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 A Abogado Al Hernandez (661)327-3775 
 A Action (661)322-0220 
 A Helping Hand Divorce And Family Services (661)322-0610 
 Aarons Attorney Services (661)634-9321 
 Abril Michael S. Attorney (661)395-6700 
 Access Probate Solutions (661)852-0140 
 Accident Victims Legal Service (661)327-9661 
 Accidents Attorneyaccident Victims (661)325-3122 
 Adams Ferrone And Ferrone Attorneys (661)334-2758 
 Affordable Latter Day Saints (661)635-0123 
 Affordable Legal Typing (661)873-7732 
 Albers Barnes And Kohler Llp (661)716-3900 
 Alexander And Associates Attorneys At Law (661)316-7888 
 Alexander Victoria M. Attorney (661)322-6023 
 All Corp Incorporated (661)587-8232 
 Alliance Investigations (661)322-0992 
 Alliance Title Company (661)862-5712 
 Ams Legal Support Service (661)324-8018 
 Anderson And Kriger Attorneys A At Law (661)322-6981 
 Anton Misner And Associates (661)327-7051 
 Appleby And Co Inc (661)324-6045 
 Arrache Clark And Potter (661)328-1800 
 Arthur F Fisher Pc (661)327-2231 
 Asap Attorney Service (661)588-8793 
 Attorneys Diversified Services (661)323-2377 
 Attorneys Research Service Michael C Saltz (661)322-9300 
 Auffant Abigale M. Attorney (661)322-1777 
 Azemika And Azemika A Professional Law Corporation (661)322-8166 
 Bakersfield Christian Counseling (661)325-9402 
 Bakersfield Settlement Center (661)323-7215 
 Banducci Janice Attorney At Law (661)323-1330 
 Bateman Mark R. Attorney (661)325-8962 
 Beaver Dennis Attorney At Law (661)323-7911 
 Bell R Scott Law Office (661)322-9500 
 Benavides Jose R Attorney Abogo (661)325-5673 
 Benjamin R Greene (661)322-8892 
 Berg Eric K Law Office Of (661)864-1809 
 Bittleston Dawn Attorney (661)395-1000 
 Blythe Bruce M Attorney At Law (661)322-2994 
 Bollinger Tasha M Attorney At Law (661)863-6900 
 Borton Petrini And Conron Llp (805)541-4340 
 Bowman And Tracey Llp (661)325-1300 
 Boyle George A Law Offices Of (661)327-2531 
 Bradshaw J. Eric Attorney (661)327-5363 
 Braun Craig N. Attorney (661)322-0991 
 Brehmer Charles R. Attorney (661)322-1800 
 Brown Edward Attorney At Law (661)322-3933 
 Brumfield Robert H Law Offices Of (661)321-0064 
 Bryan Jay Anthony Attorney At Law (661)861-8050 
 Bullis William H Attorney (661)325-5509 
 Bullis William H Attorney At Law (800)478-7923 
 Burns Kristy M Attorney At Law (661)635-3001 
 Butkiewicz Frank Attorney At Law (661)861-9788 
 Butz Donald F. Attorney (661)327-2367 
 Byrum Kenneth Law Office Of (661)861-6191 
 California Inspection Service (661)589-7300 
 California State Workers Compensation Information And Assistance Wo Industrial Relations (661)395-2514 
 Carlovsky Michael A. Attorney (661)861-8540 
 Carlson John D Attorney (661)633-2326 
 Carter R U Attorney (661)324-4413 
 Center For Equal Justice (661)328-1900 
 Central California Escrow (661)283-4185 
 Chain Younger Cohn And Stiles (661)323-4000 
 Chain Younger Cohn Stiles (661)325-3425 
 Chicago Title (661)869-2805 
 Childers Troy L Attorney At Law (661)861-8201 
 Cicone Frank J Attorney At Law (661)327-2796 
 Cohan Allan P (661)636-1311 
 Comparini Silvia O Md (661)633-3614 
 Cooley Kenneth K Attorney At Law (661)324-8253 
 Crow Jerry O Attorney At Law (661)834-8601 
 Daily Report (661)322-3226 
 Darling Curtis Attorney At Law (661)325-5075 
 Darling Curtis Attorney At Law (661)633-1643 
 Darling Curtis Attorney At Law (661)832-0736 
 David A Torres (661)326-0857 
 David F. Leon A Professional Corporation (661)861-7911 
 David J. Rivera Attorney At Law (661)321-0907 
 David Neumeister Attorney At Law (661)324-3100 
 Davis Reporting (661)342-1415 
 Delgado R Douglas Cpa (661)325-8677 
 Dellostritto Michael E Attorney At Law (661)325-2459 
 Dennis Terry Attorney At Law (661)322-7553 
 Dennis Terry Law Office Of (661)861-8225 
 Dessy And Dessy (661)322-3863 
 Diaz Modesto Leviton Diaz And Ginocchio Inc (661)322-8492 
 Dick Meyer Dorothy Attorney At Law (661)325-3958 
 Dickow Randall Attorney (661)631-1617 
 Dietrich M Christopher Law Offices (661)336-0344 
 Dixon David A. Attorney (661)716-3000 
 Dolan Michael P Attorney At Law (661)631-2181 
 Donnalee Huffman Corporation (661)861-8065 
 Downey Brand Seymour And Rohwer Llp (661)861-6188 
 Downtown Divorce (661)859-1902 
 Draper Jack Law Offices Of (661)322-7272 
 Duchow Donald C. Attorney (661)328-1826 
 Due Process Attorney Services Inc (661)663-4040 
 Duket David Law Offices Of (661)861-9923 
 Eldon R. Hugie A Professional Corporation (661)396-0100 
 Ericksen Arbuthnot Kilduff Day And Lindstrom Inc (661)633-5080 
 Errea Larry Attorney At Law (661)322-6684 
 Et Al Paralegal Services (661)323-6084 
 Evers David A Attorney (661)633-0392 
 Ezra Cary Gail Attorney At Law (661)872-8096 
 Fachin Gary Attorney At Law (661)328-0363 
 Falk Stephanie H Attorney At Law (661)324-4034 
 Faulkner James L Lawyer (661)327-0601 
 Ferra And Associates (661)327-0911 
 Ferrari Greg Attorney (661)328-1090 
 Fillerup David J Llm (661)836-2937 
 First American Title Insurance Co (661)665-2499 
 First American Title Insurance Company Main Ofc (661)327-5311 
 Floyd And Horrigan Attorneysatlaw (661)633-2055 
 Floyd Jennifer Attorney (661)334-2767 
 Fontes Marshall S Robinson Palmand Lgn Attrnys At Lw (661)323-8277 
 Francisco Kelly Allen Attorney (661)837-2448 
 Galland Scott A. Attorney (661)323-6448 
 Gardina Michael R Attorney At Law (661)323-9967 
 Garrett Sharon K (661)322-7398 
 Gattuso And Kummer (661)324-2700 
 Gaul Karen Attorney At Law (661)322-5295 
 Gianquinto J J Attorney At Law (661)322-7406 
 Gibbs Steven G Law Office Of (661)633-1144 
 Gibson And Gibson (661)323-0588 
 Gifford Craig S Attorney At Law (661)834-5756 
 Gillet Phillip Jr Attorney At Law (661)323-3200 
 Glass And Seebode (661)322-8456 
 Go And Associates Attorneys At Law (661)633-9165 
 Granger George W Attorney At Law (661)395-0561 
 Grass Roger R Attorney At Law (661)334-2718 
 Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance Inc (661)325-5943 
 Ha Sala A Professional Law Corporation (661)322-1708 
 Haberkern And Co (661)631-9115 
 Hanna Brophy Mac Lean Mc Leer (661)397-1212 
 Hanson James A Attorney (661)633-1820 
 Harris Barbara Mcdaniel Attorney At Law (661)859-1826 
 Hartsock Robert W Mcmurtrey Hartsock And Worth (661)322-4417 
 Haut Andrew R Attorney (661)397-4482 
 Hayden Geoffrey L Attorney (661)637-0153 
 Hinds Leo Mark Law Offices Of (661)861-9463 
 Hine Christopher W. Attorney (661)837-8053 
 Hislop Jack B Law Offices Of (661)321-9900 
 Houle Robert E Law Office Of (661)323-1878 
 Howland Christian G Attorney At Law (661)324-0100 
 Hughes Joseph D. Attorney (661)322-4004 
 Hulsy And Hulsy Law Offices (661)324-0775 
 Hulsy And Hulsy Law Offices (661)324-9475 
 Incorporate (661)322-9327 
 Information Communication Technology Consultants (661)325-1233 
 Jacoby Reina L Attorney (661)281-7847 
 Jamba Juice (661)322-6722 
 James E Tyson Investigations (661)832-6853 
 Jason T. Williams Cpa (661)588-1176 
 Jenkins J Craig Attorney At Law (661)631-2196 
 Jennison Patrick Professional Law Corporation (661)324-2866 
 John J. Burke Jr. (661)831-4404 
 Johnson Craig E Law Offices Of (661)631-1713 
 Jones Kyle W. Attorney (661)283-2218 
 Jurich John A. Attorney (661)327-4387 
 Kates And Davis (661)631-2404 
 Kavanagh Patrick Attorney (661)322-5553 
 Kavanagh Patrick Attorney At Law Trustee Line (661)322-4429 
 Kern County Librariespublic Branches Bakersfield Hollowaygonz (661)861-2083 
 Kern County Public Defender Juvenile (661)868-4285 
 Kern County Bar Association (661)334-4700 
 Kern County Of (661)868-4799 
 Kern Divorce And Bankruptcy Service (661)325-2366 
 Kilpatrick And White Law Office Of (661)327-2000 
 King Joseph S Law Offices Of (661)326-8800 
 Klink Stephen C. Attorney (661)326-8052 
 Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann And Girard A Professional Corporation (661)864-3800 
 Kronick Robert A Attorney At Law (661)328-9650 
 Lampkin Roger N Attorney At Law (661)633-1234 
 Larry Fields Attorney At Law (661)861-9750 
 Latino Multiservicios (661)322-8840 
 Law Office Of Henry P. Noto (661)631-9086 
 Law Office Of John Tello (661)323-8700 
 Law Office Of Loren N Kleier Apc (661)716-7777 
 Law Office Of Robert Carbone (661)631-1216 
 Law Offices Of Brett L. Price (661)323-3400 
 Law Offices Of Carl Hart Jr (661)322-1600 
 Law Offices Of Edward J. Quirk Jr. (661)321-3200 
 Law Offices Of Indra Lahiri (661)326-1884 
 Law Offices Of James E Noriega (661)322-7900 
 Law Offices Of Jennifer C Floyd (661)324-4529 
 Law Offices Of Jill P Rawal (661)334-2760 
 Law Offices Of Kyle J Humphrey (661)327-1360 
 Law Offices Of Lisa Beatty (661)616-0502 
 Law Offices Of Mark Derzon (661)327-5555 
 Law Offices Of Steven Stanley (661)334-2735 
 Law Offices Of Timothy J. Lemucchi (661)324-1100 
 Law Offices Of William Olcott (661)322-1733 
 Lees Printing Center (661)322-3450 
 Legal Help Clinic (661)325-9670 
 Leverett Gerald M Attorney (661)324-4960 
 Leverett Gerald M Attorney (661)326-0234 
 Lewy Timothy J Attorney At Law (661)392-1876 
 Lincoln Financial Advisors (661)322-5204 
 Linford John B Attorney (661)327-9080 
 Longterm Care Ombudsman Program Of Kern County (661)323-7884 
 Lopez Miguel C (661)322-4618 
 Lorenz Gene And Associates Law Offices Of (661)323-8026 
 Lueck Lowell Mft (661)664-7384 
 Lynch And Lynch Llp (661)322-8396 
 Manolakas George D (661)395-1705 
 Mardigali Mark J Attorney At Law (661)861-1472 
 Mark Dickerson (661)327-9438 
 Marquez Henry J Attorney (661)631-3899 
 Martinez Fidel A Law Office (661)324-8787 
 Mason Kenneth Attorney (661)334-2717 
 Mcatee Fred S Attorney (661)322-5943 
 Mccartney N Thomas Law Offices Of (661)334-8011 
 Mchone Scott P Cpa (661)861-8863 
 Mchone Scott P Cpa (661)861-8867 
 Mcknight Mcknight Mcknight And Mcknight Attorneys (661)325-5977 
 Mcknight Mcknight Mcknight And Mcknight Attorneys (661)854-0316 
 Mcknight Rory E Attorney At Law (661)872-4426 
 Mears Michael P (661)834-1600 
 Michael T. Whittington (661)664-6899 
 Middlebrook Richard O. Attorney (661)636-1333 
 Mighty Eagle Legal Services (661)281-1912 
 Mighty Eagle Legal Services (661)326-1912 
 Mitts Gregory H Attorney (661)323-0789 
 Moffat Douglas S Attorney At Law (661)325-0512 
 Monje Richard A Attorney (661)631-1440 
 Mullen And Filippi Llp Attorneys (661)328-0224 
 Muller Ray T Attorney At Law (661)631-1531 
 Myers Brett V Law Offices Of (661)831-3071 
 Nicole Misner Attorney At Law (661)324-5301 
 O L A Raza Inc (661)324-1667 
 Osborne Brian A The Law Office Of (661)632-1595 
 Oxford Attorney Service (661)323-3146 
 Papst Richard J (661)634-0696 
 Park Plaza Communication Services (661)334-2700 
 Pluta Joseph Attorney At Law (661)324-5383 
 Pluta Joseph Attorney At Law (661)395-1031 
 Prepaid Legal Services Inc Independent Associate (661)635-0202 
 Price And Associates A Law Corporation (661)864-0425 
 Quick George Wright Attorney (661)327-7777 
 R And R Consulting Services (661)323-1919 
 Ramirez Attorney Service (661)363-6005 
 Ramirez Vocational Services (661)321-9562 
 Rand Employment Solutions (661)410-7770 
 Reed Rosetta N Law Office Of (661)637-0590 
 Reedy John R Inc (661)325-9079 
 Reid T Christopher Attorney At Law (661)322-2400 
 Riebesell Gary Attorney At Law (661)334-2753 
 Rivera Richard R (661)322-4818 
 Robert Iii (661)864-0700 
 Robert Medof Attorney At Law (661)334-1529 
 Roller Stevenlaw Offices (661)636-1310 
 Ruff Matthew J. Attorney (661)327-7833 
 Rumph Randall M (661)322-4600 
 Russell Michael D Attorney At Law (661)395-1021 
 Russell Michael D Attorney At Law (661)633-1582 
 S And P Automobile Repair (661)398-1200 
 Salehi Susan Law Offices (661)631-0252 
 Samples Frank P Attorney At Law (661)323-6433 
 Samples Frank P Attorney At Law (661)833-1135 
 Sampley Gary L Esq (661)323-1060 
 Schroeter Thomas F Attorney (661)327-4189 
 Scott Kenneth W Yohman Parker Kern And Nard (661)665-9529 
 Seidman Michael L (661)324-2515 
 Senior Living Consultants (661)834-6601 
 Shaw Errol G A Professional Corporation (661)327-9127 
 Simple Divorce (661)328-9501 
 Simrin Stanley (661)322-6234 
 Simrin Stanley (661)323-8108 
 Sims Ronald S Law Offices Of (661)327-8825 
 Slocumb Bill (661)324-1400 
 Smith Margaret H Attorney At Law (661)323-5931 
 Soria Charles J Attorney At Law (661)321-9002 
 South Bruce E Attorney At Law (661)322-2214 
 Stanton Thomas M. Attorney (661)861-8655 
 Stewart Title (661)322-6011 
 Stoker Ira L Attorney At Law (661)633-9480 
 Sullenger Financial Group (661)325-7361 
 Sullivan Jere N. Sr. Attorney (661)322-3051 
 Swanson Timothy Attorney At Law (661)396-0141 
 Sylvia Lopez (661)324-5911 
 Tafoya Law Office Of (661)327-3313 
 Takakjian Sowers And Sitkoff Llp Attorneys At Law (661)322-7157 
 Tax Advantages (661)834-4462 
 The Law Office Of Frank Butkiewicz (661)663-9750 
 The Law Offices Of John C Hall (661)328-1200 
 The Law Offices Of Young Wooldridge Llp (661)327-9669 
 Thompson Melvin J Attorney At Law (661)327-8301 
 Ticor Title Company (661)281-7200 
 Ticor Title Company (661)398-7100 
 Ticor Title Company (661)410-1450 
 Tragish Murray Attorney (661)324-2648 
 Tristar Eviction Service (661)325-2836 
 Triumph Diamond Group Inc (661)325-7062 
 Trujillo Michelle Law Offices Of (661)852-0417 
 Valley Psychological (661)327-3405 
 Vandernoor Robert B Law Offices (661)322-5061 
 Verdin And Bracken Llp Attorneys At Law (661)861-7900 
 Vining Sheri Connelly Attorney (661)322-7383 
 Vizzard Sarah L Attorney (661)323-7900 
 Walbaum Gerard E Attorney (661)872-3381 
 Wall Wall And Peake (661)327-8461 
 Walters Robin M Attorney (661)631-3889 
 We The People Citizens Helping Citizens Inc (661)835-9491 
 Werdel And Werdel (661)834-5930 
 West Harry And Ethel Foundation (661)873-0360 
 Whittington Joe W (661)322-5833 
 Widelock Marc Attorney (661)334-2766 
 Williams And Williams Inc (661)323-7933 
 Williams Robert L Attorney (661)871-2878 
 Wilson Edwin W Inca Professional Law Corporation (661)327-0676 
 Wolff And Kinsler Attorney At Law (661)637-1234 
 Wright Larry L Attorney At Law (661)325-5719 
 Wyatt Ralph Wm Attorney (661)633-1111 
 Yinger Ray Attorney (661)873-2283 
 Young And Nichols Law Firm (661)854-6388 
 Young Wooldridge Attorneys (661)869-1360 
 Zeviargeese Gabriole (661)859-1031 
 Zuk And Associates (661)836-8686