney (706)596-1446 
 Buchanan And Land Llp (706)323-2848 
 Buck Thomas B Iii Attorney (706)323-5646 
 Burns J Benjamin Attorney (706)322-3414 
 Butler J E Jr Attorney (706)322-1990 
 Byars Alex (706)323-8377 
 Callahan Neal J. Attorney (706)324-0201 
 Callier Jefferson C. Attorney (706)323-7711 
 Carter William C Attorney (706)561-8069 
 Cartwright Clayton E. Jr. Attorney (706)494-1701 
 Chafin James V. Attorney (706)321-1963 
 Charles W. Miller P.c. (706)571-0908 
 Childs Richard A. Attorney (706)660-8715 
 Cielinski Michael P. Attorney (706)653-0354 
 Clark David A (706)324-0405 
 Clark David A Attorney (706)322-3594 
 Columbus Consolidated Government Public Defender (706)653-4301 
 Courville Traci Green Attorney (706)327-8000 
 David L Roberts (706)324-7174 
 Day J Philip Attorney (706)324-2531 
 Dodelin Richard A Jr Attorney (706)322-8445 
 Dodgen Andrew C Attorney (706)324-5606 
 Dowdell Derrell Attorney (706)321-1130 
 Earley Karen M Attorney (706)576-4064 
 Edwards William A. Attorney (706)571-9000 
 Elkins James A Jr (706)324-7115 
 Ellington Gregory S Attorney (706)660-9772 
 Flournoy Thomas M Jr Attorney (706)322-3584 
 Flowers Richard E. Attorney (706)596-8100 
 Frandsen Alan (706)323-3590 
 Garner Michael E (706)327-7131 
 Goodrum Sherry B. Attorney (706)576-5152 
 Grogan Lee R Attorney (706)323-1846 
 Grogan Lee R. Jr. Attorney (706)323-6581 
 Guzman Jose Attorney (706)653-1111 
 Hagler And Hyles Attorneys At Law (706)324-0882 
 Hardy Maxine Burns Attorney (706)324-6300 
 Harp And Associates (706)323-2761 
 Harris Morton A Attorney (706)561-3907 
 Henson Kenneth M Jr Attorney (706)327-2616 
 Hirsch David L Pc (706)324-4434 
 Hirsch Jay F. Attorney (706)324-0050 
 Houser Pugh (706)324-4234 
 Howard Teresa Carswell Attorney (706)324-3883 
 Howard Teresa Carswell Attorney (706)653-9999 
 Hudson Edward P Attorney (706)317-3440 
 James D Patrick (706)322-7181 
 Jenkins Ed Attorney (706)660-8771 
 Johnson Philip J Attorney (706)324-6080 
 Jones Robert G Iii Attorney (706)324-1975 
 Joyner Michael E Attorney (706)324-5253 
 Kaplan J Michael Attorney (706)327-7673 
 Klepak Gary I Attorney (706)563-9333 
 Lamb James D (706)494-3941 
 Larry L Taylor Pc (706)324-4391 
 Law Office Of Leslie L. Cohn (706)327-7434 
 Law Office Of Michael A Eddings Pc (706)653-7227 
 Law Office Of Stanley L. Merritt Jr. (706)571-9304 
 Law Offices Of Matthew N. Pope P.c. (706)324-2521 
 Lomax Robert R. Attorney (706)322-0100 
 Luquire Brace W Attorney (706)322-8557 
 Mack Ronald M Attorney (706)324-7171 
 Mack Ronald M Attorney (706)324-7172 
 Martin Frank K. Attorney (706)324-7371 
 Mason William J Attorney At Law (706)323-6220 
 Mcbride And Mcbride P C (706)324-4607 
 Mediation Services (706)327-7274 
 Miller Charles Attorney (706)324-0409 
 Morgan Elizabeth Stacy Attorney (706)324-3711 
 Morgan W. Donald Jr. Attorney (706)324-4167 
 Mullin C Morris (706)320-0600 
 Myers J Frank Iii Attorney (706)317-5222 
 Nash William Jr Attorney At Law (706)322-5074 
 Neal Howard And Associates (706)324-7545 
 Newsombunn Gwyn Attorney At Law (706)324-4900 
 Nicolson W Perrin Iv Attorney (706)327-4551 
 Nix John H Col (706)571-0719 
 Nugent Kenneth S Pc (706)571-0900 
 Overby C Frederick Attorney At Law (706)327-0300 
 Phillips And Sellers Llp (706)653-7151 
 Pinter Alexander V Attorney At Law (706)323-8581 
 Polleys Eugene Hardwick Jr Attorney (706)494-1662 
 Powell And Tante (706)324-6465 
 Pruitt Barbara D Attorney (706)324-3303 
 Quezada Pete Attorney (706)327-1706 
 Reynolds Michael D (706)327-0911 
 Rhodes And Warner Pc (706)596-8008 
 Robert D Wilson (706)323-0610 
 Robinson Pete Attorney (706)494-0155 
 Ronald W. Self (706)649-3080 
 Roses Vincent Attorney (706)323-8913 
 Rothschild Alan F Attorney (706)576-4259 
 Ruth W Woodling Attorney (706)323-1162 
 Sam D Hart Jr (706)653-9344 
 Sanders Jerry D Attorney At Law (706)322-0923 
 Sheftall John M Attorney (706)322-3434 
 Slaughter William L Attorney (706)561-4338 
 Snipes Snipes And Snipes Llp (706)324-5406 
 Spence O Wayne (706)324-7600 
 Staples Charles T Attorney (706)327-1359 
 Thompson Thomas L Jr Attorney (706)322-1637 
 Thrower Sam Attorney (706)653-6535 
 Vaught J Barrington Attorney (706)323-1526 
 Walter F Johnson Jr (706)563-3458 
 Webb Virginia Miss Attorney (706)322-3079 
 William J Wright Attorney At Law (706)687-2939 
 William J. Wright Attorney At Law (706)323-6588 
 William L Kirby Ii (706)327-0307 
 Williams Peter G Attorney (706)323-3582 
 Youmans Mark R Attorney (706)320-0700