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 Abernathy James A. Ii Attorney (205)349-2000 
 Adcox Winter Llp (205)345-4115 
 Aitken Lyle (205)345-2035 
 Alabama State District Attorney (205)349-1252 
 Alaplan Legal Services Company Inc (205)343-9991 
 Allen Joseph M Attorney (205)752-2677 
 Allen W. May Jr. (205)752-0074 
 Almond And Hillman Llc (205)349-5004 
 Andres And Lemley L.l.c. (205)345-3551 
 Andrew J. Smithart Iii P.c. (205)752-0644 
 Attorneyatlaw Leon Storie (205)344-5516 
 Baird Jerry B Attorney (205)349-1740 
 Barton Park Attorney (205)349-3055 
 Bates Elizabeth E Cpa (205)345-5860 
 Baxter And Gentry Attorneys At Law (205)349-1770 
 Bivens John A Attorney (205)759-5401 
 Blume And Blume Attorneys At Law Pc (205)556-6712 
 Bockman And Bockman P C (205)750-0043 
 Brakefield W Marcus Attorney (205)345-6789 
 Brantley Laurie A. Attorney (205)758-5591 
 Brasfield John F Attorney At Law (205)523-0046 
 Brinyark And Nelson Pc Attorneys (205)349-3449 
 Brown Milton Jr Attorney (205)391-0620 
 Brown Sarah Attorney At Law (205)247-5777 
 Burns And Wilson Llc (205)349-2737 
 Burroughs And Oneal (205)343-2841 
 Camron Law (205)349-2455 
 Canterbury Law Offices (205)752-6224 
 Carroll David L Attorney (205)752-6911 
 Cartee And Lloyd Attorneys At Law (205)759-1554 
 Carver Susie Taylor Attorney (205)750-0750 
 Cauthen Frank M Jr Attorney At Law (205)349-4101 
 Cedarhill Operating Co Llc (205)345-8730 
 Cheshire Randall M. Attorney (205)345-7600 
 Ckm Press (205)750-8102 
 Clements Tessie P Pc (205)758-3500 
 Cobb Shealy Crum And Derrick Pa (205)343-6777 
 Cockrell And Cockrell Attorneys At Law (205)349-2009 
 Cook J Sydney Iii Attorney (205)758-0628 
 Cottingham C David Attorney (205)758-8595 
 Cowart Donnis Attorney (205)752-3710 
 Cross Poole Goldasich And Fischer L.l.c. (205)391-9932 
 Crowder A. Courtney Attorney (205)345-5100 
 David Kenneth D Attorney At Law (205)248-8890 
 Davis John C Jr Attorney At Law (205)759-1443 
 Deena V. Tyler Attorney (205)345-1300 
 Degraffenried Ryan Jr. Attorney (205)345-1577 
 Dennis Owen Williamson Llc (205)344-5025 
 Dice And Gregory Llc (205)758-2824 
 Dionne Melinda Murphy Attorney (205)349-5911 
 Dixon Brenda A Attorney At Law (205)553-0940 
 Donald Randall And Donald (205)758-2585 
 Donaldson And Watkins Llp (205)750-0098 
 Dowdy And Hinote Attorneys At Law (205)349-4887 
 Dunaway And Watts Llp (205)758-9663 
 Duncan Jackson E. Iii Attorney (205)391-0073 
 Elder G Nora Attorney At Law (205)758-9074 
 Elliott Paige W Attorney (205)366-0870 
 Ely Bruce P Attorney (205)633-0200 
 Entelisano Caroline A Attorney (205)633-0268 
 Family Solutions (205)342-2566 
 Ferguson Katie Seals Attorney (205)752-1576 
 Fisher Law Firm (205)344-4414 
 Fitts Agency (205)752-3547 
 Flanagan Burton Attorney (205)349-1802 
 Fleishman Jason Attorney (205)553-9764 
 Ford Randal (205)759-3232 
 Frazier Scott Attorney (205)344-4555 
 Freeman A Charles Supernumerary District Attorney (205)752-9845 
 Gibson Dan M Attorney (205)758-5521 
 Gibson Rodgers And Money Llc (205)342-9000 
 Glover Matt Attorney (205)345-1234 
 Gober Mark Sterling Attorney (205)366-1370 
 Gourdouze Robyn Attorney (205)469-3688 
 Guin Jay F Attorney (205)633-0205 
 Guin Sandra C Attorney (205)349-5470 
 Gunter Sanford E Attorney (205)345-1400 
 Gunter Sanford E Attorney (205)349-1194 
 Guthrie Anne W Attorney At Law (205)349-2330 
 Hale Dayton F Attorney (205)758-0461 
 Hale Wright W Attorney (205)759-5268 
 Hall Ruth A Attorney (205)345-3525 
 Hamnerjohnson Holly J Attorney (205)349-4000 
 Hampton And Hampton P C (205)752-1722 
 Harmon Dennis Attorney (205)342-3622 
 Harris George W Pc (205)349-2428 
 Harry M Renfroe Attorney At Law (205)758-7712 
 Hayes J Marland Attorney (205)633-0209 
 Hellums Clarence T Attorney (205)556-1990 
 Hendrix Douglas Attorney (205)758-8859 
 Hibbard Helene Attorney (205)758-8385 
 Hust Wilbor J Attorney (205)752-7121 
 Hust Wilbor J. Jr. Attorney (205)349-1383 
 Hutto Zondra Taylor Pc (205)343-0101 
 Ingram Kim D Attorney (205)633-0208 
 Jackson Myrick Llp (205)752-0332 
 Jackson Robert M Iii Llc (205)349-5155 
 Jannik Joanne M Attorney (205)247-4848 
 Jernigan Robert F Attorney (205)349-5413 
 Joel L. Sogol (205)345-0966 
 Jones And Taylor Llc (205)345-0806 
 Jones Christopher H Attorney At Law (205)345-0090 
 Junkin Harrison Junkin P C (205)366-0111 
 Kb Title Services (205)345-0548 
 Kennedy William H Attorney (205)752-0761 
 Legal Services Alabama (205)758-7503 
 Lewis Albert G Iii Attorney (205)633-0003 
 Love Julie L Attorney At Law (205)366-9439 
 Madison Blake A Attorney (205)633-0246 
 Marshall Entelisano Attorney At Law (205)752-1202 
 Mcclusky John P Attorney (205)759-2222 
 Mcgee Jonathan K Attorney (205)345-5564 
 Mcguire William B. Jr. Attorney (205)752-6002 
 Michael C Cornwell (205)752-5831 
 Middleton D Tara Attorney (205)752-5262 
 Miller Edwina E Attorney (205)752-0053 
 Morrow Mark D Attorney (205)758-5596 
 Mountain C Delaine Attorney (205)349-5929 
 Murphy And Murphy Llc (205)349-1444 
 Nassaney George A Jr And Associates (205)345-2272 
 Neese Laura Attorney (205)344-5167 
 Newell And Hocutt Llc (205)343-0340 
 Newton Alexander Attorney (205)758-0497 
 Newton Alexander R Attorney (205)343-2224 
 Parsons W Cameron Attorney At Law (205)349-5500 
 Parsons William C. Attorney (205)759-5771 
 Patterson Comer Law Firm (205)507-9091 
 Pearson H Gregory Pc (205)391-0067 
 Pierce Joseph G (205)759-1234 
 Powell Glenn Attorney (205)348-8345 
 Pradat Edward H Attorney (205)345-2442 
 Prince Robert F Attorney (205)554-0607 
 Public Defender (205)345-8200 
 R D Pitts And Associates P C Attorneys At Law (205)759-4100 
 Rains David E Attorney (205)633-0236 
 Randal S Ford Attorney At Law (205)752-4440 
 Ritchie L. Tipton (205)758-4676 
 Roane W Bradford Jr Attorney (205)553-0658 
 Robert A Morgan P C (205)349-5073 
 Roberts James H. Attorney (205)247-5011 
 Rogers Barbara N Attorney At Law (205)759-4090 
 Rosen Gordon Attorney (205)344-5000 
 Scroggins Thomas W Attorney (205)633-0227 
 Shirley T. Chapin Attorney At Law (205)752-7066 
 Sledge James J Attorney (205)758-5063 
 Smalley Donna Wesson Attorney (205)758-5576 
 Smith Andrew A Attorney At Law (205)349-4870 
 Smith James Christopher Attorney (205)758-9044 
 Smith James D Attorney (205)759-4004 
 Stahl Cheryl Blume Attorney (205)345-9500 
 Summerford Clark Attorney (205)345-4640 
 Sutton John T Attorney (205)752-8771 
 The Prince Law Firm (205)345-8170 
 Thigpen Christopher A Attorney (205)345-4122 
 Title First Llc (205)759-5700 
 Turner James D Attorney (205)752-1502 
 Turner Richard D Attorney At Law (205)345-9090 
 Underwood Nick Attorney At Law (205)752-1773 
 Upton Michael J Attorney At Law (205)247-5707 
 Vreeland Al L Attorney (205)758-2384 
 Weber John Paul Attorney (205)366-0366 
 West Alabama Insured Titles Llc (205)344-9002 
 Williams Cary J Attorney (205)758-8332 
 Williams Craig L Attorney At Law (205)345-8643 
 Williams Justin G Attorney (205)633-0218 
 Williams Roger Courtland Attorney (205)345-0124 
 Williams Wayne L Attorney (205)752-9637 
 Wilson D W Attorney (205)633-0216 
 Wyatt Steven M Attorney (205)633-0267